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[000:00:00;00] ah, yes, true that bog rom airfield overnight on a friday. this without even telling the bases new african calendar. but after a 20 years of being involved in the region there withdrawal of us troops is having an immediate effect. so to discuss what is next for the people in the region, we bring in foreign pentagon official. michael miller, thanks for joining me, michael. sure. okay, so i think we can both agree that this withdraw was long overdue. we've all been talking about it for a long time. however, do you think the united states has done so in a well thought out and responsible way? oh, absolutely not. i shall, as you point out, shouldn't have been there now since since. in little a little while ago, the pentagon came out and such, but we didn't give them fair notice. so the u. s. as
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a parent notice afghan say they, they did not. who knows, but we're still going out with a whimper. you gotta keep in mind, i can't stand them knowing as late as the graveyard of armies and empires. so this is just one more on the iep going all the way back to alex and the great and you know it's, it's not, it's not surprising. and you would think we would learn from a history, michael, especially going in, i mean, 20 years. what is the united states has a show for it? but i'm more concerned about at this point, you know, who are we think step in to fill the void as the american troops, pretty much pulling out. they're still leaving us some behind it to protect diplomats in the embassy. so they say, but he's actually stepping in both the good and the bad guys and girls to fill in the void. well, it's, it's, it's really going to be problematic. it's going to, it's just going to devolve into a civil war. unfortunately. tell a bond that has the most notoriety about this or they're still only controlling about
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a 3rd of the country. now they did take over the northern portion and they've changed out a lot of african security forces into does you stand up in the north? and that is very critical in terms of access into the rest of the central asian countries by g. how to solve as groups, what i think is going to happen is that you're going to see a lot of the ethnic groups actually form into a re reshape their own malicious once again. and then you're going to have little tribal groups that are going to be shared sunni, who are either supportive of that, but tele bonner against the tell about the same to their governments. they may support the government or they may or they may actually oppose it. they don't think that the government is given them adequate protection against their farm. and these militias all over again. and there's no way that the government is going to,
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which is no one noted for its corruptness and internal divisions anyway. is going to be able to survive this the us and tell us and services. well, maybe, maybe 6 months, i think it's going to be just a matter of us in 3 months that it can survive. because turmoil is already beginning to form. and you're saying these militia groups already taking shape and they're going to start warring with one another. i think one of the ways to deal with this is for even russia to, to try and get a regional conference. going to try to get the countries in the, in the area to come to grips and come together to work out a security plan and work out some deal that can be inclusive if at all possible. because militarily, you're not going to win f, can a stand is not going to win. and we're already seen china itself. now taking an added interest in afghanistan. so we don't know what that or terms. so it's really a muddle. and so you've got all of these elements fighting around among each other and,
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and we don't know how it's going to call us. but one potential outlet is called out come will be potential civil war. well, and that's, that's what's always happen last time. any of this happen? i mean, it's predictable at this point, but, you know, you mentioned china, i want to talk about just because united states is leaving what other countries are staying or actually beating up their support. they are, you mentioned china. i've, i've heard that the u. k is also be showing up their soldiers there. who else is involved right now that you know, the united states is getting out? does this make room for other countries to come in and try their hand where you're going to see the nato countries moving out year? it's pakistan certainly has a vested interest. historically, india has to iran, china and russia. so these countries are really got to deal with afghanistan's insecurity, and because it's in their own backyard, it's going to be in their interest to deal with this thing. and in the united states to take
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a lesson from its experiences in afghanistan. but these kinds of interventions and other people's wars just isn't working in our best interests. we have won a war since world war 2 when you think about it. and it's, and our reputation is one of military intervention and destruction rather than construction, which the chinese have demonstrated now with their bell and go to initiative. they may want to, the chinese may want to get afghanistan economically involved through its spelled road initiative. and that will just and of course, the trillions of dollars on tap resources and f canister where they're going to have to deal with these warring factions within the country beforehand. and that's going to be the major problem where you think of the money that they have to answer . but i have to think of the billions at the united states have spent 20 years. you have people whose children are fighting in the same way they fought and, and neither one of them can actually say, who's the bad guy in the area to the point that, well, what you call
