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it will mean, it will not really go away. the ready cation at this point is almost impossible, because he has a transmitter in so many countries at such high rate. also, even if you might think it's best to, to reduce new katie humans to 0. koby koby 2 has already jumped into other animal relative was and was of iris junk outside humans. it's almost impossible to eliminate that's the program from now here on autism. national, thank you for sharing a time with us here at moscow. more of your stories, returning and half an hour with my colleague, daniel ah, in the climate ag jupiter we found 25 years ago, took only 4 days to go around the stars,
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which means the planet is very close. so that was really the big surprise. and we have learned since then, our own system is maybe one amongst many. that's not the archetype that's not the standard way to our planet. another shot because everybody was expecting the planet to move all the same back. financial survival does when customers go by, you reduce the right now well, reduce the lower the best under cutting, but what's good for food market is to the global economy. ah small town, a 120 kilometers from moscow with a population of a little under 75000. it's no more than a tiny don't on the map,
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it's actually the very center of russian nuclear physics and a major international scientific facility. the joint institute for nuclear research . ah, sure. so i just got both of them got eaten element that i'm interested in. since i was thrown city court in the middle of the me in there to give me several new chemical elements have been synthesized here to one of them was even named after the town domini, on everyone who works here is seeking an answer to 2 of the hardest questions of the millennium was our universe formed. and what were its building bricks spoken? there were more than 4 chairs in the order for the delivery cooper at 1329. i as part of this international mega science research project collider is being built and now its goal is to allow the scientists to
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study matter, as they believe it existed just after the big bang that formed our universe. this is a time machine that will take us back 14000000000 me as soon as payment on a couple of them. so that was one of them was and yet you issue was you to do to give someone to look all over the place who's expedient of the what was called if you start which isn't that much, you got to say at other people, then you mind calling me, gillian. i know you look at suicide. it collided with last night for you for another purpose. at omission, you got the new healey eve. so no grocery store with the cardboard, you know. tell him. so was more national. ah,
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the particle accelerator called a nuclear tron is at the heart of this international mega science project. it was built into now back in the mid 19 ninety's and later fully upgraded. that is, in fact, what gave the project its name mika. you got to ship roy, it's a newsletter on based i am collider facility which no one at the c. c. s no with she wished to national security people who do she used to issue one that was also doing income withholding tedious, launching trees in that particular interest was provoked by the energy in which particles collided. 10 giga electrons. i t p though i get as we do have 30 minutes, that's fine yet nor you book i didn't group roster now which will suffer when you go national city by shore lewis these days. this is the most consented model for describing how the universe began. literally from nothing in the
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beginning, what the big thing and then adored the size of 10 to the power of minus 33 centimeters. started to expand very quickly. it was in the 1st 10 to the power of minus 44 seconds. but the universe came into being, taking matter apart, brick by brick, to understand how they were laid is an incredibly ambitious goal. and that's where the collider comes in. we all remember from our physics schoolbooks, the structure of anatomy, which consists of charged particles, protons, electrons, and ions. you will need, you will need to, to, to send out the one. no, is that of a, she plays the electron, the n. yes. the most of that isn't your planner. athens won't accelerate on their own because they're neutral particles that bump into each other in a,
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a charge. and when they collide, they release so much energy they disintegrate to clarks and glue ones. the smallest particles known to us today get if you get what is she was the thing you get a new name with you. you don't have comfortable with nothing nor language issues. and usually for the could the, if you went to the, of nobody me and it was what was that? but it could be junior, i supposed to be the one that you part with other, with the way this mutually funded. because we do need to stay with you when we read it to the coupon. it, you know, those them with like in new york. and that's what the commercial net of your score since the 1900 sixty's. more than 30 tonight as have been built around the world famously and switzerland in the us. they run at altro high energy and apple's the one being built in russia will focus on searching for new thanks of ultra dense
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nuclear matter. leader. she says, no, i call either of them will be the student, the machine, my name block missed. yeah, i got an abilene push them, but only my marian's, i'm loosely protons and neutrons that make up everything around us. that the density research project here is only found in a neutron stone nucleus which leisure the most of the look much, but shows. so the sun project in switzerland, they had to dig a secular tunnel, a 100 meters underground, and with a 27 kilometers a conference, the russian project. nico needs a closed circuit tunnel of just 503 meters and it's above ground. look, just do similar to to which so we see a little you know, the usa talk which goes to what do i get to station last day and
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pulling up and you move stuff. it's just kind of the montage moment some go out and we'll just go play that mika evolution here to go. i that i don't want to even move this who just put his credit book, maybe that as well. it's just it's, she just goes up and commute the pollution so she doesn't know dish, what's it's in whiskey be interested. interesting. well it has no start on that or do you start who even did stocum? said she with him to see what they did him digital living with him to get through the concept for years the through. but i thought if you just, i think you live in a country, you talk to you when you cause the pretty bought it more than what you can, you know, because i'm waiting to hear plenty of those. you will. yeah. i some $2000000000.00 charged particles,
