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tv   Cross Talk  RT  July 5, 2021 7:30pm-8:01pm EDT

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media project or a gentleman cross off rules, and that means you can jump anytime you want and i always appreciate it. ok, let's go to my 1st hearing in moscow. oh, it was a lot of media coverage about diem of the 100 anniversary, the birthday party of the communist party in china. and it was a mixed bag. what would one would expect? but what, what struck me very much about it for a communist party. it was not been remarkably, an ideological in many ways. of course, there was lip service being paid to market when it is. but it was really much about the the physical real achievements of an organization known as the communist party of china. and it wasn't necessarily because of socialism. it is because of the party. what were your thoughts? well, i share your impression and i would say that it was very important that the stress was on respect to history. i mean, at the moment when in canada, they just troy the monument for green victoria,
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because of something that happened after she left office. i mean, because of these terrible deaths of that nature population to each was when the story personally had no relation whatsoever in the epa. when we have the, you know, excess s o b. our movement in the united states, china is stress in respect to history and not only the period of history, but also the preceded mark. this is very important and that makes china much less ideological state than i'm sorry, the united states and the european union member countries in their present condition. i mean, the worst thing about doing is, is this destruction or history child? yes, your history a when you know your view characters from the 19 or you agent
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century and by today's ice. and in that sense, china now is a much less idea what state than most of the west georgia. wait, wait on that, because president she, when he was giving his speech on denman square, the symbolism was really quite obvious. he was what he appeared very much like, wow, i mean, in the car right there. but again, you know that there's that contrast. mean you've been, you have the symbolism, but the me, the cup of the, the words the and the ideas that he was trying to express was achievements. ok. and of course obviously this was a cheer leading for the communist party. we expect no less. but nonetheless, that it was more about the cod raise of the party than the caliber of their people . and the chinese feature is keep popping up. i mean, this is one of the things that you and i've talked about before socialism with chinese features, but i guess my impression is it's a lot more chinese features,
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but it is those 2 of them, which of course i think it's misunderstood in the west. go ahead, george know that's a very interesting issue because there is a stark contrast between the rhetoric, which was a celebration of the talking party, the party about the parts of his speech. read like something that you would have read in the soviet union in the $900.00 off the guiding for the region relation of the nation is the responsibility of the party. you know, they cannot be any china without the pocket. but as you say is the media, logical concept seems to be very nebulous, but they talk about socialism. but whenever there's no attempt to define what they mean by social socialism with chinese characteristics, there's also very little by way of self criticism. and again, that's different from the soviet experience because i've go, yeah, i mean, china. great. yes. what about before we have the
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gravely forward we have china miles cultural revolution and only calamities that it's very interesting what they've done. i mean, the soviet they kind of been told that a fall and they demonized solid but they kind of want to retain many of the beaches in the creative number. of course they got themselves into trouble doing that, having shopping in the fall and it's very difficult. the chinese never really like, well the soviet's been with style and i mean i, that was because of the beginning of that rift between the 2. but the variances, i mean here, the chinese, if you say you look right now, they celebrate mildly, but he's on a great heroes. wow. you know, lou, shout she, you know the things about joe and lie. so they want to retain the continuity a little. they're completely robust policies of mile and the founders of the
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revenue in when they were talking about them in their move towards capital. as i was hoping that it doesn't, it doesn't matter what the color of the, the cat is, as long as it catches mice. ok, and i think that that stands today, a demon also a very important was this and looking at it, you know, women watching china's rise for our entire lifetime here. and i can, i remember, you know, you would hear words from the chinese foreign ministry that china is concerned about something when you and i. and george may throw around the word concerned in a rather cavalier way. but when the chinese that they were concerned about something, it means they were really upset about something and worried that is completely out of the window. now that is gone. i mean, the speech that she gave was bomb bass dick. i mean, something that's what surprised me more than anything else, not any policy preferences or directions. just the rhetoric itself that was very
