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don't go down the person that i've all who signed up for the only because i'm not sure i get it looks like i mean that i think just for the online for me to motivate to sort of get back to your call. so we can just talk with a little bit of an issue with those who knew that gets along to plenty puzzled initials for the peculiar to small town a 120 kilometers from moscow with a population of
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a little under 75000. it's no more than a tiny dot on the map. it's actually the very center of russian nuclear physics major international scientific facility joined institute for nuclear research. ah, sure. so i just got both of them got eaten element that i'm interested in. since i was thrown record in the middle of already me in they gave me several new chemical elements have been synthesized here to one of them was even named after the town domini, on everyone who works here is seeking an answer to 2 of the hardest questions of the millennium was our universe formed, and what were its building bricks? and there were more furniture in the order for the delivery is 91332
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me as part of this international mega science research project. neither is being built in job. now it's goal is to allow the scientists to study matter, as they believe it existed just after the big bang that formed our universe. this is a time machine that will take us back 14 video is going to do the payment on a couple of them. so that was one of them was and yet you issue was it to was to to you so much lower color. the adventure is still player who's expedient to what was called if you start, which, which he element that i'm interested is going to say at other my doesn't deeper than you might. and it was actually calling mcgill instead of nadia. look at suicide. it 3 kaleidoscopic last night for you, for another purpose. at only show you kind of the new healey eve. so no grocery store with the cardboard, you know,
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deal him so was more national. ah, the topic of accelerated, called a nuclear tron is at the heart of this international mega science project. it was built into now back in the mid 19 ninety's and later fully upgraded, that is, in fact, what gave the project its name mika. you got to ship ro, it's a newsletter on based. i am colored a facility which no one at the c. c us no with the she wished to national speech, people not to she used to issue one. also please don't. you're going to be treated . that particular interest was privileged by the energy in which particles collided . 10 giga electrons. i t p though i get as we do have 30 minutes. that's fine yet nor you book i didn't really know which will suffer when you go national to anybody
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show louis these days. this is the most accepted model for describing how the universe began. literally from nothing in the beginning was a big thing and then adored the size of 10 to the power of minus 33 centimeters. started to expand very quickly. it was in the 1st 10 to the power of minus 44 seconds that our universe came into being taking matter apart, brick by brick, to understand how they were laid is an incredibly ambitious goal. and that's where the collider comes in. we all remember from our physic schoolbooks, the structure of anatomy, which consists of charged particles, protons, electrons, and ions. you want, if you want to send out them or no, is that them off a, she plays the electron, the new system. so that isn't your planner. atoms won't accelerate on their own
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because they're neutral particles that bump into each other. in a collider a charge and when they collide, they release so much energy they disintegrate into clark's and glucose. smallest particles noon to us today. if you would, if she was a thing in which you get a new name with you, you don't have good news which is good nor lewis. this is to it issues and usually for the day it will be wednesday of nobody me. and that because what, what am i supposed to do or the you part what other words, the way it's mutually funded because we need to stay. and then when we read it leaky part, it used to slow austin with like in new york. and that's what the commercial net of your score since the 1900 think these more than 30 tonight hasn't been built around the world famously and
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switzerland in the us. they run at altro high energy. and apple's, the one being built in russia will focus on searching for new thanks of ultra dense nuclear matter. later she says, no, i'd call either of them would be the student, the machine, my name block missed. yeah. and there, boy, you push them. but on the material bearings, i'm mostly protons and neutrons that make up everything around us. but the density research project here is only found in a neutrons done nucleus, means which music the most look much, but shows so the sun project in switzerland, they had to dig a circular tunnel, a 100 meters underground, and with a 27 kilometers a conference. the russian project, nico needs a closed circuit tunnel of just 503 meters, and it's above ground. look just to see which is which. so we see
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a link for your source. do you know the usa talk which goes to what the waiting list and you pulling up and you move stuff. she chose a country the montage moment some go out and we'll just go play that nigger evolution i hear from go i that i don't want to even move this who just put it. could you spell that as well? it's just, it's just go up and seem to me other pollution so she does know dish dot as in whiskey p, an interested only interesting. well, it has no start on that or do you start even though, did stokum said she with him to see what they did him, digital millenium, we're going to get through them. i do see if you can use the concept here's the through, but i think you, you know, you talk to you when you cause we bought it more than what you can, you know, because i'm waiting to hear that they don't blend. yes. you will. yeah. i some
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$2000000000.00 charged particles, ions will fly at 300000 kilometers per 2nd. collide $7000.00 times the 2nd and the break into clocks. and that one all tracked by special detectors, ah, nicole, which is due to isn't it? we still need to leave is no pregnancy in school getting up with the, with the push the was going to college. this is the lab where they're making the multi purpose detector or mpg for short, medium remove with a discipline. if a detective been needed me and then you just get the 1st miss to pick one the summer with with this up because i just feel pulled me over the course pushes to meet him. i mean, they just use the students that they get with you at the accustomed to the which
