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tv   News  RT  July 5, 2021 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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the moon the advisor will not see us troops quit the key at the gun phase. the taliban makes a big advantage in the north. president biden isn't exactly in the mood to talk about it. by happy days, man protest dot outrage in london, new york over the weekend as julia thought, mom yet another birthday behind boss. the impact of his case may go far further. i think what did a challenge east. busy west notices of, you know, unity on america is independent, the celebrations of laughter,
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other racial issues on the program. we look at how even the stars and stripes, the dividing the nation ah, my work off at 7 pm here on monday. this is on the international from all of us here are very welcome. so the u. s. is leaving, it's main military base and i've kind of stone that of the bad gram field very close to the capital cobble. it's been the heart of military operations in the country for 2 decades. now. a us coalition forces move to the base at the end of 2001 then turned into a huge facility housing up 210000 troops. and more than $100.00 ac. rob's ultimately making the strategic point of operations for washington and nato allies in that region. meanwhile, adults in more districts in the country have fallen under the control of taliban military. however,
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the american president has so far been rather unwilling to address the issue of the taliban reportedly setting a deadline for all foreign troops to be gone by september and making attempts to seize the abandoned by graham airbase, which local authorities say is attracting looters. a law board into the information that we have american forces left bag room air base last night. this has not been officially carbonated and reported to us, but from the ground we get these information from the situation in the area as several looters, opportunists, and others, storm back room air through the morning. and with a quick response from our district administration, we were able to fall their plans. a more important question presents itself, how long will the afghan government be able to hold it? because looters weren't the only ones excited about the u. s. withdraw? the taliban is coming back in force and according to reports just in june, they seized more than 700 trucks and armored vehicles from afghan security forces
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and have also getting significant chunks of territory throughout the country. humanitarian organizations are now in panic. warning of yet another wave of refugees from the country and the afghans themselves, more than a 1000 of which have recently fled to the jacob stand to seek asylum, said he wants to escape the fighting by any means necessary. the. they've got it was a the, there's no one listen, i'm leaving 3 to 4 days with some friends. we leave because of the lack of job and he would leave this country otherwise. ah, where very concerned about the return of the taliban. therefore we went to leave the country before the situation gets worse. most of the districts of school and there is not even one district where there is no fighting. the taliban has even
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reached the chief of police officers and provincial capital. i've come here to get what possible to get out of afghanistan. it is not the news ah, then let's get started with all these problems who would want to leave and get this done in the kids? very hard to leave here. i'm going to go to belgium. the the decades of fighting and instability and gas than have already displaced some 2700000 people from their home country in terms of numbers that 2nd only to syria. but this math us exodus might make matters even worse. so what does joe biden think of all this after all journalists have been growing him on this issue for a while now. well, apparently not a lot. he'd rather talk about happy things like fireworks and the 4th of july is
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going to be in the next few days. my fall, we are hearing about the comment more and more than happy to help provide any kind of military for me. i'm not going to see more question again as to loading life. we're bringing our, bring our troops home. we have all across america. people are going to ball games. i guess if you pretend to problem doesn't exist at all. just go away. perhaps that's just uncle sam's method. in the end, the u. s. came it saw, and then it just left. and the question on everyone's mind right now is, what the hell was it all for? journalist on political analyst or robot inland cash says, depending on withdraw,
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actually symbolizes the entire 20 year campaign. seeing the massive death and destruction brought on afghanistan and the fact that the illicit drug trade expanded with u. s. presence there and of course the taliban has been able to expand with u. s. presence there all these years. americans not really knowing what the war is, even about the former president of attorneys, done. how need congress? i has even said that the us role and war in the country, the longest in us history has actually allowed extremism and terrorism to have free reign, essentially in the country and has been a spectacular failure. what we could see is that the united states may be, enters back into our family, is done restore under the bomber administration, which joe biden was part of, that obama had no problem getting back in iraq after he announced that he was going to withdraw all his forces and it is something of course,
