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tv   News  RT  July 9, 2021 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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the the me a mission far. busy from complete, but president biden confirms the us will be all of us jealous done by the end of next, not leaving the country to fend for itself. you know, mission accomplished, just the right and the responsibility that can people alone decide their future and how they want to run their country. refugees from there, continue to flee the country and stick a new life in europe, the brittle rape and murder of a 13 year old girl in austria at the hands of africa, migrant. once again post the issue of immigration in the spotlight. the winged all the discord hits belgium over a french plans, the bills off shore turbines. as high as the eiffel tower,
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we hear from coastal communities who tell us why they are far from blown away by the idea that this has any impact on the territory. why is it not the inhabitants to the side? why is someone in paris making the decision, ah, from moscow into the world, this is our t, thanks for choosing us. we're a global news update today. let's get to it. top story. joe biden has defended pulling troops out of africa unless leaving the country to face what he's called. busy the strongest taliban in 20 years. but after 2 decades of war, the us president believes there's nothing more washington can do. now, mission accomplish permission was accomplished in that we get to scott some have been widened in terrorism is not emanating from that part of law. we achieved those
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objectives. that's why we, when we did not go to afghanistan to nation bill and it's the right and the responsibility of afghan people alone to decide their future and how they want to run their country. but the u. s. military moving out in a hurry up, ghana style is already facing new challenges. helping seen selling plundered us goods after looters run. what was america's main military base and background. us troops stepped out of the field in the dead of nights without notifying local forces. that's the claim of afghan officials. the pentagon denies seeing the afghan military was well informed of the withdrawal. nevertheless, locals living and working nearby are worried about what life calling them. they got everyone who's worried about how long the uncertainty will continue. no one is doing business, the markets, and the people that work there have been badly affected. business has collapsed
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because there is no stability before when the us didn't plan withdraw, things were stable, but the instability is increased since they left me. i'm very clear the yes, have contracts with market owners here and we used to purchase from them that withdraw will affect our business. we can buy any goods because there are transportation proven well answering questions from the media. the president rejected comparisons to the 1973 us police from sophia numb where the government fell 2 years later. by going claim there is little chance for the taliban to take control of afghan this time. but his remarks come as the groups already been making sweeping territorial gains. well, this is one of a number of front lines between taliban fighters and forces me has been forced on to the back foot more than a 1000. so recently, fleeing across the border to touch it because the latest estimate is stuff that's
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all about no control to 3rd of gun us, the former united nations weapons inspectors, scott richard told the program the u. s. mission in the country was far from the success. if all are, all we want to do is kill been lot and in the mail, if we could have done all of that much sooner without undertaking that, which we did undertake by and can say otherwise. but the reality is we were involved in nation building. we did build a nation in afghanistan, a failed nation, and now we're abandoning that. you know, i will be the last person to argue in favor of a continued american military presence. but we need to be honest with the people, with their neighbors, the regional neighbors and the world. what we did for the last 20 years was fail, we lost. and now we should be looking to the international community, especially afghan stance. regional neighbors offer assistance in helping come up
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with a solution by pretending that we're a mission accomplished that we, we, we did what we wanted to do, and now it's on the ask and people to try to fix this mess. that's just disingenuous. yeah, there you have it in less than 8 weeks. the u. s. military operation comes to an end enough gallus than whichever way the future plays out. it will affect lives both inside and outside the country. indeed, according to recent estimates, the exodus of african refugees, it's well on the rise. the number is probably in on 3000000, putting an incredible strain on countries forced to cope with a new commerce, germany, france, romania. they top the list of you countries taking in the most afghan migrants in austria, a 5th of all refugees or know from afghanistan. i'm the large numbers. they're also bringing a host of problems some gruesome earlier, the tranquil report. imagine you're in charge of a country shocked by
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a creepy rave skin. the victim who died had just become a teenager. the suspected rapists are young and again, refugees. you've got no choice but to take action. if you don't, the public won't get it. and that's if you're lucky. if you get too tough on those who escape misery and war back home in their home countries, political opponents will give you a p r b t plus that will raise some liberal e u eyebrows. let's hear from the man who has lately been facing this precise challenge. sebastian kurtz, the chancellor of austria of bit often i find it intolerable for people to come here, thing seeking protection and then commit cruel and barbaric crimes in austria. politically, this means for me that we will stick to our line with me there will definitely never be a whole to deportations off. can he's done or a watering down of asylum laws for asylum seekers who permits crime to think? what exactly did he mean by barbaric the body of
