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util will currently go to a new study or do i just need to show you control the traditional moving machines etc. if you see the one you need from me was upset for me to last with metro. okay. sure. yeah. so i've always been dealing with the new new new which is about what's idea if you're going to see executable football once you put up on the seat up when i got it up on that, got me
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join me every thursday on the alex salmon show and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politics, sport, business and show business. i'll see you then me love american have the the certain events, saturday, december 12 were homeless and when march of the capital 3 percenters and other races, fascist militia groups,
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are there his truck and one other truck pulled up right there are still got our services be hit the ground, that's all the other doors open. and everybody was on this side of the road. pulled their long guns out and had us in their scopes the whole time. everybody from the 1st 2 trucks got out actively pursued us up the sidewalk here. their arm back. got nothing on us. you know you got got nothing. oh the i did it because i have a lot of love to share the wine and i need and then i look for me. they start coming in around. but i do not intend to shoot the last wire to me. that's all we've ever been trying to do is just be good for the community. be good
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for the world because there's how much bad me for some reason. they're trying to come up to like one hand show to out take their break it. ah, we're not. we're not here. the fascist, we're not getting any body isn't art. i don't respect their authority. they hate us more than anything. we're going anywhere. we're never going to leave. we're never going to some people . oh, the we have to conceal are identities. are under constant
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threat and have been under threats all summer from both law enforcement and right wing malicious, racist organizations. ah, ah, killed one of us in portland. the right wingers of children. i think the notion it's just, it's not safe to be a leftist activists right now. here more recently with the events of the election. the right wing militia groups are, are crazy as hell, quite frankly. but they're dangerous. i mean they, they, they hate us more than anything. they hate us more than anything. this is how hitler rose to power. everybody jump saying we just sit back, burn himself out. if ashes of just gonna spontaneously go away. he's gonna get worse until somebody stuff. me
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the whole right has fully embraced fascism. we don't want them comfortable anywhere. they try to view their, their hatred and their wives. the premise message affinity groups like ours are really the only force standing against them and cheaper is their number one target. the less i understand cause i want to go home at the end of the day and they want to be safe and everything, but me, you signed up for that job. the person was door, you're kicking in innocent until proven guilty.
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got nothing on us now. you got got nothing out here. right. entryway about here is where one other guy, his phone out of we notice as a rock and down we saw one of the gsp, p d vehicles parked in the pull out of the parking garage that you guys are just sitting there. just watching us got upset, we're like what? you had an opportunity to do your job and show us that were wrong and you just set your staff there and let them pull guns on us. and, you know, physically attack us and didn't believe one of them said you to laughter themselves, got back in their car and drove on. this is why we want to abolish police because when it really matters for them to be, they're not,
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they're never there. here's a small that we knew where they were meeting prior to the routing. so we headed there after we got back on the road and ran into for angie for cowards and they're all guilty ones. and 4 of them got some monitoring. we don't want to get, i don't want get into details, but you're not sure you want to put your basis on the side of a building. who the me
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the, what do you share most? i fear this being all for not honestly there's nothing that isn't worth sacrificing to me to try and change the way that it looks like. things are going well. no job that i can no longer live in a country where i am 2nd citizens. i was born black in america, that's what radicalized me. i thought that was due to my education level and my parents income level that certain things didn't affect me. and as soon as i reach of age to be considered a threat, those things are crashing in. i keep getting unfairly targeted by police officers. i see and racism affects my child. what brought me to this point from may and so now what the police are not more my, how do you think you're part of
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a political situation or you just here to basically give the class, tell them, let them know that traffic control. i'm here to do what i can, i'm here to do what's in my power, and sometimes what's within your power is a rock through a station window. you don't make any apology, no 0. we're not here to make police nicer. we want them gone. we want total abolition. there are no bad protesters. she's pretty seriously. lot of us. what does that mean? just because someone is doing something that maybe you wouldn't do doesn't mean that you need to push on them or commit them for what they're doing or even stop them or say anything like that pretty quick. whether it's far away. hold on i got we got, i mean,
