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the a ton of celebrating sleeping games across i've got to saw, including another border crossing that has a us president. troops will be out of the country by the end of next month. you know, mission accomplished. right. in responsibility that can people alone decide their future. and how they want to run their country while the refugees continue to bring the country for a new life in europe, the brutal rape and murder of a 13 year old girl in australia at the hands of africa. margot and once again the issue of migration back into the spotlight. haitian government, off the u. s. united nation to send troops to help protect the countries key infrastructure has come off of the estimation of the haitian president,
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which is left of the country. ah, law firm most go, thanks for joining us tonight on our teams and i will. i'm daniel hawkins with you throughout the night. welcome to the program. now we start going to start where the taliban has been making further. territorial games is fighters were filmed, celebrating their latest land grub. the jubilation is over the capture of the border crossing with iran. videos on social media supposedly show taught about medicine, taking down the african flag from the local customs office. in the past week, the group has also taken crossings that lead into tajikistan and as becca stopped. meanwhile, us troops, which have been in the country for 20 years,
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are packing up their bags. jo barton is defended, sending them home while leaving the country to face what he's called the strongest about into decades. us president says there's simply nothing more washington can do . now mission accomplish permission was accomplished in that we get to scott, some have been widened in terrorism is not emanating from that part. a little. we cheve those objectives. that's why we went, we did not go to afghanistan to nation bill. and it's the right and the responsibility of ap can people alone to decide their future and how they want to run their country. oh here's what i've kind of thought looks like now in terms of who controls what taliban areas in red covered, estimated half the country. the group itself claims to be in control of 85 percent areas in yellow, contested with the focus of green showing where the government whole sway the u. s
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. president saying americans achieve its objectives in the country. critics, the cry, the price that's been paid me. oh, [000:00:00;00] i a, i the her the
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well as the remaining us troops pack their bags, dozens of guns, he worked for them including interpreters of ruddy them co, bull. they want the americans to get them out of the country as they fear the taliban will try to kill them in revenge. washington has promised to help, but red tape appears to have got in the way. we make that the migration for you. it does the work with us military on a life danger now enough, can we do the monday gave us a recommendation, save not only my life, my family, and i also like working with service company and you providing that service for the all not on i. so i'm gonna
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be done with really when we don't have an issue we have now we want to take any decisions or united nation or not anything most we worked at foreign compounds. we delivered food for them. i worked with foreigners for 10 years starting in 2010. about 20 days ago. they left but we remain here. what's our fate now? what's the fate of our families? you call yourself humanitarians, but what kind of humanitarian saw you left me here after i worked 10 years for you . the former i've gone and saturday, who was to be called rafi for security reasons. told us about the prosecution. they failed from the amount since 2001 the negative was that the taliban or terrorist for against dollar bond, whatever was from day one, from the dated. it existed. however, when they welcome to the premise,
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they're fighting the terrorism and i live on the terrorists. there was some, some of the people from the community side to the donation community and the war against terrorism, which resulted in capturing killing in thousands of these a terrorist. today, the americans before running away released some 6000 of these terrorists. they have already struck a deal that another $7000.00 of these terrorists will be released now who will be left behind to pay for the declines. the americans off committed the americans being enough to understand wasn't a crime. then why would you run away like that? and leave interpreters and those will worked alongside you interest. so if the americans running away like that will leave the interpreters behind tracing the,
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the brutal justice system off the top of the british troops have also now wrapped up their mission and i've got to stand according to the u. k. prime minister. most of them have already left the country. the wisdom of that decision was question why one of his own and p x soldier thomas didn't that you saw action in afghanistan, and he will sort of how he forward alongside another member of the house. this is an enormously possible issue for me. i didn't meet the hon member for bonds the central here or any of the clubs, the think tanks around westman, so i met him about 20 miles to the west of gums here in the desert. as we were fighting side by side against the enemy, he's just lifted. and the achievements that he has listed were won with the blood of my friends. and i can point him to the grave where they now lay. because that legacy is now one that is in real doubt, we know it, and we know that it's not just his decision. we know that the us decision to
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withdraw forces was fundamental here. but he can he explain to me? how does britain's foreign policy work in a country like african stone? if persistence isn't persistent, if endurance doesn't endure, then how can people trust us as an ally? how can people look at us as a friend? or we spoke to a former rule and i force officer, he's been up going to stand. he shared his thoughts on the withdrawal and on the entire mission. on the one hand, ethically it's right for us going to determine its own future. that will happen. it's just the future may well be particularly unstable. brucell takes us back to the medieval period of time without the democratic will or the democratic infrastructure being in place. and security forces were established to create to it . and i think to be realistic,