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a 13 year old girl was found next to a tree in vienna. she reportedly died of an overdose. after a group of afghan use had given her drugs and sexually assaulted her 3 suspects are in custody. the police are still looking for one more. in austria, more than 4 percent of all rapes, an 8 and a half percent of all murders are committed by afghans. of course, not all refugees are thugs, but e statistics in 2020 show that afghanistan citizens have the highest number of asylum applications in austria and for 3 years in a row. they also are the 2nd largest group of asylum seekers arriving in europe as a whole, right after serious, some are worried that higher numbers of refugees could mean more potential trouble . i want to be clear, the u. s. military mission can stand, continues to the end of august, where the future of of dennis day and looking murky beyond the withdraw. all of us troops and the taliban making large territorial gains. it's only natural that
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a new wave of refugees from there is expected in europe. it's obvious that austria can close its borders. it has already regularly tightened its fallen policies recently. the justice minister for the green party says more such steps wouldn't be right for the country. the asylum law has already been tightened in recent years. i will lose often enough options, but we just have to apply them in a consistent manner. moreover, and 2019 the european court of justice ruled that you members have no right to deport a refugee even for committing a serious crime. if he or she prove that live by home would be in danger. all of this does seem to tie the hands of chancellor kurtz, who like you've heard, is in favor of different patients for criminals. the minister of interior from mr. kurtz is party has locked horns with the greens justice minister saying he will
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push for more rigid migration and repatriation rules. at the level. the e u. silence system is not working. migrants who committed criminal offenses have to be reported immediately. while the advocates of the harsh approach towards refugees in the austrian government are teaming up with colleagues from hungary and the czech republic, the iraq received doesn't exactly paid the way for quick changes in a solemn rules. certainly they won't be as quick as jo. biden's, keen of ghana stand, pull up a member of the austrian federal councillor from the freedom party. dr. johan us, who'd nurse said it is astonishing that austria hassan yet sent back a single afghan migrate asylum system as we have it in europe. is just a way to turn illegal immigration into legal immigration when the illegal immigrant arrives in any country of europe and he, he says asylum, asylum immediately becomes illegal immigrant in the european asylum procedure,
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which usually takes place. is it a general problem which you console was one or 2 measures? at least the mini stick minister of interior mist. anyhow, my has now admitted that the asylum system up to europe in union is a disaster. austria and the government has done nothing to change that or to avoid it because austria through the premiums of the european union, has collaborated in creating the system. we didn't send $11.00 single africans, african home for years in austria, not one and hundreds we know street, for example, have a quote of about 50 percent, the austrian citizen in the long run. this is a huge problem because it tracks and facts migrants from all the 3rd world. history and feminists have been having their say on the issues they've accused and
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local media of racist reporting, which they say, villa migrant, a group of activists, even storm the offices of a local newspaper, confronting journalists, you can read all about that story, see some video as well, lot more besides, as old marty, who's trouble is blowing in over a frances plans to build off shore wind farms with turbines as high as the length of 3 football pitches. belgium has launch legal action against the move after locals outlined their objections porous. nevertheless, how's the wind and its sales? the president of the commission for energy regulation even suggested opponents should have their energy cut off. charlotte to ben ski travel to the area to see 1st of it may look column, but a storm is brewing. and it's a huge one front plans to build an offshore wind farm just off the coast here. the
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turbines would be as high as the eiffel tower, around 300 meters tool. so they'd be pretty imposing. the idea has caused a fury in neighboring belgium. so much so that the 2 e u countries affect to go head to head in court as belgium threatens to sue a complaint will be launched with the european commission because our country has not been consulted about the location of the area. while european directives require it independently owned the french belgium board of that anger is palpable since it is very close to the boarders. about 10 kilometers. it will be very visible from our beaches. this landscapes and the feeling we have of liberty and seeing the thing to horizon is actually our main products. that is why people come to our shores. that is why people buy property with an ocean view. if because if he
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does horizon, they don't come to the fantasy windmills for francis a very important project. i understand that. but that doesn't mean that you have to put all the burdens with the neighbors and take all the advantages of nations. so as you've heard that there is really strong opposition to this wind farms from the belgian side, but say you're not alone in this, we're about to cross the french border, where there are protesting groups who have been opposing this windfall ever since. it was suggested that if you do a little bit of research, you will find that this project is planned in the house of the natural habitat, which is supposed to be a safe space for the species living there. and it's also a historic site of operation. dynamo, meaning that this project also does not respect history from, says president, mat, call and have set himself up as this defender over the environment. now he wants
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from to have 40 percent of its energy to come from renewable sources. so wind farms that by 2030, now those wind farms are crucial kogan no idea. and the pressure is also mounting off. the high council for climate in france says that the country is going to miss its greenhouse gas emission targets that failure would be embarrassing. but we didn't foam like the one that's planned for here are not popular with everyone. looks if i go, we launched a petition. and despite that, when the minister came to don cack and we tried to meet her, she refused to talk to us. and then she came to tell us the details of a press conference. she told us that this project will be carried out no matter the opinion of the locals. if this has any impact on the territory, why is it not for the inhabitants to decide? why is someone in paris making the decision locals here have even demanded
