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the, the, the, the us troops we've got may not be to knock down a song. the telephone makes significant advances in the north of the country by president biden as authority. milton, the mirror to talk about it all about happy days, man protest and outreach in london on new york over the weekend, juliana songs logs and yes, another stay behind. pause on the impact of his case may go way, way beyond what we've seen today. i think what did a challenge everything. busy in western, no, since no units during americas independent say celebrations as the
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holidays denounced over racial issues. we look at how in today's america, even the st. christopher's and troy are dividing the nation. ah, you are watching auto international, which you probably knew when live from russian, the capital you put me down as well. 247. thanks for stopping by. one factory this hour. the u. s. isn't leaving. it's main military base in afghanistan on the background at fields near the capital couple. it's not the heart of washington's military push oppression in the country the 2 decades now. us coalition forces moved into the base at the end of 2001 of the same time the media declared the last days of the tunnel. it developed into a huge facility pay when holding up 210000 troops over a 100. croft, making these strategic point of gratian for washington on its nature,
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allies in region. and meanwhile, a dozen more districts in the country have fallen under the control of the town of middleton, in some cases, for government trips to flee and the neighboring states. however, the american president has so far been willing to trust the issue that despite the ton of our report to be setting a deadline for all foreign to, to leave the country wide to september and making its time to seize the advantage from base which local authorities say also attracted newton law board into the information that we have. american forces left the bag room air base last night. this has not been officially carbonated and reported to us, but from the ground we get these information from the situation in the area as several looters, opportunists, and others, storm background to this morning and with a quick response from our district administration. and we were able to for the plan, a more important question present itself. how long will the afghan government be
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able to hold it? because looters weren't the only ones excited about the u. s. withdrawl. but taliban is coming back in force. and according to reports just in june, they seized more than 700 trucks and armored vehicles from afghan security forces and have also getting significant chunks of territory throughout the country. humanitarian organizations are now in panic. warning of yet another wave of refugees from the country. and the afghans themselves, more than a 1000 of which have recently fled to the jacob stand to seek asylum. say they want to escape the fighting by any means necessary. ah, the god, it was a noble i'm leaving the 3 to 4 days with some friends. we leave because of the lack of jobs who leave this country otherwise. ah,
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ah, where there concerns about the return of the taliban. therefore, when to leave the country before the situation gets where most of the districts of school and there is not even one district where there is no fighting. the taliban has even reach him, a chief of police, his office and provincial capital have come here to get what possible to get out of afghanistan. it is not news to them with all these problems who would want to leave and get this done? it's very hard to leave here. i'm going to go to belgium, the the decades of fighting and instability and of gas than have already displaced some 2700000 people from their home country. in terms of numbers that 2nd only to syria. but this mass us exodus
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might make matters even worse. so what does joe biden think of all this after all journalists have been growing him on this issue for a while now. well, apparently not a lot. he'd rather talk about happy things like fireworks and the 4th of july is going to be in the next few days. no. my fall the we are hearing around the holidays taking more and more than happy to help provide any support military for me. i'm not going to see more question again as to what to do. i, we're bringing our, bring our troops home. we have a all across america. people are going to ball games. i guess. if you pretend to problem doesn't exist at all,
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just go away. perhaps that's just uncle sam's method. in the end, the u. s. came it saw, and then it just left. and the question on everyone's mind right now is, what the hell was it all for? political analyst and john less robot in le cash explains the disastrous consequences of america's military presence in afghanistan. seeing the massive death and destruction brought on a gun is done. and the fact that the illicit drug trade expanded with us presence there. and of course, the taliban has been able to expand with u. s. presence there, all these years. americans not really knowing what the war is, even about the former president of a nice done. how need congress? i as even said that the u. s. role and war in the country, the longest in us history has actually allowed extremism and terrorism to have free reign, essentially in the country and has been a spectacular failure. what we could see is that the united states may be,
