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your mecca? yeah, no, the finance was yes. i went, it was a message. and once i get that out, i mean my, the lady that i'm in there is telling me that i'm in my room. you bundle up. i don't know. i like you, you don't have to gaze most of it out for the, the rock is because he pushed the dr. william, i don't you know, the complete on the front of me might me. you will. i will not for the session and when i gotcha 11 yourself good. anyone. i love money, i can. okay. yeah, no, no, i feel i'm looking to get an hour. may be that for me. i'm out of the ocean. you're not north winter, get 10 foot lead up with them. what is it? believe you're going to get actually is still in the middle. you're selling the
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magenta. one of the water plans. if i start getting the money to buy the l pulled up, i guess, and they don't de la garza will not tell you, ma'am, will they'll be going to the issue, which means more than they are going to. you will be mighty, i guess when you're ready, you're here. all right, the only my last job which shot me out, you know, get me know if there's no point this is there. my flush in trouble are going to get in. you know, i want to make up, i didn't make up any of the notes on de la b o y. yes. get us on our quarter premier. we are giving me my passion for a mental leisure. give me a minute. doesn't any of those? and you'll be glad i was on the navy. all i wonder you will be
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a you're you're almost all good to see a motion to ok. well read my message where you where you want to miss it or no, we have me. i'm was actually a new procedure. i don't know that i know civic is on the other, the show or movie that, i mean my e mail i had on our buddy's audio yesterday only mildly, mildly miles. you're joking. another loving submitted. my, you know, we my lead while yes here. yep. they don't want to look at them will judge, you know what, but he didn't turn would you get along, but if they don't get it, there are like you don't get it. they had a lot, but not i can recall a lock and not you know, for what am i well, this is what you get what you thought. i'm not,
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you know, well yeah, she amazing only. yeah. my parents are nominal. you know me what to go. good. yeah, yeah, i would say up a little the wash the, the organ when i mean you're going to feel are standing up to feel the right. right . right. i'm like, well, you importing. let me know, but i don't know what to go under the on, you know, she had been on the medical marijuana for i don't know if you look at. yeah. or yeah, but either you know me medical or not if you get a job, but if you have a whole new york young jin me and she goes to the jack and nobody will let me can nobody ever oh,
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in the moment when i any that may be no, not even thought i will put up. it'll get, get legal for me to know because i was on the website here more people than me. i won't let me but and not get a lot. yeah. my stuff, the, you know me, i saw the message, the message, the message will no longer form the model. you have the model. i reynolds you get give. i will get knocked. nobody. anela, the owner.
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i don't think that there was no, please. is there anyone not going to get into that before you know, i don't know, shut down model of nino i familiar did not in any one are going to watch on iq again and then it all equally, just be in your window for me normal. what other yes, you know, those are left. i mean it was in theda i'm, i don't know if you're going to go on a horse shoes by the dish will be in and by the mother. no, no, no good. you know? yeah, you make a you don't want to go on. let him i just, i want the last one. i thought, you know, if you just don't want any gilmore,
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either completely. gilmore is the notion of the john miller, who d. c. c, a. daniels, cooper. the future of the my you can allow me to go cuz she gave me ask a question is to me i knew it because i don't handle this request and then i'm we are little more headed it and we got to use so you know, yeah, yeah, tower down. this is betty dunn. theres doug again. gail who bush glen understanding be on the home of your own middle of your book. your audio will totally be on track with that. but the, just a moment that i get on the bus, and i will need that to my by law, as in euro, e r g a. yeah, know jenny gordon county. but as of course you may know mental math for content on
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federal model. i mean 30 years ago, but again yet the guy list audio guy will need to get this much. a nice honey and nice minority. another you know my what did you know that mala mala mala mala nother or jack. and if it's a human, you're not saying you're not the one that was sent. she never does that. but glenmarie more money though. e. what me you, i don't own any go bed or no, i will not think that you know, medical particular medical the hope of meeting with a made up your own and the and the are going to tell me what i mean. yeah. none of it better. august a lot always good. do you have what, what do you was you can you oppose yama, because if you wouldn't was yeah, i didn't delete your la. gosh, i me see, hold on
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let me know, mike, you know then to try to get into you. yeah, this is monica atlanta. when you get to i got out of the home and i thought this was general can result in me. i'm sorry daddy. yeah. what he's done by read your book or been just
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doing as much as gene they won't have any ramayo militia. somebody gave india let you know in the national school, but i will not get an old jacqueline for me. when he's doing this, we probably will. somebody on the 5th and turn off you and i do everything so i will be there from any other family. wasn't important that he did run the thing off . i will so, i mean if you don't like it will be you right junk, less eco additional if you take it buddy. look at the, the more in a personal care pinnacle, 50 central person in the medical care bucket because i'm in the temple and i'm
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going to be with them. and this is about his dad didn't i didn't you know, but i'm not saying i don't know if you like lucy, she'll be either monday or she will you know, monday that one does. does she get by them? i didn't, but i you that i'm, i'm been actually one way or another with me. my mom is giving me a knuckle. he's under his almost, but i'm not one to us, but we also have our campus. you know, we've got the i,
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the this is your media a reflection of reality. the in a world transformed what will make you feel safer. tyson lation, whole community. you going the right way for you being somewhere? direct? what is true? his faith in
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a world corrupted. you need to defend the join us in the depths will remain in the shallows. ah, ah, today industry prefers millions of euros in the regulations. i will be all about making money. profit is a big corporation. international markets import export. do you imagine the number of the diseases are in every family today? it's, you know, due to new viruses on new microbes, not true. so it is due to environment. you know, i can take either the momentum, much hello. yes, accumulate. good on the come in today. mostly they don't allow us, the food industry is create more jobs,
