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tv   News  RT  July 7, 2021 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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the good news is our teens rational in the headlines this evening from moscow, the caribbean nation to pay t imposes martial law for 15 days after the shop. fascination of its precedent in his home leading a sonic journal in the u. k. a called russia's book nic job quote, safe and effective, stressing the lack of severe side effects, such as a legend, blood clots linked to one of the vaccine. also on the program, we hear from a german red cross member who's raising the alarm over a growing number of those, skipping their appointments for a 2nd. corona virus injection. that's as a covert hesitancy, trend continues to spread worldwide. ah,
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11 o'clock here on wednesday evening. and moscow, this is archie international, lots of big stories for you today. welcome to the the president of haiti. hello, moiz has been assassinated at his residence by a group of armed attackers. the country's 1st lady was also shot an injured he was hospitalized, but as we understand, she is currently being lifted to miami for treatment. now what we can show you here is unverified video that allegedly captures the very moment when the attackers storm the presidential compound. at night, the presidential office has insinuated that the job was orchestrated with the help of foreign mercenaries. now following the assassination the haitian military, establish nationwide marshalls law. this will last until july 22nd. the army is patrolling roads to ensure compliance and the countries borders have been closed. here's the latest report with correspondent caleb boffin. while the prime minister
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of haiti is calling for call, and at this point we understand, marshall law has been declared. the military is out on the streets. everyone is bracing for widespread on rest. we didn't identify the group. they spoke spanish or english. they attacked the residence of the president of the republic. the president to come to his wound would condemn the barbaric attack. i called for calm of the population. the situation of the country is already under control. now the white house has condemned the killing. there is now an official statement from joe biden, and earlier we heard from jen saki the white house spokesperson. here's what she had to say on the situation. the message to the people of haiti is this. the tragic tragedy is the heritage crime. and we're so sorry for the loss that they're all suffering and going through. as many of them are walking up this morning and
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hearing this news, and we stand ready and stand by them to provide any assistance that's needed. it's important to note that the biden administration hasn't been exactly unified and clear on its position regarding the country. there's been ongoing unrest in haiti, many people taking to the streets, demanding that this priest, this president, step down in addition to that, many in the streets, blaming the united states for the economic situation, the country for the suffering blaming. you know, the history of us military interventions, as well as the trade deals and economic policies. so there's been ongoing unrest in the country, and the biden administration has been divided, some in the by new ministration. wanted biden to back the opposition to the president. that was recently killed, however, the biden administration at seemed to be fully backing the president at the time that he was killed. now, it's important to note that biden has a history of being rather insensitive when it comes to comments about haiti. this is something he said back in 9094. if haiti, the good,
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awful thing to save haiti just quietly sunk into the caribbean or rose up 300 feet, it would matter a whole lot in terms of our interest. many are bracing for the aftermath of these events, anticipating unrest in the country. migration is certainly an issue. it's very important to many people in the united states. there are many concerns and fears that unrest in haiti could lead to more migrants fleeing to the united states. so what exactly happens next is not clear, the military is on the streets, and the country is bracing for what could be even more unrest. a more being co module this morning, we'll work up to this terrible news. despite the fact that the president was supported by many fellow citizens, nevertheless, what happened came out of the blue and it's thrown us into a kind of chaos. we're concerned about what's going to happen tomorrow when people are discussing this on every street corner. the opposition is now holding negotiations within its ranks because there is no option to replace them due to the
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current legislation. if this is an unheard of situation, we don't have a president and we don't have an opportunity to pick a new one. the only way to settle this is to conduct talks between all political sides. but we spoke to a brooklyn based editor at haiti liberal pe. he already has suspicions about the assassination in which players could theoretically be involved. this operation there were 9 brand new nissan patrol. pickup trucks involved, they clearly were very sophisticated. they knew the layout of the president's home . they knew where to go. apparently they had inside information. so this was an operation which had been clearly planned for some time. and had a lot of money behind them. so we're likely to see an upsurge and uptick of haitian refugees leaving the country. and the u. s. is going to say that this is a threat to international stability, etc, etc. and they may,
