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tv   News  RT  July 5, 2021 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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ah, the the, the headlines is out of the k prime minister boris jones in the name of england is ready to remove strict code with restrictions claiming the death the dime. however, critics the point to the fact that cases are still going up or so to come to cyrus, us truth, quit that key afghan base, the taliban mate significant in the north. but president biden is not in the mood to talk about that. i want to talk about happy, the man i'm protesting that rage in london and new york over the weekend is june on march, yet another se behind bars. but the impact of his case may go a lot further. i think the started dish. everything that you spoke in west notions,
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not much unity on americans independence days. the celebrations are blasted over racial issues. we look at how even the stars and stripes and dividing opinion ah oh, good evening. just go 9 o'clock here in the russian capital. you're watching arty international force. johnson has a nice that england is ready to lift many corona vars restrictions claiming that while cases is still going up, death down the final decision on easing the lockdown will be taken in a week's time. but the prime minister has already revealed the roadmap to what he called reopening society on the 19th of july. we can't reopen our society in the next few weeks when we will be helped by the arrival of summer and by the school holidays. then we miss ourselves. when will we be able to
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return to normal bars? johnson addressing the people of england today ahead of that so called freedom day on july, the 19th where a number of restrictions will be lifted, the majority of them, in fact, those are the remaining bars shunting outlining that for example, face mosques on the transport network will no longer be obligatory to where that will be no more social distance. they go truck and trace requirements when going to hospitality, our lives like restaurants and pubs, and also people encourage to go back to the office as opposed to working from home . but the key theme in bars thompson's entire speech was personal choice because he feels that the situation is much better despite the fact the case. numbers are rising hospitalizations remain relatively low as off deaths. and he's setting that down of course, to the success of what he says and how the government has handle the vaccine
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rollout, amongst other things. but bar zones is still saying that despite all of these measures being lifted, he's still not complacent to the fact that those case numbers, particularly of the delta, vary and continued to rise. this pandemic is far from over 70 won't be over by the 19th. as we predicted in the roadmap, in february, we're seeing cases rise fairly rapidly. that could be $50000.00 cases detected per day by the 19th. and again, as we predicted, were seeing rising hospital admissions. and we must reconcile ourselves sadly to more deaths from coded a big reason for bar sun since decisions to go ahead with the opening of the country is the high numbers of people who have had the vaccine. here in the u. k. 6 percent of adults having had the 1st one at least, and also not should immunity as well, with thousands of millions of people in court. the virus naturally then, of course,
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not altogether, builds up a wall of immunity that far as thompson says, has broken that link between cases and deaths on the other hand. but he does have those within his own scientific community scientific advisors who are warning him that what we could see is not just the rise in cases, but also the development of variance. if the rules are relaxed to quit too much, the u. s. is leaving its main military base in afghanistan bankrupt airfield, near the capital cocoa. it's been the heart of military operations in the country. for 2 decades. us coalition forces moved into the base at the end of 2001. it developed into a huge facility housing, up 210000 troops, or more than 100 aircraft making a t v. strategic point of operations for washington and nato allies in the region. where meanwhile, does more districts in the country have fallen under the control of taliban millison? however, the american president to say,
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far being willing to address the issue with the taliban report, resetting a deadline for all foreign troops to be gone by september. and also making attempts to see the abandoned background base which local authority say as also attracted looters. i don't reply to the information that we have. the american forces left the bag room air base last night. this has not been officially carbonated and reported to us, but from the ground we get these information from the situation in the area as several looters, opportunists, and others, storm bag room air through this morning. and with a quick response from our district administration, we were able to fall their plans a more important question presents itself, how long will the afghan government be able to hold it? because looters weren't the only ones excited about the u. s. withdraw? but taliban is coming back in force and according to reports just in june, they seized more than 700 trucks and armored vehicles from afghan security forces
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and have also getting significant chunks of territory throughout the country. humanitarian organizations are now in panic. warning of yet another wave of refugees from the country and the afghans themselves, more than a 1000 of which have recently fled to the jacob stand to seek asylum. say they want to escape the fighting by any means necessary. the. gotta know what mr. i'm leaving, you know, 3 to 4 days with some friends relief because of the lack of job and he would leave this country otherwise. ah, i've been on my way very concerned about the return of the taliban. therefore, when to leave the country before the situation gets worse, and most of the districts of school and there is not even one district where there is no fighting. the taliban has even reach him,
