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of people being inside the ah, to tell about make sweeping gains across afghan is stand, including a 3rd border crossing. that is the us president confirms that america will be out of the country by the end of next month, leaving it to fund for itself. not mission accomplish is the right and the responsibility of afghan people alone to decide their future and how they want to run their country. and want refugees continue to flee the country and seek a new life in europe. the brutal rape and murder of a 13 year old girl and austria at the hands of an african migrant. again for c issues, immigration back in the spotlight was a wind of discord. it's belgium. i have a french plans to build off short turbines as high as the eiffel tower. we hear
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from coastal community. so tell us why the far from blown away by the idea. if this has any impact on the territory, why is it not the inhabitants to the side? why is someone in paris making the decision? ah, that very good afternoon. thanks for joining us in our naughty. okay, let's begin enough galveston where the taliban is making for the territorial gains . its latest capture is a town of islam color on the border with iran. videos on social media, purportedly show militants taking down the african flag from the local customs office. it's the 3rd border crossing the, the telephone. this taken in just the past week. the other 2 led into the jacob's done on his becky stone. and here's what i understand looks now in terms of who
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controls was talib on areas. in red cover, an estimated half of the country, though the group itself claims to be in control of around 85 percent areas in yellow are contested with the pockets green showing where the government holds way . meanwhile, american troops, which have been in the country for 20 years now packing the bags sto, biden's, defended, sending them home while leaving the country to face what he has called himself, the strongest taliban. the 20 is the us president says simply, nothing more washington can do. no mission accomplished. i mission was accomplished in that we get to scott some and widen, and terrorism is not emanating from that part a little. we achieved those objectives. that's why we, when we did not go to afghanistan to nation bill, and it's the right and the responsibility of afghan people alone to decide their future and how they want to run their country. with the u. s. military moving out
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in a hurry, ask honest on his read, already facing new challenges, scans have been seen selling, plundered us goods after looters ransacked. what was america's main military base and background. us troops slipped out of the field in the dead of night without notifying local forces, according to claims from afghan officials. the pentagon note denies those claims saying the ask military was well informed of the withdrawal of the less locals living. i'm working the bile worried about what might lie head calling from them. they got everyone who's worried about how long the uncertainty will continue. no one is doing business. the market and the people that work that have been badly affected business has collapsed because there is no stability before when the u. s . didn't plans withdraw, things were stable, but the instability is increased since they left. i mean, i'm very clear the yes had contracts with market owners here and we used to purchase from them the withdraw will affect our business. we can buy any goods because there are transportation problems or funding of questions from the media.
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the president rejected comparisons to the 1973 us pull out that was from south vietnam, where the government fell. 2 years later, former un weapons inspector scott ritter, told us that the u. s. mission in afghanistan was far from my success. if all are, all we want to do is kill been lot and in the and i laid out, we could have done all of that much sooner without undertaking that, which we did, undertake biden, can say otherwise. but the reality is we were involved in nation building, we did build a nation in afghanistan, a failed nation. and now we're abandoning it. you know, i will be the last person to argue in favor of a continued american military presence. but we need to be honest with the people, with their neighbors or regional neighbors and the world. what we did for the last 20 years was fail. we lost. and now we should be looking to the international
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community, especially afghan stance. regional neighbors offer assistance in helping come up with a solution by pretending that we're a mission accomplished that we, we did what we wanted to do, and now it's on the ask and people to try to fix this mess. that's just disingenuous. while a delegation from the taliban is in moscow negotiations, we'll get a rundown of what happens so far, more correspondent who's covering the tools that's coming up later. so in less than a week's time, the u. s. military operation comes to an end enough gotten this done, which of away the future plays out, it will affect lives both inside and outside of the country. according to recent estimates, the exodus of african refugees is on the rise considerably. the number in fact is because again, 3000000 was just putting an incredible strain on countries forced to cope with newcomers. germany,
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france and romania took the list of the countries taking in the most africa, migrants in aust. yet a 5th of all refugees, all now from afghanistan, and the large numbers are bringing with them a host of problems. some of them drew some silly patrol cur, explains, imagine you're in charge of a country. shocked by a creepy rave skin. the victim who died had just become a teenager. the suspected rapists are young and again refugees. you've got no choice but to take action. if you don't, the public won't get it. and that's if you're lucky. if you get too tough on those who escape misery and war back home in their home countries, political opponents will give you a p r b t plus that will raise some liberal u eyebrows. let's hear from the man who's lately been facing this precise challenge . sebastian kurtz, the chancellor of austria of bit often i find it intolerable for people to come
