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join us to talk about the biden administration's new move to track down those have a deported and give them a direct path to citizenship. count speaking veterans, a texas judge has ruled the united states air force can be held liable for the 2017 church massacre and texas are going to tell you why. and 36 states have filed suit against google for legit anti trust violations. however, is this about fair competition or gaining government control over the internet. we're going to discuss it looks like india is trading closer to nuclear war with pakistan. we will bring you the latest on. it's a very dangerous situation. i am going to use and you are watching this edition of new use right here on our to america. let's get started. ah, sen. tammy duckworth had proposed, the veterans visa protection act, and it looks like it's divided ministration is actually prepared to throw support
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to make sure this acting is passed. now the bill, which would prohibit the deportation of veterans in certain cases and for those deported, it would actually create a visa program for those who would like to seek residency as a legal, permanent resident within the united states. which would also lead to become a naturalized citizen of the bill as receive the endorsement from the american legion, as well as technical signaling, possibly by parson support. so join me to discuss is a formation gover navy sale vietnam war veteran. i could go down the list of your resume and most importantly, to me today, host of the world, according to jesse here on our to jesse ventura. thank you so much for joining me. oh, my pleasure. it's great to be here and a good topic to talk about you. this has been something you've been talking about for a while, but now it actually looks like there's going to be some action on that. i want to ask the obvious, with all of the problems that are facing the immigration system today, why is this even having to be put into law?
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why hasn't this already been put into policy? if a person is going to put their life on this line for this country, why should they not actually be a legal member, a legal citizen of it? well, they certainly deserve the right to have a pass citizenship. when you look at the situation, when i served way back in 69 to 974, there were many people from the philippines. that's how they got their citizenship . they would enlist in the united states navy, i don't know how long they had to serve for, but it led to a path of citizenship for a filipino to eventually become an american citizen. and there is nothing wrong with it. they take an old se, put their life on the line, they do a job for our country, the same as anybody who had list sir to serve. and so, you know, i look at it this way, you know, they deserve a path to citizenship, they serve their country. after all, that's more than what our previous president did when he had a chance to serve,
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isn't it? well, you know, i don't want to, i have to do comparisons, but i would say that they have a lot of courage and more courage and a lot of the cowards that are born naturally. they appreciate it. i think even more hence why they're willing to put their life on the line for it. and there's a lot of issues. jessie, you talk all the time with our veterans administration right now. but i have to wonder, there isn't even this widespread system to track veterans who have had ice encounters . this isn't a small number. 250 estimated veterans has actually been deported. 93 of them actually fulfilling that, but that's a small number. there's actually a higher number of military as session, vidal, and this is actually a part of the thing that we're talking about close to most 10000 non citizens when the program was put on pause by the trouble administration in 2017. why has america failed? these veterans, jesse well, they've met, they fail all veterans. they fail us all the time. they fail these veterans in the
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description you just gave. i remember when i enlisted, they had guaranteed small business loans. you could get, i got out of the military a couple years later when to get a small business loan, they discontinued the program. look what you have on tv all the time. you got the wounded warrior project going on and all this where the private sector is raising money to help veterans. it should not need to be to help veterans. but us, they committed to the u. s. government and the united states government should be the one helping them, not god, coming back to the private sector again with their handout to help the veterans. it's always been that way, you know what they ought to do when they have these ads to recruit people. they should put on the ads, a disclaimer that if you serve in the military, you have a 2 to 3 times more risk of committing suicide than those that don't serve in the
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military. and that's a statistical fact. so people need to open up their eyes to the whole vision of the whole thing. and certainly people that served need a path to citizenship. they've already showing their loyalty. busy well, and that's the thing, jesse, and you bring up a very good point. i also wanna focus on because you have the space in texas to the highest number of suicides, highest number of deaths, accidental death and suicides are happening. why? and i know that they don't enter into the service to get it. they're going to live in a 5 star housing complex. why is it with the military? i was, it's one of the largest budgets that is issued into congress. why do they have such deplorable condition? that the majority of these pages, and like you mentioned the medical follow up care when these guys come out, these men and women come home is absolutely deplorable. i've gotten a little better, but it's still nowhere near to the level that it should be. it should be better than what congress gets, in my opinion. well, absolutely, you know, in fact, i've always advocated women. if congress ever votes to go to war, you know,