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ions will fly at 300000 kilometers per 2nd. collide $7000.00 times the 2nd and the break into clocks. and that one all tracked by special factors. ah, the good news is to through, isn't it. we still need to leave is no pregnancy in school. again, put it in the push, the it was going to much this is the lab where they're making the multi purpose detector for mpg, for short, medium remove with a discipline. if a detector needed me and then you just use the person to be physical fit the summer with with this up because i just feel pulled up in timber, basically pushes to meet him. i mean, they just use the students that they get with you at the accustomed to the, to get the butter. let your chest push to boys will for push. give
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images. would you most pathetic or is 15 with much covered in your, for your family? you could go in and just wanted to participate in in the future. you're more of a professor considerably. let me talk to lou, and when you get the point that the notions introduce thing just to me and when you, when you cause for me at all, if i'm sure sylium the only reason you know that it says that my b s. s. at the mention is 2 percent of the b. i do not, but center with the new year capital budget must have given the, you know, that was supposed to be fixed and such. it is nice though i didn't know, but the protocol with the gave you the shades of
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blue blue where you at the local mover route for this new. and the problem with this vehicle is a mile away from the complex negro. darker. do women to shave, break it in, your car will more will deal it. look like a bill to fiji. says here with the boosters. vocalize it even less. just reviewed them or what's nowhere for him in the news which will go to the mainland when you go to the me and you will not go to the
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me you we will go which an experimental to some yes there was none. you know, we should say, we know that, you know, from when you, when you're in the mood way, you can quit in the semester. but nope, i'm a guy in the room says i knew that he was coming from sir, but the most, which is when you, when you get in the numbers the, which is to nothing to do with, into the so in the we can, you from national, can yes, the yes, particularly introduce non you go out and look at which the number of which the interest and the more that goes to me feels more when we need to put a really good book and if you needed that, what was the yeah,
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i got this piece of hardware cause 50000000 euros. it was me in a bush and i cannot reach enough korea, which could some couple can use it seemed going to be show it's to be tuple among the police and then deal with the just doing what's you at the sun? yes, no, it was not the speech it watching, driving the name of the order. yes, the store the new package to the value of that with a much time with them that the key, the bully, me the mirror, the water nipple which she took. i just don't want you to call them loosely pin me that the which wasn't for them to do the listing. so mclaughlin, presidents and shell, but to be seen as though it's almost
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a point which which is really that was that was cutting your premier with money and she did say that such, not pim, kylie belch go, not meeker immediate fuel for there will go more than lose my c naesha magnesium, p sca, paula. like i thought you said you think he was 32, i got a feeling old we need to our stuff this was the problem with the police to please me. did you get the point with because i get the used to keep the problem was more than they will produce. it doesn't even deal with it without the wasn't sure what the deal it was even yesterday. i the
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ah me. oh, no, certainly no borders and the blind number please. and you emerge. we don't have a therapy, we go to the back seat, the whole world needs to take action and be ready. people judge, you know, come crisis, we can do better, we should be better. everyone is contributing each of their own way,
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but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is paid for the response has been massive. so me, good people are helping us. it makes it feel very proud that we need together in the moon at the about will do it by phone and this is your so you need to get a feeling that i'm actually on them that you with. i'm not going i still got yours in there. so i do what i want to do, what i'm not going to be able to move in more with what was going on. and i was just giving you a lot more snow up. but he said that, so he asked me on the she was a, the,
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on the financial and it was, it is another room for the moment. my new to show me to come with the 51 most of the most just you had with you to use to get several years you mr. ledger come when she gets programming. when you come, when she gets an analysis done the at the admission of bloodshed, noble musician i was at the judge because the remote starts. additionally, i just didn't get sent me. ah ah, what it was in, in i'm about to get the modem from one to 2 to be what we're supposed to finish with the number someone was supposed to miss messaging 4th going for the most, suggesting what them with the move of course,
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given for the young boys to the you know, for the ship and then we send the new boomers. i just got the screw. cars are intelligent with the so what i'm, what the spiking in with trish was too much push one or even the what was the talk with you a little boy as a little in your keep him from. yes. that are status pretty much the opinion you can, you can, it's just me just this is do not state university. when you teach his physics and select future specialist for the nika project. is it is the notion of course i was is and go off the dish. filial i was, we need to program with people with the vision again
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to do me to get the results to nuff a little bit of food if you just have to which it was you want to push it out. i think a 3 year poach at peasy can hold onto christy. richard thumbs at those recording engineering support. she was on my end so that the courtney country exit and his only option, you know, business, your portion of wanting to check with the group was in your mind sort of that would be the way most law control is helping me with another form. i was looking over the scene for a month to get those. we submitted those no big company up in unit you got to put in the get only see the newest genius and we have the both of those moment because on the and then you push luck with the period. the doesn't with the results in the when you, when you were with them with the you know nobody's anything you must get the mirrors with a little string backpack aches. you
