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conservatives and populace talk the language of family and culture. we least talk a values to create a european superstate the you all watching all see international coming up in our headlines this ours, the caribbean nation is, is rocked by the assassination of the countries president while at his home with report that his wife was also injured by the same attackers report that she has also to come to her injuries. we will hear from a german red cross mother who's raising the alarm over a growing number of those who is skipping their appointment to get a 2nd. corona virus job that all as a covert hesitancy, trend continues to spread across the globe. in addition to that,
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on the way for you de classified archive documents revealed quite astonishing details about britain and france planning to attack the soviet union. this was back in 1914, even before the not corresponding gets hands on with history. ah other very good afternoon to you. thanks so much for joining us on our t international office for this hour, is that the president of haiti juvenile mo. it has been assassinated at his residence by a group of armed a tank because the country's 1st lady was also shot, an injured and since reportedly also died in hospital. and what we can take a look at 1st isn't verified video footage, allegedly this captures the very moment when the attack is storm,
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the presidential residents at night. the sco lie to our corresponding kellen moore pin. he's across the situation. kelly, what exactly do we know about the situation in the country right now? following this incident, while we have at this point, the prime minister speaking up and urging folks in the country to remain hall, there has been quite a bit of unrest in haiti and there is a fear that this could spark things off. even more. here is what we heard we didn't identify the group. they spoke spanish or english. they attacked the residence of the president of the republic, the president to come to his room. we condemn the barbaric attack. i call for calm of the population. the situation of the country is already under control, and now haiti is considered to be one of the poorest countries in the western
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hemisphere. the country is based, ongoing poverty and suffering as well as ongoing political instability. and the united states is widely blamed by some of the protesters and many the people that have taken to the streets in recent months against this recently killed president. now the u. s. has kept up to condemn this killing. here's what we heard from us. officials. the message to the people of haiti is this is a tragic tragedy. it's a high risk crime and we're so sorry for the loss that they're all suffering and going through. as many of them are walking up this morning and hearing this news. and we stand ready and stand by them to provide any assistance that's needed. now the united states has really struggled to find an approach to the country. we had the situation with the president being increasingly on popular protests going on. apparently, the biden administration was quite divided while some members of the biden
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administration were urging biden to back the opposition to the recently killed president. others clears biden. didn't really have an interest in doing that. there seem to be divisions when the white house. here's some of what we've heard about biden's approach to the protest and the situation in haiti. if haiti, the good, awful thing to save haiti just quietly sunk into the caribbean or rose up 300 feet, it would matter a whole lot in terms of our interest. so the fear now is that this assassination could set off a powder keg. it's not clear who did at this point. the reports indicate the per, the, the assassins were spanish speaking. so they, they were for, potentially not from haiti. other, some reports alleging the, the assassins pretended to be drug enforcement agency officers. that's not confirmed. it's not clear what exactly happened here, but there is a fear that this could lead to an explosion in the country. now, there has been widespread efforts by haitians to reach the states and migrate to
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the states and many fear it further. unrest unfolds in haiti this could lead to exacerbating the crisis of migration in the united states. so at this point, all eyes are on haiti to see what happens next. the president of haiti is deceased . that's pretty clear. and kellum open crystal with the latest. thank you. because go live now to kim. i'm sousa, another to with the newspaper. haiti, liberty. thanks so much for joining us. kim. heard the story. first of all, let's talk about the political repercussions. say, what is going to mean for haiti's political future? well, as your correspondence said, there is most likely going to be some sort of transition. i think the by the administration was indeed divided. they realized that the optics of the movies government were not very good because he was so repressive. he was ruling by