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a chief of police and provincial capital. i've come here to get what possible to get out of afghanistan. it is not the i must get them with all these problems who would want to leave and get this done in the it's very hard to leave here. i'm going to go to belgium, the the decades of fighting and instability and of gas than have already displaced some 2700000 people from their home country. in terms of numbers that 2nd only to syria. but this mass us exodus might make matters even worse. so what does joe biden think of all this after all journalists have been growing him on this issue for a while now. well, apparently not a lot. he'd rather talk about happy things like fireworks and the 4th of july is
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going to be in the next few days. my fall, we are hearing about the comment taking more and more than happy to help provide anytime parents for military or me. i'm not going to say more question again, is to look at life. we're bringing our, bring our troops home. we have all across america. people are going to ball games. i guess if you pretend a problem doesn't exist at all, just go away. perhaps that's just uncle sam's method. in the end, the u. s. came, it saw, and then he just left. and the question on everyone's mind right now is, what the hell was it all for? for journalist and political. i'm this robert in the cash. the pentagon withdrawal
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symbolizes the whole 20 year campaign. seeing the massive death and destruction brought on afghanistan and the fact that the illicit drug trade expanded with u. s. presence there and of course the taliban has been able to expand with u. s. presence there all these years. americans not really knowing what the war is, even about the former president of attorneys, done. how need congress. i have even said that the us role and war in the country, the longest in us history has actually allowed extremism and terrorism to have free reign, essentially in the country and has been a spectacular failure. what we could see is that the united states maybe enters back into us and is done with or under the bomber administration with joe biden was part of that obama had no problem getting back in iraq after he announced that he was going to withdraw all his forces and it is something of course,
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which is not something to out of the ordinary for the united states, back and involved in a war, which it says that it has withdrawn from an exclusive interview, a spokesperson for the taliban political office. in cas assholes, the war was based on a miscalculation lots up on. unfortunately, the situation in the country is getting worse. if not for the occupation, the situation would not have worse than to the extent they should have thought about that before. invading under the country like af canister, and now the american president has announced that foreign american troops will finally leave our country. there is no need to lay foreign troops in the country. we want to solve problems through negotiation, and we have a maintaining such a position from the very beginning. but we will negotiate with gene not as a representative of the people, but us with just one of the guns side. we cannot recognize the regime which has
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appeared along with the occupants, which has completely corrupted not to have been protest that rage is julian massage marks yet another birthday behind bars. hundreds of his supporters gathered in london and new york to celebrate his 50th birthday. over the weekend and demand his release, washington is still seeking extradition. where if found guilty, he could be sentenced up to 175 years. julius, on just charged with conspiracy to government computers and espionage gone and fast international attention. when wikileaks published classified military documents that allegedly expose us for crimes in iraq and afghanistan over the past decade, the son has spent 7 years in the equitorial embassy in london. and 2 years in the british maximum security prison latest twist. and his case came when a key witness against him report lead me to to giving false testimony. will philosopher savoy jack to say that the sons case has exposed time,
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certain countries of trying to maintain the illusion of freedom. a socialist acumen is not just what people usually being disclosed to some documents and so on. in our songs made us aware that we are in a new era where state control and social is going over. our act is much more resigned because it doesn't directly in being on our limits. our freedom. you feel as if you are 3 by being to one you are already be money related and under control. the wish to maintain the idea of freedom. there is no day the logic is lost and when somebody be
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this follows experience will be demo states always. so the link between comp, i'm used to beach control and regulate us and so on. and state secret agencies like in their say and so on. i being a sounds started getting this challenge everything that follows in west notions of. 2 my money associate, the 4th of july would parade's parties, and fireworks us celebrates the birth of a nation, but this year the holiday meant to unite the country. actually start to space. it's a part. democratic congresswoman corey bush posted that the holiday is about american freedom, but only for white. the country is stolen, land and black people still aren't free. the tweet provide the mixed reaction to
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some the name singh her view of the national holiday. republican is pointed to that bush is black and went from being a nurse to serving in the house of representatives. another claim that her message had dishonored every black person who fought for the nation with race now even taught in schools and causing division along with the symbols at the heart of the republic. cast the f looks, it was american. identity means today. what makes it america is it being a patriot lesson, serving in the marines. paying taxes is waving the flag, putting up the stars and stripes and poll outside your house. know that according to that media, just might make you of fanatical republican today flying the american flag from the back of a pickup truck or over a lawn is increasingly seen as a clue will be. it's an imperfect one to a person's political affiliation, and it's deeply divided nation. well that writes about division,
