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tv   News  RT  July 8, 2021 9:00pm-9:31pm EDT

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[000:00:00;00] the who's you as president joe biden admit, thought about is stronger than it's been in 20 years. that doesn't mean i've got to san will full for the medicine. that claims america's mission in the country has been completed, and it's time to leave. the parents are refusing to review the area, the locations of radioactive waste up 6 decades on from colonial, from conducting nuclear tests in the country. folks news hope tucker carlson claims the n s i file. i don't have communications. i leave a private emails to journalists alleging that it's all because he tried to secure an interview with the russian president.
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ah, lived from moscow, thanks for joining us in all things. and i shall. i'm daniel hawkins with you to sunrise. welcome to the program. mission accomplished, that's the u. s. president's verdict on america's longest, ever war as it prepares to pull its last troops to i've got a son, we achieved those objectives. that's why we, when we did not go to afghanistan to nation bill, and it's the right and the responsibility of afghan people alone to decide their future and how they want to run their country. as their bond also admitted that the sullivan's military might was at a 20 year peak adding, though it wasn't inevitable, the group would take over a couple. the president's remarks came off the sweeping territorial gains by the
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minister. this is one of the numerous hop front lines between about fighters and afghan forces. the armies on the back foot with over a 1000 soldiers recently fleeing across the border to, to just on the latest estimate is that the thought of and now control a 3rd of i've got to stop me. the state department spokesperson that price appear to employ a president biden had no choice but to withdraw troops for august on. he said that american soldiers could have come under attack after a peace agreement with the taliban negotiated under. donald trump expired at the end of april price was taken to task over the consistency of us foreign policy across administrations by a p reporter motley. we changed quite a few u. s. policies, but i think you would be hard pressed to find an international agreement for geneva protocol on the anti abortion. so how about the agreements with the board and try with, with mexico and in order to try those are international agreements that you guys
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jettisoned these, these are now, i think you just challenged me to come up with an actual dream at the previous administration sign that you guys have walk away from and i just gave you, i think 3 in while looters up scabbing to america main military base in background . us off to us all who slipped out of the field in the nights in the dead of night without notifying local forces. that's according to afghan officials. the pants are going to deny this, saying the god military was informed of the withdrawal. locals living and working in the by all worried about what the future holds, calling them, they go. every one is worried about how long the uncertainty will continue. no one is doing business, the markets, and the people that work there have been badly affected. business has collapsed because there is no stability before when the u. s. didn't plan withdraw, things were stable, but instability is increased since they left. i mean, i'm very clear. the yes had contracts with market owners here and we used to
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purchase from them that withdraw will affect our business. we can buy any goods because there are transportation problems like former un weapons inspector, scott ritter. i believe the u. s. mission in the country was far from a success. if, if all are, all we want to do is kill been lot. and in the and i laid out, we could have done all of that much sooner without undertaking that, which we did, undertake biden, can say otherwise. but the reality is we were involved in nation building, we did build a nation in afghanistan, a failed nation. and now we're abandoning it. you know, i will be the last person to argue in favor of a continued american military presence. but we need to be honest with the people, with their neighbors, the region, our neighbors, and the world. what we did for the last 20 years was fail, we lost, and now we should be looking to the international community. especially afghanistan's regional neighbors offer assistance in helping come up with
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a solution by pretending that we're a mission accomplished that we, we did what we wanted to do, and now it's on the ask and people to, to fix this mess. that's just disingenuous. here is a french nuclear testing, and algeria, as part of how does it have left a lasting impacts on locals and the environment 6 decades on and the radioactive off them all still remains. with algeria denouncing paris over its refusal to share where nuclear waste is buried. i hurry for france since this morning. it's stronger and proud. ah, back in the 60s france carried out 17 nucleus as soon as sahara,
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but according to al here, it made no effort to clean up the sites or pay compensation to the victims who suffered from radiation as he saw dubious que reports from paris, your theory and the government is stepping up the fight. it has accused frances refusing to hand over important information regarding the sites from refuses to hand over top, a graphical maps to determine the burial sites of the polluting, a radioactive or chemical waste which have still not been discovered. the radiation victims have already died due to unknown medical conditions and causes, but of those 2 still survive just a single algerian has been compensated differential therapies should at least recognize these crimes then move on to compensation. voucher people are still counting the victims of radiation and the nuclear tests and many children,
