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ah, sure, so i just go with both of them with got eaten element that i'm interested since i was thrown record in the middle of all the money in there to give me several new chemical elements have been synthesized here to one of them was even named after the town domini, on every one who works here, is seeking an answer to 2 of the hardest questions of the millennium. was our universe formed and what were its building bricks? and there were more for chain in the order for the delivery cooper. if you want to give it to me as part of this international mega science research project, neither is being built into its goal is to allow the scientists to study matter, as they believe it existed just after the big bang that formed the universe. this is a time machine that will take us back 14 video is going to do experiments
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on a couple of them. so that was one of them was and yet you issue was it was to just you so much lower color. the adventure is still playing. who's expedient to what was called if you start and which, which he element that i'm interested, is going to say at other my deeper than you might. and it was actually calling me gillian history. you know, you look at it through your call. i just called about last night for you for another purpose. at omission you daniel and he was so no grocery store with the cardboard, you know. tell him. so was more national. ah, with a topic of accelerated called a neutral tron is at the heart of this international mega science project. it was built into now back in the mid 19 ninety's and later fully upgraded. that is,
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in fact, what gave the project its name mika. you've got to ship row, it's local either on based i am collider facility which no one at the sheer to see us know if she wish to national could even put on the news to me. she was also going to go to school into the trees in that particular interest was provoked by the energy at which particles collided. 10 giga electrons, g p that way again as we do have 30 minutes, that's fine yet know you book i didn't group roster. know which was that when you go national to anybody should really work these days. this is the most accepted model. but describing how the universe began, literally from nothing in the beginning, what the defect and in a don't the size of 10 to the power of minus 33 centimeters started to expand very
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quickly. it was in the 1st 10 to the power of minus 44 seconds. the universe came in to be taking matter apart. brick by brick, to understand how they were laid is an incredibly ambitious goal. and that's where the collider comes in. we all remember from our physic schoolbooks, the structure of anatomy, which consists of charged particles, protons, electrons, and ions. you wanted, you wanted to chat with them about them and know is that of a shipping on the new system? and if that isn't, your planner atoms won't accelerate on their own, because they're neutral particles that bump into each other. in a collider a charge and when they collide, they released so much energy they disintegrate and o'clock that glue. the smallest particles known to us to day get if you get what is she was
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a thing which is good to go to noon with you. you don't have good news which is good nor legal english. 2, it issues initially for the could the, if you went to the, of nobody me and it was what but that, but it could be a source to deal with other words. another way for me only for that because we do need to stay and when we read it, the key part, it used to know what was done with like in new york, is that what they call most of the school? since the 19 think these more than 30 tonight hasn't been built around the world famously and switzerland in the us. they run at altro high energy. and apple's the one being built in russia will focus on searching for new stakes of ultra dense nuclear matter. later she says the white collar, the must be the student, the mcs you my name block missed yeah, i got an air boy pushed him, but he only material marion's,
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i'm loosely protons and neutrons that make up everything around us. but the density research project here is only found in a neutrons done nucleus, means which music the most looking to change it but shows that it so the sun project in switzerland, they had to dig a secular tunnel, a 100 meters on the ground, and with a 27 kilometers a conference, the russian project, nico needs a closed circuit tunnel of just 503 meters. and it's above ground. look a little just to stick with it, which so we see a little. so you have to use a talk which goes to what do you stand pulling and you move stuff. he chose a country the montage moment some go out and we'll just go play that mika evolution
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here from go that i don't want to even move this. who just please, could you spell that as well? just did she just go up and sing to me other pollution so she will do the dish. let us in. we're still interested only interested police are those that on that old ministry, do you start even the story that she with him to see what they did him the just the living with him to get him. i do see him on the concept for years. but i think you live in a country, you talk to you when you cause we bought more than what you can, you know, because i'm waiting to hear because they don't blend. yes, you will. yeah. i some 2000000000 charged particles. ions will fly at 300000 kilometers per 2nd. collide 7000 times a 2nd to break into clocks. and that will tracked by special defectors, ah,
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the looters do through, isn't it very still in need to leave is no pregnancy in school getting up with it ill with the push the it was going to carry out the bullet. this is the lab where they're making the multi purpose detector or mpg for short, medium, but even with a discipline. if a detective also been muted, let me and then you just use the 1st miss to physical fit the summer with with this because i just feel pulled up and to me personally to me to me and they just use the sheet is that they get with you, at the accustomed to the, to get the butter lay your chest could put a push to bush boom for push, give images would most of the course test was covered in your, for your family. you could go in there
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participate in the can you please give me your last post april. jessica. put it believe me up to let you talk to la. and nick, i don't know which is interesting to me when you, when you cause for me at all. if you need to, you know that it was my yes, the speaker at the mission used to president of the center with the new capital budget must create even the he gave you know that was supposed to be fixed and such . it is nice though, i didn't want them to come with the game. show the shades. whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, very, we look for this new here, and this is a
