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[000:00:00;00] me ah presidential assassination haiti, the leader is gun down in his own home. the car to be a nation, described it of an orchestrated by foreign mercenaries for i've been shot horace is refusing to reveal to algeria the locations of radioactive waste dumps 6 decades after colonial from conducted its nuclear tests to their coming up a judge expense for 9 months in all cases filed by grant and fell survivors and fire fighters. there are suing companies involved in the refurbishment of the london power block,
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where doesn't died in inferno. many members of the family tell us why they're still speaking. they really do believe people go away with mother, but nevertheless, we still keep fighting to seek the justice. ah, wherever you're joining us from across the globe today. welcome to moscow into the news our in our team. my names, you know, the president of haiti juvenile melissa, has been assassinated and his residence by an armed group. the country's police chief said for mercenaries involved in the attack, have been killed, and 2 more injured and detained. the haiti invoice to the u. s. a. the attackers were speaking spanish presented themselves as
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u. s. drugs enforcement agents. haitians generally speak either french creal, the military host occurred nationwide marshal war for 15 days with the army patrolling the streets to ensure compliance. the country's borders helped also being a local journalist, filed this report. we are now in front of the private residence of the presidents of how you see, jovan eloise was assassinated on the 9th of july. the 6th, the 7th by a group of men who now represent the countryside court, met with relatives on the family. capital of poto, prince is empty up to the activities have appended before private and didn't show that the country's 1st lady was also shot and injured. she's been lifted to a hospital in miami for treatment, and pastor to the u. s. c. martine my we see is in
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a stable but critical condition ortiz john harvey picked up the story. it was a brazen and calculated attack. gunman storming the private residence of haitian president giovano mois he just after 1 am wednesday morning shooting him to death and wounding his wife. martine, the 53 year old haitian president and 1st lady lived in the hills, just above 80 capital, a port, a prince in a neighbourhood called pillar in 5, where the country's most affluent live. haiti's embassy in washington dc said he was killed in a quote, well coordinated attack by a highly trained and heavily armed group is purportedly taken by neighbors show. the gunman entering the residence, meeting little if any resistance from guards posted outside. at one point, an english speaking gunman even yells into a megaphone quote, this is a d, a operation. while ordering the guards to drop their weapons and people to stay back. but haiti's ambassador to the united states said today the gunman were not da
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and were heard speaking spanish. the primary languages in haiti or french and haitian creal, he suggested they were possibly from the neighboring dominican republic and may have been able to slip back cross the border after the attack. so that is unconfirmed. but officials say the gunman likely plan the hit well in advance and knew the layout to moisture home how they gain access and how they got away are all major questions, part of the investigation and certainly wreaking of corruption, the trail and potentially even organized crime. haiti's interim prime minister clad joseph declared a quote state of siege and haiti while urging for com. so she said, we will open an investigation into what happened in the authors, co authors and assassins of president jovan l. marie will be brought to justice because you guys are going to, you might be ruled by decree for more than 2 years. after haiti failed to hold elections, he's been accused of using arm gangs to retain control of the country and has been
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investigated for widespread corruption. gang violence and drug trafficking has spiked in the country with food and fuel shortage is constant. under his rule. for several years, the country's been gripped by violent protests calling for his resignation. suffice to say, when he had his enemies, whether the assassination was the work of opposition forces within haiti or adversaries. outside of the country remains unclear. but it adds yet another complicated layer to a dangerous situation in a country without a leader and teetering on the brink of collapse. washington has condemned the assassination with joe biden, calling it a heinous act, while haiti's envoy to the u. s. said the attack had been well orchestrated video footage, you've showed that it is well understood because there will come in those professional scalars. now we're talking about missing areas. fine. i said i
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was probably there would be some internal hens and some places. but we live that, that in this edition. well, the brooklyn based editor are taking liberty. a news weekly publication already has suspicions about the assassination on which players could theoretically be involved . this operation there were 9 brand new nissan patrol. pickup trucks involved, they clearly were very sophisticated. they knew the layout of the president's home . they knew where to go. apparently they had inside information. so this was an operation which had been clearly planned for some time. and had a lot of money behind them. so we're likely to see an upsurge and uptick of haitian refugees leaving the country. and the u. s. is going to say that this is a threat to international stability, etc, etc. and they may,
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they may try yet another military or military occupation of haiti, which will be the 4th. this would be something that i think would be put in gasoline on the fire. patients are very proud would be very upset to have their sovereignty trampled once again. washington has been the king maker if you will, in haiti, and in the case of a job now my weeds and his predecessor michelle marcelli, they had a big hand in having them elected into office. many haitians call that an electoral coup d'etat. so washington is very interested in haiti, of chairs the island with the dominican republic. it is a neighbor of cuba right across the windward passage. so geo, strategically, it's very important. moving the program on la years