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a referendum over the project, but that has been completely dismissed by the state frauds. he's also ignoring the, please from its fellow e. u. member. the government is determined to conduct offshore wind farm projects. will of course, continue the dialogue with our belgian friends to take into account the concerns. but the fact is that the dunkirk park is strategic for the implementation of our energy program. and that we must not waste any more time. however, that could be scuppered, not only has the french military now decided on new restrictions and constraints as to where wind farms can be built. but this has to veto such plans. meaning that francis idea to be greener than green could soon have the wind knocked out of them. charlotte deven sky for all see on the french belgian border
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a former police officer could be set to become new york next for after winning the democratic nomination. he was picked this by the euro blocked lives mater protests which included the funding that police as one of their stated aims in the city crime story with new york state governor under como declaring a gun violence disaster emergency than you. my world candidates is eric adams. he served in the police for 22 years. there's currently the brooklyn bird president. the forefront of his platform is a commitment to combating gun crime. he supports police reform, but as against the funding, the force if black lives is really matter, it can only be against police abuse. it has to be against the violence that's sitting apart our communities. people want to feel safe. right now they don't feel safe. crime is happening all around them. shootings are up. robberies are up, homelessness is up. they see in the subway. they don't feel safe nor subways. they
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see it out in the streets, in their homes, in the neighborhoods, and they want to feel safe. so this gentleman ran on a platform of public safety and making people feel safe in their resume with them. and that's it. you know, the, to find the police movement has been a large failure. demonizing and attacking cops has been a failure and people are ready for change. and hopefully this is the capital is to some sort of change. felt just new york polling shows that concerns about violent crime or at a 4 year high nationwide with homicide rates. climbing across the u. s. chicago mirrors asked the president for help after they said he saw the bloodiest weekend over independence day when more than a 100 people were shot. policemen zig arkham again sees the public is demanding action, but he is not sure. leaders are listening. the virus is right in people's faces. you can put all the crime statistics out there, say your crime is going down. you can have all the feel good moments,
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but people know what they see. they know be here. and you can't deny that. so people definitely want to change, they want some sort of action to be taken. they want to feel safe. that's what's all about public safety. well, you're not going to convince someone that just finished watching someone get robbed or know about shooting is going on in a neighborhood that they're safe. they want something done. it's 8 minutes past the hour. this is our t international. i'll be back with more world news in about 90 seconds. stay with the program. oh i i last the end appears to be near washington 20 or have or to nation bill and half dennison was always going to end this way. a complete and total failure. it is doubtful, the corrupt government in kabul will last long after the american withdrawal of
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dennis and remains broken and the american people poor and no one is held to account the special episode, summer solutions. today we're talking with john robina of dollars collapse dot com standing right 2021 has been the year of the i word inflation. even the central bank is mentioning inflation. is that transitory? however, as the central bank is arguing, or are we going to see something worse coming forward in the next year to ah,
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look in a new to which predicts how long patients in long term care are likely to live has been developed by canadian researchers. the calculator titled respect names to improve the quality of politics cur, those behind it say it will allow people to spend more time with their loved ones. the respect calculator allows families and their loved ones to plan. for example, i can help and adult or child blend when to take a leave of absence from work to be with a parent or decide when to take the last family vacation together. well, the application is already being trial in the states of ontario. the developers say it's designed to help sick elderly people who are often deprived of sufficient care in the last years of their lives. however, it's raised a number of ethical issues such as patient consent on the attitude of medical workers towards then we put the development up for debate,
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the so called calculate the fear if he's a dangerous invention, because it gives mister legion as of saying why ability to some, some that these in truth little more than yes, talk an educated guess. if you, i guess, i mean this tool is, is a development from tools that are already used by, by doctors to help anticipate, to identify when patients might be reaching the end of their lives. and to help those individuals make important decisions that used to go predictions can easily be wrong and individual cases based on the life use of the us model. and that is all days you are going to die shortly. so that's not bother about trying to save you these technology i fear might encourage the approach as well. like