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a trillions point 6 trillion, 6 trillion dollar war and in iraq we've got another 3 trillion and afghan, a stand, you know, pretty soon it adds up to real money that we, that we spent and we have nothing to show for. and there are some other ways, you know, i do want to ask you the, what do you make of all these reports of the african troops? i mean, we're talking in record numbers are surrendering right now to the taliban. what do you make of that in the future? you said there's a future civil war. is that just a better sign of it? or why can't the actual afghan government beat themselves up? why are they so quick to turn over? well, they just, they just never were the fighting unit. they were, they're good at guerrilla warfare, but they've never been good historically as a trade army, as such. and we try to change that culture and it just wouldn't work. they're good at their good a guerrilla warfare. there's no question about that. but when you try to train them as an army, and it just really shows the lack of effectiveness of the, of the, of the cabal government. the government itself has been attack number of times
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either by tele bond or isis. and that's going to be the other growing problem. is the growth once again isis and, and i'll try to in that area of bonds already is known to be linked with without it . and then there's and not withstanding whatever understanding if you can call it that, that the united states has a telephone. that's of course at the get go. well ok. and then the final question, i've got to ask you, i mean this is a 1000000 dollar question on here. did the united states make this area after 20 years, more capable of having peace? or did they actually open the door for more terrorism and more terror and chaos in the region by just what they've done? yeah, i think i think it's going to be back to where we were back in 2001 and before and i think we're going to be we're actually, we've actually given a whole new sanctuary to isis and, and other islamic groups,
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a militant groups to to stay in place and, and then from our experiences, we know that we can't go back into those countries and do anything. but our intelligence is, is decimated in that area to try to even give any kind of modicum of support to the central government any longer. and that's been one of the problems. we can't put us troops or assistance in neighboring countries in the central us as rebecca standards, as you can, because russia certainly going to oppose to that. that is their sphere of influence . we have no business in the area. i mean, we've got to recognize the spheres of in words which we fail to do because of our own assertive policies from f kenneth stand to, to nato in the black sea. so it's really, we've really got to do some to intent, to tamp down our own assertiveness in the world as a so called world power. we ought to be more constructive than destructive. well, that's a message to congress and as a control the pocket books over the pentagon, you know, it's really sad about this. not only are the trains of dollars which as you noted. busy we've wasted taxpayer dollars,
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probably creating more instability in the region, but it's the hundreds of lives of americans that were loss of that area. and for what good did those families lose their loved one micro move. thank you. i've tried to live lives in 1000. well, thank you very much for joining us on this. have you seen these warnings yet on your facebook or twitter? there, the latest feature being tested by the social media platform with the initiative to identify and tackle violent extremism. but if public safety had the actual goal, one that has been a swan and they going to be to as line of vinyl media, joins us to discuss been, i want to start with you on this. you know, tell us, since you are, i've done, you've been watching, obviously all of the moves of social media. you're very active yourself. tell us about this new feature. yeah, this is particularly creepy one because what facebook has done is, is they are specifically reaching out to users, doing 2 things. one is saying,
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you might have been exposed to extreme with content based on something that you've watched. now we know facebook and gathering data on everything we do, whether we're on their site or off their site, but with your on their side and you might have watch something that they label extremist. they'll tell you, you might have just watched something that was extremist, and then they have these, these disclaimers on their, you know, extremist groups like to play on your anger and your fear and your frustrations. and so you need to report this content and the list specific agencies and organizations that you can reach out to, to try to, i guess, or worn or rat out what's, what's being called extremely, extremely content. the other one that they're putting up is, not only are they saying, you know, maybe you've been exposed to it, but they're asking you, do you know someone who's an extremist or someone who's falling prey to this is extreme idea. the here of course is the catch 22, the, the big question. scottie, who is an extremist? what is the definition for that?