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still born with congenital, deforms, is due to the variation. so it makes sense that all these victims deserve compensation hospitals to treat the kansas caused by radiation should be built at the very least. another crime still effects in these people is the denial of these events, the downplaying and suppression of them. at that time, france submitted a false report, the un, which said that the area where the test would be carried out with uninhabited, deserted and isolated. in reality, it was an area inhabited by people that were re coastal areas with a waste, these palm trees and various animals. this is the 1st lie. and they also said that these with test another french themselves. amid that these, when you click solutions, not test and from these explosions, the radiation was not limited to the julian deserts was spread to the african jungle and even europe. the current french president has off for a commission of memories and of truth to be established to address the country's colonial park in the i'll g area, but it's ream, it will focus on the torture,
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the disappearance, and the hundreds of thousands of deaths that occurred during the war for independence and not on those nuclear test. jerry, it was the only place that france carried out such deadly testing. an independent investigation recently criticized fall and damage in hiding the devastating impacts of the nuclear explosions that it carried out. the majority of which were in french hall and nisha. it said in that report, the radiation levels were up to 10 times higher than those that had been estimated by the countries own atomic energy commission. back in 2016. you can't erase 60 years of state propaganda, denial, intimidation, contempt, an arrogance with
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a wave of the hand. that pressure led to talk at the start of july to assess the impact that those detonations had the strongest remains completely firm that there was no cover up. so far that only branch has been extended to algeria, that is likely to great with the fall out of those nuclear tests, still polluting relations between l. g 's and paris, charlotte people, sky, ot see in paris. meanwhile, a woman who blames her life was severely affected by similar nuclear t, as in french polynesia as france should pay for the damage it's done to generations of local. my grandparents died of cancer, my mother's sister had cancer. the age of 27, i was diagnosed with chronic leukemia, which is a radiation indeed disease that he had fallen asians are very nice. so for us to cited to conduct tests and follow neesha because the local did not see anything wrong with them. the exercises ended in 1997,
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but there was enormous damage. there is a lot of misinformation they are trying to solve in size, many locals and i'll talk about their diseases. today. my symptoms are ruining my life. i raise the sheer, the un at the international level. we have thousands of sick people in the eighty's do i talk about the radioactive impact on the population? when you nothing, and today our surroundings are contaminated and damaged. i hope the trans will pay off all the factors polynesians and be punished by an international court. because now we are a small country taking on big france fox news host tucker carlson claims the n. s a spider. him and even leaked his private emails journalist in the mail. she reported discuss arrangements for an interview with vladimir putin t's caleb open report. now according to axis, els tucker carlson was communicating with 2 intermediaries trying to set up an interview with russian president vladimir putin shortly before. busy he accused the
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national security agency, the an essay of the united states of spying on him. now tucker carlson has confirmed this report on wednesday. he spoke up confirming it and went further saying that the n s a had actually leaked emails in the hopes of discrediting him. here's what the fox news host had to say. why would they do that? well, the point of course was to paint me as a disloyal american. a russian operative then called that before a student of the kremlin a traitor doing the bidding of a foreign adversary. now it gets even more interesting because we had a situation where the n s a actually responded to tucker, carlson. tucker carlson has never been an intelligence target of the agency. and the honesty has never had any plans to try to take his program off the air. we target foreign powers to generate insights on foreign activities that could harm the united states with a limited exceptions. and if they may not target a us citizen without a court order that explicitly authorizes the targeting. what's interesting to note
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is that it's not clear who the to it immediate aries work, but if they were foreign national, not us citizens, then the n. s a. and they would not have had to get special permission in order to spy on their communications. according to their procedures. now at this point we've got long standing critics of the n. s. a speaking up, we've gotten to land greenwald, shining in and giving his perspective. here's what he had to say. everyone should want to see the evidence about whether an essay spied on conference emails and leave them. that's how we'll know for sure whether it happened. but you have to be staggeringly naive or willfully ignorant to think. and i say ca haven't always done exactly this and still do. now, there are a number of journalists and news anchors in the united states who have interviewed russian president vladimir putin. so the question is, why was tucker carlson single doubt and subject to surveillance?