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here, thing seeking protection and then commit cruel, and barbaric crimes in austria. politically, this means for me that we will stick to our line with me. there will definitely never be a whole to deportations off. can he's done or a watering down of asylum laws for asylum seekers who permits crime to? what exactly did he mean by barbaric ah ah, and austria, more than 4 percent of all rapes, an 8 and a half percent of all murders are committed by afghans. of course, not all refugees are thugs, but e statistics in 2020 show that afghanistan citizens have the highest number of asylum applications in austria and for 3 years in a row. they also are the 2nd largest group of asylum seekers arriving in europe as
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a whole, right after serious. some are worried that higher numbers of refugees could mean more potential trouble. i want to be clear, u. s. military mission can stand, continues to the end of august, where the future of of dennis day and looking murky beyond the withdrawal of us troops and the taliban making large territorial gains. it's only natural that a new wave of refugees from there is expected in europe. it's obvious that austria can close its borders. it has already regularly tightened its asylum policies. recently, the justice minister for the green party says more such steps wouldn't be right for the country. the asylum law has already been tightened in recent years. our laws offer enough options, but we just have to apply them in a consistent manner. moreover, and 2019 the european court of justice ruled that you members have no ride to the port a refugee even for committing
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a serious crime. if he or she prove that live by home would be in danger. all of this does seem to tie the hands of chancellor kurtz, who like you've heard, is in favor of different patients for criminals. the minister of interior from mr. kurtz, his party has locked horns with the greens justice minister saying he will push for more rigid migration and repass ration rules at the level. the e u. asylum system is not working, migrants who committed criminal offenses have to be the portrait immediately. while the advocates of the harsh approach towards refugees in the austrian government are teaming up with colleagues from hungary and the czech republic, the iraq received doesn't exactly pay the way for quick changes in a solemn rules. certainly, they won't be as quick as joe biden's, keen of dana stand, pull up the silent system as we have it in europe, is just a way to turn illegal immigration into legal immigration when the illegal
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immigrant arrives in any country of europe. and he, he says asylum, asylum immediately becomes illegal immigrant in the european asylum procedure, which usually takes place is a general problem, which your console was want to measure. so at least in the stick minister interior mist. anyhow, my has now admitted that the asylum system up to europe in union is a disaster. but austria and the government has done nothing to change that or to avoid it. because austria, through the agreement of the european union, has collaborated in creating the system. we didn't send $11.00 single africans, african home for years in austria, not one and hundreds we in austria, for example, have a quote of about 50 percent, the austrian citizen in the long run. this is
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a huge problem because it tracks and facts my guns from all the 3rd world. most and feminists have been having the same issue that accused local major of a racist reporting that they say vilify margaret's. a group of activists even stormed officers of a local newspaper and confronted the journalist. and you can find the video of that story and more to choose. the trouble is blowing in over francis plans to build offshore wind farms with turbines, as tall as the legs of 3 football pitches, belgium, as long as legal action over the move after locals outlined their objections. paris nevertheless, has the wind in sales. the president of the commission for energy regulation, even suggested opponents, should have the energy cuts off. so that dubious get traveled to the area to find out more. it may look calm, but a storm is brewing. and it's a huge one. front plans to build an offshore wind farm just off the coast here. the
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turbines would be as high as the eiffel tower, around 300 meters tool. so they'd be pretty imposing. the idea has caused a fury in neighboring belgium so much so that the 2 e u countries affect to go head to head in court as belgium threatens to sue a complaint will be launched with the european commission because our country has not been consulted about the location of the area, while european directives require it independently owned the french belgium border, that anger is palpable since it is very close to the borders. about 10 kilometers. it will be very visible from our beaches. this landscapes and the feeling we have of liberty and seeing the thing to horizon is actually our main products. that is
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why people come to our shores. that is why people buy property with an ocean view is because as he does horizon, they don't come to the planet to see windmills for francis, a very important project, i understand that, but that doesn't mean that you have to put all the burdens with the neighbors and take all the advantages of nations. so as you've heard that there is really strong opposition to this wind farms from the belgian side, but they are not alone. in this, we're about to cross the french border, where there are protesting groups who have been opposing this windfall ever since. it was suggested that if you do a little bit of research, you will find that this project is planned in the heart of the natural habitat, which is supposed to be a safe space for the species living there. and it's also a historic site of operation. dynamo, meaning that this project also does not respect history from since president mat call and has a set himself up. is this defender over the environment?
