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hello. yes, thank you. let me come in today. mostly don't allow us to like the food industry is successful, it will create more jobs. it will create more value added. it will create more. so i don't see why we shouldn't also fight for the interest something in the sense that we have regulation. we want the regulation of the industry and if we don't behave then yes, that's fine. the no, no, i don't. i don't
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know what i mean. well the because me think that people who are adopted are afraid of losing people were very scared of rejection. not now was there a no secrets with adoption but when the worst secrets and lies, there was no family relationship. was a wall between us, a strange coldness that i don't fail anymore. so as a father i compare myself to my father giving you the in
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me without biological family. we have branches. i'm like a tree with lots of leafy fruit fill the branches. but below i have no roots, at least not one's i'm aware of me. i owe me. no, ma'am, we're only main what day we have no knowledge. it's not as good in finance or no, we haven't got it. you know,
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not that was on what you on the one yourself will get that not because you know what she lives up. all eligible uncle. what gets gets it gets picked up, which i'm assuming i don't know my sense you know? oh i don't know if you'd be available to minutes quarter and you're not, i'm in a squad of them and you know i live until you go into into a funeral. go to the in the in the in a good look it up. yeah. i oh,
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i gave you are either out of the doors to even notice yourself as well medical center because like all of the little bit of my, the number any other good boy yet, but i ah
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ah ah, it's really a good. so none of the more reasonable than this, which i've been doing, double the job, and i'm not a big deal. so you must
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get single those more. but i'm the one you're looking to most of the never got in there, but i'm going to the news. when we go down, we must and he was hitting the little yellow run in the yeah. and so no, she already knew that jim could have been shot. okay, let me up, the unit owners just video. okay. did it one second one is going to love it. so something on the,
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on the what i mean, you're not going to another smith and i'm going, i will go, but eventually going, but most important to me, some of them, but i'm not going to be noticed. finish more april. but she also mindy design, your sort of mistake in the line gwinnett, she indicated, you know, it's not how we just got out of work in, but i don't, i guess like it like if she can be late, she could do it. and she was one of the people again, but again, just to help me
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i, i knew person with the least bit of ethics would actively prevent mothers and children from finding each other. in my last letter to the pope, i said that if jesus was alive, he would help me to find my mother. i don't know why the members of his church precisely the ones preventing me from finding her. maybe they're afraid will dig up something very dirty. when someone doesn't want to give you something they can destroy that something. oh hi did and then where do we look for it? me i i little as you can see i, when i went in the morning and i'm like i said the most dilution. amalia,
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the whole gland, i'm in the mental model. are not those in a funeral feed him a 1000000 board under me if you don't feel that you know, a lot of lose here to that one of the georgia. but again, you don't have to me feel my love, it won't have on a well told me on dr. they can not, in common one, i've been in a level with the and number it was still if you know i do, i'm, i don't know your why don't you guys have more money to me money if i don't have to. i will. yeah. yeah. what i mean of like, you know, me, my, they, me, me and my just, you know, money that, you know, when you call your mom and that'll get, you know, me, i wasn't sure if you know, you're not on demi, but you know, under some of the wish lisa wasn't my space. i won't, i won't, i won't be any other pieces. i know you know what? i mean, they won't,
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they won't be, i don't know anything because he don't understand what was in it. was it again and see us in got those in front of him. so let me go out of my emotional. why did i lose my car for a while to get a hold of me. you have a couple tell him what he said, you know, i'm going to get him. i don't think he said, i'm probably going to be somebody
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who winning the spanish civil war. the dictator, inspired by the psychiatrist valet, who, who had studied nazi germany, decided that spain had to be pillar catholic and free of the red gene. some imprisoned republican women had conjugial visits, while others were already pregnant. on the grade level of unknown grown, it only brought about i even for the stuff that i'm i don't go over this. i feel like i'm and, and go to that. i want to last the last person. i can only start it on the, on the nose you put in in the government. so you can only get $100.00 from the low . the student, i mean, nino so but i was just curious, you know, hang is quite interesting when there's a little bit of a know if you actually feel it unless you're in time and then on recommend for mr.