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they may try yet another military or military occupation of haiti, which will be the 4th. this would be something that i think would be poor and gasoline on the fire. patients are very proud would be very upset to have their sovereignty trampled once again. washington has been the king maker if you will, in haiti, and in the case of a job now my weeds and his predecessor michelle marcelli, they had a big hand in having them elected into office. many haitians call that an electoral coup d'etat. so washington is very interested in haiti, of chairs the island with the dominican republic. it is a neighbor of cuba right across the windward passage. so geo, strategically, it's very important at leading british scientific
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journal has published an article that says there is quote, mounting evidence that russia sputnik v vaccine is quote, safe and effective and the jobs currently in use and almost 70 countries worldwide . earlier, my colleague niel harvey got more details from arte correspondent concert in rosco major is a weekly scientific journal based in the u. k. it is considered to be the world's most prestigious, well read and quoted. and it has published a story in depth story, and specifically with a title, quote, mounting evidence, adjust scrutiny covey, the vaccine is safe and effective. and so in the article, they basically sum of all the latest information that has brought them to these positive conclusion. students, me has been approved in nearly 70 nations, including brazil, argentina, the philippines are hungry and for instance, in india they are going to produce at least 185-0000 doses of specifically for domestic use. and they wouldn't have gone for this if they hadn't been sure about
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it. safety, right? the receipt coming from the russian researchers. but then there is data coming from all those nations that are importing and distributing the vaccine. and it also shows that nuclear safe and it's working, the united arab emirates have conducted the room study that showed 97.8 percent of figures. c, argentina's, health care officials claim that even one dose of food think we gives antibodies to a person in 78.6 percent of cases. and this is, by the way we're, i have personal experience. i didn't have antibodies after the 1st shot, but after the 2nd one, that's when my body produced the proper mean response. and i still have a significant amount of antibodies even 8 months after the inoculation. but let's get back to the article and see what they say about the possible side effects of the vaccine. sputnik side effects are becoming clearer. cities so far suggested they are similar to those of other ad bars vaccines with the notable exception of
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red blood clotting conditions. unlike for both the oxford astrazeneca and johnson and johnson vaccines, there been no reports of these disorders from russian health authorities, or from the other nations using sputnik ve, the millions of people already taken certainly vaccine. among them, there will be some people who would like to travel, say, to europe. now that would become a much easy thing to do. if sputnik had been approved by say, the w h o or by the european medicines agency. is there any suggestion in this article why that has not happened yet? we know that the european medicine agency and the world health organization haven't given the green light to support the yet. and the officials claim that they still have reservations, for instance, over the quality of surveillance of the possible rare, are effective specifically. and we also know that the w h o, instructors have visited 9 sites across russia where scrutiny fee is being manufactured and the flag concerns over $1.00 of those sites. and the russian side
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says that they have already fixed the problem. but there are also concerns that food may lose its potency over time, and that even a vaccinated person needs a booster shot. and there is no light, a one day's version of the same vaccine that is being already rolled out in moscow and other major cities. exactly. for this, but as the russian producers claim there are a lot of red tape in the m a. and that they have to jump through a lot of hoops in order to get their vaccine registered properly. and they've never done this before. they do make mistakes, they admit this and even typing errors. so that shows you that the student is still has a long way to go, even without approval from the m a and the w tow. there are countries that importing and distributing the russian jobs, i'm talking about european countries like hungry and san marino. now, austria and cyprus, they do accept russian tourists who have sputnik we without asking them to provide