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now he won't strong to have 40 percent of its energy to come from renewable sources . winforms. that's by 2030. now, those wind farms are crucial kogan no idea, and the pressure is also mounting off. the high council for climate in france says that the country is going to miss its greenhouse gas emission targets. that failure would be embarrassing, but we didn't foam like the one that's planned for here are not popular with everyone. looks like we launched the petition. and despite that, when the minister came to done and we tried to meet her, she refused to talk to us. and then she came to tell us the details of a press conference. she told us that this project will be carried out no matter the opinion of the locals. if this has any impact on the territory, why is it not for the inhabitants to decide? why is someone in paris making the decision?
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locals here have even demanded a referendum over the project, but that has been completely dismissed by the state. france is also ignoring the, please form it fellow e. u. member. the government is determined to conduct offshore wind farm projects. will of course, continue the dialogue with our belgium and france to take into account the concerns . but the fact is that the dunkirk park is strategic for the implementation of our energy program, and that we must not waste any more time. however, that could be scuppered. not only has the french military now decided on new restrictions and constraints as to where wind farms can be built. but the senate in front is also just adopted a measure that could allow local meds to v to such plans. meaning that frances idea to be greener than green could soon have the wind knocked out of
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them. charlotte deven sky for all see on the french belgian border they used to be upheld as literatures searing indictment of racism. but now to kill a mockingbird has been taken off the syllabus at one school in scotland. the big 2 racist poly boys looks at our council culture is killing the classics. is really the most inspirational book of all time. a pulitzer prize winner that was originally bought for it was depiction of racism and sexual violence. but now one school in scotland has a bond to kill him walking by harper lee for another reason. the anti racism classic is now deemed braces to because it plays into a white savior. narrative. the name of when i say band, i mean more like cancel the teachers than jane gillespie hurtful in algebra,
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i've stopped teaching it to students as part of an effort to the colonize the curriculum and stein backs of mice and men and being cut to for it. racial stereotypes and frequent use of the and was sure to it's not, not there, but when i tell ok, i get the whole white savior thing in to kill them off. but i really do. in fact, it's a great topic for discussion in say, an english class, and i get that just one percent of students that study english literature at gcsu. see that the exam that kids take at the age of 16 in the u. k. study a book by a person of color and just 7 percent of students in gfc study, a book written by a woman that is abysmal. and by the way, that research is currently provided to us by penguin books, u. k. who could take a leaf out of their marketing and disclose how many of that is on, on white for females. for that matter?
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look, i'm not saying that stay a reading list. couldn't use a refresh load. you know, white kid make up about 34 percent of students in the u. k. and they ought to see themselves and their experience is reflected in the cannon. but why does the colonizing the curriculum mean killing off to kill a mocking, bad fresh research by frank lungs has found that overhaul. when people under the cars stopped talking to someone that's actually stopped a relationship with someone because they disagreed with their political views. you, thanks. you know, thank you so i guess i'm sweet enough. throwing out a classic because it doesn't conform to modern standards. feel somehow connected with your children in this course with more common sense and view and the decision to move hopefully feminine novel from the reading list, albeit from just one school so far is making people angry. i think it's very wrong
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for a few people to hold everyone as hostage in the importance about the book is that they portrayed the unwritten truth of the time. we have this white liberal christ david turns out to be re said to me, right? this is the 2nd american story. the canon of literature is fluid that all myriads of that that was plastic that didn't age well with then retired into obscurity, but huge to kill a mockingbird to be one of them. let's discuss that in the classroom. okay. without international news coming up after this short break, the the
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ah, me, the planets i contribute there we found 25 years ago. took only 4 days to go around the stars, which means to finance is very close. so that was really the big surprise. and we have learned since then, that all in system is maybe one among many. that's not the archetype. that's not the stalled out way to our planet. another shot because everybody was expecting the planet to look all the same. ah,
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if gunnison braces for a future without us troops, the taliban delegation has come to moscow for talks when it comes after a number of afghans, soldiers fled across the border into neighboring the gist. on an iran fleeing from advancing taliban fighters correspondence point to a member of the militant group in the rushing capital. well essentially this media conference, it was a massive b r. stand by the taliban. the situation is quite out of the ordinary. see the taliban as a group with their band in russia. they're designated as terrorists. but lately, in the past couple of years or so, moscow has been offering itself as a platform for talks between the taliban and its opponents, its enemies and so on. so the trumpet ministrations, they broke it a deal with a taliban. a troops pull out deal. and now the now basically all the processes within the framework of this deal. they have,
