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me the news know unity during american independence day celebrations as a congress from spock's anger by saying that the holiday is solely for white people . we look at how in today's america, even the scar stripes are just biting the nation. greenpeace sounds the alarm move the scenes of how fi and the gulf of mexico author of reported to the cash strapped company that operates when the gas pipelines have been struggling. thing is with maintenance problem. the us to leave the main pace in afghanistan. the taliban makes significant advances in the north of the country. humanitarian organizations now say yet to not the wave of refugees.
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ah, hello and welcome. this is our national outside, but i'm joining off protect you on this brighten hardy monday morning. welcome. well, setting us up for this hour when you think of the 4th of july, you think of parades, parties and spy works. as the u. s. celebrates the birth of a nation, but this year, strong divisions, i'll do so on the agenda. how's off to one congresswoman set a flat to the racial issues surrounding the celebration. when they see that the 4th of july is about american freedom. remember this, the freedom they're referring to is for white people. this land stolen land and black people still aren't free. while that tweet triggered a fierce reaction from republicans who pointed out that cory bush herself managed to rise from being enough to solving in the house of representatives,
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bush was also accused of dishonoring black people fighting for the nation. of course, for some time now the country's been split over at symbols and even the subjects taught in schools. so with that in mind, more gasket looks. what american identity actually means today. nothing bored americans as close together as the 4th of july, the day of unity of solidarity of coleman spirit, who it was when american thought that they had an identity to cute, to find american. i defy you to tell me what constitutes an american. what makes it american mal, apparently not even the president knows that being a patriot, as a serving in the marines, paying taxes as it waving the flag, putting up the stars and stripes and poll outside your house. know that according to that media, just might make you of fanatical republican today flying the american flag from the
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back of a pickup truck or over a lawn is increasingly seen as a clue will be. it's an imperfect one to a person's political affiliation and it's deeply divided nation. well, they're right about division, which the media course fat and inflamed in the name of ad revenue. but it's everywhere. people see everything differently. everyone has an opinion that that rather than rather die than give up everything is a battle, grab race, religion, booting 6 orientation, police immigration and war. there is almost nothing left that americans agree or have the flag symbol of unity as now a symbol of oppression. it is chatted dated, divisive an incorrect, it no longer represents democracy and freedom, it no longer represents all of us. it's not fair to be forced to own it. it's signed for a new flag. what if the flag looked like this? and just like that out of the she does so you can see it
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a little way down the road protests and counter protests about changing the flag rods and shootings and enmity. because one person's idea is a bob winnable to another. you're founded on an idea. we hold these truths to be self evident, that all men and women are created equal, endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, life, liberty to suit, happiness, sounds corny, to america. we learn this in grade school and high school. an idea that seems to have expired. what do they learn in schools now? critical race theory, the idea that no, we weren't created equal, but we don't believe equal. and that racism has painted every aspect of institutional america. that's what they learn in school now. a far cry from created equal you talk about critical race theory, which is pretty much going to be teaching kids how to hate each other. how to do,
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how we treat people is based on who they are and what their mind. this is, this is how children think right in critical race nearing want to in one couldn't only wonder how this land they going to go off the asian americans next. and then latino paths, maybe a few decades down the line and sick twist of already they'll turn it against african americans. at the end of the day, america is bursting at the seams. it's. it's not over population. it's over belief where everyone has an idea that they think is better than everyone else's, and they demand that people respect it. here is the real problem. you have people to day, independent of any history saying we want to have the black national anthem. maybe we want to have the l g, b, g, q,
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i a national anthem. and you have people in corporate structures in various governmental entities who say fine will do whatever you want . will recognize that to some people, america is whatever they say it is. shake a rorschach test. you look at a cloud, you see a bunny. i see a dog. it's our interpretation. that's where we are right now. and we're going through this i guess it's version of it words. we make it up as we go along. and i, to me, in my humble opinion, i think this is, this is temporary, i think we always go through this in one form or another. and eventually things will somewhat shuttle down. but it's, it's most disconcerting to some people who believed that there was a degree of solidity and permanence to american history, but to other people,