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much out of tune with what we traditionally gotten used to coming out of the chinese leadership. your thoughts? well, it's not only china asia, in general, i mean the traditional western view that asia is the place for which the whole of the barriers should have been that they can europe look at the rhetoric at the sockets or c, s, d o, a collective security, treat your organization, you know, who rhetoric assignments or shot high cooperation organizations. there is never something that you would hear an old in the summits. you know, that face country is a trap. you know, rush is a threat. trying is a threat. you know, they are creating systemic telling just for hours you ation, you know, that it's always very peaceful like the 1st thing that yes, you remember say when the writer is,
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is organization is not directed against any other country. and that's the amazing change. that's because in the last, when you're 30 years, and in january, i understand the sum of all of yours may, may doubt what they said, that the western countries are no more. i do apologize that the china lake and i can confirm it by a very simple example. one of the features over in georgia is ation is just ation of sports, or is, is a political to write for that that there is there in countries. so just, you know, an article problem that grew up by someone named coughlin and bought a ukraine, making it to the quarter finals for a current you, ukraine was very existence is all the cost of threat from its powerful russian neighbor. your greatest qualification for the quote, the final. so euro 2020 if is a victory for democracy, it demonstrates how sporting pro is going to be a po for and you don't to, to really go behavior and of both. but i mean,
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out of the bridge for under started, you know, if the service you blown the championship starting to say something like this shows you know, their, their advantages of communism. but to say it the bald and not the country and not the keep qualifying for the for the finals, it's just too much. it's not for started or brand new, but also for mile. no one of them ever ever descended to such to be it was did. but it's, it's george, it's kind of an interesting story that i hadn't thought about bringing sports into it. but nonetheless, but here we are a but, you know, in looking is that she speech, it was much more the achievement of the chinese people as much as it is china, the chinese communist party. because it seems to me, you know, we don't use it in your everyday pounds. but you know, the way i went by the communist party is kind of the veneer of civilization. and i think this is very much how the chinese look at it. ok. because there is
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civilizational force, and we have to remind our viewers that they look at it as returning to their proper place in the world. see in the west. they don't see it that way because there's the west is that he gemini, for the last 500 years, that is being tested right now. even challenge, go ahead. yes, yes, that's a very good point. but i think that g is facing a problem and i think you realize the problem is it's only taking 50 years for china to emerge from the sort of terrible it was in. when nixon visited it in 1972 very impoverished, backward place. suddenly, if the number 2 economy in the world could well overtake the united states in the very near future. now, if the looks of the world to reach g realizes that the united states isn't going to just accept that lying down. i mean that's why that is a definitely
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a challenge for. busy jade, and you can see that there was a certain anxiety in his speech that you know, we are being threatened by the west and i think that's a serious issue because, you know, the united states as enjoyed. this the standing since 945, the number one power in the world, mobile and military. and when he can make phone number one financial about it dominates all the global institutions. all that is being challenged by china in the way that the soviet union in the cold war ever able to. and if could we have this is what we talk about the label. it could be that the united states will just simply be overtaken by all the a o c's and black lives matter and just simply fade away. all the united states will somehow go in and die in military zation mode and try to deal with china. we don't know, but it's, it's a, it's
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a serious challenge now is an interesting point and i thought the also she's been kind of the chinese were kind of signaling where they thought was fair game. ok. you cannot make the rivalry and competition fine. ok. even military, you know, you know, where we're going to draw our red lines because you payment, we always have your read what we have to do, but things like human rights and things like that. they're saying no, that is no point of discussion whatsoever. i mean, he didn't do it, but i'm very, i will be expect very soon that she will be quoting secretary said, link at his remarks in anchorage here, but it seemed like a much delineation. it's like game on go ahead. george. finish that for yeah, that's right. and i think the game is, but precisely in the areas that are important to china, which taiwan, hong kong james and there the united states is challenging it. i mean that's the whole blog of. busy the propaganda, culture,
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informational and military war that the united states is wage again, china, and therefore it is going to be a serious issue. what exactly does the states envisaged a ribbon on the part of the we're going to take a short break break. we'll continue one session on real estate. okay. ah, is your media a reflection of reality? in a world transformed what will make you feel safer? tyson lation community. are you going the right way or are you being that somewhere? direct? what is true? what is faith?