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decree for the past a year and a half. he was clearly corrupt and he was just forging ahead with his referendum and elections. later this year, the opposition, i should say. the bush was position, were clamoring to make a transitional government, a provisional government, as has been done several times in his recent history, and they would hold the election. so my guess is that the prime minister, the interim prime minister, who is in fact going out because the new prime minister was named on monday will not be strong enough for able to carry out the mission that washington one's to see, which is for haiti to have elections and put in somebody favorable to them. of course, in a situation like this,
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the situation is going to be very tumultuous. and the last time this happened, they ended up with john bear trying to receive the liberation. theologian, priest, anti imperialist in 990 was elected. and that was something that really alarmed them. they fomented not one, but 2 koos against them. one in 1991 and another in 2004. and so i think that's one of the reasons why the biden administration was dragging its feet on carrying out any kind of transitional government because they're afraid that might open a pandora's box and things will get out of control came. why would anybody want to kill the countries president? is there an obvious motivation here? well, this operation there were 9 brand new nissan patrol. pickup trucks involved. they clearly were very sophisticated. they knew the layout of the
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president's home. they knew where to go. apparently they had inside information, so this was an operation which had been clearly planned for some time and had a lot of money behind it was that another country was a big mafia. was that some number of the bourgeoisie who are opposed to jovan alamo, is that we don't know yet who exactly is behind it. but one thing is for sure he had a lot of enemies. most of haiti was clamoring him for him to go. and his better bet would have been to leave the country in february, 7th, 2021. when his term was up, according to the supreme court, the haitian bar association, and most legal analysis. instead of trying to continue on in the country for another year, it ended up costing him his life because he's very happy happening very close to
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the united states. what's the relationship between the 2 nations been and how is the us attitude? lot you to change if it's all well the u. s. has been the imperial power basically controlling, have east and said 1st us marine occupation of the country in 1915. haiti has basically been a neo colony of washington with france and canada. sort of junior partners in that imperial alliance and washington has been the king maker if you will. and haiti, as i said, bertrand aristide, they organize coups against him twice in the last 30 years. and in the case of a job, now my weeds and his predecessor michelle marcelli, they had a big hand in having them elected into office. many haitians call that an electoral coup de top. so washington is very interested in haiti,
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of chairs the island with the dominican republic. it is a neighbor of cuba right across the windward passage. so g o, strategically, it's very important. the situation currently looking pretty unstable. are there any concerns for the region as a whole? if things were to deteriorate further? well, we're going to say there are concerns. because when there's turmoil like this, a lot of haitians take to boats in to the sea. we know in central america, the turmoil and that region ends up with migrants coming across the border of mexico in the north. but in the case of the haitian, they tend to take 2 swims the boats just this past week. there were 43 who were intercepted of turks and k coast. so were likely to see an upsurge and uptick
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of haitian refugees leaving the country. and the u. s. is going to say that this is a threat to international stability, etc, etc. and they may, they may try yet another military or military occupation of haiti, which will be the 4th after that in 19151994 then 2004. so this would be something that i think would be put in gasoline on the fire. patients are very proud, would be very upset to have their sovereignty trampled once again. and i think that even though we're going to hear a lot of how haiti is the stabilizing the region by haitian, should be allowed to work out things on their own. clearly, foreigners have already intervene with the assassination of job. now my ways, but let the haitians sort out what the future will be for the country. we having
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this sort of outrage you would expect when, when the leader of a country is assassinated, does it depend on the countries to how much outrage there is? has been much, well, there has not been outreach. i mean, jovan l. louise was quite reviled by the haitian people, and most of his international supporters treated him with kept him at arm's length because he was pretty talks or he was very unpopular. he was repressive. he was corrupt. and so his passing is not going to be more and by the haitian people, and i don't think any foreign leaders are going to make a point of beating their breasts about his passing. so yeah, i, i think this was something which was almost for ordained because the situation is already the powder keg,
