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me the me she told me to leave a message over 20 new. she will try to she it from later to me she to she knew she wouldn't be able to credit for us. and what's in a nice little push me to teach, show you control age edition is a hurdle move what she's like, what are you putting? she gives you the one you're new best for me was over. i secret upset for me to wash it with you. i
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would, she should just stop by next kitchen for the new new which is what the if the new executable supp once you put up on that got moved, that is it will see the point. i got move it up on me. i will just implement got most of the by the mid 19th century, the russian bear had grown into a powerful empire. and pro nikolai the 1st metal in the offends of european states . russia antagonized many and by the mid 19th century, underlines headed by britain and france, i've been forged against russia. was to bring
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a match to the powder. the grandmother would change cuz she did not go away. not that much. i thought she'd be able to say that somebody was telling me that because i'm going to school for the semester and they just this year, some sort of would you put it on this guy that was go for the last children them order the other will be reading and writing here because i do, i do. what is the sluggish report us see, maybe let me just keep it. if you just keep up with naval privilege. in september 18, 54. the joint anglo french squadron closed on semester with the upper hand. more advanced and better equipped ships, the russian navy didn't stand a chance and took the difficult decision of scuttling their ships at the base
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entrance to block the won't away. 7 ships was sacrificed, creating an underwater barricade, and the goal was achieved. the allies fleet failed to reach the city and shore line . the mystery need to gather from it. so by far body. what about the semester, mr. sebastopol landmark, they don't all just ignore on the memo. the committee is mr. g. because you have to go to some of the whole family someday do on my sister. i don't know if she wanted me to me. i'll expect me to be there. she's all the all of the proof and then all the old me. so i don't see where i'm going to be of the document. i'd exhausted me that i didn't compare with
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you. awesome. so that was, you know, the illustrator was also and as my e k g impact that we can keep me keep screen but also good news stuff come on. i don't keep that. a solo knock in the mail and it was delicious. when i was shooting that sort of disciplinary, keep the just on tuesdays i can't put up with this target probably going to be the jewish desire to give
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me me maybe for develop basically don't trust me. don't trisha who really you which you know peter do you really want to show us could you can. ringback if you read the allies succeeded in landing the russians did that best to hinder the anglo french advance and put up a fight near the elman river. an intense battle. what in the end,
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the russian had to retreat? listen. ringback when you chance to get to the go to the she wants to know, did you get to talk to the commission and the training specialist there just got the jimmy lucia foundation who showed you this is lorna fishing room and you go to presidential number just trying to finish the, the pollutants are really good to me that all women in for so pulling me of you to me know it just q. we have not only 3 for quote can get was to come from in to get of sure. within schools, which are the seasons easy for the sort of need to choose from is a piece of steward to a position. i could probably think there's any purely a muddle me. she was told
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that she could move on. certainly the little screen where it's going to show them what they're going to. so usually do is just use the unit, but it doesn't always go to be for teach. instead, you know, because you knew to clear sojourn, you know, shortly if you will. this is an issue with stephanie will the student nikolai goes famous child with di, left. he asked him for it to be till the english doesn't mean that guns restrict us . russian cross may have been to london and seen how much more bonds the english were. the index soldiers in crimea had rifle, barrel guns, range and accuracy of the russians may do with the muskets,
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were actually clean with brick dust. the technology gap was considered a major reason for russia's defeat in the crimean war. but the allies also suffered heavy to be. there's a story in the songs about the atlantic of the british like cavalry on fortified russian positions. british aristocracy, mon, down, by, sorry, shrapnel. ah, not done them with that. yeah. i woke up with the car, but she's to me when i, when you put in princeton was doing was shima both. but if
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i choose to, mike, you're going to college from from me the such the school isn't the 1st bullet checks by a young lady for a blue bus, which i feel like. but fortunately, college dick i was number was look that i need from the bunch by and looked up with such a blessing. you might deal this some new emotion barcroft on her so that the e, what the fuel was galia felt over the region for good with that and not to near the scope scope me. this is just what we mean in
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a thought, a 1000000000 i did the good enough. i'm god all was right. and i stop. you know, it's that it's pretty complex. thanks, bridget. sr chest about us opened their eyes and i'm glad to show you francisco, on commercial machine shopping for commercial vehicle . we got the list and i just love the machine with with g p. lip disk i q. yeah. but then
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what is it the me open at the moment or in the morning you have to get up with them from them. yeah, yeah. it's not logging in, but this possibly is my chat with dylan. it took me out what they cheated. 3 for the day people machine me at the for the last was than the deal in the syria. i think i thought i thought i could. i knew so, but i don't know which box shots that was she just
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beloved free press. what would they position? they knew that muslim mckinney, l e are the chairs in the in the. 7 7 6 6 washing machine looks good, been move on to the long bear with me for more i guess i did 1000000
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met, you know was it was, i mean you still talk. did you see on cement me exactly. do need to she did i do me on his be the more we took off the money that was one of the li p years to look. are you able to make sure it's from the the abuse? i think i think the far last year was it just bought it was at suit eric to master . she was ready, but we look it up too much. avila told me to call call. i do need new our program or if it, if i could, if i need some companies not to feel about him a little bit i
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ah ah ah me
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ah, financial survival guide, stacy blip, learn about say aloud. let's say i'm a joy and your grief. i'm grief based of the site. c walk 3 prod. thank you for helping with joy. that's right. fell out that way. ah, today industry prefers been meeting euros in the today regulations. i will be all about making money. i think it's about the corporation international markets. export. do you imagine the number of per the diseases that are in every family today? no, due to new viruses or new microbes. not true. so it is due to environment. you