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because the problem when you use terminology like that is you're not, you know, being very specific or narrow. you're throwing that out. is anyone who's anti kind of the mainstream narrative out there and extremist, is anybody who questions, those who are in authority, an extremist, that's what it seems like. and that is enormously problematic. well, i want to bring in legal, my legal and media analysts line on this. you watch this and you go, how is this legal? this seems like actual weapons of bullying tactics being used on social media. the karen's and the kids of the world's rejoicing line along this. so what is going to be some of the legal hurdles to actually help protect individuals if they are reported? well, 1st of all, it is legal because it's not a law, it's not the government. and we've been through that, that's an old to 30 thing, but you don't. one of the, the, which i find interesting is, you know, the parallels between this and cove. it sounds like contact tracing. have you been exposed, or you really get a call from. somebody says, you know, you were exposed to this. we're going to do a check,
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a swab test to see what you've been exposed. it's fascinating the parallels to this, but to answer your question, if this was a statute, this was anything else. if i pulled your bed over for speeding and you said, well what speeding, you know, going to fast what's fast. so that's pretty axiomatic. the other part is, is that they know deliberately that if they were to be too specific and tell you what exactly you should be looking for, or they're going to talk about b l am active as perhaps, maybe are antique. if they are too specific by say, have you seen people have you ever dealt with anybody who advocates violence, new say yes, they might say no, no, not those people, those people so which deliberately vague it's a war shack test is to allow you to fill in the blanks and didn't get away with it because they should still be treated like a you telling me. but until we figure this out there when this law and well, now we're this on your media. and if you don't like facebook go someplace else. so
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we know what's going on, this is about social engineering, and he'll be joining people to basically, as ben says, read out your neighbor. and if you're wrong, so be it. well, that's the thing, walk the line, then do we have any examples yet of what happens when someone is turned in by their neighbor or are named to the social media platforms? what is expected next? well, that's the thing is we don't know what it is. this is actually a pilot project, so we don't know exactly what facebook is doing with this information. we don't know a facebook is turning it over to law enforcement again because it's so it's so non specific and it's very ambiguous terminology that's being used. it's very difficult to know of what would you even do with this are the organizations and nonprofits that are part of this, or they turning it over to law enforcement. you know, i think it's important field that we, we point out that all of this is predicated upon a false narrative. there is a false narrative that there are violent extremists and let's just call it what it is that there are white nationalists. that's the real fear here that are for
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minting kind of an army of hage online, in order to destroy the rest of the country. that is a false narrative that is not happening. this idea that there are people who are resisting coded, and therefore they are creating great danger within the society because they resist vaccines and their anti vaccine. and so there are great danger. that's a whole narrative, right? there are people who think differently than major corporations that have combined their powers with government forces and big tech. there are people who think differently and think for themselves. what this really becomes county is it's very 1984. it's like a thought police that has been created that says we're not just going to to crack down on content. we don't like. we're going to crack down on anyone who thinks differently and ostracize them from society. that is the real goal here. remove from society. anyone who thinks differently than we the marg secretaries, the phases of the world. and if they think differently than we do, the atlantic council in nato, they must be purch. last week that is trying to bring up nights for i was,
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i was our public if someone is wearing a shirt, make 1984 fiction again. and that's scary because i think a lot of people would like to see it unfortunate. i feel like in certain cases, this being one of them, we are living it line, although from a legal perspective is pretty virtually go head on. what is this line between extreme is and freedom of speech, and what does the everyday citizen have to defend themselves when they get this notification that they've been possibly turned in? or their accounts been suspended? do they have any chance to appeal it or any argument on their behalf? well, 1st, a very interesting point here. i would correct not correct, but, but just know, want something. this isn't the thought police. these are the thought vigilantes. we're asking people to turn in other people. now, one thing that i would like in terms of legal liability, if i turn your bend into something, if i drop a dime on you and i write facebook and i say, listen, scott, you know, use, this is an extremely, she's crazy. she's