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we don't do that anymore either. now the president can just take us to war. you don't need congress involvement, but i believe strongly when someone raises their hand to vote for this country to go to war. that they should have to pre designate a family member who then would begin military service at that point in time. that way we won't get sent off the wars where ties to al qaeda and weapons of mass destruction don't exist. and the gulf of tonkin incident is made up. i'm tired of that as a veteran, and people need to see through that crap serving as an honorable thing and veteran should be treated accordingly. jesse, i cannot negate what has happened today with afghanistan, with biting, going on and saying that he's actually going to move up the deadline. what is your opinion right now? what's happened 20 years and i've seen a generation has served stand. what is your opinion of what these actions are by
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the, by the ministration, and does it put some more turmoil in the future as some are saying, it will well, maybe so, but what's the difference? get out now we should have got out 10 years ago. we should have got out when we allegedly got been lawton, if we stay there 5 more years and then pull out, the results are going to be the same thing. you're just, you're just delaying the inevitable. that's a company. the russians went in. they couldn't control it. why do we think we can f dana stand? what does it mean to us? i don't know, except that they got big vains lithium mail, which we supplied batteries. that might be the real reason where there is to get back with you. i'm out of there for all cell phones and computers and everything like that. i still can't figure out why we went there in the 1st place. well, and i have to wonder, you know, bite. and they said that he thinks the afghan army as well trained and that they're going to be able to hold the country even. i think the media kind of looked at each
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other and went, i don't know if that's true. why did, and i'm going to talk about the united states for the you can other countries that were there to help. did we fail and preparing this in the african military and actually taking care of their own country and why? considering the trillion dollars we've spent and the 1000000 lives we've lost our 100 the 1000. no, i don't think so. you know, i, as i said, whether you pull out now or you pull out 5 years from now, i believe the results will be the same. or whether you'd have pulled out 5 years earlier than now. the results would be the same. we've got to get out of these wars where we send our kids off to these foreign countries, enough of their garbage of being the world, looked at it this way. would we ever allow a base from a foreign nation inside the united states? absolutely not. so why are we in basis all over the world in iraq,
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afghanistan shooting missiles into syria? what is going on? what i know, we got to support the war machine, right? we gotta stay at perennial war if it ain't that war if the war on drugs and it's war, it's war, but we have enough problems here at home. but i think we should be able to focus on our own issues here before we try to solve the world. thank you so much for a loop, and that's how this bill is given swift action. our veterans deserve it. thank you for your service and thank those veterans who have served as well. the u. s. government is getting some heat over a mass shooting that happened in a texas church back in 2017. if federal judge ruled the air force was negligent and sharing a vital information with the f, b i regarding the shooters, background, or de corresponding natasha suite, was there in 2017 covering the story for our to america. and it's more. busy about the new findings heartbroken, family members who lost loved ones in the 2017 sutherland springs,
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texas shooting massacre are taking a small step toward getting some closure. there were so many unanswered questions almost 4 years ago. and now some are hoping authorities can learn from their mistakes. one gets her real home was was one, has a very hard time just like you would at your shooting that hit a small community in texas back in 2017 devastated that town. david cassey is who lives 3 minutes from the church where the shooting happened. hit him particularly hard. it's the same church where he proposed to his wife and it also wasn't the 1st time his family was faced with deadly gunfire. and i moved away from euston because of that, you know, i mean i lost my only son in 2005 to a shooting or moved to this little small country town because of that. and now there's a shooter, devon, patrick kelly, a former member of the u. s. air force had a checkered past. he had been charged in military court for assaulting his wife and
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child back in 2012 while he had been demoted to an airman basic. the air force had not relate this information to the f b i. there are a lot of a lot of talk about gun control about this person's history about a history of domestic abuse. and the question of whether or not he should have been a gun owner since information was not shared, kelly was able to purchase a firearm legally. and on wednesday, a federal judge for the western district of texas rule, the air force was at fault for not submitting kelly's criminal history to the f. b . i background check system. according to the judge, had the government done its job properly, it was more than likely kelly would have been deterred from carrying out the church shooting. the judge found the government 60 percent responsible, and maybe liable for the damages that could be awarded to survivors and relatives of those killed in the attack. after the shooting occurred, the us department of defense alerted its branches to update the f. b, i system hoping to prevent any former member of the military being able to buy a firearm with a criminal past reporting for the if you choose, attach