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they make it up as they go along. while in the meantime, the white house has tried to cache on the 4th of july celebrations by claiming credit for cheaper barbecues, but not everyone's fire. don't buy the saving of just $0.16. planning to cook out this year. ketchup on the news, according to the farm bureau, the cost of a 4th of july barbecue is down from last year. it's a fact. you must heard hot dog. the biden economic plan is working, and not something we can all rubbish. look what i got from the grocery store with the $0.16. i saved. thanks biden. wow, what will we peasants do with that big 16 samson savings the possibility of their endless. when would $0.16 have been significant savings? $823.00. while hotdog prices might be down, but inflation house driven us pencil prices up by a dollar last year,
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and it has 2 year real cost to 3rd me up to with inflation at its highest since 2008. but the white house, things that instead people should focus on the 3000000 jobs create since biden took office. i think $0.16 a barbecue has more of an impact on people's lives than gas being a dollar more this time. i would say, if you don't like hotdogs, you may not care of their duction of cost. you don't have to look up your file. but for the reduction, i will say that what we're most focus on is the fact that we've created now more than 3000000 jobs since the president took office. they really think that 16 senses amazing and we're going to go out to the streets and, you know, show our love for president biden over $0.16. i haven't seen much effort on the, by an administration to pursue any sort of economic policy that we have. unemployment numbers, they talk about the 3000000 jobs that they've created,
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but how long has under employment and people who are working part time that want to work full time. you know, there's real unemployment numbers are much higher there at least in the double digits. and even at the same time, does it really matter if $3000000.00 jobs are created? if they're all created at mcdonald's, wendy's target and walmart, not really even s. b economy is growing at an accelerated pace. even if the economy g d, p is expanding. how much does that actually translate into people's everyday lives? a grain risks, the environment and safety. how's the warning coming from greenpeace? following a leak from an underwater gas pipeline in the gulf of mexico, the company responsible is reportedly more than $100000000000.00 in debt and failing to adequately maintain its facilities. meanwhile, the biblical health scape in the waters of the gulf, drew comparisons to another incident that happened 11 years ago.
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the who's the mexican energy environment and safety agency follows up on the event that occurred in the cam petrucci prob, related to a gas line. the incident did not generate any news
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while with the us now, leaving its main military base and knocked down a storm. be back on the field near the capital couple. a dolphin moore to strike in the country have fallen under control of part of the militants, in some cases, forcing government troops to fleet and to neighboring counties. while for 2 decades, the buck rama field was the strategic point of operation for washington and its nature allies in the region. at its peak, it could host up 210000 troops and over a 100 across. it also had a large medical facility on a prison complex, which, according to us senate reports was used to torture. local officials say american troops left the facility to overnight and without warning, immediately attracting looters are a law board into the information that we have. american forces left bag room air base last night. this has not been officially carbonated and reported to us, but from the ground we get this information from the situation in the area as
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several looters, opportunists, and others. storm background to this morning. and with a quick response from our district administration, and we were able to for the plan, a more important question present itself. how long will the afghan government be able to hold it? because looters weren't the only ones excited about the u. s. withdrawal. but taliban is coming back in force and according to reports just in june, they seized more than 700 trucks and armored vehicles from afghan security forces and have also getting significant chunks of territory throughout the country. humanitarian organizations are now in panic. warning of yet another wave of refugees from the country and the afghans themselves, more than a 1000 of which have recently fled to the jacob stand to seek asylum. say they want to escape the fighting by any means necessary. the. they've got,
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it was a the, there's no one that i'm leaving, you know, 3 to 4 days had some friends relief because of the lack of job who'd leave this country otherwise. ah, where very concerned about the return of the taliban. therefore, when to leave the country before the situation gets worse, most of the districts of school and there is not even one district where there is no fighting. the taliban has even regional chief of police and provincial capital. they've come here to get what possible to get out of afghanistan. it is not i didn't get them with all these problems who would want to leave and get this done in the kids. very hard to leave here. i'm going to go to belgium,
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the the decades of fighting and instability and of gas than have already displaced some 2700000 people from their home country. in terms of numbers that 2nd only to syria. but this mass us exodus might make matters even worse. so what does joe biden think of all this after all journalists have been growing him on this issue for a while now. well, apparently not a lot. he'd rather talk about happy things like fireworks and the 4th of july is going to be in the next few days. no. my fall, we are hearing about taking more and more just happy to help provide any kind of military for me. i'm not going to see more question again as to load