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enters back into us, and he's done restore under the bomber administration, which joe biden was part of, that obama had no problem getting back in iraq after he announced that he was going to withdraw all his forces and it is something of course, which is not something to out of the ordinary for the united states, back and involved in a war, which it says that it has withdrawn from when we also got an exclusive and failed. the spokesman for the taliban political office and cap talk. he says the washington miscalculated one, entered concert on live up on. unfortunately, the situation in the country is getting worse. if not for the occupation, the situation would not have worse than to the extent they should have thought about that before. invading and islamic country like i've got to stand. and now the american president has announced the foreign american troops will finally leave our country. there is no need to leave foreign troops in the country. we want to solve
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problems through negotiation. and we have a maintaining such a position from the very beginning, which we will negotiate with regina. not that much of the representative of the people, but us with just one of the guns side. we cannot recognize the regime which is appear along with the occupant, which is completely up to one another headline story that have been protests and outrage has julian songs marked yet not the birthday. behind balls, hundreds of his supporters gathered in london and new york to celebrate his 15th birthday over the weekend and demand his release. washington is still seeking his expedition to the u. s. y found guilty. he could be sentenced to a $175.00 student songs is charged with conspiracy to government computers on espionage. he gone a massive international intention when we came, publicize highly classified military documents that exposed to us for crimes and
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both rock and honest. on over the past decade, a song spent 7 years in the car door and embassy in london. and 3 is an, a u. k, maximum security prison. the latest twist, in his case came when a key witness against him, reportedly admitted to giving full testimony, fell off the 1st law boys. these acts as the psalms case has exposed how western countries are trying to maintain the illusion of freedom, a socialist acumen. it's not just people usually being disclosed to some documents and so on. in our songs, make us aware that we are in a new where state control and social is going over. our eggs is much more resigned because it doesn't directly in being on or leave me our freedom. you still,
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if you are 3 by being and one you are already be money related and under control. the wish to maintain the idea of freedom. there is no day the logic is lost and when somebody be this falls, experience of freed on will be demo states, all the link between companies, speech on their own and regulate us want and state secret agencies like in this say and so on. i being a sounds stop getting everything that you know since. 2 a grave risk to the environment
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on safety. that's the warning coming from greenpeace, following the leap from london to gas pipeline, in the gulf of mexico, the company response points reports to more than a $100000000.00 in debt and st. on to quickly maintainance facilities. the who's the mexican energy environment and safety agency follows up on the event that occurred in the campaign. she proved related to a gas line. the incident did not generate any news
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. when you think the 4th of july, you think of parades, parties, fly, walks. i see you are celebrates the past, the open nation, but this year a number of strong divisions have also been brought to the table. lots after a democratic congresswoman set to the racial issues surrounding celebration. who were said that the freedom the holiday represents is a need for white people. and the black people in america are still on free. while that tweet vote very mixed reactions with many denouncing views of the national holiday. that included a 5th word action from republicans who pointed out the corey bush herself. an african american woman, went from being enough to starving in the house of representatives. bush was also
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accused of dishonoring black people fighting for this nation. of course, for some time now the country's been split over at symbols, even the subjects taught in schools, while without in mind more gasket looks. what american identity actually means today. what makes it america, is it being a page with less at serving in the marines paying taxes? is it waving the flag, putting up the stars and stripes and poll outside your house? know that according to that media, just might make you of fanatical republican today flying the american flag from the back of a pickup truck or over a lawn is increasingly seen as a clue all be. it's an imperfect one to a person's political affiliation and it's deeply divided nation. well, they're right about division, which the media cause flat and inflamed in the name of ad revenue. but it's everywhere. people see everything differently. everyone has an opinion that they'd
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rather they'd rather die than give up. everything is a battle ground, race, religion, booting sex, orientation, police, immigration, and war. there is almost nothing left that americans agree or have the flag symbol of unity as now a symbol of oppression. it is chatted dated, divisive and incorrect. it no longer represents democracy and freedom, it no longer represents all of us. it's not fair to be forced to own it. it's signed for a new flag. what if the flag looked like this? and just like that out of the she the so you can see it a little way down the road protests and counter protests about changing the flag riots and shootings and enmity. because one person's idea is a bob winnable to another, founded on an idea. we hold these truths to be self evident. that all men and women