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of french nuclear testing in algeria is a horrid desert of left, a lasting impact on locals, on the environment. 6 decades on the radioactive aftermaths still remains with algeria denouncing paris over its refusal to sure where nuclear waste is buried. here's our t charlatans gain. it's 60 years since from if you doubt g area as a nuclear testing ground. but the injury is still being felt today. thousands of victims contaminated by radiation waiting for compensation. now the old theory and government is stepping up the fight. it has accused frances refusing to handle important information regarding the site. the free site is not technically lead any initiative to clean up the sites in front has not taken any humanitarian steps to compensate the victims. many radiation
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victims have already died due to unknown medical conditions and causes, but of those to still survive just a single algerian has been compensated differential therapies should at least recognize these crimes then move on to compensation. voucher people are still counting the victims of radiation and the nuclear tests. many children are still born with congenital deformities due to the variation. so it makes sense that all these compensation hospital treat the countess caused by radiation to be built at the very least women. now another crime still effect in these people is the denial of these events, the downplaying and suppression of them at that time front submitted a false report, the un much that the area where the test would be carried out. i mean habits is that an isolated in reality, it was an area inhabited by people, there were coastal areas with a waste, these trees and various animals. this is the 1st lie. and they also said that these with another french themselves,
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amid these nuclear solution that now has and from the explosion of the radiation and not limited to the desert spread to the african jungle and even europe. the current french president has aust for a commission of memories and of truth to be established. dress the country's colonial path in the g area, but it's ream. it will focus on the school. the disappearance of hundreds of objects that occurred during the war independent not on those nuclear tests. so why is tom dragging its feet? oh good. this particular issue ah hurry fries since this morning. it's stronger and prouder.
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ah, i'll carry it was the only place that franz carried out, such deadly testing. an independent investigation recently criticized fall and damage in hiding the devastating impacts of the nuclear explosions that it carried out the majority of which were in french hall anesha. it said in that report, the radiation levels were up to 10 times higher than those that had been estimated by the countries own atomic energy commission. back in 2016. you can't erase 60 years of state propaganda, denial, intimidation, contempt, an arrogance with a wave of the hand, the essential by france. that's not how local store it. my grandparents died of
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cancer, my mother's sister had cancer. the age of 27, i was diagnosed with chronic leukemia, which is radiation. and d disease that a haiti and some politicians are very nice. so for us to cited to conduct tests and volunteers because the local did not see anything wrong with the exercises ended in 1997, but the enormous damage. there is a lot of misinformation there trying to sol inside many locals and i'll talk about there's a reason each day my symptoms, i run in my life this i raise the should the, you and the international level. we have thousands of people in the eighty's. i talked about the radioactive impact on the population when nelson and today our surroundings are contaminated and damage. and i hope it's ross will lay off all the fact is polynesia and be punished by an international court. because now we're a small country taking on big france. that pressure led to talk at the start of july to assess the impact that those detonations had. the strong remains
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completely firm that there was no cover up. so far that only branch has been extended to algeria, that is likely to great with the fall out of those nuclear tests still polluting relations between l. g s. and paris. charlotte ski ought fi in paris stay in europe, a judge of the high court in london, suspended for 9 months. all lawsuits filed by greenfield, tower survivors and the relatives of those who perished in the 2017 tragedy. their suing companies involved in the refurbishment of the apartment block, which was consumed by an inferno, leaving $72.00 dead. bill shook her last his mother, sister, brother in law. and 3 nieces. the family is not being lost,
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will priceless. they won't make any difference whatsoever to my life or anything because they were more the valuable families and they will never ever be replace counts ability. and that's the most important for me more than anything you know to. to find that the blame was. busy to be for them to be accountable for it. that's like just stuck on the wrist. i don't have much faith in this is all because it's very out. date. people have go away. i believe really do believe we've got away with mother. but nevertheless, to keep fighting to suit the justice, the reason behind the rapid spread of the fire was believed to be the exterior clouding thousands of other buildings nationwide are still covered in the same mitchell. let
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me ah ah . beale shook her again. hope's laws will be changed as a result of the transfer. me lol is a bit of a hope they can look at prosecutor and when the prosecutor is due and the sooner the better to even have the laws change. so people don't have to go through all,
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we have to go for the still so much going on. there is station regulations all out. they need to be updated. the law is most likely they got a system from them. so when they take the, the corporate, these people, you know, in this they just, they're very protected by the law. and then the, so be all changed and updated 6 months after the u. s. law states bid to her julian assange extradited, a u. k. court has granted washington the green light to appeal. the high court is also reported to have agreed with 3 of the 5 justifications that the u. s. submitted. in return the by did ministration is prepared to let her son serve any prison sentence in his australian homeland house. according to britain's crime
