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tv   Going Underground  RT  July 10, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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with realism, as resistance and the class dimension of put more just hours ahead of 2 more years due to the final between england and the oldest and more coming up in today's going underground. the 1st on wednesday is showing our interview with the case for my drugs, our professor david not. he made an allegation that newspapers on fairly attacked his family after he was sacked by the british government, including the daily mail and mail on line the mail on line spokesman. has since responded with this statement, the articles some the facts drug adviser, david not pictured smoking cannabis on facebook was published on 14th november 29 on male online following a story that originally appeared in the sun. a complaint made to the p b. c. that professor, not son smoking a role up, not a joint in the picture, was resolved on the grounds of headline accuracy. and the article was removed from the site. 2 days later, the levison inquiry took place in 20112012. and you can find that full interview on everything from heroin to cobra, with one of the world's top newer psychopharmacology just on our youtube channel.
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well, the country infamous for opium production has been lamented on nature nation media . in the past few days, this after us troops ran from afghanistan on the cover of night. joining me now from do by is that kind of sounds former ambassador to both china and pockets. son, ambassador john, most as i used to speak for africa, sounds foreign ministry and is now vice president of the hall to major society about so thank so much for coming on. so they left in the middle of the night. i don't know what african authorities even thought about the fact they hadn't told the come on this on the us base in afghanistan, would you want you to make of the us military running away? the america withdrawal is, is a, is a fact. this is something that we knew about for a long time. the question is, what do we do now now that the americans are leaving after 20 years, what is the government going to do? what are the telephone going to do? and what is the region around the finest i'm going to do best? these are the key players. obviously, the united states will continue to have a key role. european union will have to work and have
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a role other countries farther received the funds from the national partners. donor countries that provide development assistance will have a key role to play. but it's basically up to the government, the taliban and the region around the understand that need to decide what they're going to do to prevent that. the gradation of the escalating violence into not just the civil war, but also regional proxy war that will dry and not just next door neighbors of a major regional power into something that will benefit no one and harm that people have understand. but also the region around the country while talking about the region right on cue. within days of the withdrawal, that has been the terror on inter african summit. what is the significance of the summit in test run? every single one of the finest, 16 next door neighbors and all the major regional powers in the broader region have extremely important ross to play when it comes to war and peace and understand it
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on as the next door neighbor of the country with which we share a common language history, religion and significant common interests both and the security arena, but also in the arena, phenomena, cooperation, etc. iran has an option of the central role to play in support of the piece, boston a 100. but iran cannot do that alone because it has difficult relations with saudi arabia, which is another important country in the region, not an expert on an important country in the region. and the iran has to work with pakistan, which is the key backer of lavon. iran has to work with india, which is a key backer of the summer republic. one of the government iran has to work with china with russia, with this information. republics. it has to work with turkey. but the fact that iran has extended an official invitation. another proficient in the patients and upon the fact that have accepted the invitation and were in town for 2 days and
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also interacted not just with the iranians, but also with their fellow athens. from the summit public side, those are very positive signs. but these hazard, disjointed efforts must, who are less into a region wide conversation into a region life and sense as because otherwise, as we witnessed the 900 ninety's, different sets of countries will move in, in different and most like the opposite direction. yeah, indeed, the iran is made a joint declaration with russia and turkey against israeli strikes on syria in the past few days. and then we reported reproach more attempts with saudi arabia, but use a iran inviting the taliban. we had the spokesperson child shaheen on this program . people can watch it on youtube channel. he didn't seem to be a head chopper or a stoner of women, or we didn't really get into l g
