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ah, ah, or is johnson unveils plans to scrub, almost all covered restrictions in england and claims his vaccination policy book, the number of infections is still rising. meanwhile frontline work is battling that takes away the initiative 73rd anniversary without a much debated rise. so they did get a metal from the queen and i think that was a real stuff in the face. and i want to make sure that these kind of been serving things of health harm in belgium. margaret go to extremes in a fight for thought, and he's in. they both be blackmailed. ah,
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like for moscow, thanks for joining us in arthur 19th and i salon. daniel hawkins with utah. sunrise . welcome to the program. bruce johnson has been slammed, does reckless was saying england is ready to lift most cobra restriction the prominence, their claims is. vaccination policy has brought down hospitalizations and death. however, m p, 's of still criticize the decision of cases continue to rise given to this government else repeatedly got things rolling, prove it from the timing of locked down switch load the can agent displayed, the lack of order controls which allow the delta v d and into the key, what confidence can the public have but the latest round of measures abandoning all restrictions is not another rick was gamble in the face of an increasing transmission some extent for warming. the eating corporate restrictions too quickly could contribute to imagine of a new more dangerous beating, which may well be resistant to the oxy. keep the now fixed sick pay and let unlock
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in a safe and sustainable way. the final decision on using the lockdown will be taken in a week time, but a roadmap were willing society on the 19th of july. it has been revealed under the plan that will be no mandatory ma, squaring, and public places i will, social distancing that will allow light clubs for instance, to reopen office employees will also no longer be a device to work from home. and those going to restaurants and other venues will be let in freely without having to scan a key wall code via a special up borrowers. johnson referred to the reopening plan as a now or never moment. if we can't reopen our society in the next few weeks when we will be helped by the arrival of summer and by the school holidays, then we massage ourselves. when will we be able to return to normal? the promise that, that he's going to be driven by the data, not pipe dates. he doesn't have the data to throw off all protections. but the same
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time when the infection rate is still going all is reckless. yay! freedom day. but axing of face mask social distancing, and q r codes comes amid a 161 percent increase in u k. cases over the last 2 weeks. why? well, while bar johnson did give a full speech defending the move, it falls neatly into the pattern of screeching u turns made by the british government, coven, wise. i would stress that schools of safe primary schools, secondary schools, and colleges across england must move to remote permit provision from tomorrow. it is my strong and sincere hope that we will be able to review the standing restrictions and allow a more significant return to normality from november at the earliest,
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possibly in time for christmas. april april 5th. easter. we really are confident the things will be very, very much better. obviously we'll try and bring that date forward. this very freedom day. in fact, had been promised to come a whole month earlier on june 21st. since today i cannot say that we have met all our 4 tests for proceeding with step 4 on june, the 21st. i think it is sensible to wait just a little longer. back then, the prime minister also gave a lengthy speech rationalizing the last minute delay. it didn't help businesses though, which had already recalled it's furloughed stuff looking forward to the promised ease of the log down. so boris johnson had postpone this freedom day to see if they have the pandemic under control. he saw a massive hiking new cases and decided to open england anyway. he didn't make many
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new friends here either. if the government comes, that was a national ruling, i just don't see how we would be able to enforce it at our level. the idea of personal responsibility and hope that people will wear masks is absolutely ridiculous. this ambulance on health care policy, hesitation has been tainting the country's handling of the pandemic from the start, like mosques or no mosques apps or no app schools or no schools. amid this flip flopping and wavering, the ordinary jo is less dazed and confused. i was a wedding last week and every of the few was blocked off and we couldn't think of the same time the 150000 people, wembley stadium, singing a heads off. i didn't the whole things and nonsense of the moment. the british public has got far more common sense when the government's got its been a year and
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a half that we've been in lockdown had all these restrictions. but i think about find that people feel more free. i think the government is well informed about the new variance and how to control it. the virus is around. i think it's nice. if you complete immunity, i will not with my mac, if other people to get the virus but very welcome to freedom day, was meant to cheer up the public. now it's not so sure because what to expect next . another infection wave, another policy, or maybe another screeching you 10. you don't need to wear mosque anymore as you want to. and you don't have to. we have the windows open in your office unless you want to. and you don't have to go on you unless you want to. all of that creates confusion. we're now left in the territory of people's interpretation. that compliance may i talk to colleagues in the n h s, former colleagues and their alternative thought about you. i mean the, the hospitals, the i and he's running hot. we've had a couple of room close show you over the weekend. whereas we just simply run out of