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prosecution service, we got reaction from a son just partner tele morris. d and i was able to speak to julian now about the decision and you know, it's mixed because on the one hand it's been 6 months and we haven't had any news. so it's like an endless purgatory. but at the same time it doesn't here. and julian's very on, well, he's happy when, when he went with our eldest this morning. and so it's not representative when i see him because obviously it's a, it's a one rest fight. he get off, but he's been belmont prison is a horrible place. he won his case in january. why even in prison? why is he even being prosecuted? there is no legal case against him. all there is, is an indictment based on life. some background washington wants to extra
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sons from britain on charges of hacking, non espionage, if convicted, he faces 175 years in prison. stateside. in january, a british judge ruled against his extradition over fears about his mental health. in 20 lighting sounds was forcibly removed by police from the ecuadorian embassy in london. after quito terminated his 7 year asylum there. with unique to editor in chief christian, her robinson sees the length of the entire process. region. well, it's a great disappointment for julia phones and for all of those, this is continuing. one would hope that the united kingdom courts would to recognize how ridiculous this case is and not grant the appeal. this means that this will drag on for some time for a prisoner to have to wait in a prison cell for 6 months for half a year, just to get
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a decision of whether the appeal is allowed to to his opponents or not is rages. this decision comes only a week after it is revealed, that the indictment has to be an does not have a leg to stand on. the key which says retracted to testimony and says basically the testament which was cited by the business judge numerous times as truthful allegation doesn't hold true. it is a fabrication and the americans now know if they're still continuing on this track . this appeal is an attempt to pro long the inevitable. inevitable is the freedom of julia. why if he does not get his freedom, it is such a load to our society and what we believe in that it is almost amount
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to turning off the light. so this must come to an end and i can fence in my bones that it will be coming soon. on a not unrelated thing, joe biden signed. busy a bill, but with hand additional financial support to the government's whistleblower program. the move is aimed at improving the protection of those who report different types of violations. however, as practice shows, many of those people are in fact punished instead of being supported. whistleblowers like julian fudge, edward snowden, and others have long been a thorn in the side of washington. and it seems that no matter what washington does, it just can seem to, once in, for all this scourge, all these pesky leakers from spilling the beans on the government's darkest secrets . you know, like war crimes, unethical surveillance programs, corruption. when media allocate pro public dropped its bombshell week revealing how
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billionaires such as bays else, mosque bloomberg, sorrows have gone years without paying any federal income tax. what do you think the reaction was? well, from the public it was an obvious what the hell. but from the government investigation, i promise you it will be at the top of my list. this is an extremely serious matter . people are entitled, obviously to great privacy with respect to their tax returns. and that's the way this story goes every single time from obama to from been now. bided. public officials don't want to address any of the leaks issues, you know, as for public demand. but were there other find those responsible who dared through unveiled governments dark secrets, the united states do something to stop mr. sanchez? we're looking at that right now. he should be treated as an enemy combatant. wiki league should be closed down permanently, indecisively, disguise a trade or
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a treasonous. and he is broken. every law the united states, the guy ought to be. i'm not for the death penalty. so if i'm not for the defense, i want to do it illegally. shoot the son of a guy. these things are meant to be a secret for a reason. it's so that the government doesn't have to deal with it and can continue doing whatever it wants without people pastoring it with nonsense. like who this is unfair. this is on ethical and blah, blah blah. of course though, over the years the government has tried to maintain a facade of being on their side and being supportive of the bravery of truth seekers. it is incumbent on all of us to counter these threats to a free and independent media, including physical risk and arbitrary detention. we celebrate the courage of truth tellers who refused to be intimidated often at great personal risk. but that's just a, it's all a facade. things like the 2012 whistleblower protection act have essentially proven
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to be useless. whistleblowers continue to face the threat of internal war, italy ation, and possible prosecution for leaking any or reporting any wrong doing. take natalie edwards, for example. she was an official at the us treasury department. she noticed some suspicious activity reports pointed out that wall street giants like j. p. morgan chase and hsbc, among others have might have been complicit in money laundering. so she took it to the official whistleblower channels and guess what happened next? absolutely nothing. the story got to international attention only after she leaks to the press. and after that she did not get a pat on the back for being a good whistleblower. but instead, last month, she got sentenced to 6 months in prison. you know, just like always. but some people do hope that biden might be able to break the strand after all in his plan. so guarantee the government works for the people. he
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did promise to try to deescalate the prosecution of whistleblowers and seek more funding for whistleblower protection programs. why do we work with congress to strengthen our whistleblower laws so that any federal employee who learns of an improper attempt to influence the department of justice, investigation or prosecution knows how to report it and receives full protection against retaliation. but anyone including the president? but so far, these have only been words, but at the end of the day, it's not even really just up to biden. to fix this, the people leading these investigations and persecuting these pesky truth tellers are all over the executive branch. and biden's administration is literally packed with people who are there at the forefront of the crackdown on whistleblowers during the obama days. and after all, why should any of these officials allow whistleblowers to go public?