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ended at the bottom of your chest could put a push to boise but will for push. give me just one more shot records 15 when was coming from your family. you could give me some more of the purchase. of course i love linea security. let's shoot for a piece of paper, considerably selection because you get to the point that the notions introduce thing just to me and when you, when you cause for the middle of the deal, it's really that it was as though my yes, the speaker at the mention used to president of be a center with the new year capital budget must create even though you know that was supposed to be fixed and such. it is nice though. i didn't know but the protocol
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with the gave the shades. whoa whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, very crock! for this year and this is crippled, vice prime, the complex new growth, darker consumer, reach, new car than more we deal it. look at the list to fiji. says here with the booster vocalize it even less. just reviewed them. i don't know what's nowhere for them. i use news which will go to the mainland
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when you go to the me and you will not go to the me you, we will go which and it's been, you know, some use that was not, you know, we should say we know that, you know, when when you, when you eat them, when we conclude in the semester, but nope, i'm a guy in the room says i knew that he was getting to the phone. but the most used when you, when you put in the numbers the, which is still nothing to do with, into the sooner we can you national can yes, the yes, particularly into just non you go out and look at which the number of which use the more that goes to, we feels more into praise, we would need to put a really good book and if you needed that was
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yeah. so i was the me this piece of hardware. it costs 50000000 euros. it was made in a bush. myesha bush cannot reach enough korea which could some yes that's couple can use, it seemed going up the show with exp, be tuple among the police and then you deal with the just doing kind of what's you at the sun? yes, no. it was no speech. it watching, driving the name of the order. yes, the stuart, the new package to the value of that with a much time with them that on the cookie, the bully, me up for the water nipple and she took, i just don't get to a political and i'm mostly up in the that the which he wasn't willing to do the
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listing film loving him for 6, and she's going to be seen as though it's almost a point of which, you know, which is really ridiculous. got in your premier william william, which is to say that such, not pim kindly elsco, not mika media, super there go more than moving a c, neesha magnesium, sca, paula, like i thought, you said you think you were trying to fill in all authentic stuff. this was you can keep the problem with the wisdom please. when you get the point with because i get the get the problem that was more than they will produce. it doesn't even deal with it with the with that you with a deal it was we would even yesterday. i me the
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i the ah you don't want to leave it with us. you should move a toy, knew he would say it was. she who it's ready to love me. as soon as she to your little
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girl was the study. i took me to teach julia traditional. but she's a sheet. if you see the one you need from me was over. she said for me in the last with the metro. okay. yeah. so this is what i need from the new new new which is what friday. if you give me a call back, i do see executable football once it went up, when i got to pull it up on that, got me
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the the, the, the about doing it with my phone and show them that you mean you've got 11 saturday on them that you're not going to still got yours unless i go out, but i would like to do what i'm not going to be able to move in there again more with so it was going to look like and i will do it a lot more snow up ready, so he asked me on the, at the new me was a, i get on the financial the was, it is another my, me to come with me on most dillard the most with you for several years from this ledger. come when she gets in for graham you ever when you come when jason and i
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just done the admission of bloodshed, noble god of your possession. well that the judge mobile this really i just didn't . yes. and i think with the with the motors from one to 2 to be want to know with the number someone was supposed to miss smith 4th, confirm us with them and give the young boys to the curb. which you know for the ship when just in the morning, but then the new boomers, i just got the screws in doing this because intelligence with the so what i'm, what the law was sparking. and we're just going to push one. or even though what
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was the talk with the new political, my boy, as you would have been, you could keep him from yes, that are pretty much the opinion. you couldn't even get singers just for which, but this is do not state university. when teachers physics and select future specialists for the nico project. the notion, of course, i was, well that issue is and go off the dish filial. that was all we need to program when people with physics against who presumed to get the results to nuff a little bit of food. if you just have to, which it was felt over there should shed isn't i think a 3 year poach at peasy canada would watching closely which we thought times that those recording engineering support. she was on my inside the courtney country and
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you told me zoe option. you know me cause a new polish check what the group was and you might sort of that would group that goes away. most law come through this with on the 4th floor. most of them are used in for a month to get those. we submitted those no big company up in unit you got to put in there getting the cd. let us know that the both of those moment because on the don't why don't you push luck with the period with the bridge out from the when you, when do you move ship them with the you know nobody's anything you must get the mirrors with a little string backpack, hub aches, but you don't pay to beat us. that you can do a practical procedure that early to put in motion george vicious for me to come in
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country and he was more you sent to me it said b n g m a go. so missed each toy will be done, they will study engine, you know, when the time she looked at she was a different one should be repeated launch. what did you say among young people key that are supposed to do it? by the way, i don't my store or as which each of them and you know, the key of your poachers dish your was motional. yes there's this to get will need to do. so the, what is the issue you, when you want, if all of that is live, don't you this to, this is a sure there was only 2 degrees of this, the giving us the nico project. the total investment fund is estimated at $500000000.00. any delay in installing the accelerator would cause not just reputational,
