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me to john to leave. you will have access over 20 new. she will try to dorothy, who fitfully do to love me. she's to, she knew she wouldn't. milton couldn't for us. and that's in a nice little push me to us to teach. sure we should huddle move. what she's a junior susie the laundry push case. it was your new best for me was look, she could have said for me to wash it with metro. i me, which in, by check stub,
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i was dealing with them, but i knew the new new which is what the if you executable supple once they put up on that got more set up for me. i got more that got more just simply got most of the by the mid 19th century, the russian bear had grown into a powerful empire. and pro nikolai, the 1st metal in the offense of european states. russia antagonized many and by the mid 19th century, underlines headed by britain and france had been forged against russia. all that remained was to bring a match to the powder. hello,
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this message will change perpetrated now, but we just go away. not that much. i don't know if i've been in meetings for most achieve, even if you're seeing the same, isn't that much keep them away. may i be of the school for the semester when they have gestures and sort of would you be shipping on this guy that are on go for football for the last short order that will be reading and writing here because i was i didn't i do what you need to report us see, let me just keep and if you just keep up with naval privilege. in september 18, 54. the joint angular french squadron closed on the best of all with the upper hand more advanced than better equip ship. the russian navy didn't stand a chance and took the difficult decision of scuttling their ships at the base entrance to block the watch away. 7 ships to a sacrifice, creating an underwater barricade,
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and the goal was achieved. the allies fleet failed to reach the city shore line. the mystery gathered body. dr. history question, what about the semester? but mr. sebastopol, they don't understand. no one on the memo to gather committed transcript is mr. g. c nichol miguel ill. my cousin pop up. i have to go to some families all day on my sister. i don't know. she got so many meal expensive meal study to be. she's all the, all of the, not the in the old shortly to suit me. so i'm going to be this shows don't see what i'm going to be of. expound. docutech me exhausted upon me. expelled and i got a new job comparing with you also know illustrator and it was also jasmine k,
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g. back to reconnect the amendment. keep schepers good. that's also good news stuff . come on. it already came to that song that, that you're not going to be pushing deletion on. i wish you can sort interest on the keep the judah just on tuesday is what i'm going to put up with this target. probably the museum the jewish desert. just give me
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me are you ready for all the stuff done? trisha who are you in a peter box here? do you really like to show us but did you come if you read the allies succeeded in landing the criteria. the russians best to hinder the anglo french advance and put up a fight near the alman river. an intense battle. in the end, the russians had to retreat. ringback who
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would use his chance to get to go to the series to pull you know, to, to, to, to, to, to control commission aids or special needs or threats. contin jimmy, lucia foundation, who showed you this long fishing and you really mean you go to presidential number just threw in there from the politically just really good personally that all women interested to me i'll be able to mean it just q knows me pretty record can that'll get us to come from in tears can sure it's a school which of the seasons easy for the sort of get to me teachers would be sure to to go to position. i could probably thinks that has any model me. she was told i
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said that she could remove us, the listing was going to be sure to look i would prefer you to. so using the which has been used for you and what it weighs most needs to be for teach in 31 because you knew to clear sojourn you shouldn't need to be finishing, you will acquire. this is an issue over 50 bill. the student nikolai list goes famous channel, which i left. he asked him for it to be told. the english don't mean that guns restrict us. russian cross may have been to london and seen how much more bones the english were. the index soldiers in crimea had rifle barrel guns of range and accuracy. while the russians may do with both muskets, were actually cleaned with brick dust. the technology gap was considered major
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reasons for russia to beat in the crimean war. but the allies also suffered heavy to beat this story and the songs about the atlantic of the british light cavalry on fortified russian positions. british aristocracy. mon, down, by, sorry, shrapnel. ah, not done them with that. yeah. i woke up with email clark way, but she's to me, when i was, when you put in princeton was doing was sheman that it's the the the me, mike,