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it's their jobs on the line. and what we can tell from all these leaks, these people are not exactly righteous do gooders. lebanon's caretaker, prime minister, has worn the country's days away from a social explosion. her son d. i resigned in the wake of last year's devastating blast and b route. but towns being serving as interim leader ever since, due to the failure to form a new government. the country's currency has fallen, 90 percent compared to 2019 levels sound only a new cabinet can restart talks with the international monetary fund. a local journalist, outline for us the hardships, the country spaces. i am now standing outside one of the largest gas station located on the main road leading to 11 non toll international airports. as you can see, there are at least do q is flowing into this gas station news q stretch, and this is of 2 to 3 kilometers. many of these people have been here since the
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early morning hours. it is now noon invaded and the waste continues on its favorite system at its best film of being given priority over others. they don't stunning cues or fill the tanks in the middle of the night. even security forces tasks with sure the process is organized to taking bribes in exchange for special treatment. i came all the way from cusser along the syrian border to fill up. this is the only gas station with diesel other gas stations are selling to black markets. salesman horse selling diesel at 10 times his price or smuggling it into syria. set them up, deliver fire extinguishers to people all over the country every other day. i have to stand in line for at least 4 hours to fill out. so i can make ends meet and feed my family and such my long cues outside of gas stations out become the new norm on, on, especially in the lebanese capital beta. what the edge of 5th, or even gunfights, breaking out among frustrated lebanese waiting in line to buy fuel are emerging on
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an almost daily basis. and the fuel prices comes out of time when the people of lebanon are struggling with a barbara crisis, shortages up to one to 2 hours per day. as of $3300.00 gas stations and level in less than 20 percent are open to what we don't understand is why the companies we supply and if you have stop distributing and diesel insulation is and why the liberty power theory ministries on moving about it numbered them, of someone has been grappling with the worst taken on the crisis i have seen in decades for almost 2 years for mission of a new government to move the country to more stable footing has also been in deadlock for a month. this also look, look, even bleaker bickering. politicians are yet to reach her as a lucian over the upcoming cabinet line up. meanwhile, the loveliest currency is a little lost up to 90 percent of the number 29 in value just have left around 2
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thirds of lovely family traveling to put food on the table song. but we start putting price tags on products because we pay for these products in the us dollars . and the price of the dollar is changing every day with pricing on a daily basis. and on some occasions, several times a day, 5 out and fight everything for most here loving on the worst aspect of the economic crisis is the severe medical sportage is which have left for misty shells. empty and have prompted drug stores to shudder on many occasions. enough supply for, for madison. we are short and short of basically all medication. all category is 3 to a lot of people are not finding them medication. but these cues you see everywhere, they are not caused by medical crisis or petula bread crisis. all of this is the results of the victorian base, power sharing system and the fact that corrupt politicians are in bed with tradesman,
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both of whom are protected by so called religious figures. things will continue to western as long as this corrupt system exist. heidi log with best marker where the area was some millions demonstrates last summer, i guess government corruption which culminated in a national milestone that has been on, on the bridge for now. this square is so empty, but we cannot make news around the next of love and people getting ever tighter. many question will remain that way for much longer. reporting for r t, i was up on the beta with russia national wealth fund has relieved itself of its us dollar investments that blame the decision on the threat of sanctions. this is a meaningful decision. it's connected among other things with the threats of sanctions that we received and perceived from the american leadership. the federal structure is now 40 percent, euro, 30 percent chinese,
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you 20 goals. the british pound japanese yet make up the rest. we got more insight on the move from economist richard wolf, scholars doing it in pod as a response to being of the target of the sanctions. the target of lots of us still a scapegoating, russia, china, poor immigrants into the united states has been a staple of american politics now for quite a while and the international payments system, i think they're going to replace that already begun to take those steps. the switch system that the united states dominates, and it's a very important step because one of the ways the united states as control and manipulate the societies has been by allowing or just allowing them to use this with the system. and also using the information that you get from the payments that go through swift. it's an old turn it in system where to develop and then brush and


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