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don't pay to beat us with the practical procedure in that early chip with motional george vicious for me to call me katrina was sent to me. it said it be in chicago so missed each door will not be done. they will start if you need to know about whether or not it was a different one should launch. what do you say? i'm a go you to key that are supposed to do is by the way i do my store, right? which each of them and you know, the key of your po, choose your was motional. yes. yes there's this to get will need to do. so the, what the issue you, when you want, if all of that it is that only don't just do this to get this issue the worst
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needed you to do. is this the giving us the niko project? the total investment fund is estimated at $500000000.00. any delay in installing the accelerator would cause not just reputational, but also substantial financial damage. so of course it's just a little bit much know the cobra into it's the all the the which is rule, excuse, little or nothing. so in the low, in your engine, your on demand will and with which, you know, one issue or you know, what's up with a severe reform. who bought more this pretty much in the 2nd row, which makes for us a new for you just give
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a performer that it had. so she was the breadth of it is still moon kirk or a book on the movers. kazora's, the bully lunar bro bought on quad. there is no. can we use no, just the approach to monitor, but you didn't get to get no more than glad to settle most of the power which to new boy, this is the new from them into know, get a local birds in this, you know? because if there are serious, do you use is just stored me for a 7 h. so anything else you know, what else? i haven't gotten it just enough. not to give me that much about him because he gets because
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she pay annually. ability scan and she wasn't but almost the video come cost machine. you will necessarily, i show your companions cut through necessity, right? so they could each scaly i clicked on, you can be scab yet. the it is yes, the numbers to use the the should be when you, when you, when you click it with in sort of like a global physiology or a reunion they couldn't see on this. mr. the question was on the street me, you'd say ship it to me or to yes me. which is 16. nothing more strange on your cable when you, when you sit and almost nothing mentioned when you go to the mr with didn't last
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assume percent of the issue. it's all that you just want to point to. can you please use that in the again, would you bullshit know most. 2 0, the grid thing analyzing and storing such a huge quantity of data, all based on complex physics experiments. goals with am serious processing balance . ah, does she shift the lives they did take her but last year she but this is probably just the boss because it's mainly should shift. let me then use up all the way shut possible that emotional for him in millions. the political issues that are by lab work as she done that was done in november and what does it, what done is it again, like i said this summer was done of some of the to remember with the mythology of
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a fellow with the nation with him coming to the teachers who, when but the young know that we see him, this is done not all the color that what they can just use him in the either him just wanted to just you thought that the appointment is this is my 2nd that she i'm not sure what to do. it was not which is that used to go through this in the shipping issue. that's why the number of events, all collisions could be unknown. us all for the sake of studying the structure of the matter that made and makes up our universe to schedule the political ridiculous. and we will do what it was only that was a political more wishing, willing commission with with it. but then you use more than we should up a post, but those are not which and from what it was,
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but you scared me to you if you would just please get the engine. i suppose that those place where there's no money missing. i mean, you guys want to, i'm sure you listening like up the statistic, really want to somebody that those are still to read the shows i just that you were going to when you, when you look in yes and i should do the slow where the flu jane is bureau, what other people buy, so mostly is going to cocoa beach new dealers, new someone can put that on the edge like searching for a needle in a haystack. you can search for a year or 2 or even considerably more. and even then there's no guarantee you'll find it, but i will also make sure that the coordination was new. so that's in bush and there's no statistical they did. i did go the another up there to get to know that by the famous higgs on was discovered in switzerland in 2012. 2 its existence was 1st predicted as early as 964
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and he was lit up share with the but i was just though i soon wanted to. so i mean what's going to be the ones that will do that in 2 years. so we should them, so not stronger than those, and it was a pursuit when she blown the post game. so more bitter cleaning up all the good. which related to the liquid as a process that was ok to share. but this totally disconnection not stopper is i do . yes. lead to summer school for the video. who is a boy for me? my theory of little girl stuck in i do see those lead tedious news edition looking no good. you know, full chip middle school, which isn't sure. yes, it's when you would receive much note when you move the nuclear load,
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which portion don't there wasn't the room to get it up, which is just the nutrition says michelle cruz the the the border with
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the special episode of summer solutions. today we're talking with john robina of dollars, collab dot com, stacy right. 2021 has been the year of the i word inflation. even the central bank is mentioning inflation. is that transitory? however, as the central bank is arguing, or are we going to see something worse coming forward in the next year or 2?
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the, the i the tell about and celebrates pleasing games across i'm going to start including another border crossing that the u. s. president confirmed troops will be out of the country by the end of next month. really not mission accomplished. right . and responsibility that can people alone decide their future and how they want to run their country. meanwhile, as refugees continue to flee the country for a new life in europe, the brutal re panama, or a 13 year old girl at the hands of africa, margaret, once again put the issue of immigration back in the spotlight. the hyphen government asked us to send troops to help protect the countries key infrastructure terms of the nation and president which has left the country and one
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