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a white nationalist. and something happens to you by virtue of what i say, which we're going to assume is false. is this, why do they enjoy some type of an exemption from this? is there a privilege you, you asked me to do a good job? who ask you cool facebook? well, they're not the police. yeah. but i'm trying to comply. yeah. but you just called her, but no. can you sue me? is there a cause of action? my immunized? should i be given miranda warnings before i turn somebody in c, this is uncharted territory and they want this confusion to be exactly what it is they thrive on. this is to habituate, but join us rather to chaos. that's what this is about. well, in line obey, and if anybody knows about speaking online, both of you have strong voice on it. i would hope this would not be you to the tool to silence your voice, which sadly, unfortunately, it seems like we're going down that path unless we keep fighting, which is why i have you both on. thank you so much for joining me. thank you. thank
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you. when now after the break, you know the runway at boise idaho airport, it's filled right now with private jets just flying in for this week. we're going to discuss this buoy gathering hosted by. busy a very large investment bank and more importantly, tell you who and what is on the agenda. when we return the the
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the me the to don't leave your mobile toys new. she will tell when she gets home ready to love. ah, she is. she knew she wouldn't be a little girl, but i was a nice to meet the teacher. julia control the traditional moving, but she's really if you see the one you need from me,
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she could have said so many lots to do with metro. okay. she yeah. so this is what i need from the new new new new which and what if the new i see executable football once he put it up when i got it up, when i got it up on that got mixed up with me. i used to hearing, he will lead messaging about the importance of values. not everyone in the block agrees. in fact, a growing number of conservative and populous forces are speaking out against what subtle call brussels colonial outlook. conservatives and populace. talk the
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language of family and culture. it leaks talk a value to create a european superstate me the news the week on gatherings which are the wealthiest leads in the country are nothing new, but this week they have decided they are going to meet in idaho. and they started their meetings on tuesday, but the question is, you know, what is truly the meeting all about and what are they hoping to accomplish? well, actually correspond natasha suite is following this and has more on what some are calling the billionaire summer camp. in the past, the major media and tech deals are said to have been made during this conference and some believe talk this week could shape some of our freedoms online. perfect jeff landing and idaho as well. no 1000000000 years make the way to the sun valley resort. well, last year the event was on hold as a result of the pandemic this year,
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the leads are making their way to the sleepy resort count. the annual conference is hosted by investment bank allen and company. it was reportedly one of the underwriters for google, 2004 i p. o. facebook 2012 i p o, twitters, 2013 i p. o, and a co manager for linkedin, 2011. i. p o. the company also had a hand in some major changes in tact, reportedly advised facebook back in 2014 was acquiring what's up. it also walked e bay and paypal through their separation in 2015. elena company is also linked to helping for rise in acquiring yahoo in 2016 as well as helping microsoft when it was purchasing linkedin and on the invite list include some of the most influential people in the technology sector finance world and in media is believed. major deals began at these very conferences. this includes comcast acquisition of nbc, universal in 2009, as well as just basis as purchase of the washington post and 2013 summer
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speculating topics this year could include freedom of speech online or lack thereof . as this year is expected, attendees shape policies of what's allowed on these platforms guess who are expected to attend on the tech front. include facebook, c o. mark stuck or berg, apple. c. o. tim cook and flux, e o's, read hastings and ted saran. dose, not to mention warm buffet and microsoft co founder bill gates. mainstream media representatives include comcast, c o brian roberts, buy. com, cbs chairwoman, sherry redstone, cns host anderson, cooper and dan jones. cbs host, gail king and public officials include former us secretary of transportation. elaine chao former white house drug control policy advisor, kevin submit, and former ambassador to the united nations, nikki haley. now you can only attend this event if you are invited and know. pressed is been asked to cover it. reporting for news use houston tosh, a sweet r t bringing
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a summer camp. talk about the biggest summer camp one that people spend our entire life working for the 2020 olympics and they're about to finally start. however, as with every year, the us team is embroiled and controversy after controversy. so join me now to from the archie, sports h q in steve. chris stock as steven even follows, i want to start with let's try star shake hurry, richardson. what exactly happened with their suspension? and the reason why we're doing the segment is there's a lot, a lot of just noise on social media in the news of what really happened. these are just the facts, no opinions. that's why i wanted you to set it straight. so what happened was about a month ago, she ran her, but event 100 meter in a qualifier. what she did qualify for the tokyo olympics she clocked in at $10.00 and a 100 meter, which is unheard of. it's unbelievable. so she had high hopes for the tokyo olympics, but she did unfortunately test positive after that for t h. c, which is a chemical found marijuana, which is a band substance from the water. so the world anti doping agency, now the u. s. anti doping agency because she has an american athlete follow,