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you're going to college. the such was school 1st, which was a young was for a little more wiggle which i feel a little bit. but fortunately the college did take a look that i need to show up with such a blessing. you might deal this some new emotional way to lose the function so that the e, what was gillian federal was the region for good with that enough to actual school me. this is what we mean the federal and i bought a oh, some kids got
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a 1000000000 in there. did they get enough? i'm god. all right. can i stop? you know it's, it's pretty complex. next period sister chest about on the opener. layer. nice in and i'm glad to show that in your financial commission, michelle michelle, that i don't listen. i succumb machine. she'll i vehicle will cut off now with the list and i be the lead the machine. it would succeed with g p t lip. this like use the vision. yeah. but i will change them then. god is what is the
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me open at the moment or is yes them will need to get i can. yes. not the one with them for margaret doc. see chest naturally. mostly. if not logging, possibly as much as i'm with dylan, it's me or what they cheated. 3 for the people machine me at the for the last was than the deal in the syria. i think i thought that i knew so but enough, but i knew what she just beloved and i don't know what the position they knew given that
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the muslim chilling out the chest in the in the in. 7 7 6 6 the washing machine look good delivery, but for me, the long bear with me for more i guess i'd immediate commit to know that was,
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i mean, we'll talk to you about what you see on samantha me example, we do need if she didn't do any on his be we took off money that was $1.00 of the lee 3 years to look at which we can push in from the, the san jose. i think i think it would allow laska, was it just that it was at mazda? she was ready, but we look it up too much ability to call off at all or do in our program or if it, if i could, if i need some companies, not if you could please don't be i
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ah one. make sure you know, borders and the blind number please. as emerge. we don't have authority. we go to the back seen the whole world leads to take action and be ready. not a joke. people are judge governors crisis, we can do better, we should be better. everyone is contributing each in their own way, but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is paid for the response has been massive. so many good people are helping us. it makes it feel
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very proud that we need together in hello, driven by a dreamer shaped by those in me dares thing. we dare to ask me to join me every day on the alec salmon show and i'll be speaking to guess in the world. the politic sport business. i'm show business. i'll see you then me.
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oh ok. me to keep them all set and a minute. talk with any mobile do that and just says michelle, he's does ask me to do the work of your portable don't just assume the people you know a little if you have you don't, don't get kevin, you know they book the clue didn't you tell to get here at the doctor told yourself, i go to school, but it will 123 to the semester. but i was
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also late when i i supposed to receive a phone call, which school seems to are certainly stephanie. she needs to walk us on once it was she last cruise on that one will be present. we can credit some of it on your school. what i see that you could she purchases using it? you know, kitty, i see, but i didn't publish a pop up so called posey did bill. it also sean tell also does mr. g. mr. best to partner which was a chef l. a. but it is mr. g from japan, canada says there's
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a left, i mean, usually you don't have to be. so it was when i go back to bit of last year, but i would say on my own, well my old loyce law just having to guess, well i don't think about the key man, it's with you birthday. can you please me? see, the says i was was up with you, but the rest of you came in she left up and photo off the phone. do you book just us i guess why are
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you getting the confusion on the cruise? my name was last june luc moon. i of all i get a moment who is a for a dog. he started messing the semester, defend as well. he really can defended the city for a whole year, but having to abandon the war was nearly over. among those who defended the city was a young officer and the towns, delay festival sketches came a little monumental event free. first world war play. well, you can lose, you see, that was in. yeah. it will result in extreme as
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i get a more new promotion more subject to the self, shall i turned on. she as usual as you will was albany. i just wonder if it was with your phone call. i'm sure there he just russell took you to them and them shook elementary elementary exposure. so mrs. jamie smith told a shades of blue stakes on there it was only i don't get even they won't count. gee, lo, she put me off for research with a local. she said she knew there
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was a market you want me call you in the front seat? sondra. i don't know the middle of the submittal video laundry. laugh hall smith. and i know i feel sure. no, i mean he saw the screen. i don't know the this is just curious. but sure. given for me, see, i see some say as we should be was not just as much push senior thought and what i need to know what the chest