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they have been set in motion. and in general, the tone of the taliban delegation has been quite civil and especially compared to what we've heard from them back in spring when they threatened military action against any foreign contingency against all foreign troops. staying in the country past the may is the 1st pull out deadline of the negotiations with the u. s. resulted in a deal which stipulated by may american troops with completely withdraw from african territory. however, due to reasons unknown to us, the official deadline was postponed. recently the us troops have pulled out from the biggest military base there. but graham, so we believe americans will keep their promises. according to the representatives of the taliban, they fight is not good for controlling more than 80 percent of the territory in afghanistan. that's even before all of the united states troops have had a chance to pull out. it perhaps comes as quite puzzling, if not embarrassing,
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given how much money and time the united states invested in training and equipping the african regular army. in fact, some soldiers have been fleeing so quickly. the fighting they had to, they had to flee across the borders with iran and east on in the north. to jake, it's done being a major rushes ally well of they are worried and russia is worried as well. it even sent its military officers to monitor the situation on the board. and so i asked the taliban representatives if they realized the consequences of attacking a country that's in the same military block with russia and other nations about your charge. the nation has awarded, they do not have boarding because we had talks with them. we are a lot of contact with them and our bay while we are short of him, that there would be another power that create water is part of empower and other
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countries. so that is one thing that they have worries. so this to give reassurances to moscow that their bishop will not spill over the territory of a gun. it's done. seems to be the major reason as to why the taliban officials have decided to come here to the russian capital. but the foreign ministry, old russia still reiterated that their response, that russia's response will be swift, in case of any military action of the taliban against russia, as allies, pushing for necessary additional measures will be taken to remain nation in the spirit of the russians. didn't you call lines to prevent aggression auditorium provocation. so lately, in the past couple of days, the account of an officials they've been trying to put on a very friendly face of like for example, they've promised to equal rights to everybody like education to women, which is something you do not expect from a radical islamic organization, but all of this comes in stark contrast with the reports that we're getting from
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inside the country. like for example, reports of sharia law being already imposed on the territories under the taliban control. on verified video footage of the taliban fighters allegedly executing their prisoners of war new tool that predicts how long patients in long term care are likely to live has been developed by canadian researchers. the calculator titled respect teams to improve the quality of positive care. those behind it say will allow people to spend more time with their relatives. the respect calculator allows families and their loved ones to plan. for example, if can help and adult or child bliss when to take a leave of absence from work to be with a parent or decides when to take the last family vacation together. the applications are already being trialed in canada and the developers say that it's designed to help sick elderly people who are often deprived of sufficient care in
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the final years of their lives. but it's raised a number of ethical issues such as patient consent and the attitude of medical work is towards them. we put the development up for debate the so called calculate the fear if he's a dangerous intervention because it gives mister the jim of scientific reliability to some, some that these in truth a little more than yes, talk. an educated guess is you, i guess, i mean this tool is, is a development from tools that are already used by, by doctors to help anticipate, to identify when patients might be reaching the end of their lives. and to help those individuals make important decisions that used to go predictions can easily be wrong and individual cases based on the life using the us model. and that is all
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the days you are going to die shortly. so that's not bother about trying to save you these technology i fear might encourage the approach as well. like like any, any medical test, it has to be used wisely and interpreted in light of other information about a patient. and so these sorts of concerns about unreliability actually suggest we should be using this tool rather than what people might already be doctors might already be using, which are less accurate predictors of when somebody might be reaching the end of their life be don't have any reliable tools and these, you calculate that is not liable to, to predict the time of death. and so you will need to have a proper find is do have you need to have some humidity agonize that there are some things you simply cannot st typically,
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but any kind of ensure up to date of that with more than 30 minutes the the the the the, the, the, the, the, the alas may end appears to be near washington's 20 year. however,
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to nation bill and half denison was always going to end this way. a complete encoder failure. it is doubtful. the corrupt government in kabul will last long after the american withdrawal of dennis and remains broken and the american people poor and no one is held to account. ah fellow, come to celtic o visionaries, me shall see shevardnadze plan. it's beyond our solar system have until recently only existed in sy, fi, or our measure nation. now, it's not only possible to attack the subject flight years way. we can even gauge the potential for life on them. what to talk about the some joined by professor jake hello, astronomer and the 2900 noble price lawrence in physics professor
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disease hello astronomer and the 2019 noble prize laureate and physics. great to have you with us today. yeah, welcome. thank you. all right, so you said he accept planets and that's what bought you the noble rise and the clothes as x a planet known to these day is 9000 times further away from earth than neptune. how do you search for something that is just so far away? well, it's difficult to find a planet because it's very close to a very bright object that is the star. so we have to do tricks. we're using what we call indirect effect of the planet on the star saw bell 2 main effects that you can use. the 1st one is.


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