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just because you don't feel like the appropriate for you to do that the, their expression of their feelings in the moment. if it's instructive and that's there for the really good you guys against what iraq, you're just chaos rest. where do you go from here? we have goals and things. we want the abolition of police in prison and landlord and private property so that people can actually live. we want everyone to be taking care of. those are all goals, but there's always going to be the next thing. and at this point, this is what we do, so we'll just keep pushing it for the next and the next. the next. next me, despite what you think despite she may have heard the news. communist coming for
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america, go or stay. the democrats don't have a communist agenda, they're worthless as far as commune, configured me. and she's really something that costs right on police reports and all can we originally became a group of police brutality. but that was the main thing that we are protesting over the average that empowers police brutality is the same. after adding powers, the precious glover and the state director for wall of georgia. i've got a couple of other members volunteers here that are part of the black lab group and they give to the host and feed and all of it. we try to come out to support them and bring food and help out to your farm at homeland security on the corner
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logic. that's the bastard. they are basically just the security guard wouldn't general area. they have no arresting power or anything like that. the 1st few times that we came out to the bass. if we had permit, didn't we started with the guns. they don't do anything like that. and now they actually know us. they trust us 1st was on the water back in history, trying to remind me of the new question transfers. some people they didn't find more social is tommy to, sorry. and our kids are, you know, just really, really left leaving liberal. but we all believe number one, black lives matter. that's the main thing that brought us all together. we believe in helping our community. we believe that fascism is one of the major threats to the united states as gotten proven. we're going to do everything we can to help make the change that we believe in
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the very good news on what you see as far as been carrying or being invested. that's more of a protection measuring. it's not in office and i can't tell them not to protect them. so i understand that every time we go out there and we try to peacefully protest, they be the rest of these matters. so we had to start protecting ourselves and now we're in an area where we're trying to save the planet. we want to be able to use energy and have special live, but also to live on a healthy planet. and the challenge is energy. it's the emissions of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases that we're trying to manage. and there's many different ways of doing that. the transitions have begun in transition and it's proceeding
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along many different ways with driven by drainage shaped by 10 percent of those in the me there's things we dare to ask in the white
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supremacy pull guns on people so that we have to be on. it's not anything that i can add it from. i'm going to, i'm going to do that. i got brought to this point, i had to evolve to this point. i would be everything that we do, everything that we carry, everything that we have. it's a self defense and community in order for me to exercise my 1st amendment right and say that my life matter, i have to be armed to the teachers as counsel rally in which of park every saturday from now until forever and see for oh, we don't do mutual aid tb tours down if there's no plant letting us know
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we have enough rival, it's going to hold the entire park. everything hits people don't have to live for pretty much anymore. why wouldn't they got to live where they got their lives? pretty good, pretty good question. has a sign on a thing that nobody in my family or friends group this and i'm involved with when i me not supportive and also safety reasons as well. ah, this is personal greeting as much please people that are standing by with police brutality. not acceptable. and i'm not
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going to come back at them and tell them that they're not welcome in their city. this is what we're going to be here for. i want the same thing that i feel most of the piece retired and we're doing this for the betterment of the work we're doing for the better never communities do you care what people think about you personally? do you care what they think about your groups? people that i care there is no guns warranty. i think the safest thing is for, it's not a hard thing for joe, for jeff. i want you want me to try and try to making sure that i was prepared to defend themselves, whatever. whether that be with
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the where we are training the american pages, which is this bit of there, no one knows growth in before pretty quickly. you lose good vision, blurry, everything, it sucks on there is no such thing as playing fair here. fight dirty to tell, you know, take this head, slam it right here in my kidney as hard as you can. yeah. for some reason some good tries like come up like one has showed you out their elbow and break it. you guys wish you wish them ill? what do you want? jesse jack like georgia state patrol as opposed to the apd where they're answerable to the mer to the city council. even to, to a little degree teresa, this interview board. gsp has not not they
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are respond to governor, pretty much control. he's a financial piece by the got you. they are such bullies are believe that they kinda stand for anybody to stand up and say, no. that's why they gas us. that's why they balls at us. that's why they do all this. nancy don't respect their store. literally. the summer star georgia state patrol an issue of little black girl in the head with their hands up saying that her life matters. i saw that same georgia state patrol high 5 white supremacists. don't tell me inferring, say our morals are. that is their type of policy. now.