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know, i can say either the momentum with our commander must hello. yes, accumulate got on the come in today. they don't allow us. the food industry is we'll create more jobs, it will create more value added. it will create more. so i don't see why we shouldn't also fight for the interest something that we have regulation. we want the regulation of the industry and if we don't behave then yes, that's fine. ah oh the in to keep them all set and the minutes talk with any mobile do that and it says,
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michelle, he does ask me to call and to do the work of your portable don't just assume the people, you know they, they will, if you have you don't, don't get kevin, you know, they book the clue. did you tell the carrier that doctor told yourself i go to say that, but i don't want to reach it. the semester was also lead when the me ah ah, the false proceed from the phone call,
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which school seems to are struggling. stephanie. she needs to get some food. she lost cruise on that. what we can credit from eco could, if it will put you on your passcode, what i said we got that as you could she purchases using that? you know, kitty, i still pops up also called a bill. it also sean tell also does mr. g mr. bye still party i can push was a chef l. a. but it is mr. you from your credit card. says there's a left for me to do it. you don't have to be so we won't pay it was when i go back, it is still part of. 6 bit of last year, but then i'm sweating. it was my law a lawyer, blah. just having to guess while i go there about keeping
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me up to to say, can you please me see if i was was up with you, but the good of you came in she left off the phone book just sales. i need a book, i guess. why are you getting the confusion on the cruise walk last june? the moon i as i get it made it don't say for a dawn he started messing the
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events to defend as well. he really can defend the city for a whole year before having to abandon the war was nearly over. among those who defended the city was a young officer and the towns, delay festival sketches became a literary, monumental event free. first world war play where you can move you over. that was analogy. it was something we saw inexpensive as i get a more neutral most or more subject to the self shall i turned on. she answers utilize, you need to know more was over any i just wanted to see over who was with your phone call before i actually took you to
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remember. remember short, elementary, elementary exposure support. visit for jamie smith told me that she had your blue stakes as well. so it is on there, it is now only don't get long. she put me off for research with a local. she said she was out there and kick you see, this won't take me call. this is sondra. so i don't it will result in the mid of the submittal video long. what's her last call smith? and i know i feel, you know, i mean,
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i saw the screen, i don't know the, this is just curious as to what you're given for me. see, i see soon as i was going to be, you know, just as much kind of push to see what i need to know what see, just like i showed the concise this sheesh and i knew that she, she than me, needed them the concept. so i'm at the new school year. the gym wasn't because there were some children the q. so that's a lame was them? put it on the middle name. the 3 such purely poor this movie, jim. you told me on the when you 4 went over, you know,
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shirley was, when you're in the car, gliding my motions because i pleasure. i will bless someone. i see him just to let you know we will, but also to the young by the if she gave a but she was suspended just from due to fish. but the reason you were on the blue transfer now we just had the potential local a given us to be cute. and the chinese did was keep the doctor inside of your juice and the produce the split a minute. yes. and the permit. and anyway, just to give you the setup at the, to patient leticia, remove users with
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a quick record which of the you see if we keep them or do we just use the keep the booster router when you know, fairly new formulas or no with the municipality what is she with a proposal? forgive me to rebel to your new particular page. you mean the thing for me mr. chelsea? me me to the police don't. and you're still in season is friends with me not to renew, renew in. boca or nation rule for nation boucher for closely blueness. so anything it throws me sick too, from the burning conviction of what it's not to put to you in the full it's just a moment. let me do this. no problem in susan the
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nation. pretty 3322. this term is huddled here. law school when i started going to need. yes, barry, would you go to the media to do a little too much on learning risky. my lease. when you go to france, across the board meeting, you know, you get to it, i will just be friends with good church and i should come on the company that will assist me with what you're used to be a little from that me. i don't what i'm is, but the result of had just renewed all that me just as if i go to school,
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put them on. i just thought you don't make for format. that's when i did people more towards me. it was vicky afraid to measure national sun. lamb in all is all live. don't miss shawnee told the same vehicle more just fell on the classic. this is christine, i guess i'm the west coast hoss like you to see me offset unit 12 to follow up with you on christmas. only on that didn't post receipt. i get that proof come on as keep many more new, more solid pools. surely don't allude on a move out up i did. i got to make the gamble judge for him at no cost. i suppose it was due now. new vale. it also said yeah, committed that. going to be good to see like the philosophy they don't book more
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on and they don't match it. i this shortage from the early 20th century shows the grey head veterans event for the rest of the season. don't want to visit any estimates. i don't know. shake under she mused as it is usual no newbert nor can surely know who is it possible for yours doesn't she did it as soon as she took us movie took ludowici like to live with michelle did i give you the senior did it did it are you going to see if i
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can speak to a different phone or your name was the 1st isn't it was on the to the focus on believe it will continue to use the largest ah, the communist party of china celebrated its 100 anniversary last week. it made it clear it will no longer tolerate being lectured by the west. is this the new red line also? is it fair to say the washington inter agency is winning again?
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ah with me ah ah, i use the the, the,
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the the headlines this are the u. k prime and is devoris johnson. the name of england is ready to remove strict code with restrictions claiming the death the dime. however, critics think point the fact that cases are still going up or so to come to cyrus, us treat, quit again based the taliban made significant just found in the north. but president biden is not in the mood to talk back to talking about happy days. man, i'm protesting that rage in london and new york over the weekend disputing the songs mark yet another fe behind bars. but the impact of his case may go a lot further. i think started dish.


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