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as you mentioned in the setup is already exploded. haiti is basically in total turmoil right now. again, in the views of an editor with a newspaper. hey t liberty, my guess is ours. kim, eyes, thanks so much for your time and you've used kim. thank you. ok, let's turn to current of ours. the efficacy of the pfizer covey job is dropped. it seems by nearly a 3rd, according to a new study carried out by the israeli health ministry. the findings come amid the rapids spread both in the country and globally of the delta, very into the virus, which was the 1st detected in india. the vaccine is still said to be efficient though in preventing serious illness laws of now the final bill and tech job has been approved for full or emergencies in more than $100.00 countries globally. they include the u. u. s. and canada. it's also received emergency validation from the w h o. that was at the end of last year, we discussed the vaccines efficacy issue with the head of the vaccination program of the television unity of 2 doses of defy their job. even if the unit is waning,
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it winging very, very, very slowly. it is possible at some point, everybody will need their dose. obviously, we're worried about the drop. the delta vary and has already been studied in britain and elsewhere in the final vaccine has been found to be less effective against it, but not as less effective as seen in our preliminary data. so we will have to watch it closely as the data unfolds. the full vaccination with 5 requests to show, like most current cove jumps, but a growing vaccine hesitancy trend the same people refusing to get a 2nd dose in the german capital. for example, one in 5 vaccination appointments gets cancelled or postponed according to the german red cross, which is suggesting a 30 year. oh fine for those who failed to show up ahead of the organizations burden brands is vaccine. absenteeism is selfish. in our
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experience, every day, 5 to 10 percent of those who have appointments do not attend in the arena bell in area alone. around 3000 people have vaccinated every day. while the rest of the centers around $15000.00 vaccinations take place every day of those 3 files and every day, $150.00 total people do not attend. that is quite a lot if you consider the amount of effort that goes into this 1st, this is not fair to those who would like to make an appointment for the vaccination . we cannot do this due to the lack of free time slows. and secondly, a complete waste of all resources, vaccine, pharmacists, and daughters. therefore, i'm calling for those who do not attend their appointments about counseling them to be given a fine absenteeism. and we will finish this news out with an extended report previously classified russian documents about the 2nd world war revealed. the soviet union's west and allies didn't want to help moscow fight the
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nazis at the start of the war. instead, it actually been planning to attack the u. s. s. saw themselves on constantino's cough did some digging. i, russian military archives have reviewed previously unpublished documents that challenge well established narratives about world war 2. we know that from 941-2945, the western allies and the soviet union were fighting notches side by side. and this is how this went down in history. but according to the newly unveiled files that anti hitler coalition was not initially in the cards, in fact, france and britain had planning to attack the soviet union before it was attacked by germany. all this is quite interesting. so this is a copy of a note by maurice gamble and the commander in chief of the french armed forces at
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the beginning of world war 2. and it outlines how the allies wanted to strike sovereign caucasus in what modern days are be shot. this former soviet region still has vast oil resources and played a significant role in countries the ability to wage war. the date on the document suggests that the french military have such plans in february of 1943 months before hitler invades france and a little over a year before he takes on the ussr. no food discovered by the soviets, in postwar, germany, along with other documents that not system selves had captured unoccupied. france, it says that the french military command considered not just bombing, so we oil fields, but also inciting muslims, living in the region to revolve against moscow. miserably. they usually we were allies in world war 2 weren't we knew how did all that come to me,
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but he was and she was using it before we became allies. a lot had happened in europe, a lot of probably controversial things when each country pursued his own goals. this is a taken around the time that allied powers, bland, to launch an attack on the soviet union show as british military pilots boarding in the airplane in syria from where the air strikes were supposed to have been carried out. and according to this cable signed by the head of the soviet n, k, v de la renta beria. moscow was well aware of the bill dob in the middle eastern shore, financial financial for the french intelligence service, and actually was seeking detailed information regarding the topography of the area, the condition of the roads, a natural obstacles in georgia or media as urban french intelligence, particularly interested in intelligence on regions and border iran as his 20. what does it mean? did they plan a ground invasion of the u. s. as far as caucasus from iran to?