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a suite or key after the break state governance file suit against google, but it in your best interests are there we're going to discuss the special episode, summer solutions. today we're talking with john robina of dollars collapse dot com state right. 2021 has been the year of the i word inflation. even the central bank is mentioning inflation. is that transitory? however, as the central bank is arguing, or are we going to see something worse coming forward in the next year or 2? ah, today, industry prefers millions of you know,
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the regulations will be all about making money among the corporation. international markets export. do you imagine the number of the diseases that are in every family today? it's, you know, due to new viruses or new microbes, not true. so it is due to environment not going to take either the momentum, much hello. yes, accumulate got on the come in today. mostly they don't allow us. the food industry is successful, it will create more jobs, it will create more value added. it will create more. so i don't see why we shouldn't also fight for the interests of the industry that we have regulation. we want the regulation of industry. and if we don't have video, that's fine. ah ah
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. late wednesday, a 36 states including a d. c. a file suit against google for alleged anti trust violations in the android app store. now this is only days after a judge dismiss the s t c's anti trust suit against facebook on the lack of evidence proving the world's largest social media network. monopoly. but are the various state governments and agencies actually doing this? do you think on behalf of citizens or rather, is just this just the latest attempt to try and grow their own control over silicon valley boom bus coast. christy, i joins me now to discuss christie. it's great to see you, you've been a while. it has been but you know what, in a time that a lot has developed both in business, but now we're looking at the chance of the government. you know, having this action over google needs are very state governments, it's
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a different tax they're using than what we saw against facebook. how do you view the actions of these governments and is actually their motive? and again, well, right now, the entire motive is to actually have more control over these big techs, as we've seen, that big tech and breaking up big tech has been a very popular political platform. but the question is, are these companies actually doing anything wrong? because right now, this particular last with google, it's about them having control over what goes into their google play store and how much commission they're charging the developers. and what they fail to mention is the fact that google basically created this amazing android platform that's open source for free for developers, so that they can essentially build and develop and use on other devices. basically for free, for no charge at all. after google spent hundreds of millions of dollars in r n t to basically create this marketplace from scratch. so now the developers are claiming that google is charging them and astronaut fi and is,
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and that is what the entire disagreement is about. it's not really a fight about fighting for the little guy or about protecting the benefit of consumer right now. they've kind of warped it to make google sound like that. they are taking advantage of developers when really google has just created a platform for everybody. and it's really an attack on openness because i think that if you google like this, it is unfair because you're not attacking apple in the same way. apple and google are very different. apple is a completely closed source system. they are free to de list app. you are not a lot, they charge their own commissions and you really can't hack an apple app store. meanwhile, the google play store, if you can't find an app that you want to download, you can actually go directly to the developers website. it's basically very nimble . it's open source and allows for complete customization and utilization. so it's an attack on openness to go after google and not apple in this instance. well, in that case, you don't know how much apple might be behind this. there's
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a lots of different agenda, christie, i think that play here all under this idea that they're trying to go anti trust and trying to break up someone that taking advantage of tumors. and the truth is, a lot of them have different agendas for what their motivation is. probably the consumer is the least of them. but i do want to look at because of the timing of this. what christy do you think makes this case different from the one that we saw against facebook that was just thrown out? i think there are a couple key differences here. one is about google's monopolistic power, over determining it's pricing splits and what goes into their google play store. meanwhile, facebook's was more so about a personal networking service, so google actually does determine and control the pricing and what goes into it store facebook. on the other hand, does not determine who posts what pictures videos, messages, and likes on their platform. so in that respect, those 2 are very different. and in a way google does have more power directly over its marketplace over facebook. so