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ambulances. so, you know, the, the, i don't think for one moment the shows isn't concerned because it is. meanwhile, pressure amounts on the british government to improve on a proposed pay raise of just one percent for national health work as the organization celebrated at 73rd anniversary on monday and was given a medal of honor from the queen. but anger over low salaries remains because as the chair of trust told us, awards don't pay the bills. i'm sure everybody the lies is that how died. lastly, the and it just stopped worked during pandemic. as a matter of fact, in my view, and it's just been working for 73 years to being in the form. and it says birthday this is very dissolved, very dissolved on them. but today we almost 100 told them to and it just stopped short about 101000 social workers short. so this was for one reason is been working conditions since 2000 to 821 percent of doctors have left
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us. and even that, that not will help to save the life. she also left out of just saying that these kind of pay and i got dr. really in all the codes, find them. it has taken a heavy toll on it. i shall walk this more than 600 medical personnel have died from the disease in england alone. any 80000 that i shall stop and miss have been reckon recorded as having court the virus, and many personnel of the co frontline. i've also been hit with mental health issues. more than 300 health care workers in the u. k. a reported to have attempted suicide last year. all this is fuel and frustration over the proposed pay raise of amiga. one percent lock could actually mean a net loss as inflation is full cost at 1.5 percent on british non solar health workers, labor is seriously undervalued. most of us have watched a trench,
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excitement, benefits in terms of pay rises over the last decade. i'm the asperity measures not only in social and health, but also the social and also the opportunities furnace is social workers and also became so diluted and everything became we have become target based with hustling. although we all were at the same from montana registration. i actually keep the most of i. so i think that was a real shock in the person. i. i know the last 20 i'm actually flexible as high as 6 years. so i am now technically on my last one down in my career. and i want to make sure that moves behind me or not just in terms of pay, but in terms of terms of conditions, working hours, working conditions, etc. and i change massive level those to you. hundreds of undocumented margot and so on. hunger strike in brussels,
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the pressure authorities to grant them a sign of some of even so the mouth shot to show they have no say officials, whoever insists they will be pressure to give in and say, you know, exceptions will be made. they see that there are 150000 living here illegally and the 200 people that decide to stop eating should be regularized individually. what would be the results? a week later, you get 202020000 people who would do exactly the same around a 1000000 migrants and the you in 2015 and will blame for terror attacks and sharp increases in crime. some more, grants have been in belgium for more than a decade. say there are some appeals have still not been processed. charlotte, reuben ski reports from russell's indigo long term migrants across brussels, taking action into their own hands and resorting in some extent to extreme measures to demand their rights. she was signed attempts and sewing up their own lips. just
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to the shocking moves the migrants have taken to show just how serious they are. well, we've been have 3 people have needed urgent care. some for men and women taking part in this protest have been in the country for more than a decade. and they say that they have simply had enough of government in action. there's also criticism that brussels and even europe as a whole, have been so hesitant and imposing any kind of rooms for their situation, leaving them no choice. i have started this and i have to continue to the n. i've lost 15 kilos, but i am ready to lose another 15 or 20 just to be legalized. some other people risk their lives even more. my body kareem recently swallowed a razor blade. he had to get an emergency operation for other people. so the lips always actions of one go to show that we really need the documents. i am the nipple
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guy, but my chinese not never, don't understand the poly. the candidates speaking the poly and days, the does the things so my child is, is property of belgium does give me work for me. then i can walk and i can put my child. the belgian government says it won't change policy. it's frustrating. we are trying to help people as much as possible to get their dossiers to be treated as fast as possible. but of course, not every undocumented person, not every person who is here can stay in belgium. the hunger strike is not going to help issue of undocumented migrants isn't just confined in belgium in front of also being processed stage to call attention to the thousands who own through in a similar situation. the, the in
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the the but is a regular is ation real solution in some of the countries of course, the e, u, spain, portugal and italy, that's the route that's been pursued. however, that too has caused problems. it least point to grant access to around 600000 undocumented migrants. but the process has been fruit with allegations that permits a being issued arbitrarily. we did have collected regulated visual 9. that is only meant new influx of illegal immigrants doesn't work for political action is their old responsibility is not that of the government or citizens of this country. if our government gives law, it's open for more actions like this, and for a new labeled immigrants coming to our country, sent you the picture. let's together make your situation more her oral. that is
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already wrongest ortiz on refusing to budge those supporting the protesters say that off the 6 weeks, the situation is now very desperate. then documented people who have been in hunger strike, especially those stand. and one of our campuses have reached ben point where they can irreversibly put the health at great risk. we grabbed that public authority to remain deaf to their quest, which will continue to support stay faithful to our humanist commitments and our sense of justice. yet, despite all of the focus on migration, at an in new level, there is still no coherent strategy, which many think will only make the problem worse. the problem is, is huge. it is without any doubt, the biggest problem facing belgium and european union right now. every single domain is under enormous pressure because of mass migration. i'm talking about