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b t q plus issues. has the taliban really changed or or is that how the ban? pretty much the kind of human rights abuses, abuses they are famous for being. that's an essential question that i think leadership development have to answer. it's been very difficult to get the taliban to spell out their vision for a peaceful of understand their plan for what you mean going on. and there's still not spelling it out how long of to do to remind us we talked going on. they've been going on for more than 2 years. actually they've been these talks not in the current format, but in, in, in different iterations. i've been going on at least 2013 if not earlier, because that's when the thought of an office was initially established. and, and that's when i start from the government. but it's been a few years that i am, i have not been in the government. they were very specific in their negotiations
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with the american because that was a goal that they had specifically outline the departure of foreign forces. but when it comes to negotiations with the government, the taliban has always stuck to very general principles and general statements, which is we want them to make government. we will honor the rights of citizens, including women in accordance with shania and his mom. but they have not really gotten into the specifics of what that means, so that you see when, when you, when you're, when you imagine it's an i dash i think most people in the region realize how the relationship with the united states and british governments, through proxies in syria, how can the united states be an honest broker in any of these talks? you say that the relationship for 20 years dennis done a pretty complicated relationship. arguably, given that they supported the magenta dean, obviously that formed the taliban in the 1st place. how can we should to the talks
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does not move, instead of there should be in beijing or moscow rather than more than dough, which is closely aligned to the united states, arguably where these are 2 things. one is the role of the united states or the united states, as obviously as a major world power, our responsibility to work for peace and honest. and if they have been a part of the war, they started the war on october 7th, 2001. and now they're leaving after 20 years. so far it was with little regard to the consequences for the people understanding the region. but this is hardly surprising that with little consequence. i mean, you know, you know, look at vietnam and it's even in nature, nation, mainstream media here, the comparison, it's gone. no, you mean susie, why are african diplomats like you have served for afghanistan in china? and in part, is that why, why do you bother with them?
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some may ask, and some afghans may ask, well, they have an interest in the region that they have outlined. this is not something that we are telling them they have outlined counterterrorism guarantees as a key national security interest of the united states related to the region and that they want to guarantee them. they have to work for a peaceful, stable of understanding, a peaceful, stable region. they say they want that, but who finances, the taliban, who finances, the terrorism? where are the weapons coming from an american weapons being used against afghan officials, while these i mean, these are weapons from over the place, and that's a discussion that property is to these have to get into. obviously the u. s. has to be held accountable and responsible for its actions going forward. and it has to offer the diplomatic and the mix, the 4th and political support, the president biden has committed himself to providing for the peace process and run the sun. but it's up to be jane moscow, some about the deli had on these capitals that mass. instead of
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talking about a peaceful, civil honda fund, in general terms, they have to come together and define a very specific concrete support mechanism for going to fly to do with the leisure whenever they come on government and the relevant to to do that what you got to do with all these other countries shouldn't be the african people themselves was primarily the responsibility of the people. but if you look at the map of this region of amazon as a landlord country. so whatever weapons explosives and foreign fighters flow into and they come through neighboring countries. and so it's the responsibility of these different countries that are parties to the f one war that have to step up that have to make a decision that continued fighting and continued violence is not in their interest . because if there is another collapse, god forbid enough understand another state collapse than the consequences will be parable for the people. but the consequences will also not spare the region because
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there will be spillover of arizona spent over radicalism, extremism. and also, you know, the consequence that the region will not be able to achieve the common vision that the region find the of regional creativity, trade and transit trade. and, you know, increase prosperity when i get to the prosperity. because obviously, the, the predictable pessimism about afghanistan in the nature nation, mainstream media repeats itself, specially after the withdrawal of us troops. how can i get this done cope without us occupation? troops, anecdotally, any person that i talk to from afghanistan seems to say there's been massive chinese investment going on in afghanistan of infrastructure, project of mass strategic projects that hopefully will benefit the africa and people who give us some optimism and positivity about that huge foreign investment