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but also substantial financial damage. so all of this is just a little bit on the cobra. and what's the all the, the which rules kissable for nothing. so in the little wrench in your, on demand we're going to do with which, you know, one issue or, you know, it's a severe reform route. but you know this pretty much in the 2nd row, which makes for us a new for you just give it to somewhere in the problem. so she was the brit villa villa know kirk or brook movers. kozora's
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a bully lunar bro. bought on club. there is no convenient night upon which the money to which you pay to get no more than glad to settle most of the postage to a new boy. this isn't from them into no unwelcome birds in this, you know, was so serious to use is just stored me for days. so anything else? you know, what? down past the hill 7. which is all the show. and of course, the me much bookish kim, viola gets because she is actually going to be like scammed and she was watching the video come cost me see you on this issue with your company on the capital necessity, right. so maybe you could teach scaly, i clicked on you can in the scab. yes it is. yes,
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the numbers julia kissed the sheet. so you, when you, when you, when you click it with it's on the properties in the q global physiology, excuse me. and they can assist you with the questions on the streets. me, you'd say ship, trust me or me, which 60 you know the thing most arranged on cable when you, when you sit and you almost upset. mentioned when you miss with the last assume percent of the issue itself. but you just want to point you can use that in the you would, you know, most. 2 0,
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the creating, analyzing and storing such a huge quantity of data, all based on complex physics experiments. goals was, am serious processing ah push option your lives they did take your br, latch dishes that are but this is janice at the boss because it's mainly chatelle is 3rd shift. let me then use up all the way to shut puzzle that emotional for him in millions. the political issues that are by lot of work. has she done the was done and up? what does it, what done is it like a service? some out was ton of some color the to remember with the movies mythology was a start with the nation was income damage to the teachers who when the young know that we see him, this is done not all the color that what they can just use him in the either him just to get with natalia,
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it's just that the appointment is in the dishes sequence that she, i'm not sure what to do. we need to know which is that is to go to the same the shipping issue. that's why the number of events, all collisions, could be unknown us all for the sake of studying the structure of the matter that made and makes up our universe scheduled political ridiculous. what we, what, what, it was only that was a bush not wishing learning commission with it was you use more than we should up a post, but those are not which and from what it was, but you scared me to you. if you would just please get into the post those place where there's no money missing. i mean, you guys want to, i'm sure you like up the way that you really want to. so with that, those are still to read this to me. it was that you were going to when you,
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when you look in yes and i should do the slow where the flu jane is bureau or other people, but you get to pick up a new deal is a new problem. can you put that on the edge like searching for a needle in a haystack? you can search for a year or 2 or even considerably more. and even then there's no guarantee you'll find it. but i will get those sheds. i'm not sure to call them, you can squeeze you. so that's in bush and there's no statistical. did i go the another up there to yet another participate the famous higgs on was just trying to collide switzerland in 2012. its existence was 1st predicted as early as 964 and you could go up to the list of cher with the but i was just though i want to do that. so i mean, what's going to the ones that will do that in case we should them so good, stronger than those need. it was a pursuit when us ship lung was came through more linear with the good. we only
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live at that level, the liquid as a personal, i was ok to share. but this totally disconnection not stopper is i do. yes, live to some crazy school for the video. who is a boy for me, my tv, a little grew stuck in. i don't mean tedious news, alicia, you know good. you don't need me to be interesting to play with those. you know, when you, with this machine you will move the nuclear low to middle school. which portion, though, there wasn't a, could you please sit up with jason nutrition and says, michelle cruz
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i the the special episode, summer solutions today were talking with john ruby no of dollar collapse dot com. they write 2021 has been the year of the i word inflation. even the central bank is mentioning inflation. is that transitory? however, as the central bank is arguing, or are we going to see something worse coming forward in the next year to ah, today, industries, pieces $2000000.00 euros in the today,
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regulations will be all about making money. i think it's about big corporation, international markets. import export. do you imagine the number of per the diseases are in every family today? due to new viruses on new microbes? not true. so it is due to environment. let's see that on the momentum much panel abilene accumulate got on, we come in today. mostly, don't allow us, the food industry is create more jobs, it will create more value added. it will create more growth. so i don't see why we shouldn't also fight for the interest something industry that we have regulation. we want the regulation of the industry. and if we don't behave then yes, penalty that's fine. ah,
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me the moon, the ah, putting a country when your opponent is at its strongest part of the draw between the us, pull out from us, gather the vietnam war. that made reports re, can, should territories to taliban is once again, imposing severe restrictions on this re re a law. i think that helps the haitian government us the u. s. united nations to send troops to protect the country. infrastructure. days after the president was assassinated in his own home, plunging the island nation into term or banging the drum for inclusion and dec could see a senior us federal agency goes whoa, finds itself in water evolving to photoshop.


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