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this, in that respect, this case might end up being a little trickier. what happened in facebook was that the fcc failed to establish that they had control complete monopolistic power. and they also failed to show exactly what harm facebook actually constituted. the complaint never identified who facebook's competitors were and how they were harmed and monetarily how much they were harmed, and whether a lesser product was actually being developed because of facebook, monopolistic power. so in that respect, those are 2 very different cases. one is over plot content that facebook does not control, and the other is with google. in some respect, it does have control over what types of content, what types of game it allows in loud or disallows. and google play store christy. what really makes me angry about this is they're doing this under this premonition of anti trust. like the government's trying to be some sort of hero in this case in suggestion. but you know, i've read somewhere or a little bit concerned because we've seen other governments use anti trust is the cover to actually take control, which is what they're warning. this could be,
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if there is some sort of a compromise given you look at what's going on in india right now. even in china, other countries are around the world. this is how governments are able to get their own people on the board of these large organizations. like what we've seen as ali baba could we see the same and a compromise here, or a google going to do everything they can to find it to try to look or at least remain as separate from the government as possible. absolutely, i think if it actually came to that, that would be extremely, an american, it is essentially everything that we kind of criticize china for doing because they're absolutely correct. china officials haven't stated several of their, their own people onto the board of some of the biggest companies like ali baba and tense and, and that isn't a way because in china, 80 percent of business is about when she or relationships. but as soon as you have someone on the board to maintain oversight and get, have influence, it actually becomes a lot easier to do business in china because then you basically have free sailing government approval and everything you want to do. the all the other hand,
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it's going to be difficult for them to actually try to institute this and the us because of the fact that there are actually rules and guidelines and compliance for how to elect members onto google sport. in fact, they recently changed this last year so that it requires a majority vote. and as we know, google's for member, they are very tight and very long standing groups. so it's going to be hard for another member to actually infiltrate and get on google's board of directors. however, if there is enough government pressure, i see that google but could potentially just institute a little side position created specifically for the regulatory oversight just to simply a piece government and make, make a show that, hey, you have some sort of void. you have some sort of power here, but really that's just going to be a seat with no power. chrissy, it's great to see you again and thank you so much for sharing your expertise on the subject with us. like always think you talked with india have been abandon, according to pakistan's national security advisor. we use off have our pakistan's
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foreign minister has denied any such development. now this is india, test of a hypersonic missile has failed, causing concern as its main purpose would be used as a strategic nuclear deterrent to its neighbor pakistan. so discuss if the 2 countries are back to the starting line in the ongoing, some could say cold war we bring in a sore ab group to thank you so much for joining me. ok, so i want to start with the hawks themselves. do we actually know if they are ongoing and why do you think we're having these 2 different responses from pakistani leaders regarding the talks themselves up? do go back to the top secret talk at the political level. there isn't enough political capital and i will try to engage directly. that's why they have this back channel. mr. moody, exacerbated math is actually in kashmir, 2 years back when you are sending the autonomy off kashmir, which had
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a very negative impact on, on, on, on the sentiment. things have spiraled out in terms of controlling terms of india, india, buckets from relations. and therefore, factional talks were a means to again get started on some sort of a conversation related to kashmir and larger area, focus on issues including terrorism, stability, etc, etc. but they have not made sufficient progress because the more the government, when the government's actions in kashmir had rob august on their own. and that does not feel that enough is being done on the front binders to moody to justify a continuation of the bet channel. so i have to ask you this, is this, this conflicts been going on? a continuous con is time helping the situation? it or is it only rationing up emotions in the streets of the people as we're not seeing any solution coming to ahead time time is not helping the situation. and, and the main reason for that is that in the, within the engine political system,