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right now, going into afghanistan, i think this is a starting point for not just the region because it's not just china that is outside of spectrum initiative. and it's 4 in hundreds of billions of dollars into a stretch of projects. and then 2 other trades in transit and technology developing projects, but it's also india that has its own vision for regional connectivity and regional integration. russia has its own vision 30 of outside its own vision on august on the central asian neighbors. they have on prioritize, economic development, regional economic integration, and increased trade transit trade. so this is a moment when all the countries around the sun have come to the same page when it comes to the future of the region, which is one of the common development you didn't mention. i presume saudi arabia saudi arabia has one. but the radio in terms of the hearts of asia region is
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a little on the on the margins if you like it farther afield. the countries that i outline are either next door neighbors or major regional powers that have outland, specific regional development plans with, with, with direct clinicians of the big room initiative. for example, the chinese about line sees of understand as a link t link between the participant corridor, which as you know is, is a multi $1000000000.00 project that's taking place right now. and the china central asia, west asia, on the quarter that goes from china through central asia, iran all the way to turkey. and linking these to would only be possible. so that's where the location becomes vital for regional connectivity, not just in terms of physical infrastructure, but also in terms of the goods, people, energy, data and all that. and that's some,
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that's a vision that will benefit everyone. and for that, you have to have a peaceful and so there is a, there is a, there's a trillion dollar opportunity for the region to work towards peace and security and honest on which is very much afraid of going in the coming few months. and mazda, thank you. thank you so much. after the break. ahead of what would have been the 53rd birthday of iconic theorist, an activist, smoke fisher. we examine the futures that never were not his friend and colleague, also david stubbs. what the legendary k punk found would have made of corona, virus capitalism, and marxist football. all listen more, can we happen to have going underground?
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she went to look for somebody real thing a little slow, letting them go. well, i don't want to come to go see me when you have a week when you have a meeting in the room, initial pathetic steamy guy failed on the, on the recent conference was gonna look at me on the screen. you soon the she was just looking here. when you mentioned kim complete illusion initially thinking what's going on normally financial young hoody lose you lose could you could shoot it to the lower the
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welcome back tomorrow. what would it be in the 53rd birthday of mark fisher? the legendary fear is doors and political activists. an engineer pioneer blogging under the moniker, k punk, seen by many as one of the greatest political thinkers of the 21st century. the influence of his writings on your liberalism, every talk is free, and class cannot be overstated. he was also a football fan and co founding the football blog minus the shooting. so that's been 24 hours ahead of your me 25. i'm joined now by his friend and colleague, david stubbs. david, thanks so much for coming on. i'll get to football in a, in a bit, and my, and my is the shooting for those that don't know who mark fisher is. tell us why is considered by some to be one of the greatest english language thinkers off the 21st century. actually any hard to know where to begin, really because he is such a sort of boss. did he just kind of boss terrain in this monumental volume case? he was everything from cinema to renew liberties and he makes these kind of
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connections, you know, between popular culture and politics that i mean lot of people do that they did in such a kind of huge least go imaginative way when it comes up more months with in this is inspirational, despise as i said, supply talks about melancholia, morning and spare. and i think that, you know, you kind of mrs. that sort of the 21st century the same time he's desperate to kind of a sort of a positivity, a sense of futures in the sense that what is actually possible in a century in which a lot of that kind of been forgotten. so yeah, absolutely. it's just the sheer range. she energy, initiate, erudition, but i think that entitled to those kind of clothes. i mean just one dimension of his work. obviously, mental health let alone during a pandemic is become a mainstream concern in new liberal media. just remind is why he would
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call mental health privatized stress when it was used, the way that phrases used in the media. well, yeah, i mean, i think from his point of view, he did suffer mental health difficulties, but he didn't regard. and the last people do this, just something that is sort of randomly visited and people he, as you can do to this stress, becomes the size that we're living in. and you will pull the id reply all the keys . will companies kind of make money on sort of as depressions and things like that the whole industry that and the idea of a system that makes you stick to what you think that was one of the things that kind of angry and he got open disdain for the mainstream media, so gold and academia as well. well, yes, because i suppose that's something to start with in the ninety's and initially did