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we need to wait and see what the future holds for. there's tom to have correctly said, we've had 20 years, 20 years with trillions of dollars to this campaign. and to achieve what we've achieved in 20 years, which is unclear as a military guy myself i've, i'm somewhat ashamed of that outcome. ashamed of us. so in less than 8 weeks, the us military operation comes to an end and i've got some, whichever way the future plays out, that will affect lives both inside and outside the country. according to recent estimates, the exodus of african refugees is on the rise considerably. the number of closing in on 3000000, putting an incredible straight on countries forced to cope with the newcomers, germany, france, and romania top, the list of the countries taking in the most afghan margaret in austria. a 5th of all refugees and alfred grannis thought and the large them was also bringing
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a host of problems. some gruesome as ellipse rancor forth. imagine you're in charge of a country. shocked by a creepy rave skin. the victim who died had just become a teenager. the suspected rapists are young and again refugees, you've got no choice but to take action. if you don't, the public won't get it. and that's if you're lucky. if you get too tough on those who escape misery and war back home in their home countries, political opponents will give you a p r b t plus that will raise some liberal u eyebrows. let's hear from the man who's lately been facing this precise challenge . sebastian kurtz, the chancellor of austria, often i find it intolerable for people to come here. thing da, seeking protection, and then commit cruel and barbaric crimes in austria. politically, this means for me that we will stick to our line with me. there will definitely never be a whole to deportations off can is done or a watering down of asylum laws for asylum seekers who permits crime just what
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exactly did he mean by barbaric ah ah and austria more than 4 percent of all rapes an 8 and a half percent of all murders are committed by afghans. of course, not all refugees are thugs. some are worried that higher numbers of refugees could mean more potential trouble. i want to be clear, the u. s. military mission can stand, continues to the end of august, where the future of of dennis day and looking murky beyond the withdrawal of us troops and the taliban making large territorial gains. it's only natural that a new wave of refugees from there is expected in europe. it's obvious that austria
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can close its borders. it has already regularly tightened it's solid policies. recently, the justice minister for the green party says more such steps wouldn't be right for the country. the silent law who's already been tightened in recent years. i will lose often enough options, but we just have to apply them in a consistent manner. moreover, and 2019 the european court of justice ruled that you members have no right to the port a refugee even for committing a serious crime. if he or she proved that live back home would be in danger. all of this does seem to tie the hands of cancel or curts who like you've heard, is in favor of dissertations for criminals. the minister of interior from mr. kurtz is party has locked horns with the greens justice minister saying he will push for more rigid migration and repacked ration roles. at the level. the e u. asylum system is not working,
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migrants who committed criminal offenses have to be reported immediately. while the advocates of the harsh approach towards refugees in the austrian government are teaming up with colleagues from hungary and the czech republic, the iraq recei doesn't exactly paid the way for quick changes in a solemn rules. certainly, they won't be as quick as joe biden's, keen of dana stand, pull up the silent system as we have it in europe, is just a way to turn illegal immigration into legal immigration when the illegal immigrant arrives in any country of europe. and he, he says asylum, asylum immediately becomes illegal immigrant in the european asylum procedure, which usually takes yes. why? this is a general problem which you cancelled was one or 2 measures, at least the mini stick minister of interior mist. anyhow,
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my has now admitted that the asylum system up to europe in union is a disaster, austria and the government has done nothing to change that or to avoid it. because austria, through the dreams of the european union, has collaborated in creating the system. we didn't send $11.00 single africans, african home for years in austria, not one and hundreds we in austria, for example, have a quote of about 50 percent, the austrian citizen in the long run. this is a huge problem because it tracks and facts my guns from oldest while austrian 70, i've been having best se, only issues. they've accused local media or racist reporting, which they say verifies migrant. a group of accidents, stephen storm, the offices of a local newspaper. confronting journalist, you can find video about story and a whole lot more. besides, on the haitian government has asked the united states to send some 500 troops,
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i would help protect some of the country's key infrastructure. the caribbean nation has also made a similar request to the united nations about moves comes in the wake of the assassination of the haitian president, which has left the country in time while he is caleb open has the story. while the united states is drawing down and removing its military presence from afghanistan, but it appears it will now have a new opportunity to flex its muscles much closer to home in the western hemisphere . now haiti is in a state of unrest 2 days after the president was assassinated. and we now understand that local officials are calling for the united states to send its forces into the country to contain the unrest and to protect the infrastructure of the country. the ports, as well as the airports and the natural gas and, and petroleum reserves. so at this point,
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it's not clear. if the united states will actually send troops in, there will be law enforcement officials dispatched to the country to help get to the bottom of who assassinated the president. this is what we heard from gen saki, the white house spokesperson. the united states remains engaged and enclosed consultations with our haitian and international partners to support the haitian people in the aftermath of the assassination of the president and response to the haitian governments request for security and investigative assistance, we will be sending senior s t i n t h. officials to port or print to assist. now it's also important to note that we now have the haitian prime minister calling on the united nations to send troops to the country to deal with the ongoing on rest. now we're also starting to get a clearer picture of the kill squad that was sent and ultimately did take the life of the haitian leader was 28 individuals, 2 of whom were haitian americans,