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which is not something to out of the ordinary for the united states, back and involved in a war, which it says that it has withdrawn from in an exclusive interview, a spokesperson for the taliban political office, and cut out of told us the war was based on a miscalculation live up on. unfortunately, the situation in the country is getting worse. if not for the occupation, the situation would not have worse than to the extent they should have thought about that before. invading and atlantic country like i've got this done. and now the american president has announced that the foreign american troops will finally leave our country. there is no need to lay foreign troops in the country. we want to solve problems through negotiation, and we have been maintaining such a position from the very beginning. but we will negotiate with gene not as a representative of the people, but us with just one of the afghan sides. we cannot recognize the regime which has
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appear along with the occupants, which has completely corrupted therapy and protest and outreach as julian assange marks, yet another birth date behind bars. under service the board has gathered in london, new new york to celebrate his 15th birthday over the weekend and demand his release . and washington is still seeking his extradition. where if found guilty, he could be sentenced up to a 175 years. julia saunders charged with conspiracy to her government computers and espionage. he guarded huge global attention when wiki leeks, published classified military documents, alleging, well, actually exposing war crimes in iraq and afghanistan over the past decade. sondra spend 7 years in the ecuador and embassy in london. and to you and a british maximum security prison. the latest twist, in his case, came with a key witness against him, reportedly admitted to giving, quote, false testimony. we spoke with
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a philosopher slab boy who says the sounds he says exposed how certain countries are trying to maintain an illusion of freed a socialist acumen. it's not just what people usually see, disclose some secret documents and so on. in our songs made us aware that we are in a new era where state control and social is going over our acts is much more resigned because it doesn't directly in been on or limits our freedom. you still you after the 7 inch and once you are already manipulated and under control and the wish to maintain the idea of freedom, there is no data. the rest is lost and when somebody be
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this 1st experience of freedom will be demo state always. so very important between companies to reach control and regulate us, google and so on. and state secrets agencies like in this say and so on. i think a sounds good a challenge to everything that the stalls. busy in western notions of many associate, the 4th of july with parade's parties on fireworks as the us celebrates the birth of a nation. but this year the holiday meant to unite the country is ultimately splitting it apart. democratic congresswoman corey bush posted to the holidays about american freedom, but it's only for whites. the country is on stolen land and black people, well, black people still on free. and you could imagine the tweet provoked
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a large bag of mixed reactions with some denouncing her view of the national holiday. republicans pointed out, for example, that bushes black and went from being a nurse to then serving in the house of representatives and other claim to a message had dishonored every black person who ever fought for the nation with race. now even taught in schools and causing division along with the symbols of the very heart of the republic. murdad gas d f. now looks at what american identity really means today. what makes it america, is it being a, a patriot lesson serving in the marines paying taxes? is that waving the flag, putting up the stars and stripes and poll outside your house? know that according to the media, just might make you of fanatical republican today flying the american flag from the back of a pickup truck or over lawn is increasingly seen as a clue will be. it's an imperfect one to a person's political affiliation in
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a deeply divided nation. well, they're right about division, which the media cause flat and inflamed in the name of ad revenue. but it's everywhere. people see everything differently. everyone has an opinion that they'd rather they'd rather die than give up. everything is a battle ground, race, religion, routing, sex, orientation, police, immigration, and war. there is almost nothing left that americans agree or have the flag symbol of unity as now a symbol of oppression. it is chatted dated, divisive and incorrect. it no longer represents democracy and freedom, it no longer represents all of us. it's not fair to be forced to own aid. it's signed for a new flag. what if the flag looked like this? and just like that out of the she the so you can see it a little way down the road protests and counter protests about changing the flag
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riots and shootings and enmity. because one person's idea is a bob winnable to another. you're founded on an idea. we hold these truths to be self evident. but all men and women are created equal, endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, life, liberty to suit, happiness, sounds corny, to america, learn this in grade school and high school. and the idea that seems to have expired, what do they learn in schools now? critical race theory, the idea that no, we weren't created equal, but we don't believe equal. and that racism has tainted every aspect of institutional america. that's what they learn in school. now, a far cry from created equal and you talk about critical race theory, which is pretty much going to be teaching kids how to hate each other. how to do how we treat people is based on who they are and what they're in.