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which the media course flat and inflamed in the name of ad revenue. but it's everywhere. people see everything differently. everyone has an opinion that they'd rather they'd rather die than give up. everything is a battle ground, race, religion, rooting, sex, orientation, police, immigration, and war. there is almost nothing left that americans agree or have the flag symbol of unity as now a symbol of oppression. it is chatted dated, divisive an incorrect, it no longer represents democracy and freedom, it no longer represents all of us. it's not fair to be forced to own it. it's signed for a new flag. what if the flag looked like this? and just like that out of the she does so you can see it a little way down the road protests and counter protests about changing the flag riots and shootings and enmity. because one person's idea is
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a bob winnable to another. you're found on an idea. we hold these truths to be self evident, that all men and women are created equal, endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, life, liberty to suit, happiness, sounds corny, to america. we learn this in grade school. high school, an idea that seems to have expired. what do they learn in schools now? critical race theory, the idea that no, we were created equal, but we don't believe equal. and that racism has tainted every aspect of institutional america. that's what they learned in school. now, a far cry from created equal. you talk about critical race theory, which is pretty much going to be teaching to how to hate each other. how to do, how we treat people is based on who they are and what are you in tomorrow? this is, this is how children think right in critical race nearing want to in one couldn't
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only wonder how the land they going to go off the asian americans next. and then latino paths maybe a few decades down the line and sick twisted already. they'll turn it against african americans at the end of the day, america is bursting at the seams. it's, it's for overpopulation. it's over belief where everyone has an idea that they think is better than everyone else's and they demand that people respect it. well, political analyst and radio house, dave perkins says that he's seen radical shifts in the country is being taught to young americans. today, young people are taught america was founded on capitalism for the benefit of the greedy few, which included racism because slavery was intrinsic to the profitability of agricultural industries in the south part of america. and so, racism, slavery,
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greedy capitalism, america is treated as marxist countries. 100 years ago, deserves to be treated and were treated in the press and in education. and now america takes their place as the root of all evil. and so when you wave the flag in front of any group of americans, half of them one is diluted in seeing the national anthem, and the other half become enraged. like there are some kind of bull in the spanish arena, having a red flag waved at them watching our t. yes. still to come to you over the next few minutes. we'll go live while correspondent and southern russia. is it possible deadly to wrench writing that story? plus others take this off. i i use
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i use join me every thursday on the alex simon show. and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politic sport business. i'm show business. i'll see you then. me the the, the,
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the ah hello again. i republicans have lashed out the quote purely politicize committee set up to pro january's capital riots. lawmakers warned that the panel named by top democrat, nancy pelosi, i'm mostly democrat, is designed simply as a vote winner. this is purely a part is an exercise so that they can carry this issue that they think is their only winning issue in the election cycle. that's exactly what i was hoping we wouldn't have because it's going to be politicized. the entire creation of this committee is obviously a 100 percent partisan or 7 of the 8 members chosen by pelosi are from the democratic party. and many of them have direct links to the anti trust effort, having served as impeachment, manages in the 1st or 2nd trials against the former leader. republicans say
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previous statements by the committee members, make them clearly unfit to impartially assess the riot by trump supporters. president trump is committed to high crime and misdemeanor of abuse of office and everything about donald trump's life. everything about is every day and office spells corruption, president incited right wing terrorists to attack the congress. the president is clear and present danger will even closely sell republican choice. this cheney was irish from her g o p leadership role for repeated criticism of trump. she was one of just 2 republicans to vote to set up the right committee. the highest minority leader says chinese participation is unprecedented. so let me be very clear, i'm not threatening anybody with committee aside. what i'm saying is it was shocking to me that if a person is republican, they get to their committee assignments from the republican conference for somebody
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to accept committee assignments from speaker pelosi that's on president. while the panel will pro what course the january stake, try to stop them again from support and storm, the building, the capital building in opposition to biden's presidential victory. 5 people lost their lives. and the incident and some 140 members who were injured in the u. s. libertarian party says the panels will be a political you'd have a congressional prob, if, if one of those had been shown to be inadequate, are incapable of doing it. and nothing has suggested that yet. so the reason to have a separate congressional probe is a try to turn it into more of a political circus, rather than just a question of criminal justice. obviously something that's a big public congressional hearing is going to get a lot more attention a lot more media focus and can really be used to attempt to vilify an entire