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i showed the concise this sheesh and i knew that she she then needed them the concepts. so i'm up on your skin. the gym wasn't scottish. those were some chill, a if the little skew. so that's a lame william. it's something in the middle name. the 3 such purely for this movie gym. it's all good for me on the when you form over, you know, showing what's in the car, gliding motions because i have a blessed one blessing. someone busted him just to let you know we will listen to the young by the if she for you. but you're still suspended just from do to fish for pizza. the
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reason you were on the kinds of thought and if we just had the local a given us to be to be should be chinese. food was speech inside of your juice and the producer of the spirit. i'm a new, yes, i'm a premier and i'll send you a sensitive to give you the setup. i patricia leticia from those are uses a quick let me show you this. you can keep in mind, you just use to keep the boots, if you, when you look into it and you know, fairly new formulas and know what that will be pretty. what is she with a proposal for you to rebel to your new particular pitchbook page. you mean the thing for you me mr. chelsea? me me to the police don't and you're still in season is friends with me
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not ringing in boca 70 years or community nation for nation boucher for closely glenda so no anything. it throws me sick too. from the building and construction of its not 2.204 was just a minute from you. so no problem in susan, the nation pretty faithfully attorney to this term is huddled here in the school. when i started to consider, probably when would you go to the media before me, the little thing which i learned risky them especially when you go to france across the board meeting in woodson. i don't know if you could do it with me. just let me just take it from from the church and i should come on the company
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that can assist me, but i would really used to be a funny little sound that me i don't what i'm is. but the result, no girlfriend just renewed all that i may just go to school, but yeah, i just thought you don't, maple format that so many people more looking towards me . it was a victim of measure national sun. lamb in all is all vague. don't miss shawnee told me the same vehicle more just fell on the classic. this is christine i get on the west coast. but i'm not like you to keep me all situated,
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vic, 12 to a false without putting any cooper. it's only on that didn't post receipt. i get that proof. come on. many more new, more solid. couple surely don't lose on a move out to move up. i did. i got to make the appointment with him at no cost. i suppose it was doing the new veil. it also said yeah, committed that gonna be good to see like the philosophy they don't move more on and they don't match it. i this shortage from the early 20th century shows the grey head veterans event for the decision. i don't want to visit any estimates. i don't know. should i come to see mused lousy boone is usually see. no, no, no. see, move, no. can julie? no. who is it possible you for?
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for said yours doesn't she did it of nation. she'll to see 1st movie. totally dodgy. like to live with michelle, did i get the senior did it? did i do it or you want to see if i chose to a decent to phone or your name was the 1st isn't it was on the to him the focus on believe it will question to largest or just i
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me i so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy plantation, let it be an arms race is often very dramatic. developments only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical of time. time to sit down and talk to the, to the industry meetings of youth in avi today, regulations will be all about making money focused. is about big corporation.
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international markets. import export. do you imagine the number of per the diseases are in every family today? due to new viruses or new microbes? it's not true. so it is due to environment. they're not going to take either the momentum command on much trouble with abilene. accumulate. go to me, come in today, they don't allow us. the food industry is create more jobs, it will create more value added. it will create more growth. so i don't see why we shouldn't also fight for the interest something industry that we have regulation. we want the regulation of the industry, and if we don't behave then yes, penalty, that's fine. ah, me. the
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news? no unity during american independence day celebration as a congress sparks anger by saying that the holiday is solely for white people. we look at how in today's america and even the scar, just biting the nation, the green paint sounds, the alarm over scenes of how fi and the gulf of mexico author of reported the cash strapped company that operates beneath the gas pipelines has been struggling. thing is with maintenance problems, us through please main pace in afghanistan, the taliban makes significant advances in the north of the country. humanitarian organizations now say yet to not the wave of refugees ah.


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