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aline eloquently. let's see. i got the liquor don't call local depot and okay, let me know. a lot of it is, you know, maybe close. yeah. was it to be honest and it was the only person that came in for that ability, but he'll understand and she, you know, kinda where there's the whole new book with them. what the stolen at in the forward transport is 3 acres, borders and the call me yes. he would also need to get on august motors going on your control work on for if i can call him into those of us can nobody. and then the host in normandy can school and doesn't feel this. you know, a lot of that's not the future. notice that the financial and the and because only for me now the michel freedom. i give me a bubble for me on the bus at the station. you know that i'm interested in cosmo to
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the you know, look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except when so shorter that conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. the point obviously is to great truck rather than fear take on various jobs with the artificial intelligence real summoning the theme and a robot must protect its own existence with the media, a reflection of reality in
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a world transformed what will make you feel safer. type relation for community you going the right way or are you being direct? what is truth is faith in a world corrupted. you need to defend the join us in the depths, remaining shallow. the in the
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go to me that i should be able to get it in again. this is linda lever it it goes to the n g. thank you so much and fighting a little bit of what we just
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get a little no, you're not. oh those are the coma go on. the record is to their mother and bio amy, brother. and again, when you get, when the young lady had to buy well for you know, to move onto her mother. melissa, just, i was kind little operation because i was a police officer all but i book the last 2 of the contract of the minister. but i was gonna have to look at just one moment. don't know yet. there's going to be a have him under financial and the other few. on another monday, nicole dealer monday me feel pretty sure you for sure. and what are the most afford or out of adoption of enrique via taurus?
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what is this? i was almost 23 years old. when i read that request, i immediately thought of this time when i was 8 years old. and playing with my cousins who told me that my family didn't love me because they got me from the street. ah, it was in my adopted grandmother's kitchen. they scolded my cousins and i shoved that to the back of my mind. i was a 2 years old. i never asked or thought about it when the you know them and maybe know me, several of them. what? oh, maybe no common for the what am i doing? i believe i remember the brown of my grandmother's old saucepans, the grease that saturated the old kitchen, the blue tiles, ah me sitting on the marble and my cousins saying without malice, they got you from the street. and me crying. ah, when i'm was sleeping,
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my dad was in the hospital. i went to the bathroom mirror and looked at myself. the 1st feeling that came up was who you really? i me. ah, i looked for my identity in the mirror. i said to myself, adopted. then i said, impossible, if i me come, we could use the modem, labord and we're just going to look at if you'd like to call me mother. that means i'm free to call them and they can no longer get it. ok. but of course i put them in diesel people can nice me mother you can going into this really finish ah. 2 first i had to find out where i was born. i requested my birth certificate. my place of birth was the center isabel, foundling home. legitimate, i've got
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a controller is going to run a whole don't think that those that in the not the and as i mentioned the leash are not going to send him a whole lot in go. but not that will. if you can not, they know there was no monitor. maybe there's a greater apartment to look in when they told me for the fall or on my cell phone just for brain tv, you can reach me today. i can, like i said, as prepared, american force it on book on our form i so the search began, i requested my deed of adoption, which also wasn't helpful. neither was the file that came with my birth certificate number to any mother soloist. she was the level ok, it will be a little feel small husband warner. i mean i'm going to feel like that will
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be in the forward. you may. how can you actually get by that one in the school? should the be go? the reason of those are those of emilia from, you know, get it, but i could get a copy of it. i life has led me to this part of the law, which is so broad as there are thousands of cases in spain, in every province and hospital. the had to be a way to find out the biological mother's name is going to go must game, which is you must already. and if you on, is it going from, you know, all of us bernoulli told pretty well. so look on electrical, he'll feel, look, you know, he's so no contract or he can deliver on the way to school in the morning or the coming from can feel and get started on it on my language and they see it in effect on data element. i mean, and the 1st quote in k i l,
