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don't allow us, the food industry is successful. we'll create more jobs, it will create more value added. it will create more. so i don't see why we shouldn't also fight for the interest something industry that we have regulation. we want the regulation of the industry. and if we don't behave then yes, that's fine. ah. when i would show the wrong, why don't i just don't. i mean you? yes, to fill out the thing because after an engagement equal betrayal, when so many find themselves will depart and we choose to look for common ground
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me the me to john to even keep will have access to over 20 new. she will try to dorothy, if it's only due to me she to, she knew she to milton current for us and that's in a nice total. i push me to teach. sure, you control age edition really is a hurdle move what she's a junior she,
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i guess it was your new best for me was she said for me to wash it with metro to show you. i should just stop by next deal and you've got the new new new which is what the executable. supp. once you put up on me, i got my seat up when i got it up for me, i will just implement got most of the by the mid 19th century, the russian bear had grown into a powerful empire. and pro nikolai, the 1st metal in the offense of european states. russia antagonized many. and by
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the mid 19th century, underlines headed by britain and france, i've been forged against russia. all that remained was to bring a match to the powder grandmother would change brokercheck. now, discovering that it was and they are much out of them if it promotes. she's even if you're seeing the said that there was telling them that they couldn't go to school for the semester when they gestures and sort of would you buy at them. but she will be on this guy that are on go for football, for the last short order will be reading and writing because i was, i didn't do what was this lavetia lake us see this coming me just keep and if you just keep up with naval privilege. in september, 1854. the joint anglo french squadron closed on sylvester ball with the upper hand
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. more advanced and better equip ships. the russian navy didn't stand a chance and took the difficult decision of scuttling their ships at the bay's entrance to block the watch away. 7 ships to a sacrifice creating an underwater barricade and the goal was achieved. the allies fleet failed to reach the city and shore line. mr. need again to me, so by far body pressure, what about the semester, mr. sebastopol? they don't all just in on the amendment. i gather committed. mr. g c. name norman gal. up up up up. i have to go to some of the whole families on they do all my sister. i don't know if she got so many meal expensive meal and study to be she's all the all
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up and then all the old. so to me so i can just show good morning it's about a documentary, i think songs that expanded academic journal complaint with you also on the street and it was also jasmine, jude r, e i, c k g back that we can keep me keep was good about also good news stuff come all came to that. a solo shaneka in the mail port pushing deletion ah 20 for on i was she and they can sort interest on that. they keep the just on tuesday is what i want to put up with this target. probably going to be
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the jewish desire to give me me out basically don't trust me. don't tricia who are you repeat it back to you really? oh, nice to show you. did you come if you read the allies succeeded in landing the emotions that best in the anglo
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french advance and put up a fight near the elmer river, an intense battle. what in the end, the russians had to retreat? who would use his chance to get to the go to the she wants to know to, to, to, to, to, to control she needs a special needs or threats. contin jimmy lucia foundation. who showed you this longer fishing and you really mean you're going to preserve your number just through enough touch the politically that's really good to me that all women in for . so pulling me up to me, it's just, you know, isn't it 3 o'clock and that'll get us to come from into the show you it's in schools always at the c as in 84, we sort of get to me. but in situations with piece of stuart position could probably
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be sort of any period muddled me. she was told that she could remove us and that the little screen was going to be sure to look, i would prefer you to. so using the which has been used for you and, but it does give me a call as most needs to be for teach in said, you know, because you knew for clear. so here shortly if you will. this is an issue with stephanie. will the student nikolai goes famous channel with di lefty, asked him for it to be told the english don't mean that comes with us. russian cross may have been to london and seen how much more phones the english were. the
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index soldiers in crimea had rifle barrel guns of higher range and accuracy. while the russians may do with sleazeball musket were actually cleaned with brick dust. the technology gap was considered the major reason for russia's defeat in the crime in war. but the allies also suffered heavy to be there's a story in the songs about the atlantic of the british light cavalry on fortified russian positions. british aristocracy, moon down, by, sorry, shrapnel. ah, not done them with that. yeah. i woke up with the mom clark way, but she's to me,