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i knew i ship, though i did not expect in iran and turkey to help them to see the only reason these plans were important. action says archive director of latimer to ross, was that hitler invaded france and the allies, all of the sudden had a more urgent problem on their hands. 939. y'all came via river and trop nazi germany is foreign minister arrived in moscow to sign a controversial non aggression pact with the soviet union land land and what he used to be a major airport of the show with capital back of that. and now they turn the place into a park because of that pack that broad, stalin and hitler somewhat closer for a short period of time. france and the u. k. started to be with us. are there a potential enemy and haven't considered waging more on the country? and everyone knows though, that before striking a deal with berlin, moscow was actively seeking and military alliance with london and paris. but those
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suggestions fell on deaf ears. this is a declassified proposal to britain and france by the soviet union. it's dated april 17th 9394 months before he demolished a ribbon tropic chord between the soviet union and nazi germany came into being britain, fran. cindy usaa saw signing an agreement for 5 to 10 years, pledging themselves to immediately assist each other by any means necessary, including militarily in the event of aggression in europe against any of the parties to the agreement. in britain, france and the soviet union had signed a proposal at the time a full flash. anti hitler coalition would have been born much earlier with nannie moss as he was running. i wish she could be to give it to you for answering written in franz's leadership, we're in no, have changed their policy towards the u. s. s. on and of course, they were wary of the soviet union, social and political system. naturally,
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their goal was to divert the german military machine towards the 8th and directed against soviet union. the fact is neither britain nor france wanted to be the 1st to go to war with hitler in 1938 trying to at least how and a large scale conflict in the allies, even how the infamous me uni conference, which allowed not to germany too occupied czechoslovakia yeah, in exchange neville chamberlain, britain's prime minister at the time brought back home a non aggression pact between britain in germany, a documents similar to one sign between germany and the ussr. your later chamberlain proudly brandished and pack, which bore hitler signature as symbolic of the design of our 2 peoples. never to go to war with one another again. yeah, in the modern historians like to point out that hitler and stalin had strike
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a deal. and therefore the soviet lear was, in their opinion, equally responsible for starting the war. however, moscow was not the 1st powered. negotiate with berlin. in the late 9030, which would you do, which is a studio people like to pick and choose historical facts that they like. and nobody wants to talk about uncomfortable things. britain and france a desire to buy p, germany in one hand. and they are reluctant to negotiate with the u. s. a star and the other lead moscow's leadership into believing that the us, the star can be hitler is next target. that's when joseph's down and he's close inner circle locked themselves inside his country residence with the map of europe . and i guess this is one of the most important exhibits that you are museum. we should probably be careful with it. we will be one of the most interesting things of the exhibition. a map of europe from the 900 thirties containing knows by stalen, is on public display for the 1st time. it shows the soviet liter as vision of what
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the us to star security zone should look like. so everything that's hollard blue and red is this is starlen. did he write it himself? yes, absolutely. and this correspond because here using a written pencil, he mark isn't true, your mental europe are they called it. so basically it was germany here of interest . but it's not just germany. so. so austria czechoslovakia point, germany had already absorbed tenants of the soviet security zone, including territories that had been part of the russian empire for centuries, and were recently lost during the bolshevik revolution and civil war. these were the baltic states western bell evers in ukraine, controlled by poland. the region of mr. robbie, a controlled by romania and the region of carmelia close to the city of letting grab. some historians will look at this map and say how stalin and hitler plan to divide europe and therefore they are to blame for world war 2. started with no
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shrinking violet. i want to follow up with concerned about the geopolitical situation near the us border. and he wanted these regions secure the russian historians claims the soviet leadership didn't want to incorporate the baltic states initially. but had to change your mind when they saw growing sympathy between political leads in those countries. and nazi germany is soviet secret agent and lithuania. this cable to moscow, after clint dathan, lee attending a meeting were one of the members of a local nationalistic party. was reading an unofficial message from germans foreign ministry. monumental in many wants to change the system in the baltic states and turn them into the united states. where when there would be the main player, you do geographical close this to germany. good relations between the 2 countries. before long in the summer of 940 lithuania and the 2 other baltic states had become