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this is how children think right in critical race. nearing $12.00 in one couldn't only wonder how the land they go to go off the asian americans next. and then latino is paps, maybe a few decades down the line and the sick twist of already they'll turn it against african americans. at the end of the day, america is bursting at the seams. it's. it's not over population. it's over belief where everyone has an idea that they think is better than everyone else's, and they demand that people respect it. dell deeper into the story now and join up political and listening to radio host, dave perkins coming on the program. great to see you today. thanks very much for coming on the program. it may sound a bit dramatic, but, but is it possibly accurate that america right now is the most divided. it's been in a long time this independent stage. i mean, is that accurate? do you think or no, i think so,
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and i think it's getting worse and your previous material hinted at this. the problem is that young generations of people have been taught in schools for going on my entire lifetime. now at least 4050 years that america is not the great leap forward of human freedom by respecting individual god, given eternal human rights at the expense of restraining government government was limited. it was only supposed to perform certain functions, and it could not grow and become tyrannical according to the constitution. that was the reason for the revolution to begin with, and the constitution accomplished this great western civilization of feet, of limiting government so that human beings could be free. and that is why america has done so well and become a world leader and become so prosperous and become more more strong than other countries able to win world war 2 and put the nazis in the japanese in their place . all this as a result of the ideas of the founding and today young people are taught america was
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founded on capitalism for the benefit of the greedy few, which included racism because slavery was intrinsic to the profitability of agricultural industry in the south part of america. and so, racism, slavery, greedy capitalism, america is treated as marxist countries 100 years ago, deserve to be treated and were treated in the press and in education. and now america takes their place as the root of all evil. and so when you wave the flag in front of any group of americans, half of them want to saluted and sing the national anthem, and the other have become enraged. like there are some kind of bull in the spanish arena, having a, a red flag waved at them. it's gone. what say somebody said, hey, there is this kind of started under the trumpet ministration. people started waving american flags and, and democratic support. i started saying, or if you have an american flag that there in your a trump support, i wanted to ask you though, because it's summer saying that these divisive issues,
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these polarizing issues are going to further split the country. but what is it, you know, i'm trying to find out where does the blame lie for this dave, if it to do with the average ordinary every day american citizen ordered to blame, lie with the media and the politicians, for example. it lies with media and the politicians to the extent that that is where you find the influence of the left international and domestic left wants to eliminate the idea of a limited government based on human freedom. the freedom of the individual, the left wing wines, government to be authoritarian. and that of course eventually leads to totalitarianism because the less believes government is able to create utopia on earth. and the ones who are, in the way of that utopia are the people who prefer the chaos and enjoy ability of the pursuit of happiness by the human individual. the governments don't like that left wingers don't like that utopians don't like that. and so half of america is
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now in the way for the entire world to become utopia and it has to be dealt with and the way that it's being dealt with. now, since trump you brought up, trump was a flashback to earlier seasons of american patriotism by waving the flag singing the national anthem chanting usa, well, all of a sudden, out of the blue, the left starts the labeling that behavior, domestic terrorism and dangerous. and the reason they're doing that is not because they didn't always believe it. they always did. but now they had to come out of their show and admitted because trump was causing things to move in the wrong direction. so to the extent that trump took office and loved america, you can say it's his fault, but it's more accurate to say it's the fault of the left wing for accelerating a program that's been in place for a very long time. well, you, you mentioned that the previous administration, the trump white house, and let's bring up some issue to, you know, re spacing virtually signaling b, l m, and t for l g. b. too many of these fronts were used for political objectives
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during the last presidential election. i mean, is it possible because, i mean, i have friends in america, i have colleagues in america and i've spoken to them. and they said to me that the country is not as bad off as the media, and the politicians are saying it is. and in fact, that was really the less leading democrats at the end of trump's term, who started hammering all this down to the public. what do you think? i completely agree with your friends. this is a plan of the left wing. some of it is long term and some of it is desperate, frustrated response to the success that from pad. but i promise you, if you walk around ordinary america, go in and out of jobs, go to parks, meet people, you're not going to find anywhere near the level of division. and dispute that you see represented in the media every day and complained about by politicians every day, they are angling for political power to make change. and because of that, they're trying to convince us of something that is not yet true. i fear that
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eventually they will be able to push us over that line if nothing more than because demographics change as people get older and retire from societal participation, the younger generation rises up and becomes more numerous. and they're the ones that have been poorly educated and don't understand what america was and why it was called great for so long. i'm afraid we're going to forget that, dave, i'm running low on time. have a last question for you, please. do you think any coal principles left around which the government could actually rebuild unity bring the people back together, coagulating the masses? i'm sorry to say, government is not interested in rebuilding unity except in the service of its own idiology and those who oppose it. government is going to consider adversarial from here on out. there's not going to be any unity, there's going to be victory or defeat for these 2 political sides. i de perkins, a political analyst under radio host, joining us live here on the international. appreciate it. thanks for your time today. thank you, rory. thank you. all. a grave risk to the environment. that's the warning from