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kind of he was slightly young. he left us in the sense in the ninety's. he belong to base, which we subscribe to. what they send the separation isn't, you know, they didn't, you know, he's, he thought it was so dry and capitalism isn't going to da contradictions. nothing ever died to come today. so thank you. second. so pop from left this academic thinking in the 900, not in the 900 ninety's he regarded, let's get to driving. mom was anything but dry and he gave us so wouldn't speak. you know, there's a kind of a very, very sort of passion, way in which we have to hold the audience. always hand. when you saw it was easy start just kind of simplifies with with students. some young people are going through this day and age and privileges that they've been denied, but the previous generation had, and i think that's what and tell him to write the capital is realism,
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is all terminated because i think he, you felt kind of, this is what happened really generation sort of post layer which kind of pragmatism settin among the black, imposed by the old on to the young. and it's kind of say, you know, reach coming from the people. how do these privileges, expectations of things that you call these things more lawyer expectations just labor and do is hold, despise all of that. he wanted to kind of reignite a sense of the possible for the nice hope was too weak. if you just have more than and what was it like to know him? i mean, his vast references was 11 has to say there's a nod to roland boards and the french philosophers of the seventy's and eighty's. what was it like to know someone so well? read work with him. i was strange him and he wasn't this kind of any intimidating
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character. i mean, well i, i guess capital me because of the 1st on mentioned metalli's, right? the melody maker. and even though the reader melody major, so you kind of approached me, it was kinda voice on the way it was great. and his sense of like to have with the, i'm just margin the old. and so suppose my point to be, i didn't feel he was just kind of intimidating presence and he wasn't in any case goes to pub together and we chat about all kinds of things, but not necessarily it's the sort of level of intensity that the impulse in his text, i mean, you know, and so i think it there, you know, he was yeah, it was definitely a primary is a friend really. but i mean, unlike continental philosophy, he seems he just sounds when you read and much angrier as he relates politics to film and to music for those that don't know, melody make up very famous when buster competitor the enemy, he sounds very so much anger in his writing with reference to popular culture and
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politics. yeah. i mean, you know, just one of the energy use though, i think there's also a sort of sense of optimism as well. as you know, they disbanded there's all kinds of things kind of rolling at the same time. he's writing, you know, it's just hugely, hugely energetic. i mean, my sense is the stuff from depression the actually suffered his instrument sort of black cell work is that it's completely futile when we need, then everybody's all, i will not be silenced by always regard the energy the which is c. as in said, he's crating and writing this sort of towering edifices which were tempted based down the condition of his depression. and i think that's an incentive to meet one of the things accounting for his energy. how prolific he was just how much ground he covers, and what do you think, what would they think of artists and writers and painters who still to this day
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will appear on a tv interview and go, i'm not political. i mean it, as he, as he killed the ability of celebrities to say that i think, you know, i think, you know, everything is political. you know, the idea that there will be even things that operate outside of the political, you know, the politics of their life. down here we go. i mean, he saw, actually in so i just change roy sometime to go to mall shopping. all i didn't see as a potential paradigm as to how the calling is in the future. communism could work. he would see that political in everything, obviously he wrote about labors destruction of working class aspiration his because i have to ask you, what do you think he would make of this new labor leader relatively new care stormer, and some of his cabinet shadow cabinet members who seem jacket, that capitalist realism referred to in that there is no alternative out that this
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is what it is we can cut around the edges of bit, but there's no alternative to capitalism. yeah. i mean, i, you know, sadly, i think that some kids tom is kind of resuming where labor's left off in 2015 and going by the same playbook. and, you know, making the same kind of errors, refusing really to chasing an elderly generation generation expense of the young and really getting young people any sort of possibility or confidentiality. something's really believed in now onto the football tomorrow. why you have to remind us why joel? well, the famous snitch of ghost names of people to the british intelligence services of people, he didn't like of condemning them as communist. why didn't he like wells description of football as more minus the shooting? yeah, well again, i think the probably those sentiments replace to stay on the call all you know,