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life. we're bringing our, bring our troops home. we have all across america. people are going to ball games. i guess. if you pretend to problem doesn't exist at all. just go away. perhaps that's just uncle sam's method. in the end, the u. s. came it saw and then it just left. and the question on everyone's mind right now is, what the hell was it all for? seeing the massive death and destruction brought on a gun is done. and the fact that the illicit drug trade expanded with us present there. and of course the taliban has been able to expand with u. s. presence there all these years. americans not really knowing what the war is, even about the former president of dun, how need congress, i as even said that the u. s. role and war in the country. the longest in us history has actually allowed extremism and terrorism to have free reign,
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essentially in the country, and has been a spectacular failure. all sister tunnel r t. r. big, exclusively spoke to spokesman for the taliban political office and katara. he says that washington miscalculated want to entered off kind of stone. unfortunately, the situation in the country is getting worse. if not for the occupation, the situation would not have worse than to that extent. they should have thought about that before invading and atlantic country like i've got to stand. and now the american president has announced that foreign american troops will finally leave our country. there is no need to lay foreign troops in the country. we want to solve problems through negotiation, and we have a maintaining such a position from the very beginning. but we will negotiate with james not as a representative of the people, but us with just one of the guns sides. we cannot recognize the regime which has appeared along with the occupants, which is completely corrupted. while still ahead,
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the president boynton comes under pressure to cover the use of drones outside are recognized, facile grounds. war and that story. i'm much more up to the break with the ah, is your media a reflection of reality? in the world transformed? what will make you feel safer? tycer lation, whole community. are you going the right way or are you being somewhere direct? what is true? what is in
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a world corrupted. you need to defend the join us in the depths will remain in the shallows. ah, in join me every thursday on the alex, silent show and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politics sport. business. i'm show business. i'll see you then in the hello gun and that's head straight to some use in brief, from all around the world, starting with how a huge forest fire has killed at least 4 people in southern cypress. the thought to be migrant. farm workers from egypt. a 67 year old man has been detained, suspected of having started the plays sipes as president, has described the situation as an unprecedented tragedy. an apartment building,
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the pasha, clamps to miami last month, has been completely demolished. as you can see, that was says over the still standing section being unstable as a hurricane approach, the florida on the initial class told 20 people 121, remain on, accounted for authority, say that as soon as the site is secure, such assets will review engineers, raphael, all 3 years ago about major structural damage affects in the building, recommending that must repairs be carried out while protest is entirely there and the screens class to police ahead of the introduction of a new assembly appointed with touring off a new constitution. take on water, kind of what it is to break up the crowd. the demonstrators had been demanding the release of people arrested during previous riley's against social injustice. a new
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constitution has been a major demand of last demonstrations. the started back in 2019 the schools of rights groups have signed an open letter to president biden, demanding that the u. s. and lethal as strikes outside of recognized special grounds, we want to demand an end to the unlawful program of lethal strikes outside any recognized battle field, including through the use of drones. this program is a centerpiece of the united states forever was successive. presidents have now claimed the unilateral power to authorize secretive extra judicial killing outside any recognized battlefield with no meaningful accountability for wrongful death and civilian lives lost and injured. while one of the signatories told us that more people should be against this new weapon of war. first of all, i think we signed that letter because don't it acts as
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a tendency is very disgraceful and very wonderfully dangerous. a new, a new tool in the war. maybe one letter may be signed by several organizations will not have an immediate impact. but we like to educate, we like to mobilize the american public opinion against is the whole global war, and that this war is against american values. this body is creating, like it is mentioned in the letter racial injustice. those were killing the muslim that black the minorities, this was not the solution. these are, this is not the solution to have peace in the war. wants us that we can understand us trying strikes, killed, 30 farm workers, enough kindest. on 11 civilians and libya in 2019, nearly 500 strikes were conducted against targets outside of afghanistan, iraq, and syria. as between 292015,
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the u. s. has acknowledged more than $100.00 civilian deaths while rights group say the figure is likely more than a 1000. dr. acore again says drone strikes should be made illegal or the u. n. level. donte or bast, the september 11 and the united states. well, the wall in global water data, and i think what they got instead of destruction in the muslim country, especially, and also with huge financial loss for medical money from the spending, the american development infrastructure development and over in the better image of america use of grown is especially very, very dark optimist issue that you are the machine you are. you are saving your life, your personal buy. you are killing him on over there and civilian. it should be declared at the level that it is illegal to use this type of rap on that these type of tools in the walk. well, we'll take a look now. what's happening in russia,