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so today's the 1st day of chris hill attempts to take over. we're just part. you know that we're here because he got fired this week. we are coming out fully armed and everyone's really on edge right now. you might want to catch that coming in so you would like to have our workers as a community substance force nor georgia. there are actually 3 percent militia saying that they want to come disrupt homeless people getting fed. we're here to protect people trying to be like, well, at the time of this being reported, national bombing was yesterday. we're not really sure who did it obviously was always under both of us. so early park make sure there was nice as much as back or anything that could how can i did they bombed. okay. said these
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are people whose politics are based around viewing other vehicle is less like how many people take credit? so like people, organization, it's an idea that fascism must be opposed, that you can't allow the game round or else you're going to end up in situations like you saw the last, the germany, you know, they had a long time and a very gradual build up of fascism and where you had the entire populace. basically brainwash driven toward the cult of one leader. and within the course of that now we didn't grade. mathematical violence in world war is also genocide. rated. police are courts of fascism. so to be these trashes is to be directly, it's really about just the self determination of, of people, which is something that you could say about democracy as well. the magic has said,
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no, they're not going to allow us or food for people will see you. when i think as a preliminary, i'm going to go ahead and say my dollar would be on the left. this. i believe we will have morgan's more ma'am. oh, more bad the right where the irony, the steam is not lost on community really came together for this one to feel good. i doubt, i doubt he showed about 5 years ago, maybe i got i got involved with roseville and his group for a few months. i ended up realize what kind of people they were and not how i didn't want to be associated with them at all. i've been inside his house down and mcdonna is not a good deal all over. we've got contact with a bunch of different organizations. se, yeah, socialists rifle association wants to structure the johnny. this is the most farms we've ever been. yeah. and hopefully we don't need
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it. hopefully here like raymond conspiracy theories and like god, i wish there's one truck driving around a little bit nervous. so we asked him if he needed help. and he said, well, i'm here to deliver supplies to the thing over here. but his truck is empty so he doesn't have anything to deliver. so he's a scout. think i'm here because one of the worst things is to go hungry. if it takes all of this to keep them from coming here to stop. people feeding the homeless, y the on understanding the we really want to help the community and
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a few threat sitting keep us from that. we should still be out here helping people regardless. and we're still going to try and keep our stick space at the same time for your families are doing good. i mean, i have to give them the poor people or how many people are eating. and that is really grown. you know, from just a few of us out here in canada where we had been our own money. you know, people who don't even have a lot of money spent on money on. it definitely turned into something that's like, almost like from this point last week, one of the ambassador came up when he didn't have a bell, the county will not pay for him to get a bell for his dad. so we got him a bill for his last one more and more had put all of my word. yeah. and he didn't show up a surprise,
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surprise of mine and decided today wasn't around to find out how fast was a quick shot doing some arrange training. we've got one hand gun and one shot there a couple of people in the group shop before. so just general firearm familiarity for a lot of people have i'm proud of that people. if you go far enough left you're done. i think i think that the funny concept, but i don't think certain form restrictions are incompatible with the data
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on the center. so yeah. nice. i think it's about having a culture of safety and responsible gun ownership. so having laws like red flag laws, really reasonable don't restrictions like that to make a lot more sense than the 1st we have to do this ready for. but none of us want me to today. we've got a mystery show. some really amazing kind souls show up in the 200 people this morning. as a beautiful thing right there. yeah, they're on their way. the way i talk to the guy
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is actually the cab shares office. whatever i will be meeting with me i ah, to don't to leave. you will move a toy move. he would have to move it to love me. she knew she wouldn't be a little girl, but what i can do, i took me to teach julia control the traditional moving. but she's
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actually she was doing the best for me was upset for me and lasted with metro. okay. she yeah, she felt that i was in that is what i knew the new new new which is what is the new i see executable couple was quite up when i got moved to pull it up on that. got moved up and i will use me. ah, today industries been millions of euros in the
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regulations. i will be all about making money. i think it's about big corporation, international markets about export. do you imagine the number of per, the diseases are in every family today due to new viruses or new microbes? it's not true, so it is due to ah, no, i can take either the momentum without commander, they must hello. yes, accumulate me come in today. mostly they don't allow us. the food industry is. we'll create more jobs, it will create more value added. it will create more so i don't see why we shouldn't also fight for the interests of the industry that we have regulation. we want the regulation of industry. and if we don't behave then yes, that's fine. ah,
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the, the the, the story is it shapes the week you on our international mass rallies and statues toppled and canadian, spent their anger after the remains of more than a 1000 children are found at a former indigenous residential school run by the catholic church. julian massage, mark his 50th birthday behind bars as a witness in the case against him, apparently admits to lying to some thing. it could be a crucial blow to american legal action against we can founder and the highly infectious delta strain of the cross virus.


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