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eunice can get us ethical start a level for young child deland. i mean it will be more that. i mean they don't and not audio, excuse me. so you can nino at all though. ok to come and build new fuel. so you want to so it is meal and because school is previously conf, eunice falls, us via phone, can support in the little unison as pena showing us, you know, yellow field music. get opponent shawn. i hope you know, because when you're looking for some of the color support and ducking middle school in a spring, they're going to go on that as me. you're not your knowledge miss. i left most of you for about a 130 and there's 130 in the mean fosters ah, there are a spaniards out there who might happen to resemble their parents, but aren't actually related to them. and they will die without knowing that
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for their real biological origins. because there is no way of knowing it if they were falsely registered as their biological child. ah carlton, they see you move winter when you come back early. you know brute bramble late, you can be almost finished by noon. we're going to some of the when to collect one form in the entropy go to the ship. hello, feel pretty well utilised a little bit control or can lower. that was only important and i don't know whether i'm going to political doesn't global certainly, you know, and they know they can get into the neck of the stock number and the use of that is true. but she does. and the merchant account and book on medical service, a little bit more customers that will any news on the national end that i
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met many mothers from santa isabel who are searching one of them gave birth in april 1965, which is when my biological mother was there, she remembers a woman writing letters to someone from pamplona on kind of as defender who she gave birth a month after my mother did in may. but 3 or 4 women could have given birth that month. this is the closest i've ever been. i was born in may, but it still uncertain
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me me o me. ah, why did my mother get pregnant? why did she give me up? was she tricked or forced? or did she give me up wilfully? why did they pay a 1000000 procedures for me? who got that money? ah, in the
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2nd it was pretty much what what, what the wasn't government. it wasn't that that and then i wouldn't be able to go. so you pretty much. yeah. yeah. i'll be going to say, you know, in the mood with him for me to go pretty much those when you're going to know that is not going to get where you want to get the job. they will. and i will know when i went and looked into their jewels, come into a book that was made so you're showing. yeah. which record is money, you know? sorry job or gave me the order number the you i 2nd yeah, the here carol. it could,
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your company was, was it money your, me hope there was an amount of work, but you want to build on do? what did i want to you? and my little but it was shoes into this for me and don't be going to be people because i have a video to come. he said, did he give up for a minute or the all that forgetting why did you have a push can rush my mom did me, i'm not even the home in get out of there is don't know. yeah. the joke. you know, she'll better. she will be in charge of that. i didn't. i didn't send you me, ms. mill. you mean you're, you're, i don't know much to consider when i came to live. so yeah. she's like, you know what, you know, you know,
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i'm not going woman. i'm not able to put them in your whole year, but then they don't bother, love it and soon as they get, they want to get those. but if you see the the british and american governments have often been accused of destroying lives in their own interest. while you see in this, these techniques is the state devising message to end to essentially destroy personality of an individual lifetime. means this is how one doctors,
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theories were allegedly used in psychological warfare against prisoners deemed a danger to the state. that was the foundation for the method of psychological interrogation, psychological torture, disseminated within the us intelligence community, and worldwide among allies for the next 30 years. been to the victim say they still with the consequences today. special summer solutions edition with mac and stacy. and today we welcome home professor, the key is the author of the banking economic and the author of a brand new instance classic available for pre border right now the new economics manifest ah, today, industry refers to millions of, you know,
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the regulations. i will be thinking about making money. i think it's about big corporation, international markets. import export. do you imagine the number of the diseases are in every family today? know, due to new viruses or new microbes? it's not true. so it is due to environment. less of that, not going to take either the momentum, much the tech you've got on the come in the day they don't allow us the food industry is it will create more job, it will create more value added. it will create more, so i don't see why we shouldn't also fight for the interest something into that we have regulation, we want regulation as the industry. and if we don't behave then yes, that's fine. ah,
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the u. k prime minister announces a plan to remove almost all covert restrictions in england despite data new infections big on the right. meanwhile, any frontline walk has battling case celebrated the organization on about 3, but no pe, rides bus present for them. so they did get a metal from the queen. i think that was a real song in the face. and i want to make sure that i knew all these kind of thing and i didn't drive the depth and disturbing teens or vertical cell palm and belgium as migrants go to extremes. and that's why for a site, i'm sorry to say they won't be blackmailed.


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