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political ideology, the republicans that they're going to put on there. the problem with this other problem they've already put on there are outspoken from critics, right? you know, inside of any political party, you have different faction. so if the people on the, in the committee are either democrats or anti trump, republicans, you know, from the fact that different from the, from faction of the republican party. i mean, clearly you're, you're not expecting fairness there. what would your expecting of the political circus? a grave risk to the environment. that's the warning from greenpeace, on the weekends. underwater gas pipelines that lit up the gulf of mexico. the incident here took place less than 200 meters from a drilling platform and spark to see it see fire. as you can see for 5 hours before being port out, the company responsible is reportedly more than $100000000000.00 in debt and failing to maintain facilities. however, the regulator does say that everything is okay. makes can
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energy environment and safety agency follows up on the event that a, in the campaign she prob, related to a gas line, the incident did not generate any spill. however, footage of that scene in the gulf has raised up painful memories too. of a catastrophe. 11 years ago, you might remember the deep water horizon gas leak speed, more than 200000000 gallons of oil into the gulf. mexico covering sizes of kilometers crude from louisiana to florida. reportedly the worst bill in history does is asked to kill some 800000 birds alone. environmental campaigner oliver take says we've been lucky with the latest accident. it looked absolutely scary and appalling. the most surprising thing about it is that it seems to be an environmental term, mis, almost in holiday home. so i'm not saying that we weren't find, you know,
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the schools. forty's, if did seem, you know, that will be, but it seems to be in the storm. she knew homeless. it absolutely pales in comparison in terms of environmental impacts. the lake was coast off completely within 5 hours and didn't even touch an environmental terms. if you're going to have a leak is nice and then this appears in the lead me fine or natural gas. it is actually much better in a way that it does catch far than the g. g simply release students to the atmosphere because me thing is a very potent greenhouse gas over 20 years times rise. and this a few times more powerful than condo it. so in terms of climate change is actually much better than that. it should be one person has been killed and several injured. his rivers burst, their banks amid severe storms and rushes black sea resort of salt, she traffic is heavily affected. his cause struggled to move through horse law
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grows motorized, as you can see, authority say there's currently no need to evacuate the area. well, the residents have been advised to gather food, clothing, and important documents in case they have to urgently leave their home. unfortunately, we've been unable to make contact with our correspondent on the scene. there's usually a promise that but we do hope to go live to him next step. so that brings you up today. thanks for company to not go back again in about 35 minutes. the and the communist party of china celebrated it's 100 anniversary last week. it made it clear it will no longer tolerate being lectured. by the way. is this
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a new red line also isn't fair to say the washington interagency is winning again. ah, and now we're in an area where we're trying to save the planet, we want to be able to use energy and have special live, but also to live on a healthy planet. and the challenge of energy is the emissions of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gas that we're trying to manage. and there's many different ways of doing that. the transition has begun in transition and it's proceeding along many different with the call with the
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news i'm action redundancy. we're going under governor thing, the stories the powerful don't want you to know coming up with the show c 5, c 5, palestine is changed forever. we talked to the 1st woman told us eat in the highest executive body and palace and then on a shroud we and as form a local coca cola boesky lamb. a lasso is inaugurated. as equity was new. president how us interests projected in jo biden's backyard as he report hundreds of thousands across the mexico border. it's the history of us back death squads regime change in mass killing all with the complexity of britain in the nations of europe and union. we speak to professor the chomsky about secret allies more coming up in today's going on. the government versus the death toll of women and children in gaz amounts up to many multiples of israelis. i'm joined now from ramallah in the west bank by the 1st woman to hold
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a seat in the highest executive body in palestine doctrine on a shroud. we thank you so much for coming back on the show. before we get on to, i mean, cease fire or no sci fi, this has been a watershed. some are saying, what are you hearing about the scale of suffering in the past few weeks from these? well, british american and you nation weapons launched by israel. absolutely. when you have hundreds of innocent civilians can have home women and children, family children actually have a call on them. honest, again, you will have 14000 you then sion apartments and really been destroyed. you have the end of the roads, the water system, even to the point of getting to be electricity and song you have many clinics strikes. so it's like destroying the economics as it has. benson and the
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human dimensions of guys guys are known, let alone go camera westbank, and through some of which you have scores have thousands injured. so that is an insurance and targeting that has been adult to the use of a cruel violence. and of course, the innocent civilians are paying the price and this is not the 1st time. this is really the true high rate sure. of a cruel and accountable occupation that uses all of these weapons state of the art, so to speak, in order to target and destroy either a captive civilian population or a civilian population. and that can service testing. and they all claim that this is just defense. they spin and just show misleading as the area.


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