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a negative p. c r test. so all in all, we're seeing that as need be gradually expanding its reach, gaining recognition, but the same time there are obstacles that still need to be overcome and will probably this article will speed this up. the efficacy of the pfizer covert job has dropped by nearly a 3rd. that's according to a new study by the israeli health ministry. the findings common the rapids spread both in the country and globally of the delta vary and 1st detected in india. and the vaccine is still set to be efficient. however, in preventing serious illness, as of now, the 5 by and take job has been approved for food or emergency use and more than 100 countries worldwide, including the e u. america and canada. it also received emergency validation from the w h o. at the end of last year. earlier we discussed the vaccines efficacy issue with the head of the vaccination program. at the tele vive medical center. we have data
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which shows even if the immunity of doses of defy their job, even if the unit is waning, it winging very, very, very slowly. it is possible at some point, everybody will need another dose. obviously we're worried about the drop. the delta vary and has already been studied in britain and elsewhere in the final vaccine has been found to be less effective against it, but not as less effective as seen in our preliminary data. so we will have to watch it closely as the data unfolds. the full vaccination with 5 requires 2 shots, like most of the current covert injections, but a growing vaccine hesitancy trend, seen people refusing to get a 2nd dose in the job and capital, for example. one in 5 vaccination appointments have been counsel postponed in recent weeks. that's according to the german red cross, which has even suggested
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a 30 year old fine for those. failing to show for the injection. at the head of the organizations berlin branch says vaccine absenteeism is selfish. our experience every day, 5 to 10 percent of those who have appointments do not attend in the arena bell and area alone around 3000 people vaccinated every day. while the rest of the centers around $15000.00 vaccinations take place every day of those 3 files and every day, $150.00 total people do not attend. that is quite a lot if you consider the amount of effort that goes into this 1st. this is not fair to those who would like to make an appointment for the vaccination, but cannot do this due to the lack of free time slows. and secondly, a complete waste of all resources, vaccine, pharmacists, and daughters. therefore, i'm calling for those who do not attend their appointments about counseling them to be given a fine for absenteeism on. according to the world health organization,
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the delta strain will dominate all other variance globally. in the coming months, it was 1st detected in india in october last year at sense spread to more than $100.00 countries. and dozens of countries are implementing new restrictions on travel bands to stop the dangers of coven mutations. and is by far the most common historians now and to point in it is next to impossible. there will be new addition. we don't know where they will come from. not they could come from any part of the world. so far, all the mutations are still sensitive to vaccine, at least look at extent, but you know, you never know you might get the mutation which escapes the current unless everyone is able to control the spread. otherwise, it's like no one is actually safe. i suspect good, good, big many years for us to get used to it,
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find the best vaccinations prevention strategies make. we keep spreading to be able to pick that scenes to all humanity 6 months after the u. s. last, it's bad to have julian assange extradited. a u. k. court has given washington the green light to appeal. so we got reaction from the publisher's partner, stella mars. i was able to speak to julian now about the decision and you know, it's mixed because on the one hand it's been 6 months and we haven't had any news. so it's like an endless purgatory. but at the same time it doesn't here. and julian's very unwell, he's happy when, when he went with our eldest this morning. and so it's not representative when i see him because obviously it's a, it's a one rest fight. he get off. but even belmont prison is
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a horrible place. he won his case in january. why even in prison? why is he even being prosecuted? there is no legal case against him. all there is, is an indictment based on life. julian, sr. space is 175 years in prison in america, which of course wants them extradited from britain on charges of hacking and espionage. in january, a british judge ruled against his extradition of affairs of his mental health. and 2019 assange was forcibly removed by police from the ecuador and embassy in london, of the key code terminated his 7 year asylum there. wikileaks, editor in chief and friend of assange, christian france, and says he's outraged by the sheer length of the whole process. well, it's a great disappointment for julius johnson for all of this is continuing. one would hope that the united kingdom courts would to recognize how ridiculous this case