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greenpeace, on the weekends, under water gas pipelines that lit up a small portion of the gulf of mexico. the incident took place less than 200 meters from a drilling platform and sparked a quote, sea of fire for 5 hours before being extinguished. the company responsible reportedly more than $100000000000.00 in debt and failing to maintain its facilities. however, the regulator insists everything's fine. the makes can energy environment and safety agency follows up on the event that occurred in the campaign she prob, related to a gas line. the incident did not generate any spill footage of the scene in the gulf as road painful memories. of a catastrophe, 11 years ago, or the deep water horizon gas leak spewed more than 200000000 gallons of oil into the gulf of mexico covering over a 1000 miles with crude, from louisiana to the florida coastline. reportedly the worst brilliant history, the wildlife disaster killed nearly a 1000000 buds alone environmental campaign,
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all of a ticket that says we've actually been lucky with the latest incident. it looked absolutely scary and appalling. the most surprising thing about it is that it seems to be an environmental terms almost in holiday home. so i'm not saying that we weren't find, you know, the school forty's is, did see, you know, that will be but it seems to be just on the she knew homeless. it absolutely pales in comparison in terms of environmental impacts. the lake was coast off completely within 5 hours and didn't touch and environmental terms. if you're going to have a leak is nice and then this appears to be fine or natural gas. it is actually much better in a way that he does catch far than the g. g. simply release students to the atmosphere because me thing is a very potent greenhouse gas over 20 years time horizon is
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a few times more powerful than condo it. so in terms of climate change is actually much better than that. it should be hundreds of children have been wounded and 7 years of war and eastern ukraine, often by ordinance. fire near their homes is almost a children of war project to get help to those who need it. the most ortiz romano culture rev reports from the region. such a family lives just a few 100 meters from the dimmer occasional line between the ukrainian military and self proclaimed the next republic. he lost part of his hand after a rocket. he tried to throw a lot of heat, backyard exploded. he's still shy to show his hand to strangers. but that could soon change when his blown to moscow to receive a new prosthetic replacement of his re now not to be officially disabled. and to get his driving license when he turns 18 and the head of the children
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a for project. and my, my vision is that we take care not only a little children, but also older ones. these are not only children with expose of injuries, are older, they are the majority at the moment. but also all the children with the project was created with the support of the editor in chief margarita course lost his arm 4 years ago and needed several operations. after a shell he found while fishing exploded, as specialist takes a cath mold for a new by jani prosthetic, and cost your nose. life is far from over. come september. he will start to school with a state of the art functional arm. but he, by showing them, thank you very much for my sons by only post faces. thank you to the people who helped us to all those who didn't stay in different or trouble. a year ago, doctor's extracted, at least 40 shell fragments from the most body, after explosions rocked his village. he also lives just
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a few 100 meters from ukrainian military positions. on the horizon, we can see the positions of the cranium military, their armed forces. you can imagine that right now, they're looking at us through their site. we're driving straight along the dmv cation line. local medics managed to save dreamers like from amputation and he will soon undergo an operation and rehabilitation in russia. carina just gave birth to triplets, a joyous occasion for the war torn area, and potentially huge burden for this young family. after a call for help, we collected enough funds to buy them an old season baby carriage and the stock of diapers. the 7 years civil war in the east of ukraine claimed the lives of more than 120 children, according to estimates. more than 260 kids have been wounded and many are in desperate need of aid. to give them a chance for a better life artsy, special humanitarian project. children a for has been set up to work directly with the families needing medical help from
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sourcing biotech prosthetics to treating those with illnesses such as cancer. the schemes already assisted more than a dozen kids from the region. the projects working with donation from thousands around the world to restore hope to the region. i hope that the boys and girls hit by the conflict can have a bright future for me on cost rift or some other headlines for you in brief. and he gay raw, who saw the l. g b t. community office in george's capital completely forcing the cancellation of the country's 1st pride event, the march and dignity activists say the government's failing to protect them with international observers. tomonica, he's still further violent officials from a series of plans. terrorist attacks have been prevented by authorities and southern russia. a 6 islamic state followers were killed and arrayed when they resisted arrest. 2 other
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suspects have been detained. an investigation is underway into illegal arms, trafficking and other terror related charges. and staying in southern russia with these kinds of pictures right here. severe storms and torrential rains, of course, at least 2 rivers to overflow. near the resort city of soft g on the black sea, we understand one person has died at least 2 others injured. authorities say there's no immediate need to evacuate the area, but all residents have been advised to gather food and clothing and all the documents they might need in case they have to flee. an apartment building that partially collapsed in miami last month has been completely demolished now. they were fears over the still standing section being unstable as a major storm approaches. florida on the panhandle, the initial collapse killed dozens and more than a 120 people still unaccounted for. authority say that as soon as the site has deem secure, such efforts will resume and there are some of the top stories for this hour here
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live on your monday program on asi international. thanks for joining us. my colleague, andrew pharma here at the desk and a half and i was time with your next monday program. ah me to don't. to leave this notion over 20 new, she will try to she who it's ready to love. i the pushing issue to the current group. it was a nice to meet the teacher. sure. well, you can totally traditionally,
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ah ah hello and welcome to cross stock. were all things considered a funeral about the communist party of china celebrated it's 100 anniversary last week. it made it clear will no longer tolerate being lectured by the west. is this a new red line also in the aftermath of the, by the summit? is it fair to say the washington inter agency consensus is winning again the to discuss these issues and more, i'm joined by my guess, george w l a n buddha pet fees.


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