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very complex, new growth, darker consumer, reach, new car. you're more than we deal. it look like a bill to fiji, says here with the booster vocalize this even less just reviewed him. i don't know what's nowhere for. remember what i news from the mainland when you, when you go to the me and you will not go to the me, you me, we will go which experimental to some use that was not, you know, we should say we know that, you know, when,
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when you when you eat them, when we conclude in the semester, but nope, i'm a guy in the room says i knew that he was getting to the phone. but the most, the postal, which is when you, when you put in the numbers the, which is not going to do with, into the, so the we can you nation can yes, the yes, particularly into just non you go out and look at which the number of which use the modem goes to with more praise, we would need people to be really broken when we needed that we were the me this piece of hardware cause 50000000
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euros. it was made in a bush. myesha bush cannot the creation of korea which could some nuclear that's going to give us, it seemed to ship a coffee show would be coupon among the police and then you deal with the just doing kind of what's you at the sun? yes not. so it was not the speech it when she writing the full name of the order. yes, the store the new package to the value of that with a much time with them, that in the cookie, the bully, me up for the water nipple and she took, i just don't get to a point when i'm mostly up in the which he wasn't the deductible to speak, someone loving the products and show, but to be seen as though it's almost a point of which you know, which is really a list of potential. scott premier marlene could she did say that such? not pim. kyle is elsco not mika media, super. there go more than moving to see nisha magnesium, sca, paula,
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look at what you said. you think you were trying to fill in all authentic stuff. this was you can keep the problem with the posting please media. you will get the point with because i get the used to keep the problem. that was more than they will produce. it doesn't even deal with it, wouldn't it wouldn't that you would deal? it was we would even yesterday i ah, people with diabetes to number raises, whether it's not adequately managed or that they have some immune problem. then their risk of infections and something like the kind of 19 pen. it was very bad news, the people diabetes. and we consider it as one of the very high risk situations in
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terms of people being infected ah ah, i use ah, to don't to leave, you will move a toy,
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knew he will tell when she gets home later to love. ah, let me see if she knew she wouldn't be a little girl. but what i can do me to teach julia traditional but she's a sheet. if you put it, you see the one you need from me was over. she said for meeting last week with metro. okay. yeah. so this is what i need. i need i need a new what if i
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do see executable football? what's the point up when i got to pull it up on that? got me ah, about doing about this issue. i mean, you've got 11 saturday on them that you're not going to get yours unless i go out. but i want to do what, i'm not going to be able to move in more with what was going on. and i was just giving you a lot more snow up. but he said that, so he asked me on the, at the was a, the, on the break, financially it was, it is another room for the mobile. my, for me to come with the 51 most of the most with your to several years you mr. ledger come when she gets program you, when you come,
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when jason analysis done the at the admission of bloodshed, noble god, that cuts your possession now that the judge mobile. additionally, i just didn't get on the news. the news and i'm about to stick to motors from one to 2 to be one because to finish with the number one, posing edition mission as denise forest can for the most, suggesting what them with the move of course, give a young voice to the you know, for the ship when just in the morning, but then the new boomers, i just got the donors. cars are intelligent with the store with was supporting him weak. trish was too much to push one or even though what was the
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talk with a new little boy that would have to keep him from yes, that are still pretty much the opinion you can you can give me just which but this is dude now state university women, teachers, physics and select future specialists for the nika project. and the notion pretty well is and go off the fish fairly all. that was all that we need to program with people with the vision again for sure to move it to get the results to not a little bit of food. if you just have to which it's bushing, some poor felt over there should should isn't. i think a 3 year old shot peasy kid would watching closely which with the times that those
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recording engineering support. she was on my end so that he couldn't cut 3, g, g 2 and his only option, you know, business comes a new portion of wanting to check what the group was. and you might sort of that would be the most lower control in this with, on the 4th floor. most of them are used in for those no big company up in unit you're going to put in there getting only see the new list. choose me under the both of those moment because on the don't, why don't you push luck with the period? doesn't with the bridge out from them when you're doing do you would share them with the euro? nobody wants to get the mirrors with a little string backpack aches. you don't. peter beat us with that you can do a practical procedure that early to put in motion george vicious for me to come in
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country and he was more delete and sent to me. it said it be in chicago, so mr. toy is done there of that. if you need to know when the time she looked at she was a different one should be repeated lunch. what did you say? i'm a go younger to key that are supposed to do it, but then we had to merge the rest of the, i mean, you know, the kia kirk, your po, chooses your was motional issue there's the soon to get will need to do so the, what is the issue you, when you want, if all of that it is live, don't you this to get this issue there was only one to to do is of these are going with the nico project, the total investment funded, estimated at $500000000.00. any delay in installing the accelerator would cause not just reputational, but also substantial financial damage. so all of this is just
