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the special summer solutions edition with mac and safety. and today we, well professor b again, he's the author of debunking economic and the author of a brand new infant classic available for pre order right now. the new economics and manifesto me the me
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to john to keep will have access to over 20 new. he will try to dorothy, it's only due to me she to, she knew she wouldn't be able to credit for us and that's in a nice total. but i push me to teach sure you control age usually what is a hurdle? move what she's a junior susie, if you're putting she gives you the one you knew best for me was she said for me to wash it with you. i would. she should check stub. i was dealing with that, but i knew the new new new which is what the if the
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new executable supp once they put up on me, i got my seat up when i got it up on me. i got my stamps. when i got the by the mid 19th century, the russian bear had grown into a powerful empire and pro nicolette the 1st metal in the offense of european states . russia antagonized many and by the mid 19th century underlines headed by britain and france, i'd been forged against russia. all that remained was to bring a match to the powder gun on this matter would change brokercheck discovery. not that much. i don't know if it promotes the achieve even if you're seeing the same thing with the failure. much considering that that was
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any other school for the month with most of them, they just some sort of would you ship it to a building on this guy that are on go for football for the last short order. i'd be willing to leave here because i didn't do what was this lavetia lake us see maybe maybe just keep and if you just keep up with naval privilege, in september 18, 54. the joint anglo french squadron closed on. so best of all, with the upper hand, more advanced than better equip ships, the russian navy didn't stand a chance and took the difficult decision of scuttling their ships at the base entrance to block the watch away. 7 ships who sacrificed creating an underwater barricade and the goal was achieved. the allies fleet failed to reach the city and shore line.
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is mr. need again to me. so by far body pressure, what about the semester? but mr. sebastopol, they don't all just in on the memo. the committee is mr. d. c. and then on the gap because you have to go to some of the whole families. they do all my sister. i don't know. she wanted me all expect me to be there. she's all the all up and then all the old started to see me. so can you me this shows the morning docu. i think songs hit upon me. expelled that i couldn't compare with your home so you know the streets and it was also my e k g or the fact that it can keep me keep was good but also good. nice stuff. come all came to that. a solo knock in the mail and pushing deletion
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on i was she and they can sort interest on that. they keep the system to this would put up with this target. probably the jewish desire to give me me you don't need to tricia
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or you just repeat it back to you. we really like to show you like did you come. ringback if you read the allies succeeded in landing the russians that, that stay in the anglo french advance and put up a flight near the elmer river, an intense battle. what in the end, the russians had to retreat. ringback when you chance to get to the go to the she wants to know to, to, to, to, to, to control commission and the specially when they're just continually me. lucifer basically will show you this longer fishing in the room and you go to presidential
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to number just through the, the politically or through good, personally that all women in for. so pulling me of you to me know it just q knows in the 3 o'clock and that'll get us through come into the show school, which of the season through easy for the sort of pencil need to teach, which would be sure to to go to position i could probably think that has any model me, she was told that she could do to move us a little to where it's going to cuz she's supposed to look forward to. so using the which has been used for you and, but it sounds good for me to be for teach in said,
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you know, because you are clear sojourn, you know, shortly if you knew what it was an issue over stephanie, will the student nikolai goes famous child with di lefty asked him for it to be told the english didn't mean that comes with us. russian cross will have been to london and seen how much more advanced the english english soldiers in crimea had rifled guns of high range and accuracy. while the russians may do with sleazeball musket, which were actually cleaned with brick dust, the technology gap was considered the major reason for russia's defeat in the crime in war. but the allies also, it's not that heavy to beef. this story and the songs about the atlantic of the british light cavalry on fortified russian positions. british aristocracy,
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moon down, by, sorry, shrapnel. ah, [000:00:00;00] ah, not done them with that. yeah. i woke up with the car, but she's to me when i, when you put in princeton was doing was sheman bought that if i choose me to mike,
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you're going to college from from me. the such school 1st year by a young was for a blue bus which i feel a little bit, but fortunately the college did. jake i was number was that i need to show up with the such a blessing. you might deal this. some new emotion barcroft on so that the e. what was gillian? federal was skinny at the region for good enough to cost me. this is the union. we mean the federal again? i bought a gun. can't i thought a 1000000000 i did the good enough. i'm god. all right,
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mr. i stop. you know it's that it's pretty complex. next, bridget, sr, chest about on the open list there and i didn't go. i'm glad to show francisco on commercial machine that i don't talk to somebody. it's a commercial vehicle . we got to number the list and i just loved the machine. the g. p. live disc. i keep the vision, but they changed the got it wasn't oil is in the in the moment,
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or is this the money to get up with them from new york stock. see chess much. the now logging in was this possibly the when your thought is my child with dealing with me or what they cheated, pre wish for the people machine me at the for the last less than the deal and the syria for that. i think i thought i boomed good i'm you know, so, but on the diet which, i mean you the job post was just below 3 plays with officially new master muslim, maturing out the chairs individually.