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public safety policing and migratory services, but also about things like education, housing, and the judicial system. if we decide to ignore the rules because people go on hunger strikes, never setting a horrible example. the migration law in belgium is not strict at all. so if your application to get red residence papers is rejected, that means you, you really don't deserve them. and you have to go hope the problem is that the belgian government isn't doing enough to make sure that these illegal migrants who have their application regret your objectives effectively go hope. in many countries, they are, they are put on a plane back to their country of origin. but in belgium, they just receive a paper that says they have to return home. so we can progress and outrage just shooting the songs mark another birthday behind boss. we speak to one of his long
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time supporters employed co found out roger waters who says that it's been a conspiracy to black and his friends name on that off the break. ah, ah, we're used to hearing, he will lead messaging about the importance of values. not everyone in the block agrees. in fact, a growing number of conservative and populous forces are speaking out against what someone called brussels, colonial outlook conservatives and populous talk. the language of family and culture release, talk of values to create a european superstate driven by a dreamer shaped by those with the in
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me the dares thing. we dare to ask me. ah ah, welcome back. a news we columnist and formal us democratic party presidential candidates has demanded washington drop in charge against that. we can co founder and shoot innocence. trump called the press, the enemy of the people pressed into the united states disagrees, which is why we should immediately draw up all charges against julian assange and
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a tech and press freedom is an attack on democracy. such wasn't the criminal here. the criminals of those who committed war crimes. well this comes as song supporters flooded the 3 cities from new york to london to celebrate his 50th birthday and demands his release. he faces 175 years in jail and america, which wants to make sure i did on charges of hacking and publishing classified materials. a key witness, however, has admitted giving full testimony against him. that a newspaper he lied about a song saying he should hack government computers in iceland. just to remind you of the case in january, a british judge ruled against sex, should i think him to the u. s. u to fears over his mental health. reject thing is bail application claiming he may flee as american lodge as an appeal. the u. s. has indicated him indicted him on 17 counts of spying, and one of conspiracy to huck. a government computer in 2019 a song was forcibly removed by british police from ecuador,
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and embassy in london. that's alpha kito terminated in 7 year asylum that you've sought refuge in the building following sex assault allegations in sweden, which have since been dropped. a pink floyd cove on the roger waters a long time supporter of songs, claims the media has been counted to silence and it's reporting of his friends case . i was at a street protest last february and we march from the australian embassy to parliament square. and we made fun speeches and we made all the points that we've all made again and again and again. and again. the government took absolutely no notice. has it got through to to a large section of the public yet has, are there many decent people in the general population? yes, they're all. have they now heard the story? yes, they have. were they terribly moved and tainted by the smear campaign against julian
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in the early days where he was labeled massage, and there's been a rapist and that this from the other. and how he used to wipe is b c's with the cat and spread it over the door and all it would complete lies spread by mainstream media that should know better. and where are the journalists? should he's in the streets demonstrate, day and night and to lead call, a gives release. nowhere to be seen on. fortunately, the mainstream media is cowed by the ruling process by the powers, the bay, by the government. all those of us who care about human rights and who actually care about freedom and who actually, ah, against the murder of civilians and against torture. and all of those things find it very difficult him face of the mainstream major that keeps its every mouth shut
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. so it's difficult journey in a sanchez is knights in shining armor. this is the man who almost single handedly has started the movement that might save the world. we are strong and we're not going away, and we will not go away and we will stand shoulder to shoulder until june, and the sound is free because until julian, a sanchez pray, none of us are free. we can all be locked up in a heart beat and left incarcerated disease. saudi arabia's deputy defense minister was hosted by thom biden administration. officials in the us on tuesday. a visit not an else advance. this is just months after us intelligence report link, his brother, chrome, prince. my haven't been someone to the killing of journalist jamal, cuz shoji, while confirming a meeting between the officials was on the way white house press circuitry, indicated that shows your death may be discussed. during the meeting,
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fell discuss the long standing partnership between the united states and saudi arabia, of regional security, and the u. s. commitment to help study radiate defendants territory the horrific death of jamal. surely, of course, this could be a topic, but i'm not going to discuss additional details. in october 2018. washington post columnist for monica soldier, was killed and dismembered inside saudi arabia's consulate in turkey. after initially denying that shows you was killed, saudi officials later blamed ro, gallons within the kingdom, security services, and sentenced a number of officials to death. however, during his presidential campaign, joe biden promised some tough action against the saudi crown. prince could show he was in fact, murdered and dismembered. and i believe in the order of the crown prince flower and make it very clear. we were not going to in fact sell more weapons through them. we were going to in fact, to make them pay the price and make them, in fact, the pariah that they are. we discussed