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various intellectuals for football. when i was something he did not share at all, football was another great popular passions. he was actually at hillsboro, those begins are not some of our support and he was a nazi and he was at the notting of ours. and when obviously the whole dreadful social events unfolded it. the other end, which is linked to policing of the minus strike, which is mentioned in reporting about the hills were inquiry was just shows how everything is going little when someone you may read those is the way the current tournament years. 2020 is being portrayed in wow. hurricanes, amazing green issues. i mean, these are all working class men, young men. why do you think none of them stop to think of why there are no working class men, or why the disproportionately hardly any working class brain surgeons? or a symphony composers or architect,
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why does it no one fits up to think that they somehow get into football, but they, they don't bother with those other professions. well yeah, i mean, does it, you know, that's one concerning that question. really. it's meant that goes back to, i guess, you know, university and student grounds this up on that. i mean i went locks it, but if it in 151, you know, if i went to be nice, navy ones walks in 1951. it would not be a challenge going to offset, coming from my background. and 30 is all or 3040 is all i equally wouldn't stand a challenge, you know, in it, you know, it's, i mean, yes, absolutely. you know, those should be, should be res. i mean in terms of like, i guess the question of clause becomes, of school because obviously, well as week stream li, wealthy nowadays is one possibility. but no, i mean not that is absolutely the kind of question. the reason i think that is one of the things that mark, believe me is kind of raising questions,
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especially in connection with popular cultural everything, culture likable, and pop whichever. and connection to politics in a way that's just simply ignored by you know, most context. would you, would he and you amused by this take go for this been conversation amongst circle mainstream media talking about garrett, south gate, marxism in because of taking me in the civil rights struggle. i mean the, what's your take on that want to know to be marxism is rather strange. i'm sure it's just what you can really make. the claim isn't essential, decency about this team. and you can even say, well, if they represent a certain kind place, no represent a certain kind of patriotism that you can make an argument. and pages and pages doesn't have to be about kind of like waving folks of the queen in the background. those singing down bus 2 songs or 2, following the ray and all of that kind of dress. nonsense paste isn't,
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might just simply me as people at mark's rash, written rhyme, sterling have demonstrated through the through that thieves. it could just mean feeling a duty to your community, to your country and making sure that you know that everybody is okay. so, and i think that's something that goes beyond the also the, the kind of ethnic diversity, the to even the like, it depends on immigration, you know, that only aggressive and hung grayson policies the suit, you know, people to tell them about 2 or 3 players in this county and just finally i got to ask you, since you're, you written about electronic music. i mean, do you think that the government will weaponized corona virus against young people further in terms of nightclubs and the music industry and popular culture in favor of i suppose opera or art that benefits the status quo? well we, i mean it's been coming out in holland,
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i think nice in pre kona virus for young people to find the kind of spaces to enjoy, you know, res, clubbing or whatever. i mean, all about concluded by rising property prices. and yeah, i mean, even if it's not active in conscious policy, it's something that's definitely happening. david subs, thank you. thank you. that's it for the show will be back on monday. did all the vaccine apart? sammons have 2 dimes. i'm about to be ok. is accusation takes center stage and you gave him the confirmation of prime minister bars johnson's freedom day 5 until then keep in touch with social media and let us know who you think will in your 2020 as part of this international mega science with that project coordinator is being
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built into it's going to allow the scientists to study matter as they believe it existed, the just the big bang good form. ah, the tires are more flu shane and the order for the delivery authority. one is not 13 deal. if it's clear as a country montage boma some go out and we'll just go play that niga evolution. so i hear from gulf that i don't wish to even move this please. could you suppose maybe? yes, that is the the, the the,
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the, ah, the headlines are not using national, quitting a country when your opponent is at its strongest power levels are drawn between the u. s. pullout gotten us on and the vietnam war made reports from recaptured territory. taliban is once again imposing severe restrictions under sure. we know russia insinuates that germany had the bonds. knowledge of what would happen to like, you know, bouncing this reveals at berlin, off the o, p t, w to send a team of poison experts on the very day the criminal critic fell ill on board a plane inside russia. a whole topic in the u. k. chefs could be banned from boiling lobsters alive under a new animal welfare build.


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