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is and not grant the appeal. this means that this will drag, go on now for some time, for a prisoners to have to wait in a prison. sell was 6 months for half a year just to get a decision of whether the appeal is allowed to to his opponents or not is rages. this decision comes only a week after it is revealed that the indictment against julian does not have a leg to stand on. the key with and says retracted to testimony and says basically that testament, which was cited by the business judge numerous times as truthful allegation doesn't hold true. it is a fabrication and the americans now know it and they're still continuing on this track. this appeal is an attempt to prove pro long the inevitable,
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inevitable is the freedom of julia. if he does not get his freedom, it is such a load to our society and what we believe in that it is almost amount to turning off the light. so this must come to an end, and i can fence in my bones that it will be coming soon. meanwhile, australian m. p. 's urging president biden to drop the u. s. government extradition appeal. the strategy and citizens want juliet assigned to be free is treatment violates for convention against torture. and it's persecution threatens journalists worldwide. we drop it comes out as julian on celebrated his birthday for the 3rd straight year inside a maximum security prison in the u. k. a lots of his supporters pull into the
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streets of new york and london over the weekend markets, 50th birthday and demand his release. australian m. p. george christiansen was among those who filmed the video in support of their fellow countrymen. a lot of people were viewing beyond the assange campaign, viewing. this is just something that the trump administration was, was doing well. it actually wasn't the trump administration that was doing it. of course, we know now that don't trump consider issuing a pardon to join the signs for someone that wouldn't, that was going after him. you wouldn't be thinking about issuing a pardon. so this is something that the u. s. department of justice is showing. and there, that's why nothing as simple as simply dropped with the change of regimes in the us or administrations in the us. you know, it's almost been swept to the side by a lot of the mainstream media. and you even have some journalist tonight still protest at calling him a journalist. we're going to say that julian sanchez,
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former journalism, is probably the most pure. it comes with that any spin with that, any sort of opinion that's added to it. he's just giving the raw data to the people and i think he should be applauded for that. so let's see you in the program here on our team tightening their grip on the tech giant. india says twitter is no longer immune from responsibility over a user generated content will lift the lid on that story in just a moment. the ah
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ah, me. when i was wrong, why don't i just don't the room. yes, to fill out this thing because the after an engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves? well, the part we choose to look for common ground in the
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it's good to be with us for the program. the power of social media giants has long been seen as unstable, but increasingly efforts are underway to rein them in. now the government in new delhi has stated twitter. it will no longer be immune from responsibility for content generated by users in india. and it does come less than 2 weeks after the highest court in texas said that facebook can be held accountable over its platform being used for sex traffic. and what i guess dia has been looking at what it all mean for relations between nations and big tac, whatever, all views and online freedoms on censorship, i do the fact that take johns have run wild boston blew it drunk with power and high own mind boggling revenues, they began to see themselves as king makers, virtual cyber gods, to rule the net, to decide who gets to talk. and what about and increasingly states around the world, the saying i now off and in flood,
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the escalation of the risk between the indian government and what the center has told. deli, high court and social media john to speak to comply with in this new idea. so said that if the company's fail to follow the rules there, intermediary status can be ended, and they may be subject to criminal action. the court of it is twitter, which got away with blocking the then president of the us has decided to engage in a battle of wills with india. for example, according to india's new i t rules. so uses must be warned if their account is about to be ban. what does twitter do? temporarily bands the countries technology minister without warning or another rule . so india doesn't want content that causes religious enmity. so they asked with it to remove a picture of a hindu goddess in lute positions posted by use called atheist republic. twitter has taken no steps to remove such content, but an a blatant violation of indian laws has been acting as an accomplice to the
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crime. and showing such blasphemous and insulting content, these spiteful little acts they go on an odd twitter, for example, posting a map of the india with entire disputed province is removed from indian sovereignty . so he is the technical part, right, twitter and facebook, and all they get away with it is by arguing that they are not responsible for what uses post. because that free speech, they are just platforms for free speech. obviously that is highly debatable. tech johns, have no problem, says rick, not only people, but in ta, political movements, but more than that, it isn't true because they make money off of it. but for example, running ads for child sex trafficking. plaintiff was 14 years old in 2017, had traffickers used instagram to advertise plaintiffs as prostitute and to arrange dates. as a result, plaintiff was raved numerous times for when plaintiffs rescue from the traffic in