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a visit with alaska who's the director of the institute for golf affairs. he thinks biden's administration is not a serious about human rights as it claims to be. this is very much the same playbook that the by the administration has been using since it took office, it would say it would sing humor i tunes, but it will dance with, with those who commit crimes against the people, including the saudi. we must know that the holiday been so fun, the brother of and b. s. his, him self involved in the murder of jermel hush, watching. he is the one who convince jamal casualty not to get his papers in washington, but to go to turkey to do it. so he is involved and he helped lower german casualty to turkey to the saudi embassy them to be killed and dismembered. so this is
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a very clear cut case to me and we will not do anything about it. they are pressing humorous cases that the saudi government can be pressured to, to handle, to, to resolve by the, by the, in the station. in fact. and the reality has not taken even the time to learn about them. they have proven just another administration with who are not serious about human rights over those people. you know, over there. devastating floods of claim the lives of 4 people, including 2 children in southern russia. a state of emergency has been declared in several parts of the region where more than a 100 people have been evacuated from their homes. the resort city of saucy on the black sea was at the bronze of this form with at least one casualty. that of flooding has gone for several days now. emergency services. so the situation insults, she has stabilized on, he's a trunk reports from the see and some parts of thoughts see the recovery has been
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quick thanks for the improvement in the weather and the number of people that have been involved in the clean up the sun is shining and the tourists are rushing to the beaches like there was no chaos on monday, however, and other part like here near the river in the lower areas of thought, she within just minutes on monday flash blood turned the life. * of local into a disaster. me the the pause of mugs and this yard 24 hours after a clean up began. we'll show you just how bad things were most. my car was here yesterday by such a huge way. it's mesh, the windscreen was filled up to the roof clay and everything else was inside. the
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car was standing in different places like but the wave was so strong. so we've easily lifted the vehicle and moved it from there. the car was bumping everywhere, including the fans. this is one of the roads that was turned into a river. it's probably river isn't the white word in between the walls. perfect way for pretty much a mud slide, but just imagine what was happening at the climb inside the homes, in some cases, basement, and the ground floor being flooded completely up until the ceiling furniture, a heavy items like fridge is being swept away by the current people having to push very hard as hard as they can against the glass of the windows to make sure that the currents didn't flow in. but in most cases, that didn't help right there you have, it's the fridge outside on the mud. just like i told you what
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this is the 1st floor above the ground floor. you can see that some of the walls of already dried a little bit. but the marks on the walls will show you how much the water level rose, if you would care where he's trying to clean up. actually no one was living here only work is we've just moved in just 2 weeks ago. approximately put in furniture and in the morning at 7 o'clock we got up because the water was already in the yard . i will cut the children and one to the neighbors to wake them up as well. i think credible how the sun is shining in thought she right now, pretty much no clouds at all, but the cycle has moved further north and only about 200 kilometers away from this black sea resort. the people are currently experiencing the same thing as the locals did right here on monday, and the emergency ministry is warning of possibly further flash floods happening and different parts of the cross into our region. so everyone needs to stay put.
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crosstalk coming up, while views in the us can catch up with boom bus, we were turning off and with the latest join us again that ah, the guys are financial survival guide. liquid assets are those that you can convert into cash quite easily. but keep in mind, no out to me, to inflation better watch guys reported the british and american government sivilton being accused of destroying lives in their own interest. while you see in this, these techniques is the state devising message to end to essentially destroy personality of an individual lifetime. means this is how one doctor's theories were
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allegedly used in psychological warfare against prisoners deemed a danger to the state. that was the foundations of the method of psychological interrogation, psychological torture, disseminated within the us intelligence community, and worldwide among allies for the next 30 years, to the victim say they still with the consequences today the with the hello and welcome to cross talk. we're all things considered. i'm peter labelle. we're used to hearing you will, leads messaging about the importance of values. not everyone in the block agrees.
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in fact, a growing number of conservative and populous forces are speaking out against what some call brussels colonial outlook, conservative and populous talk. the language of family and culture in leaps, talk a values to create a european superstate, the, the cross fucking the e u in crisis. i'm joined by my guess, i'm scared in london. he's ameritas, professor of international history and former convener of european studies at london school of economics. also in london, we have donald soon. he has ameritas professor of comparative european history at queen mary university of london. and in syracuse we cross glenn morgan, he is a professor in the political science department at maxwell school at syracuse university. alright, gentle.


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