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at this point, the n. s. a reputation as a result of the edward snowden revelations and many other things that had been brought to light is certainly once again in question. now it seems tucker carlson is taking them to taska and many people who had meyer or watch tucker carlson are asking themselves questions about the new surveillance culture and america host the volunteer maverick is on contacts. chris hedges says it remains to be seen whether calls and claims a true. they do fit neatly into a familiar pattern. i mean, i would begin by saying the n. s a as deny the claim. but it's pretty clear from the climate that especially with a democratic administration, russia has been demonized, although china is a close 2nd for all sorts of internal problems within the united states. we have had now going all the way back to the director of national intelligence report in
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2017. this ridiculous claim that left wing and even right wing critics of us capitalism, imperialism the political system are agents of a foreign power that has become the knee jerk response. and so what you're seeing is if it's true, what tucker carlson says, well, we certainly know it's true that he's reached out for an interview with the president of russia. but if it's true that the essay essentially use that attempt at a very legitimate and i would argue important journalistic activity to a brand him and agent of a foreign power. what you're seeing is a kind of ratcheting of this attempt to use russia as an excuse or scape goat to mask the unrest and internal problems that the binding ministration, quite frankly, is not addressing in any serious way. a former police officer can become new
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york city's next man off the one, the democratic nomination. he was picked despite a year of black laws. mother protests calling to defend the police. at the same time, crime is soaring with new york state. governor cuomo declaring a gun violence disaster emergency. the numeral candidates is eric adams. he's a 22 year police veteran, currently serving as brooklyn bar of president at the forefront of his platform as a commitment to combating gun violence. he supports police reform but is against the falling, the police. if black lives really matter, it can only be against police abuse. it has to be against the violence that's sitting apart our communities. people want to feel safe. right now they don't feel safe. crime is happening all around them. shootings are up, robberies are up, homelessness is up. they see in the subway. they don't feel safe in some ways. you see it out in the streets, in their homes, in the neighborhoods and they want to feel safe. so this gentleman ran on
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a platform of public safety and making people feel safe in their resume with them. and that's it. you know, the, to find the police movement has been a large failure. demonizing, an attacking cops has been a failure. and people are ready for change and hopefully this is the capital is to some sort of change. it's not just new york polling, so that concerns about crime or at a 4 year high nationwide with a homicide rate climbing across the us. chicago's mer asked the president for help all for the city source bloodiest weekend on july. the 4th was over a 100 people shot. policeman z. cochran says, action is needed. the virus is right in people's faces. you can put all the crime statistics out there. say your crime is going down, you can have all the feel good moments, but people know what they see. they know the here. and you can't deny that. so people definitely want to change. they want some sort of action to be taken. they want to feel safe. that's what's all about public safety. now, you're not going to convince someone that just finished watching someone get robbed
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or know about shooting is going on in a neighborhood that they're safe. they want something done. a judge at the high court in london has suspended for 9 months. all suits fall by grunfeld tower survivors and abilities of those who perished in a tragedy. he's encouraging all parties to reach a settlement out of court instead of going to trial. back in 2017, the recently refurbished apartment block was consumed by inferno was left 72 dead. the bill shook his mother, sister, brother in law and 3 nieces, all died. the family is not be loss will priceless. they won't make any difference whatsoever to my life or anything because they will more than valuable families and they will never ever be replace council ability. you know, that's the most important for me. more than anything you know to find that they
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blame was. busy to be for them to be accountable for. that's like just stuck on the wrist. i don't have much faith in the system of because it's very out they people have go away. i believe really do believe we've got away with mother. but nevertheless, to rule, still keep fighting to have to suit the justice. the reason behind the robert spread, the fire was police should be exterior cladding, thousands of other buildings nationwide are still covered in the same material. the me the i
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the ah, the bill show cool. again hope the regulations will be changed as a result of the treasury but says there are no guarantees. lol is a bit of a hope. they can look at prosecutor and when the prosecutor is due and the sooner the better to even have the laws change. so people don't have to go through all we have to go for the still so much going on is there is legislation, regulations all out day and need to be updated. the law is most
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off. you know, it's like they got a system from them. so when they take the, the corporate, these high people in this, they just, they're very protected by the law. and then the, so be all changed and updated and the city toko has been spectators from attending this summer games. this comes up in japan. capital declared a state of emergency over at sparren cockburn case load on wednesday, it's posted almost a 1000. you infections delivered opening. so when you scheduled for july 23rd, as been widespread opposition to the games in japan with cool for them to be postponed or canceled. look out for the russian and chinese vaccine. that's the warning from france in europe minister who's concerned human misstates might consider green lighting jobs that don't have the blocks approval is was kind of the delta variance of code is spreading rapidly across the world,
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forcing government to implement strict measures and ramp up the vaccination programs you fully vixon, it's important the vaccines which allow entry to our territory a limited to the for, we're sure about and certain countries which are looking to recognize vaccines like the russian and chinese ones with saying no when you have been medicines, agency has so far approved for vaccine. pfizer madana, astrazeneca and johnson johnson rushes. sputnik short is among those currently under review. the process has gone for months already, but the e. u. a master russia claims recently there is nothing political. moscow remains positive finance. it's clear that there may be different positions if it's clear that so far the european agency has not recognized us, but next job. but we assure that for the prejudices besides those of a political artificial lot in nature, and eventually we will succeed. and the russian vaccines will be recognized disco