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scheme traffickers continue to use your profile to attempt to interrupt other minors. in the same manner, plaintiff's mother reported this activity to facebook which have respond it. that is from an ongoing lawsuit in texas, which we reported on numerous victims a suing facebook for not only ignoring, but facilitating child said trafficking by writing, child grooming at making money off of it. the takeaways facebook never responded. they see themselves these take chances above nations and borders laws and customs above elected officials and representative governments. i mean, what the heck is in the go to do ban twitter, unthinkable. until recently, indian companies be pharma. i t or others that go to do business in the united states of america or in other foreign countries, voluntarily follow the local laws. then why are platforms like twitter showing
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reluctance and following indian laws designed to give voice to the victims of abuse and misuse? at the end of the day, what is happening in india is going to set a global president. every foreign mission is waiting to see how these end i, the india, will persevere, force big take to acknowledge that, that they are, the greater the nations and peoples that there are rules and that they have to follow them, nor indeed will fold the compromise. and as such, recognize the yes, big tech is a digital superpower answerable to a new one and above common law and custom. what is happening is that these big tech social media giants are disregarding all local sensibilities and sensitivities. the have a liberal universal values agenda and they also taken very parties on positions on very sensitive matters in india,
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on major political development. so i think the public as well as the government are quite upset with the way these social media joins are, are manipulating, or trying to manipulate public opinion. there's no consistency in what they're doing. their content. moderation is very, very flock and biased and they are resorting to a kind of like a hit you money in the social media sphere because they are large numbers of users . so i think it's very important that they should be disciplined, or else there is likely to be more gales and more violence and public disorder. and i think in a big complex society like india, they should act more responsibly. western powers, all rounding on iran. it's off the terror on announced it was enriching uranium for research purposes. iran has no credible civilian need for uranium metal research
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and development and production, which are a key step in the development of a nuclear weapon. with its latest steps, iran is threatening a successful outcome to the vienna talks, despite the progress achieved in 6 rounds of negotiations. to date, it is worrying that iran is choosing to continue to escalate its non performance of its pcp away commitments. especially with experiments that how the value for nuclear weapons research. it's another unfortunate step backwards for iran continue to urge ron to stop this brinkman ship. while the spot comes and made efforts between iran and 5 world powers to revive a nuclear agreement. and it's aimed at stuffing to iran from developing nuclear weapons, something it denies trying to do. now under the deal,
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iran kept its nuclear activities in exchange for sanctions relief. it almost collapsed off to donald trump. it took the us out a few years back. now us sanctions were reactivated into iran, then report li, violated some of those terms. and we had a chance to speak with a site and havent mirandi from tara university. what the americans and trump were trying to do was to get more than what was agreed upon and the nuclear deal biden. and his supporters criticized from when he did this. but then when they came to power, they pursued big exact same policy, a trump as we expected in iran. so ultimately, the only way forward is for the european americans to recognize that they cannot get confessions from iran by killing ordinary iranians through barbaric sanction. iran has an agreement with western government
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and if western governments think that the iranian nuclear program should be contained or that its scope should be limited, then they should go and implement the deal off off here in moscow, the fir has literally been flying and the russian military with an elite selection of military dogs. busy put through their paces and a parachute drill, the special harness shop. it was developed by the russian tech. no dynamics allows dogs that up to $45.00 kilos to be safely attached to the pirate trooper. before jumping from the ground of the pack and then down directly to the battlefield. so far, tests have been carried off from a height of 13000 feet. but as we understand, special breathing apparatus is now being developed for the dogs. so they can jump from.


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