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the rest of whom were from columbia. and according to the reports, some of the suspects are dead. there was a fire fight that went on into the early hours of the morning. lots of shooting. there was some suspects who fled into the taiwan embassy. and in addition to that, there were a couple of suspects that were ads by a crowd of haitians that were in the streets and the haitian crowd called for the suspects to be burned by the police. now at this moment, police have come forward with information presenting some of the weapons that were used. they presented the press with machetes, rifles as well as colombian passports, here's what we've heard these assailants, the thugs who killed the president. we've caught them, we've captured them. there in the hands of the police, as you can see now 2 american citizens of the haitian descent were among the assassin crew. according to haitian officials, the us state department has not yet confirmed that one of the individuals was
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reportedly detained at the canadian embassy in haiti and describes himself as a certified diplomatic agent on his personal website. now, the colombians, though all appear to be veterans of the colombian military, take a listen to no initial information indicates that they are columbian citizens retired members of the national army. we have given instructions from the national government to our police and the army to immediately cooperate in this investigation. so that these events can be clarified. russia has expressed concerns that external forces may be manipulating events in the country to serve their own geopolitical interests. they've also pointed to the u. s. citizenship of 2 of the suspected assassins. now it's important to note that the image of how the president was killed that surfacing is rather gruesome. the individual, you know,
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that the president is reported to have been shot 12 times, had his eyes gouged out, his wife has been flown to florida for emergency treatment after she was seriously wounded. now, what was the motivation? it's not exactly clear. there were protests for many months in the lead up to the assassination. many and haiti wanted the president to leave doing him as corrupt and arguing that he was in, in office unconstitutionally. but at this point, it is not known, some suspect that the assassins may have actually intended to kidnap him or arrest him rather than kill him. but at this point, the situation, the country is intensifying. the parliament is pretty much defunct. there are 2 individuals claiming to be the rightful successor of mcquease. in addition to that, we understand the senate has sworn in joseph lambert as the new president of haiti . but unrest is escalating. the military, at this point is on the streets and has declared martial law. all are watching
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haiti to see what develops according to reports, the to americans claim though working as translator for the hit squad. this also reported the operation had been planned for a month, and then it same was not to kill a president of bringing him to the national palace on a warrant. i know sure, a professor of latin american study says it was a classic palace coup. the links between the drug enforcement agency, the different telephone services in columbia, in the us, in haiti, definitely coordination. nothing happens in haiti economically, politically diplomatically, militarily param, militarily, without the u. s. is being involved. this could be the justification for the next us away as you, when the try factor of evil imperialism for the next invasion and occupation of haiti, where the entire economy is us sweatshops and us agribusiness. so this whole month
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about haiti being poor and having no geo political and economic strategic importance for the united states is ridiculous. so right now it looks like a palace coup. different wings of the haitian bourgeois z, both of which would be in touch with different parts of the state department or the pentagon, or the cia, or the d. e a. or these are the proxy forces from taiwan and what we're seeing columbia, they would be buying for this power. they would have their own gripes with juvenile movies. and there's a lot of egos in narcissism involved. but at the end of the day, this is a lot of pallas entry what, what matters are the interests of the haitian people. and as they said to me as i was still in transit to new york city, leaving the cab haitian, the 2nd biggest city in haiti, we were hungry when we woke up on tuesday. the president in or the dictator was killed. we had the same hunger when we woke up on wednesday. trouble is blowing in over france, his plans to build offshore, wind farms with turbines,
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as high as the length of 3 foot will pitches. belgians launch the legal action against the move off the locals. outlined, bare objection, paris. nevertheless, as the wind, it's sales, the president of the commission for energy regulation, even suggested opponents should have the energy cut off shore driven ski, travel to the area to discover more. it may look calm, but a storm is brewing, and it's a huge one front plans to build an offshore wind farm just off the coast here. the turbines would be as high as the eiffel tower, around 300 meters tool. so they'd be pretty imposing. the idea has caused a fury in neighboring belgium, so much so that the 2 countries affect to go head to head in court as belgium threatens to sue a complaint will be launched with the european commission because our country has not been consulted about the location of the area,
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while european directives require it independently, owned the french belgium border, that anger is palpable since it is very close to the borders. about 10 kilometers. it will be very visible from our beaches. this landscapes and the feeling we have of liberty and seeing the seeing to horizon is actually our main product. that is why people come to our shores. that is why people buy property with an ocean view is because as he does horizon, they don't come to the fantasy windmills for francis a very important project. i understand that, but that doesn't mean that you have to put all the burdens with the neighbors and take all the advantages as a nation. so as you've heard that there is really strong opposition to this wind farms from the belgian side, but they are not alone. in this, we're about to cross the french border,
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where there are protesting groups who have been opposing this windfall ever since. it was suggested that if you do a little bit of research, you will find that this project is planned in the heart of the natural habitat, which is supposed to be a safe space for the species living there. and it's also a historic site of operation. dynamo, meaning that this project also does not respect history from, says president, mat, call and has a set himself up. is this defender over the environment? now he wants from to have 40 percent of its energy to come from renewable sources. so when forms that by 2030, now those wind farms are crucial kogan no idea. and the pressure is also mounting off. the high council for climate in france says that the country is going to miss its greenhouse gas emission targets. that failure would be embarrassing. but we didn't foam like the one that's planned for here are not popular with everyone.