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it will create more value added. it will create more. so i don't see why we shouldn't also fight for the interest of the entity that we have regulation. we want the regulation as the industry and if we don't have any specialty, that's fine. ah, did you ended up go ahead and your them their law equal whether the new york one the know me, my name or the whole nobody a little bit easier or the salary? the thought? let me know if you know, but then one month and then you know the thing about it was or that, i mean, you may get lucky me most of the nice see, but i said when your me well yes i read it. you are the, you know, your report, you know, the day said this are us on the bus done are going those community. this was the
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us off here in new or few who it was here. job legal mother center one to wiley can be sent to my yes, maybe the one tomorrow. and on top of your local you just look at in a minute, you're going to go no problem. ask the neighbors that was come, get up on the list and i was can run it if you have like a one. if you got that, it wasn't that until that it was, you know, going to is that the little was no, there was one of them and damage is come or move them to look at the most the most be asked that i had the big one going to familiar with initials probably going into actual complaint initial but never for how they know. so that was they gave me so much i made a motion when asked me to just you know, remotely when people do that i don't know much about that. it was us,
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but i there's been any others on that left. he was from the entire line need. if she know defalco can just petition one. no, no, no, this can take, it's kimberly from nice, nice mind is when an issue is if you put them in there, contact is broken and they can always go nowhere in the middle time temporary. so ok, lori shaney, but haven't got any of them. so i use him back on this little bench. hello. hello. ok. can i make this? notice in my mind, maybe we should have them so she can get in there and believe on his phone number, which is the most my number for you. i know that happened in the name of
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how much he, i mean indian, which i can think of what is happening again as i said, i was gonna know i i think that mothers remember their children, their whole lives. sometimes i think she's dead and i get very sad all maybe my mother has seen me but doesn't want to come forward. because she doesn't want to reveal the secret. nobody knows me. i. it must also be
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hard to have a son appear in your life after so many years. especially if it was a secret. but it's hard as the years go by because we're not asking for anything unusual. sometimes i get angry when i notice resignation in myself. because i'm not so old and 53 time is passing by. there are people older than me who disappeared before me. my mother is probably around 70. the women at the home were young. it would be so cruel to get to the end and find them in the ground. ah, i i
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about meta is doubled in the same way we withdrew because on the does i'm going to see will come with a yes i didn't bring that in. you could, i guess my will need to give when i saw i don't know where to know. very good. i
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said at this, nina, get out sick if you get the gear or say or so. now i said, i have added in that on this that they can, you know who they look at you. my, he gave you, don't mean you're, you're, you're, you're getting what you are. this is low be of to, for years gathering gwen through if you go get gainer gwinnett mother again soon as well. but i do not son. you can guess tomorrow or in florida. no. be venice by now in the look a parsa or go and get her son per momento. know, know where they're going when you got sick and we went to ministers, better there, but oh,
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me me. i i i i i
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i, i, i in ah, [000:00:00;00] ah,
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[000:00:00;00] i oh, on monday, can you hear me hello. hello. let you know for, for an additional are you sure i went up inside on it almost and i said he was talking to you. i was kind when i was going to be in the in yeah. hello for august. i'm a root and the most for the big guess a little chuckle of those motors mothers calling. i was wondering what gifts are going to know what's going on?
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i mean, they're good, you're probably getting used to the amount of your shopping, but it will go with that. i will because they are going to get it. i can, i was gonna get it didn't have the money. i was given. always legal. good. i was the will as maintenance was the think it's one of the allowed us by loud i'm i loud up allowed
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on and then i'm gonna go on and leave it all that article. if you're going to do the task, if you i, you know, put a lot in the last, you know, in the us, she know, asks unique on this is because, or if you're going to be less, i got to know whether you can help us can i get if you are going to ask me me over to you, but i will stop doing
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up in washington. so you join us, not then we'll have a risk of death, but it is a thought about that whole thing when the, you know, when i get down, get the general game a given the find your wifi will be going on. you know, my, me that i mean general rather than the prosecutor told me, it might be easier to find them if you sign an official waiver of civil and criminal records against the people who sold. you know, a lot of what i most think when they got the wrong number. but if you also, and i don't want to follow up on a late many times, but i'm going to use one of the usual political things could be done
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a lot of it on a late, but i could late but i guess to bring the new colors big too much to know. get a movie and it wasn't going to for me live room for something. nice.
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nice person. you need to put it on. there isn't contra. i lost my eyes. no muscle. ah ah, you don't leave your room. move a toy. knew he will tell when she gets home ready to love. ah me. as soon as you too, will create a new study. i took me to teach
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julia, control the traditional moving machines, etc. if you see the one you need from me was over. she said for me to last with metro. okay. she yeah, she felt hello. this is mr. dylan. yes. that is what i need from the new new new which is what friday. if you give me a call back, i do see executable supple once it, when i pull it up for me, i got it up on that. got me
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ah, the whatever. the special summer solutions edition with mac and stacy. and today we welcome home professor the game. he's the author of the banking economic and the
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author of a brand new instance classic available for pre order. right now, the new economics manifest the the, the headlines this, our bowers johnson. i'm bios plans to scrap almost all the restrictions in england that despite the rising number of infections, me mall and i just frontline work is backing that case. search celebrate to 73rd anniversary, but without so much anticipated pay rise. although they did get a metal from the queen, i think that was a real shock in the face. and i want to make sure that you, these kind of thing and i don't really understood the themes of self harm in belgium is migrant. go to extremes in their fight for asylum,


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