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part of the soviet union number. so we're going to need white gloves to work with these documents. yes, these are unique documents. ah, this is an original declaration from $940.00 where the recently installed lithuanian government formerly asked for the republic to be accepted into the soviet union. similar documents were submitted by lapierre and its donia and became legal grounds and further inclusion courage. officials and those nations denounced it as an occupation and back that'd with internationally recognized, installed no objections either from berlin or from london in paris. she must say, why did moscow need this 3 baltic states as part of the soviet union? reason threw off 1st and foremost for the security of the country. so it can stand against germany's potential aggression usually enabled, if there had been no soviet troops, the german army would have been standing there would have been good for the baltic
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. countries are not, well, that certainly would not have been good for the soviet union. while on the baltic states, the soviets received a look were well in western bella, ruzen ukraine, which colon had captured from russia just to decades before the local population were much more enthusiastic, less logo, we have a lot of evidence. the photo then video footage that show that the locals welcomed the red army of liberators as to how much of it is just soviet propaganda. push him prosthetics you see historically poland never had some of the land that had been got them as a result of the pony soviet war or these territories were seated to poland in accordance with the peace of regal locals, ukrainians, and bell russians didn't do well else of that, of the red army to control of western bella roost and ukraine. and the german military seized the western polish provinces, holland lofty sovereignty in response to the germans aggression. britain, france,
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which had guaranteed poems independence, finally declared war and hitler, but did little to actually how there in battle ally, there are, captures photographs and brushes, archives showing british and french soldiers hanging out in paris, cafes and playing football in the rear. at the same time as not the truth were invading whole like this was later called the phony war fellow. yes. must push on a civil. it became clear that poland was disintegrated. the polish army was only half capable, but it was around the germans who were late fees to war $3.00 and in 24 hours, it would be over for poland military council. the allies made the decision to stop the whole offensive operations. these are real fact and you can make your own conclusions. it seems that he didn't really want to fight with the cookies for moscow. this became yet another signal that the allies couldn't be trusted. and
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that the soviet union should further secure its western front before looming war with nazi germany. but unlike in poland and the baltics in finland, moscow faith resistance, the defense refused to move their border away from leningrad, russia 2nd largest city. this resulted in a soviet finish war inlaid 939. this is the man that had been drawn by the red army general stuff upon agreement with the finish side. here is the signature of marshal sub sneak of dated october 12th, 1939, another authentic map from that period which is appearing on public display for the 1st time show. we still beat proposals for swabbing territories with finland mosque, who had been ready to give a large chunk of its land and exchange for a buffer in front of its 2nd capital. and therefore settled the issue without go into an unnecessary war with its north western neighbor in the y defends,
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didn't go forward, bringing a group and they showed attitude later in post will finan committee was formed to review those issues last month. and the conclusion was that they should have agreed as a result of the following war with us this, our finland lost much more territory than moscow had initially asked for a forest. the soviet finished conflict, the division of poland. and it's betrayal by the allies, the appeasement policy, and the secret talks with nazi germany. none of this looks good for any country in the run up to the war. this was a tough time and there were hardly any good choices available. and thanks to these archive documents, we can still separate the truth from the misconceptions. the
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pages in the british and american governments have often been accused of destroying lives in their own interest. while you see in this, these techniques is the state devising message to end essentially destroy the personality of an individual lifetime. means this is how one doctors, theories were allegedly used in psychological warfare against the prisoners deemed a danger to the state. that was the foundation for the method of psychological interrogation, psychological torture, disseminated within the us intelligence community, and worldwide among allies for the next 30 years. and how the victim say they still live with the consequences today the.


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