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are created equal, endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, life, liberty to pursue happiness, sounds corny to america is, is we learn this in grade school and high school. an idea that seems to have expired. what do they learn in schools now? critical race theory, the idea that no, we were created equal, but we didn't leave equal. and that racism has tainted every aspect of institutional america. that's what they learned in school. now, a far cry from created equal. you talk about critical race theory, which is pretty much going to be teaching you how to hate each other. how to do, how we treat people is based on who they are and what are in the mind in this is, this is how you think, right in critical race nearing want to in one couldn't only wonder how the land they go to go off the asian americans next and then latino paps, maybe
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a few decades down the line and sick twist of already they'll turn it against african americans. at the end of the day, america is bursting at the seams. it's. it's not over population. it's over belief where everyone has an idea that they think is better than everyone else's, and they demand that people respect it. in the meantime, the white house has tried to cache on the 4th of july celebrations by claiming quite up the cheaper barbecues, but not everyone fired up. why the saving the come in $0.16. putting a cook out this year. ketchup on the news, according to the farm bureau, the cost of a 4th of july barbecue is down from last year. it's a fact. you must heard hot dog. the biden economic plan is working, and not something we can all rubbish. look what i got from the grocery store with the $0.16. i saved. thanks biden. wow. what will we peasants do with that big 16
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samson savings. the possibilities are endless. when would $0.16 have been significant savings? $823.00. while hot dog prices might be down, but inflation has driven us petrol prices up by $8.00 since last year. and tricity and the overall cost of food is on the up to with inflation audits highest since 2008. well, the white house thinks that instead people should focus on the 3000000 jobs created since biden took office. how think $0.16 a barbecue has more of an impact on people's lives than gas being a dollar more this time. i would say, if you don't like hotdogs, you may not care of their duction of cars. you don't have to look up your file. but the 1st big i reduction, i will say that what we're most focus on is the fact that we've created now more than 3000000 jobs since the president took office. they really think that 16 senses
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amazing and we're going to go out to the streets and, you know, show our love for president biden over $0.16. i haven't seen much effort on the, by an administration to pursue any sort of economic policy that we have. unemployment numbers, they talk about the 3000000 jobs that they've created, but how long has under employment and people who are working part time that want to work full time. you know, there's real unemployment numbers are much higher there at least in the double digits. and even at the same time, does it really matter if $3000000.00 jobs are created? if they're all created at mcdonald's, wendy's target and walmart, not really even s. b economy is growing at an accelerated pace. even if the economy g d, p is expanding. how much does that actually translate into people's everyday lives? while pills come here on our team with the ongoing ukrainians of war, leaving hundreds of children to ortiz, initiated a special check to bring them home. we'll head straight from the dorm bus region
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off the shore. ah, driven by adrian shaped banks, 10 percent of those with me in the ah, we're dares thing. we dare to ask me when i was wrong. when all just don't rule out the thing because after an engagement
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equal betrayal, when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground in the in the news. ah, hello again. well, 7 years into the protracted civil war and eastern ukraine. hundreds of children had been injured in the conflict, in some cases wounded by a trip to our tenants that they found close to the homes. here were all t, we've launched a special program called children of war to get help and to rec, lead to those most in need, right. recall throughout the reports now from the bus region such a family lives just
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a few 100 meters from the dim occasional line between the ukrainian military and the self proclaimed the next republic. he lost part of his hand after a rocket. he tried to throw a lot of heat, backyard exploded. he's still shy to show his hand to strangers. but that could soon change when his blown to moscow to receive a new prosthetic replacement of his re, now not to be officially disabled. and to get his driving license. when he turns 18 during the head of the children of war project. and my, my vision is that we take care not on the little children, but also older ones. these are not only children with expose of injuries and are older, they are the majority at the moment. but also all the children would be the project was created with the support of our team editor in chief margarita simmering. cost lost his arm 4 years ago and needed several operations after a shell he found while fishing exploded, a specialist takes a cast mold for a new by jani, prosthetic,
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and cost your nose. life is far from over. come september. he will start to school with a state of the art functional arm, but he saw him. thank you very much for my sons by only post faces. thank you. told the able to help us told those continue same different trouble. a year ago, wonders extracted at least 40 shell fragments from the most body, after explosions, rub his village. he also lives just a few 100 meters from ukrainian military positions. on the horizon, we can see the positions of the cranium, military armed forces. you can imagine that right now they are looking at us through their site. we're driving straight along the demo cation line, local medic managed to save dream like dramatic mutation, and he will soon undergo and operation and rehabilitation in russia. carina just gave birth to triplets, a joyous occasion for the war sword area, and to potentially huge burden for this young family. after a cold for help,