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adopted those band substance rules by water and unfortunately had to band her for at least one month to 4 years. they did give her a 30 that she accepted a 30 day suspension. so unfortunately, she will not be able to participate in the 100 meter for the women, for the usa women at the tokyo olympics. however, she will be suspension will be up in time where she could still participate in the 4 by 100 meter relay. but that is not her event, like people had high hopes of her to get gold. the 1st u. s. women to get gold at an olympic event since 1996 when gail deavers did it. so it's a sad story because she also said she was using it as a coping mechanism because she found out her biological mother had passed away and she was struggling with that. and once again, it was told to her by a reporter based on that she was trying to do that, i get that. but i have also seen a lot of anger as you point out at the us olympic committee. not necessarily where the blame belongs, as there's now call. there's a petition signed by pars, and this is not political people and both republicans and democrats. big names are
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said, we need to make marijuana be an illegal substance, but who's actually responsible for this decision? so this is obviously a worldwide rule, which is like i said, world anti doping agency. it is unfortunate. i think the rule does have to be looked at, of course, because it's sad when some this is not a performance enhancer. but according to the world anti doping agency, they say it could potentially be one, and it also ruins the spirit of the sport. and it is a high risk for athletes. but a lot of athletes that we've seen here in the u. s. a. and the nfl and h l for example, and the n b a have lack, relax those marijuana band substances because players use them in the off season to recover or between training to recover as i'm additional. so that's, you know, i think this is not a us competition. this is an international. even if you're calling for the u. s, it's a small world after all, and other countries, us just one country in the world. i don't know. athletes know that, but we're just one country, so we also have to realize what the rest of the world is doing. yes, and it's important to know that chicago richardson is only 21 years old. she will be and she did accept the punishment and took full responsibility. it just the sad
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situation all around for everybody involved and, well i, you know, we have other topics. i want to see what there's one real quick, what has been the world's response that has there been other countries saying, we give our support for her saying, let's keep it as other countries really haven't spoken about. i don't think that they obviously want her to participate, but the us athletes, a lot of pro athletes here in america. big names, i'm talking to patrick, my homes, you know, the star the nfl and be a players have come out other limbic athletes for team usa have come out and said, just let her run. you know, this was just marijuana, its legal everywhere, including where she smoked it in oregon. so why not let her run? she is the fastest. and let's see if she could become the fastest woman on earth. and there was a lot of, as i said, there's a lot of people looking for her to be that way. a lot of other controversies hitting we're doing transgender issues. we're doing patriotism. we will have you back on to discuss those because are very important. and we are going to the game for start off and how long? july 23rd, 16 days. so taking a lesson, steve, like always 6 to join us. we will have you back thanksgiving. michelle goes by so
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quickly because that's all the time that we have. so like always to provide you the information and the views to give you the 360 view. because the goal is to make your own opinion on the topic of the day. now we want to continue this conversation . i want to continue this conversation by falling me on twitter as scottie and use use the hash tag team n b h over there, shown more download the fordable dot tv app for your apple or android device until next time. thanks for watching. ah ah
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ah ah, today industry refers to the median of you know, v to get a regulations will be all about making money. i think it's about big corporation, international markets. import export. do you imagine the number of the diseases are in every family today due to new viruses or new microbes? it's not true. so it is due to environment. they're not going to take either the momentum, much trouble with abilene accumulate gonna come in the day. they don't allow us, the food industry is successful for create more jobs, it will create more value added,
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it will create more so i don't see why we shouldn't also fight for the interest of the industry that we have regulation. we want the regulation of the industry and if we don't have any specialty, that's fine. ah ah, to be with me. ah ah,
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i use the ah, this is national in the headlines this evening for moscow. the caribbean nation of haiti has imposed martial law off of the shop, assassination of its precedent. his leading scientific journal in the u. k. colds, russia. sputnik job. quote, the safe and effective stressing the lack of severe side effects, such as alleged blood clots linked to other vaccine. also on the program, we hear from a german red cross member who is raising the alarm over a growing number of those, skipping their appointments for a 2nd corona virus job. that's as a covert hesitancy,


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