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in the world corrupted, you need to defend the so join us in the depths will remain in the shallows. ah, ah, today industry prefers to millions of, you know, the regulations will be all about making money. i think it's among big corporation, international markets. import export. do you imagine the number of per, the diseases are in, or, you know, due to new viruses or new microbes? it's not true. so it is due to environment. they're not going to use the momentum much the tech usually don't come in the day. mostly they don't allow us
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to like the food industry is successful for create more jobs, it will create more value added, it will create more. so i don't see why we shouldn't also fight for the interest of the industry that we have regulation. we want the regulation of industry, and if we don't behave then yes, that's fine. ah ah, welcome back. are all things are considered peter little? this is the home addition demand you were discussing some real news. ah, ah, okay, just go back to here in moscow. you know, over the last 6 months of the bio and ministration, it's really quite remarkable in many ways is that we were buying was presented to
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us as the anti trump. but as time passes, it's quite remarkable the continuity and the contrast, particularly when it comes to foreign policy. donald trump famously said, well, it would be good to get along with russia. remember that and, and now you have biden, you know, he's basically saying the same thing without using the same words, okay? and then we'll put that marker aside for a 2nd. and now the, i was going to say your vacuum should, but the departure from afghanistan and the same kind of push back. so the anti trump is feeling the same thing when trump did. and of course, what i'm getting at is the inter agency consensus. these people want to be a, maintain their positions of power and call the shots here. so remarkably, the anti trump is experiencing very much what the real trunk did. go and expand some stuff, go ahead. when you are right. it's interesting. the ministration of by them just
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includes the representatives of all their own business. you know that we're behind the american foreign policy and see in the last 2530 years you have that you know, the cyber or be, you know, the company has been presented. you have the old, a bomb and people who have the military industrial complex, they're all there. and remarkably, i mean, a lot of people expected by them to be less forced to china. and suddenly it was by and, and, you know, forced the european nato allies to, to put their signature on. there is a notion of the last name was smith, which basically reclaims china threat john car. no way of doing that. you know, he wouldn't be opposed by america, by all of us personally, demonized by barton,
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made it the same story with that. i'm it with you. and i mean, now a lot of people, russia suspect, by the actually doing and by that stupid phrase of all the killer. because otherwise, you know that the warm beer would not allow him to go to geneva to show it just shows how much biden is a hostage drive your, what would you know by no, there's no support in the advisors later on in the night, just criticize and brand new for entering and said that now when you do each was a hostage to your what you know, he had to go there because you had to save his friends. well, the same story with by them he, i think deep and he saw he sent the brain just but he has to play by the rules over over increasingly radical ideology. so she can't, she just can't condemn the action or the bridges destroy which out of nothing you know, create that very death situation in the black sea. ok,
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i mean we get to georgia, take care. i like what i'm going to kind of re, jake, what demon just had to say, because i really liked it a lot. i don't, i don't, you know, joe biden is bought an idea log. okay. you may be locked in a secretary, not, not very bright on top of it, but he is hosted use a hostage to idea logs around him. ok. because if you know anything about him, i mean, he's basically, if you take away black lives matter and keep it all, but he's basically a liberal republican and he served that way all in the senate for half a century here. but that is my mind, my point is yours. you can be someone like trump that had certain basic instincts and inclinations that were very rarely formulated clearly. and then you have joe joe biden, which is basically he's, he's basically getting passage whoever has the, the power, because he saw what they did to trump. he doesn't want that to happen to him. ok. but nonetheless, it means he gives up his agenda. go ahead and george. yeah,
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it is very interesting. there is, there is no question. there is an intelligence military national security are up that is absolutely determined to sabotage any attempt to forge a rep rushman with russia. i mean, they did it in the case of trump, whenever trump made any moves in that direction, they came down very hard on trump and they were all busy already done distance. geneva, we had this report the other day for the f, b i g, c, h q, and the n s a claiming russia is engaging in massive cyber bullying all over the world even today. and we have another report in bloomberg about, you know, russia engaging in ransom where tax and corporation this is going to be a daily drum be. now by the, you know, it's hard to know what exactly is going on. and you said, i think that when he blurted out during his space, press conference about where russia is in a very tight spot with china that it's cumulated by china.
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i think that this goes, he's thinking that he's going to make sense for us to be friend, russia because chinese, the big. 2 the big from through is directly, so that's a form of kind of projection that rushes to the types. i think you were saying where and i and we, and this is where it is all self inflicted. we did it for ourselves. okay. and you and i have been talking about this for years and years and years and now it's, it's rate in their face real life. what have we done? and as you pointed out, the report after report keeps the drum be going. it's like, you know, you know, there's only one gear. okay. they get really change gears and they can't change the their destination. i mean there's their stuff because of brushy gay because of
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trump and because of the media hysteria in respect to what the biden really wants to do, it's almost pre determined and that's pretty pathetic. go ahead. well, yes, it's re determined and their desires have all this like to me, crushing trying to quarrel? well, i mean, nixon and kissinger would use some, you know, as jude provocations. they would, they invent some stories. here is just so blown away bars and says, i told coach of in china it was a threat. you know, well, i mean, who is going to believe it? so they're working in less and less elegant ways. i mean the story with the, again, with bigger destroyer hold, believe that, you know, somehow the papers about this operation just ended up at the bus stop, you know, garbage can, can you imagine gordon johnson just coming to the bus stop in the middle of the night and just duncan and all that, so that journalist would find it, so they're working in no management ways. and that's
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a bad sign. it shows them basically way dealing with a very irresponsible bureaucratic machine where people are just afraid of saying something positive about russia. but if you don't saying it's a positive that you can do, very unprofessional way, could you know, blinking laughter in china on their, on the marriage. so democracy in anchorage all abortive johnson said that's i just don't know how the secret papers ended up at the bus. you know, these are very, you know, this is not the way the west used to operate. point in george. know this is what am i getting people are just waiting competent. i mean like my default position right now because they can't otherwise to me, they're simply incompetent. yeah. and it really goes back to this question. they can't make up their mind. who's the enemy, who is the united states, supposed to be direct its energies against it, russia or china?