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a little bit on the cobra into it's the all the the which is rules kissable for nothing. so in the still low in your engine, you're on the mean. well and with which into room? no one issue or you know, what's the quote so we're, we're for crew to move this pretty much in the 2nd row, which makes you fortune. post a new for you, just checking with the firmware that it had. so she was the bridge. a villa, villa know kirk or brook movers goes on to bully lunar bro bought on the
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quad. there's no, can we use night just overpower which to me or to which you peculiar? no more than glad to settle most of the pole which the new boy, this isn't from them into know get a local birds are not in this you know, are serious to use is just stored me for days. so anything else? you know what down the hill, 700 which is all the show. and of course the me much bookish jim gill again because champagne is actually going to be like scammed and she wasn't. but almost the video come cost me see you on this issue with your companions. a couple of necessity, right? so maybe you could teach scaly, i clicked on you can be scab yet. it is yes. under what the numbers
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julia kissed the sheets. are you when you, when you, when you click it with it's on the properties and you like your global physiology or reunion they can assist you with the course stolen most on the streets. me, you'd seen have shifted to me or feeling which is 16. you know, the thing that will most interest on the cable when you, when you sit and you almost upset local or nationwide remiss with the last assume percent of we did show it so that you just wouldn't want you to use that in the you would you know most. 2 0,
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the granting, analyzing and storing such a huge quantity of data all based on complex physics experiments. goals was, am serious. 2 processing ah, push those are your lamps, they take your br, latch dishes that are but this is janice at the boss because it's mainly chatelle is 3rd shift. let me then use up all the way. shut bustle that emotional for him in millions. the political issues that are by lot of work has she done the was done and up. what does it, what done is it again, like i said, some are some of some color the to remember with the movie very mythology was a start with the nation. was income damage to the petition, who when the young know that we see him, this is done not all the color with it. you can just use him in the either him just
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wanted to just point us in the dishes on 2nd that she, i'm not sure what's the pewter we did not wish to go to discuss the shipping issue. that's why the number of events, all collisions, could be unknown us all for the sake of studying the structure of the matter that made and makes up our universe scheduled political ridiculous. what we, what, what, it was only that was kind of a political more wishing, learning commission with that. but then you use the more than we should up a post standard which and from what it was. but you scared me to you if you would just please get into the post those place where there's no money missing. i mean, you guys want to, i'm sure you're listening like up the way that you really want to say that those are still to read the shows i just with me that you were going to when you,
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when you look in yes. and you should do the slow was the food chain, this bureau, what other people, but mostly schedule companies do deal with a new problem. can look up on the page like searching for a needle in a haystack. you can search for a year or 2, or even considerably more. and even then there's no guarantee you'll find it. but i will also make sure that you call them you can use that in bush and there's no statistical good. i'd go the another up there to get to know that by the famous higgs boost on was just trying to switzerland in 2012. 2 its existence was 1st predicted as early as 964 and you could go up to the list of cher with the but i was just though i soon let's get into some medium. but the ones that will do the thing to us, and we should them so not stronger than those, and it was a pursuit when us ship lung doubles came. so when you go to the board,
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which only live at that level liquid as a personal, i was ok to share. but this totally disconnection not stopper is i do. yes. lead to some crazy school for those who are the is a boy for me. my theory a little grew stuck in i don't mean tedious news, alicia, look, you know, good. you knew you were going to be interesting to put in your you know, when you would receive much note when you move the nuclear low to middle school, which portion told there was an earlier could you please sit up with jason to cuddle up and you took him to me, ah,
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ah, i the ah, today industry prefers been millions of euros in the regulations . i will be all about making money. i think it's about the corporation international markets import export. do you imagine the number of the diseases that are in every family today due to new viruses or new microbes? not true. so it is due to environment. you know, i can take either the momentum commander much time. yes, accumulate go don't come in today. they don't allow us, the food industry is successful, it will create more jobs,
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it will create more value added, it will create more so i don't see why we shouldn't also fight for the interests of the industry that we have regulation. we want the regulation as the industry and if we don't have good yes penalties. that's fine. the special episode, summer solutions. today we're talking with john ruby know of dollars collapse. dot com state right. 2021 has been the year of the i word inflation. even the central bank is mentioning inflation, is that transitory? however, as the central bank is arguing, or are we going to see something worse coming forward in the next year or 2? ah, no, you don't do 15 oil. uncle nice did that, but didn't want, you know,
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it didn't because you don't the don't go down the food that i'll use in the body on it. and then i get the results that i sent to you on friday is the most senior. so some of it you can just talk a little bit, a little bit of an issue with those who knew that belong upon the persona, initials going to separate your news. the
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news, putting a country when your opponent to that is the strongest power of the rule and between the us going to start getting all war had some reports from recapture territory that was about once again, imposing severe restrictions on the sharia law. russia and anyways, that germany, how to devote knowledge of what would happen is we'll explain evolving, reveal the berlin w to send a team of experts on the very day the kremlin project fell ill on board a plane inside russia. a hot topic in the u. k. as a new animal welfare bill could make it illegal for shirts, boil lobsters alive, we put the issue up with the bag. we can go on what this land.


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