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the country is in the grid of a rising cobra case load caused by the hey, highly contagious delta strain. the number of new cases has more than doubled over the course of last month and peak that more than 24000 de infections reported on sunday. while all of those moscow registered more than 7 and a half 1000 new cases, mcafee watch. you launched a major relaxation campaign just last week. the sergeant infection has also prompted the 30 to introduce a mandatory covert state to, to access to public paces. now one of the ways to qualify is fascinated. so we offer health experts about the benefits of getting the job i mean used to, to get the changes in the structure of the crone of ours to know. don't have a significant impact, or they don't significantly affect the antibiotic structure as the safety margin of covered 19 bikes and is quite high. therefore, if the genome or the vice changes,
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the vaccines still remains effective. a new coding research community from crown of ours possessed for 6 months, regardless of how it was obtained, consisting therefore, according to w. h o. recommendations for a more effective fight against corona virus. everyone must be vaccinated and re vaccinated among the. she wouldn't, she didn't. yukon of restraints. the clinical situation has also changed. and coven 19 is also now dangerous. for young people, the clinical situation has become heavier complications appear. shortness of breath occurs. the lungs affect it and it progresses rapidly. therefore, people over the age of 18 need to be vaccinated and re vaccinated
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a not only due to the new group of our a strange annotation, we can judge the correct number of antibodies to make people say from coffee. 19 antibodies developed for the original strain may not react properly to the new strain, which is why it is so important to defax unaided. this is a w h, a recommendation. the just teaching a walk soon that too much indeed, exceeds work. we used them to prevent infectious diseases, and there is no vaccine that can guarantee 100 percent effectiveness. therefore, there's still a chance that those who are vaccinated can get sick vaccination helps to prevent the development of severe forms and fatal outcomes. extra native people have a risk of being in contact with the cobra, 1900 carrier, and getting sick. therefore all those vaccinated should follow cobra, 1900 restrictions, such as wearing masks and keeping their distance on. finally,
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france has become the last you country to bond at the hunting of some bugs with indiscriminate blue traps denouncing the practice as causing it were possible. harm to animals. lot comes off to a 5 year long court case by 2 animal protection groups. ah, will the cabbage washed with gasoline? it's very violent. they are putting complete darkness in a garish to month when they cannot get any light. then they brought back to where they were trapped and putting cages hanging from trees. when a bird cannot see any lights and is brought into the light, things are not to attract other wild birds. ah!
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this is robin had become stuck in blue and died. the glue for social travel can be bought in shops across from. you can see some clue for birds, there is a big market for song. the gold french could sell for more than a 1000 euro. it's a lot of money. the news is not selected because the trap has put the glue in the branches of the tree near the top of the pine tree and it's there for all but the past 5, even pigeons, we have video is taken by a hidden camera that show the hunter just shaking the trees from below to make transfer all the news while keeping off forest saying that's what we want.
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that is how things are looking coming away now though, going underground dells into israel and palestine to ground. and i will cease in me the i join me every 1st day on the alex salmon show when i was speaking to guess in the world, the politics sport business. i'm show business. i'll see you then me the the, the, the the, [000:00:00;00]
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the with dr. action redundancy, we're going undergoing to nothing. the stories the powerful don't want you didn't know coming up with the show. fees, fire. oh, no sci fi. palestine is changed forever. we talked to the 1st woman, told us he'd in the highest executive body and palace and a shrubbery and as form a local coca cola boesky lamb lasso is inaugurated. his equity was new president, how us interests projected in jo biden's backyard, is he deport hundreds of thousands across the mexico border? it's the history of us back death squads regime change in mass killing all with the complicity of britain in the nations of europe. ian union, we speak to professor the chomsky about secret lives more coming up in today's going on the government. first of the death toll of women and children in gaz
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amounts up to many multiples of israelis. i'm joined now from ramallah in the west bank by the 1st woman to hold a seat in the highest executive body in palestine. doctor had a shroud. we thank you so much for coming back on the show before we get on to. i mean, so far, i know sci fi, this is being a watershed. some are saying, what are you hearing about the scale of suffering in the past few weeks from these? well, british american and you nation weapons launched by israel. absolutely. when you have hundreds of innocent civilians can have 100 women and children, primarily children actually have all homes. they managed again, you will have 14000 and then sion apartments and really been destroyed. you have the interest of the roads, the water system, even to the point of getting to the electricity. and sean, you have many clinics to start. so it's like the starting the economics that has


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