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hurricane, my cell phone, denali founder and chairman of swedish professors, and doctors for cuban right, says the m, i is dragging its feet. i was splitting agrees authorization for political reasons is neither logical nor if you want to go to the vert considering the sectors of the relation of not just being in. when i said, if we compare is a safety feature solid of axis, there is no clinical use vacation blog is for me. those are the asians by the french minister. there are the not only 2 people in dale, but it clearly tried to ignore or even discuss the russians. thank you. of the masses from the perspective of western powers, but they are not primarily an issue of public health or of human rights for all 4
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people thrive to stay healthy. it is a purely competitive enterprise. it is not a corporation and there were a few. should it should have been established between scientists why to find solutions. the pandemic marks a grim milestone with 4000000 people having died from covered 19. as a delta strain becomes the dominant variant of the var, the world health organization has sent a stalk morning to countries hoarding vaccines. bucks him nationalism where 100 full of nations have taken the lion's share, is morally indefensible. and effective public health strategy against a respiratory virus that meet 18 quickly and becoming increasingly effective at moving from human to human violence are currently winning the race against bucks ins because of inequitable vaccine production and distribution. according to the well health organization, the delta strain will dominate all other variance globally in the coming month. it
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was detected in october in india last year. and since spread some more than a 100 countries, dozens of states that are renting new restrictions on travel bonds to stop the spread. we spoke to dr. jody grover and any consultants about the dangers of cobra mutations variant is by far the most common experience now. and to contain it late is next to impossible. there will be new addition. we don't know where they will come from. they could come from any part of the world . so far, all the mutations are still sensitive to vaccine, at least look at extent. but, you know, you never know, you might get the mutation which escapes the current unless everyone is vaccinated and you're able to control the spread of the widest. why? no one is actually safe. i suspect good,
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good pick many years for us to get used to it. find the best vaccinations, prevention, strategies, hispanic, we keep spreading. the able to pick that scenes to all humanity. sir, biden assign a bill that would handle additional financial support washington's worth of low program. the move is that improving the protection of those seed report different types of violations. however, as practice shows and to be true, power takes us through. many of those people are in fact punished instead of being supported. whistleblowers like jewish fines, edward snowden and others have long been a thorn in the side of washington. and it seems that no matter what washington does, it just can seem to once in for all this scourge, all these pesky leakers from spilling the beans on the government's darkest secrets . when media outlet pro public dropped its bombshell week revealing how billionaires such as they those mosque,
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bloomberg sorrows have gone years without paying any federal income tax. what do you think the reaction was? well, from the public it was an obvious what the hell. but from the government investigation, and that's the way this story goes every single time from obama, from ben. now bite and public officials don't want to address any of the leeks issues, you know, as for public demand. but were there other, find those responsible who dared to unveil the governments dark secrets? the united states do something to stop mister sans. we're looking at that right now . you should be treated as an enemy combatant. wiki league should be closed down permanently, indecisively, disguise a trade or a treasonous. and he is broken. every law the united states, the guy ought to be. i'm not for the death penalty. so if i'm not for the defendant, want to do it illegally shoot the son of a guys. these things are meant to be a secret for a reason. it's so that the government doesn't have to deal with it and can continue
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doing whatever it wants without people pestering it with nonsense like, oh, this is unfair. this is on ethical and blah blah blah. of course though, over the years, the government has tried to maintain a facade of being on their side and being supportive of the bravery of truth seekers. it is incumbent on all of us to counter these threats to a free and independent media, including physical risk and arbitrary detention. we celebrate the courage of truth tellers who refused to be intimidated often at great personal risk. but that's just it. it's all a facade. things like the 2012 whistleblower protection act have essentially proven to be useless. whistleblowers continue to face the threat of internal war talia ation and possible prosecution for leaking any or reporting any wrong doing. take natalie edwards, for example. she was an official at the us treasury department. she noticed some
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suspicious activity reports pointed out that wall street giant, like j. p. morgan chase and hsbc, among others have might have been complicit in money laundering. so she took it to the official whistleblower channels. and guess what happened next? absolutely nothing, but some people do hope that biden might be able to break this trend. why do we work with congress to strengthen our whistleblower laws so that any federal employee who learns of an improper attempt to influence the department of justice, investigation or prosecution knows how to report it and receives full protection against retaliation. but anyone including the president so far these have only been words, but at the end of the day, it's not even really just up to biden, to fix this, the people leading these investigations and persecuting these pesky truth tellers are all over the executive branch. and biden's administration is literally packed with people who are there at the forefront of the crackdown on whistleblowers
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during the obama days. and after all, why should any of these officials allow whistleblowers to go public? it's their jobs on the line. and what we can tell from all these leaks, these people are not exactly righteous. do gooders that sir all from the team and myself for the salad. join us again in 30 minutes for the latest scribble you'd update you back then the
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i i use a last me and appears to be near washington's 20 year have her to nation bill and dennison was always going to end this way. a complete and total failure, it is doubtful. the corrupt government in kabul will last long after the american withdrawal of dennis and remains broken and the american people, pork and no one is held to account the veterans service members and finally get to become
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citizens of the country. they 54 as well as access to the benefits. jesse ventura


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