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i mean yeah, ah. 6 7 7 i. 2 imagine look, good, been over the long bear with me for more i guess i did 1000000 met, you know was it was, i mean you still talk. did you see on cement me
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exactly. do need if she did, i do me on his be the more we took off the money that was one of the li, pre years to look at which we can get from the, the san jose. i think i think that the far laska was it just it was at suit. eric will not do. she was ready, but we look it up too much. avila told me to call. paula, i do need new our program or if it, if i could, if i can produce a bill, simon, know, could you please don't be i,
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[000:00:00;00] i lose its been decade since the fall of spain, fascist regime. but old wound still haven't hailed your and you can go into them and that sort of finish because me coming out the nickel feeding people mr. bubble sort of calling me on the bus at the station. you know that i just, i think ultimately, you know, thousands of newborn babies were told from their mothers and given away and forced adoption. they only bought about i, even for the vista bit of my own robles. and if you live to this day,
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mothers still search for grown children, while adults look in hope for amber parents. oh, me to keep them all set for a minute. i'll talk with him, mumbled the resources. they deserve me to quit. and to do the work of your photo, don't just assume to people, you know they, they will if you have, you don't, don't get your kevin, you know the book, the clue didn't you tell to get here at the doctor tells yourself like golf is not putting plus 3 to the semester,
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but i was also lead when ah ah, the false perceived i'm order from the chief michael, which seems to are certainly stephanie. she needs to walk us on the last cruise on that. what's your personal credit for me? cuz i could put you on your passcode, what i don't that you could she purchases? isn't it, you know, kitty, i see, but i didn't publish a couple so called did bill. it also sean tell also does mr. g mr. best to party,
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a good question was a chef l. a. but it is mr. g from carmen. i mean before says ellers a left. i mean, usually you don't have to be, so go pay on it was when i go back. see but still point bit of last year, but the guy was saying, well my old loyce law just having to guess while i go there about get the key man to to birthday can you please leave and see if i woke up with the service? no good of you came in. she left off
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the phone with a new book just sales. i guess. why are you getting the confusion? marsha? don't give up the cruise. nothing was last june. the moon will be out. i guess it made it worse for a dollar. he started messing the semester. defend as well. he really can defended the city for a whole year before having to abandon the war was nearly over. among those who defended the city was a young officer in the towns, delay festival sketches became a literary, monumental event free 1st world war play. well, you can move, you see that tom was in?