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we collected enough funds to buy them in all season baby carriage and the stock of divers, the 7 years civil war in the of ukraine claimed the lives of more than 120 children, according to estimates more than 260 kids have been wounded and many are in desperate need of aid. to give them a chance for a better life, archie special humanitarian project children of war has been set up to work directly with the families needing medical help from sourcing bionic prosthetics to treating those with illnesses such as cancer in his games already. as this is more than a dozen kids from the region, the projects working with donations from thousands around the world to restore, hold, to the region. i hope that the boys and girls hit by the conflict can have a bright future. for me on call thrift r t. scores of rights groups have signed and open lattice president biden demanding the u. s. end lethal as strikes outside of recognize
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battle grounds. we want to demand an end to the unlawful program of lethal strikes outside any recognized battlefield, including through the use of drones. this program is a centerpiece of the united states forever was successive. presidents have now claimed the unilateral power to authorize secretive extra judicial killing outside any recognized battlefield with no meaningful accountability for wrongful death and civilian lives. lost and injured. or one of the 2nd tories told us that more people should be against this new weapon of war. first of all, i think we signed that letter because don't it acts as a tendency to petty disgraceful and very wonderfully dangerous. a new, a new tool in the war. maybe one letter maybe signed by 7 and authorization does
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not have immediate impact. but we like to educate, we like to mobilize the american public opinion against the whole global war, and that this board is against american values. this board is creating, like it is mentioned in the letter racial injustice. those were killing the muslim that black, the minorities. this was not the solution. these are, this is not the solution to have peace in the ward was to some background, us train strikes, killed, 34 was enough, kindest on, and nothing civilians and libya in 2019, maybe 500 strikes, were conducted against targets outside of afghanistan, iraq and syria. between 20092015, the us acknowledged more than 100 civilian deaths while rights group say the figure is likely more than a 1000. doctor car again says the train strikes should be made and legal and un level donte or bast, the september 11 and the united states. well,
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the wall in global water and data. and i think what they got instead of destruction in the muslim country, especially, and also with huge financial loss for medical money should be spending the american development infrastructure development and over in the better image of america use of grown is especially very it's a very customer issue that you are the machine you are, you are saving your life, your personal buy you are calling him on over there and civilian. it should be declared at the level that it is illegal to use this type of rap on that. these type of tools in the war when i finish up with some news in brief, around the wild, a huge far as far has killed me for people in southern cypress. they have been migrant farm. why? because from egypt, a 67 year old man has been detained, suspected of having to start at the blaze. tharp since president has described the situation as an unprecedented tragedy. in russia,
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a series of on hand terrorist attacks have been prevented by authorities in the south. 6 is nomic, state followers were killed in a raid weapon, arrested, or resisted arrest to all the suspects have been detained. an investigation is underway into a legal arms trafficking. another terror related charges staying in salt and russia . severe storms and torrential rain has caused 2 rivers to overflow near the report of thought she, while one person has died and 2 were injured authority, se there's no need to evacuate the area. our residents have been advised to gathered together to play things unimportant documents, in case they need to find me. an apartment building partially collapsed in miami last month has been completely demolished. that was says over this still standing section being unstable as a major storm approaches. florida, the initial collapse killed that needs 24 people. 121. remain unaccountable
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authority say that as soon as the site has been secured, such such efforts will resume. and today is raphael on 3 years ago. major structural damage affecting the building, recommending not to be carried out for me. the day wore to shake his head at the top. so join him and i'll see him. ah, the me, the shoe don't do the notion over 20 new. he will tell when she gets home
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later to love. ah, me. as she knew she wouldn't be a little girl, but i was studying for me to teach julia control the traditional moving. but she's a sheet if you want to see the one you need from me was over. she said for meeting last week with metro. okay. shoot. i wish i checked the synergy and this is what i need from the new new new which is what friday. if you give me a call back to see exactly what he put up when i got the seat up,
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when i got it up on that got mixed up with me. ah ah ah hello and welcome to cross stock where all things considered a funeral about the communist party of china celebrated it's 100 anniversary last week. it made it clear will no longer tolerate being lectured by the west. is this a new red line also in the aftermath of the by the summit? is it fair to say the washington inter agency consensus is winning again.


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