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when i, when you put in princeton was doing was sheman bought that it's the in my get going to college from from me. the such school isn't the 1st year for me for a blue bus which i feel a little bit, but fortunately the college did. jake i was number was that i need to show up with the such a blessing. you might deal this. some new emotion barcroft on the e. what was gillian over the region for good with that and not of us in the
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risk of cost me the union, we mean the federal again, but what would be a thought a 1000000000 i did this enough. i'm god to was right, and i stop, you know it's that it's pretty complex. thanks bridget sr, chest about almost to us open their eyes in and i'm glad to show that in your school, our commercial machine shopping for commercial vehicle. we got the list and i just loved the machine. that was g p t,
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lip disk i q. yeah. but they switch in, you know, god is, what is the me open at the moment or is them when you have me get i from the with them from new york chest nationally, mostly if not logging possibly in your book as much as i'm with dylan. it's me, i don't know what the chipper 3 for the pot i people machine me at the for the last than the deal in the area for that. i think i thought i boomed. i knew so, but on the diet which
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the job post was just below 3 plays with the position. they knew that my son was muslim, maturing out the chairs in the in the. 7 7
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6 machine looks good, been over the long bear with me for more i guess i the 1000000 met, you know was it was, i mean you still talk. did you see on cement me exactly. do need if she did, i do me on his be the more we took off in the money that was $1.00 of the li per year. so look, are you able to make sure it's from the, the san jose? i think i think the far last year was it just bought it was at suit eric to master . she said the but we look it up too much. avila told me to call off at all. i do need our program or if it, if i could, if i can pretty much know could you put it on
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i, i was driven by dreams shaped by interest in me dares thing. we dare to ask me
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to join me at the 1st day on the salmon show when i was speaking to guess in the world of politics, sport, business, and show business. i'll see you then. mm oh, in to keep them all set and a minute to put a heavy mumble do that and says, michelle, he's does out me to quit and to do the work of your photo. don't just assume to people, you know, a little if you have you don't, don't get kevin,
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you know the book, the clue didn't you tell to get here at the doctor told yourself i go to that but you will plus 3 to the semester was on for lead when on ah, ah, ah, ah, with false perceived, i'm from the let me see if we go to our surgery, stephanie, she needs to walk us on that last cruise on that one will be present with the
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credit card. it will put you on on your passcode when you purchase purchases using it, you know, kitty, i see, but i didn't publish a pop also called a bill. it also sean tell also does mr. g mr. best to party, which was a chef l. a. but it is mr. d from your credit card. i mean before says it was a left. i mean, usually you don't have to pay on it when i go back, but still checking bit of last year, but the guy was saying, well, my old loyce law, i was just having to guess while i got there about keeping the key man to to birthday can you please me? see the says i was was up with the service,
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but of you came it it should have been off the phone. do you book just us i need a book, i guess. why are you getting the confusion on the cruise? my name was last june luc moon i as well. yeah, i get a my maid who is a for a dog. he started messing the vest, defend as well. he really can defended the city for a whole year. but having to abandon the war was nearly over. among those who
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defended the city was a young officer in the towns, delay festival sketches became a literary, monumental event free 1st world war play. well, you can move, you see that tom was in? yeah, it was a 4 year old. we inexpensive. i get him a new promotion subject to the self, shall i turned on. she as usual as you will, was over in the lake. i wonder if i don't know who was nash with a phone call. i'm sure there he just, russell took you to them and them shook elementary elementary exposure. so mrs. smith told me she had your blue stakes
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on there. it's a long only i don't get even they won't count j long. she put me off for research with a local. she knew she was there and she was kick you want me call you this is sondra said it was, you know, the middle of the submittal video laundry. her laugh hall smith. and i know i feel, you know, i mean he saw the screen. i don't know the, this is your cruise is due to a given for me. see,