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looks if i go, we launched the petition. and despite that, when the minister came to done cack and we tried to meet her, she refused to talk to us. and then she came to tell us the details of a press conference. she told us that this project will be carried out no matter the opinion of the locals. if this has any impact on the territory, why is it not for the inhabitants to the side? why is someone in paris making the decision locals here have even demanded a referendum over the project, but that has been completely dismissed by the state france. he's also ignoring the, please from its fellow e. u. member. the government is determined to conduct offshore wind farm projects. will of course, continue the dialogue with our belgian friends to take into account the concerns. but the fact is that the dunkirk park is strategic for the implementation of our energy program. and that we must not waste any more time. however,
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that could be scuppered, not only has the french military now decided on new restrictions and constraints as to where wind farms can be built. but the senate in france is also just adopted a measure that could allow local meds to v to such plans. meaning that frances idea to be greener than green could soon have the wind knocked out of them. charlotte diva ski for all, see on the french belgian border a flare up of code, 900 strains around the world. how's the scientific community can sun early study suggest that to variance in particular, maybe even more infectious and resilient vaccines than the current predominant strains. the lambda strang thoughts have originated in peru has now been detected as far away as australia. well that was 1st discovered a year ago,
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the strain is starting to cause concern. the lambda makes up the vast majority of cobra cases in per room and an increasing number of all infections across latin america. epsilon is the other poet variant that's causing alum among the scientific community. first effected in california. recent studies suggest it's more infectious than other strength. research is also found that upside on is more re distant to both antibodies produced by vaccines and not surely buying the body off the covert infection. they believe the effectiveness of current jobs could be reduced as much as 70 percent. professor pablo ya told us that cobra on its mutations or something, we're just going to have to live with. the virus keeps all being and it's really becoming more which is miss school. we don't know yet about it's about the genie city, though. it is being driven down by the next team. so the most likely scenario,
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once we get everyone back to you named you started coding will keep transmitting in the human population in certain countries. and it will, it will not really go away. the ready cation at this point is almost impossible because he has a transmitter in so many countries at such high rate. also, even if you might, if you just, it's next to to reduce new kid us 0. koby says toby to has already jumped into other animal reservoirs. and once a virus jumped outside humans, it's almost impossible to eliminate it. used to be upheld as it is most fearing indictment of racism. but now to kill a mockingbird has been taken off the syllabus at one school of scotland for being 2 racists paul walker looks at how council culture is killing the classics. is only the most inspirational book of all time. a present surprise when it was originally
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van for it wound depiction of racism and sexual violence. but now one school in scotland has a bond to kill him walking by harper lee for another reason. the anti racism classic is now deemed racist because it plays into a white savior narrative. when i say band, i mean more like cancel the teachers than jane gillespie hurtful in algebra, i've stopped teaching it to students as part of an effort to the colonize the curriculum. and stein backs of mice and men and being cut to for it, racial stereotypes and frequent use of b and was sure to it's not, not there. when i tell ok, i get the whole white savior thing in to kill them off. but i really do, in fact, it's a great topic for discussion in say, an english class. and i also get that just one percent of students that
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study english literature at g c. s. c. that's the exam that kids take at the age of 16 in the u. k. study a book by a person of color and just 7 percent of students in gfc study, a book written by a woman that is a business. and by the way, that research is going to be provided to us by penguin books, u. k. who could take a leaf out of their marketing and disclose how many of the editors are non white for females. for that matter, look, i'm not saying that stay a reading list, couldn't use a refresh load you know, white kid make up about 34 percent of students in the u. k. and they want to see themselves and their experiences reflected in the canon. but why does the colonizing the curriculum mean killing off to kill a mocking by fresh research by frank lungs has found that overhauls of people under


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