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like any, any medical test, it has to be used wisely and interpreted in the light of other information about a patient. and so the sorts of concerns about unreliability actually suggest we should be using this tool rather than what people might already be doctors might already be using, which are less accurate predictors of when somebody might be reaching the end of their life be don't have any reliable tools and these you calculate that is not liable to, to predict the time of death. and so you will need to have a proper fund. you do have, you need to have some humility to recognize that there are some things you simply cannot st. typically, the busy front says europe administer has hittites out a number of global vaccines for cove it including rushes. sputnik, the job,
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he is worried you. member states might consider green lighting shots that don't have the blocks approval unsafe nation should be on the lookout. his fear comes as the delta, very and of covert is spreading rapidly across the world, forcing governments to implement strict measures and ramp up their vaccination programs. fully vixon, it's important. the vaccines which allow entry to our territory limited to the fall way sure about and certain countries which are looking to recognize vaccines like the russian and chinese ones with saying no european medicine agency is so far approved for vaccine 5 m a during austria. seneca johnson and johnson rushes sputnik job is among those currently under review, process has gone on for 4 months already, despite earlier independent probes giving it a seal of approval. the ambassador to russia recently claimed the delay isn't political. moscow remains confident. the vaccine will be recognized by the block
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some point by now it's clear that there may be different positions if it's clear that so far the european agency has not recognized us, but next job. but we are sure that to call the prejudices beside those of a political artificial lot in nature. and eventually we will succeed. and the russian vaccines will be recognized. disco, her marcelo fraud a denali founder and chairman of swedish professors and doctors for human rights, believes politics has been in play from the start is neither logical nor if he wanted to go on. not as he goes where the bird considering the bus or so there was a relation of not just being in. when i said, if we compare is a safety feature solid of axis, there is no clinical use occasion the blog is for me. those are the asians by, for instance, the french minister and there are,
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there are not only 2 people in dale, but it clearly tried to ignore or even discuss the russians. thank you very much from the perspective of western powers, but they are not primarily an issue of public health or of human rights for all 4 people thrive to stay healthy. it is a purely competitive enterprise. it is not a corporation, and there were a few should. it should have been established between scientists. why to find solutions. all right, tell me for some friday debate and discussion. next peter, and guess are on your screens and moments with a fresh episode of cross talk. do stay with us and i'll see you again and just over 30 life from moscow. this is your r t international. oh i me make
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no, certainly no board is blind to nationalities as emerge. we don't have authority. we don't actually the whole world needs to take action and be ready. people are judge governors crisis. we can do better, we should be better. everyone is contributing each in our own way, but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is paid for the response has been massive. so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we are together in she was simply real thing a little slow, letting them go. well, i don't want to come
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a little to go with me when you have a week or 2. if you put me in the room, initial pathetic female guy, these spelled on the, on the mission and come for the script and look at me and started the script you soon. this is the lowest when you use mental complete illusion, actually done on normal financial, young, moody, and lose you lose good news. you could shoot it to the lower the news, the ah
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ah hello and welcome to cross talk. we're all things considered. i'm peter labelle. last me and appears to be near washington's 20 year effort to nation building garrison was always going to end this way, a complete and total failure. it is doubtful. the corrupt government in kabul will last long after the american withdrawal of dennis and remains broken and the american people poor and no one is held to account the cross talking of janice and i'm joined by my guess, marvin wind bomb in washington. he is the director of afghanistan pakistan studies at the middle east institute in del mar. we have scott ritter. he is
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a former intelligence officer and the united nations weapons inspector. and in kabul, we have woodstock or are him. he is a conflict. peace and security expert art tillman cross talk rules and effect. that means he can jump in anytime you want. and i always appreciate me go to scott, 1st, many of us watching this conflict for 2 decades expected this outcome was only the dates that mattered most here. made my introduction, i said, i call it in complete and utter failure. the american people are poor and no one is held account, and if no one has held account, scott, then it's going to happen again. go ahead. your thoughts, of course, is going to happen again. it's in the, it's in the d. n a or the united states. so when we intervene, we intervene using a american centered template that is designed to placate domestic political factions. here in the united states, not to solve problems overseas, we've seen this almost everywhere. united states intervenes afghanistan was doomed
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to fail from the start because we didn't respect your costume, tribal sensitivities, parts to wally and nothing. we didn't understand the area we came in. we impose our will and then we sought to build f ganesha in, in our, in our model, especially their military. i mean, when we try to do is, is build a miniature united states army, a miniature united states, security services, trained equip, like u. s. military and they can't function. why? because you can't take it american style military template and impose it on corruption. and that's what we have. we have generals who inflate their rank steel money to treat their soldiers or lee. there's no motivation at the end of the day of the soldiers not willing to die for a cause. then the army that she's part of isn't going to.


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