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the congress, sparky, which was the more centrist party, has kind of fallen out of favor and fallen out of favor in a big way. and therefore those, the right wing of the center of the nationalist, the consulting highway you may want to call it would take a much harder line on the sun and fish me and been all in are and will be in are, frankly, and this has, this is shifting the conversation on kashmir and on india, india, and relations in our negative direction. what type understand or that they have to look through these, these difficulties, i will share of political problems that there are many in that regard. and what time is not healing tables making metals more complicated and not simplifying the equation? well, let's look at this. a recent test did fail, but it did show that indians, weapon development is actually very much important right now, at least to the world. that being the hypersonic is, he's a hypersonic missile is actually a very big issue of the us, russia,
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others are developing these mach 5 flash mark, 20 types of instruments. how much actually the priority do you see the weapons development is to india right now? and do you feel like this is being motivated more as a defense mechanism, or are they looking to possibly go on the offense if they need to? this is not a defense mechanism, it's more for it's more firm and often perspective. but we understand how to understand that lifetimes with union buckets fun are really, really tiny, tiny, even cross let alone, let alone for a horror, hypertonic miss. and so there's always going to be on edge in this regard, the more they get to militarized metals in cash we have not told mentioned, i mean the recession off autonomy of kashmir was the most significant position of autonomy. so all of that and the law. so which resend it, also as a tommy and that creative, so situ situation in the balkans. and that's not going to necessarily be how it
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felt in south asia. it is something of that magnitude which we must keep in mind and be mis. i'm. i mean, the real destabilizing factor is perhaps, maybe that, yes, both of them have very awful often for systems, but even developing its own ballistic missile defenses. so it's going though, often the defense equilibrium itself is being thrown off king to know where and that is adding more strategic instability in this regard. so it's important, the 2 parties engage with each other and try to find political solutions to their problems. because militarily, it's just going to be fairly here is into just it will be and it will be the people on the ground that actually felt most of those that are actually calling the shots . i have to ask before i go real quick, that india you actually had a prime minister on its way back from russia is going to stop off in georgia. that's kind of an interesting you know, it's declared to independence in 9091 is with 1st partition real quick. what could
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this mean for india, endo russian relations you know, russian relations have have to have, have, have rather difficult times of india has kind of slowly away from its growth soviet and pro russian positions. 2 or more pro american positions rush embrace this fact, the ability, they're not happy with it, but we'll have to see when it starts developing close. even the space like with with those countries that might rub russia the wrong way and how it russia might respond in terms of its relations with us or naval definitely, i can create lots of conversations going on. thank you so much for joining us. he must walk and, and that's all the time we have for today show, like always we want to provide you the information and the 360 view. so you can make your own opinions on the top issues of the day. we can continue this conversation by following me on twitter at study and hughes hash tag team and v 8.
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and for this show and more download the portable dog to be asked for your apple or android device until next time. thanks for watching. ah, ah, i look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings except when the shorter the conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. the point obviously is to great truck rather than fear take on various jobs with the artificial intelligence real summoning the theme in a robot must protect its own existence with
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alas, the end appears to be near washington's 20 year. however, 2 nation bill and half dennison was always going to end this way, a complete and total failure. it is doubtful. the corrupt government in kabul will last long after the american withdrawal of denison remains broken and the american people poor and no one is held to account. ah, the 2 don't to leave. you will move a new he will tell when she gets home ready to love me . she knew she wouldn't be
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a little girl. but what i can do to me if you come to the traditional moving machines are traditions, etc. if you see the one you need from me, please don't read for me in the last with metro. yeah. which is a chest. so this is what i need from the new new new new which is the new i see executable football once he caught up on that got moved up when i got it up on that got moved up on me.
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ah, with headlines here on the taliban celebrate sweeping gains of cross off dentist on including another border crossing that has the us president confirms troops will be out of the country by the end of next month. no mission accomplished. right. and the responsibility of afghan people alone decide their future and how they want to run their country. meanwhile, as refugees continue to flee the country for a new life in europe, the brutal rape and murder of a 13 year old girl in austria at the hands of an afghan migrant. once again put to the issue of immigration and back in the spotlight. auto to haitian americans are among the suspects, detained in connection with the murder of a haitian president on.


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