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i see soon as i was going to be, you know, just as much because of what she said thought and what i need to know what see just like i showed the concise this sheesh and i knew that she, she than me, needed them. the concept, so i'm up on your skin. the gym wasn't scottish. those were some chill. a. it the little skew. so that's a lame was them. it's something in the middle name, the 3 such purely for this movie, jim, you told me on the when you form over dash q showing what's in the car, gliding motion because i have
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a blessed one blessing someone buses, him and i just to let you know we will listen to the young by the if she gave a but i still suspended just from duty fish. but the reason you were on the transfer now we just had a local a given us to be cute. and the chinese food was found inside of the juice and the produce that i'm a new yes and the permit and i'll send you incentive to give you the setup to be sure to shoot me another users with a quick glimpse of this. you could keep them or you just use to keep the boots, if you will for 74 months. i know what that
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means. it's a pretty what is she with a proposal for you to rebel to your new particular new page. you mean the thing for me mr. chelsea? me me to the police don't and you're still in season is friends with me not to renew, renew them poco some of us can you get a new rule for nation, boucher, for what in closely glenda. so no, anything, it throws me sick too, from the building and construction of the nasa. people to, you know, full. it's just a moment. let me do no problem in susan, the nation pretty faithfully attorney to this term is huddled in school when i started to continue. probably when would you go to the media to do the full little
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thing, which i learned to keep them in nickel, france across the board, meeting him tonight and you know, you get to me just let me check, you know, should come on the company assistant or used to be a little from that me, i don't what i'm is, but the result no girlfriend just renewed all that i may just go to school tomorrow. i just had thought about you don't let me pull up that so many people more looking towards chris on me. it was
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a victory for to measure national sun. lamb in all is all vague. don't miss shawnee told the same vehicle? more just on the classic. this is christine. i guess i'm the west coast close to me that you know vic. 12 to follow up with you on any corporate. only on i didn't know. post receipt. i get that proof. come on as keep many more new, more solid. couple surely don't lose on a move out to move out up. i did. i got to make the appointment with him at no cost . i suppose it was doing the new veil. it also said, yeah, committed that gonna be good to select the philosophy. they don't move more on and they don't match it. i this shortage from the early 20th century shows the grey head veterans event for
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the just a decision. i don't want to visit any ultimate say, you don't know. shake industry mused not lousy boon is usually see. no, no, no. see, moving, can truly know who is it possible you for 4 years or something she did miss your show to see 1st movie on look ludowici like to live with michelle, did i get the senior did it? did it, are you going to see if i can see to reduce your teenage to phone or your name was the 1st isn't it was on the to him the focus on believe it will continue to use the laundry
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or just i ah, the communist party of china celebrated it's 100 anniversary last week. it made it clear will no longer tolerate being lectured by the way. is this a new red line also? is it fair to say the washington inter agency is winning again?
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the today, industry, 1st 1000000 euros in the today, regulations will be all about making money. is a big corporation, international markets export. do you imagine the number of the diseases that are in every family today? you know, due to new viruses or new microbes? not true. so it is due to environment you know, i can take either the momentum command on much time with abilene. yes. accumulate go don't come in today. mostly they don't allow us. the food industry is successful. it'll create more jobs, it will create more value added. it will create more so i don't see why we shouldn't also fight for the interests of the industry that we have regulation. we
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want the regulation as the industry. and if we don't behave then yes, that's fine. ah ah, the headlines and t v k prime minister says england is ready to move almost restrictions, timing deaths the dying. however, the critics point to the fact the case is still going up. also come to us troops quit kiosk and base taliban significant in the north side. and it's not in the mood to talk about not happy the process and that raging london and new york over the weekend is june. the songs march yet another per day behind bars, but the impact of his case, they go a lot further. i think what they're good, a fellow school everything that the supposed to be western notions of freedom,
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not much unity.


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