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yeah, it was a 4 year old. we inexpensive. i get him. a new promotion will show you how to lean self shout and i turned on as soon as you did was over any dizzy lake. i wonder if i don't know what was nash with a phone call? i'm sure there he just russell took you to remember. remember, shook elementary elementary exposure support. visit for jamie smith told me she'd your blue stakes on there. it's a now he'll juma on it. don't get a table long. she put me off. don't for us to take
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a look we. she said she knew there was a market resource you want me call you who's in the song for us? i don't it was. it's up like, you know, the mid of the submittal video long last fall smith and i know i feel, you know, i mean, he saw the screen. i don't know the, this is just curious as to what you're given for me. see, i see soon as i was
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going to be, you know, just as much kind of push to see what i need to know what the chest i showed the concise sheesh and i knew that she, she then needed them the concept. so i'm at the new school year. the gym wasn't because there were some children. if the kiss all dots of lame was them, it's something in the middle name. the 3 such beautifully poor this movie, jim. you told me on the when you 4 went over dash q shirley was enough. what gliding motions cause i blush i will blushing, flashing in the summer. i see him just to let you know we will listen to the young by the
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if she gave a but she was suspended just due to fish, still beach or 3 ripple in the blue pencil star. now we just had the local a given us to be cute. and the chinese bid was cupid office each inside of the juice and the produce crew of the split. i'm a new yes and the permit and anyway, just to give you the setup to be sure you should give us a quick record which of these you see for keep in mind, we just use to keep the boots for you when you know fairly new formulas in fort worth or a little municipality. what is she with a proposal for you to be sure and you get in touch with them. okay. do you mean the thing for me mr. chelsea? me me to the police don't and you're still in season is friends with me
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not to renew, renew in boca similar to yours or do you do nationwide for nation, boucher for closely. goodness no trying thing. it throws me sick too. from the burning conviction of what it's not to put into your fullness your support from you. so no problem in susan, the nation. pretty faithfully attorney to still need to huddle your school. we don't control. you probably need yes. would you go to the media to do before the little thing, which i learned risky them and when you go to france, across the board meeting, you know,
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and you get to do it. i will just be friends with good church and should come on the country never assisting what you're used to be a little. you told me i don't what i'm is, but the result of had just renewed all me just as if i go to school tomorrow. i just thought you don't let me pull my pants on any more looking towards me. it was a victory for pleasure. national sun, lamb in all is all live. don't miss. she wanted to call it the same vehicle for mall just fell on the classic. this is christine,
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i guess i'm the west coast hoss like you to see me offset unit 12 to follow up with you on any cooper. only on that didn't know bhaskar said i get that proof come on as keep honeymoon p shortly. the pool. surely don't allude on a move out up. i've got to make the whole judge with him at no cost. i suppose it well i do now. new vale. it also said yeah, committed that when you go to the philosophy, they don't move more on and they don't match it. i this shortage from the early 20th century shows the grey head veterans event for the just the decision. i don't want to visit any say, you don't know. shake industry music loud as it is usually eat dinner,
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but not moving. can truly know when it was possible for us to jewellers. she did it. i'm not sure she took the 1st movie, took ludowici to live with michelle, did i give you the senior? did it, did it? are you going to see if i can see to reduce your teenage to phone or your name was the 1st isn't it was on the to the soldiers only for sure. it will continue to use the
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largest or just i the ah, today industry prefers millions of you know, the regulations will be all about making money. i think it's about big corporation, international markets. import export. do you imagine the number of the diseases are in every family today? it's, you know, due to new viruses or new microbes, it's not true. so it is due to environment. last us here on the momentum with
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our command on much time with abilene accumulate. got me come in today. he knows that he don't allow us. the food industry is successful for create more jobs, it will create more value added, it will create more. so i don't see why we shouldn't also fight for the interest of the industry that we have regulation. we want regulation as the industry. and if we don't behave then yes, that's fine. ah, ah, is your media a reflection of reality? the, in a world transformed what will make you feel safer? type relation for community. you going the right way? where are you being that somewhere? which direction? what is true?
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what is in the world corrupted? you need to defend the join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah, the u. k. prime minister. now, upon to remove all is all cooper, restrictions in england thought despite dating new infections being on the rise. meanwhile, and a front line was buckling not case such celebrate the organization 70 thought on a bus 3, but no pay rise president for that. no. but they did get a metal from the queen. i think that was a real shock in the face. and i want to make sure that i knew these kinds of things


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