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so trump will say that was china, but basically the, the national security oper. i wasn't going to go along with it by the seems to be also thinking, well, i got to think about china and the people he has some of the economics people who are working for him. also thing a chinese economic giant that we have to deal with that. but you have all of the, the, the blink kins and the middling bureaucracy that is still absolutely fixated on russia and clearly the europeans and bar johnson and use the barrel and everybody else. they all still, you know, in the mindset enemy, but it's really interesting, georgia that are 5 years. this is their red ticket. and so we're there, you know, there's a new president and, and he wants to change why everything was going so well for careers were made. ok. you know, advancements, you know, cable news be gigs and all of that. i mean the thing in an institutional way,
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i'm going to collectively extremely dishonest, but i'm in additional way. this is a great me trade for them and why should change ok? go ahead. well, i think that the india, they don't want to change anything. there is the inertia and that's really dangerous because it's a bad inertia. i mean, and sorry, i mean, i'm not going to court here what mike on pill and one of the american sectors from state recent said to me, that would be that that would be c in the, you know, some control in bodies in the west would say oh, you are pregnant. hatred? it was that was pure hate that you know what michael said about the china was pure hatred. but if a go to parallel with the military and isn't just you mind me, how not to join the minute make up its mind who is going to attack 1st, western plutocrats or their jewish bolsheviks in russia. you know,
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and nazi germany hate the bulls and the, and they only had to listen to hitler because he was the ultimate authority who just decided in the same way. now you read the newspapers, you read the magazines like foreign policy, foreign affairs. and there are big, weak saying own chinese, the main enemy, somebody like mcfall says no, no, no, no, china, russia. is there anything? and none of them can imagine a world where there are no any, was there a whole promises diplomacy? they just can't imagine. this won't be already inside the war, these people georgia such a brilliant point because we must have been after me because we have to spend money on the military. you know, we have to keep this thing going. ok. it's very interesting is a top prosy versus democracy thing. it's not working. but you know what it's doing . it's making countries choose their choosing a non ideological model or have
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a progressive, a neal liberal model. and a lot of parts of people that we do. we like to watch that stuff on netflix, but we don't want it here. okay, go ahead. sure. yes, exactly. that whole idea of the buyer, the ministration will get a hold of democracy summit. all of that is going to do unite all kinds of forces around russia and china, even forces that are within the western side. because you can imagine people like, or under is, or bond the hungry victor or buy was kind of, you know, more in the russia, china like, you know, i don't really like what the democracy some it is all about. and there are other forces within the west itself, but don't like this. so once you start making this going to be a logical struggle, you're just alienating or, and you know why? because it would be about when it be about maintaining gemini, what it would be, you know, it has never been about mark received. you know, this is,
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this is just the veneer. they hide our gentlemen but all the time we have one a think my guess. and here in my going to make our viewers were watching us the next time. remember the i ah, to don't to leave you booted up. this notion, we knew he would said when she gets home later to love me as she knew she wouldn't be a little girl. but what i was in the study,
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i took me to teach julia. she was, she's a really pushing issue one doing the best for me was over. she said for me in the last with the metro. okay. she yeah. so i love this deal and that is what i mean. you know, in the new new, new which is about what if the new i see executable football. what's the point up when i got to pull it up on that? got me
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back guided by nasa level guys, when customers go buy, you reduce the bin l. well, reduce the lower, the better cutting, but what's good for food market? it's not going to the global economy. oh, is your media a reflection of reality? the in a world transformed what will make you feel safer? type relation or community? are you going the right way or are you being somewhere direct? what is truth? his faith in the world corrupted. you need to this end. the join us in the depths will remain in the
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shallows. ah, ah, you k prime minister says that england is ready to remove almost all coven restrictions, claiming deaths are down. however, critics point to the fact that cases are still going up and us troops to quit their key afghan based on the taliban makes significant advances in the north. but president biden is not in the mood to talk about it. talk about happy days, man and protests, an outrage in london and new york over the weekend to join us on the market. yet another birthday behind bars. but the impact of his case may go a lot further. i think what astonishing did a challenge everything that he's followed steve west notions of
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