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standing, how much does that actually translate into people's everyday lives? what you say thanks for the company to see that we've got plenty of stories for you, see what our website. and you can find that as ever asked me. ah, ah, i use use driven by shaped by bankers. those
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in me there's things we dare to ask in ah, the unique thing about large for our lives is that the adults are afraid of us. quite frankly. members of congress are very afraid of us. and that's something we know, and we definitely use to our advantage. we're able to get meetings with people who quite literally will never vote in favor of any gun violence prevention bill. but they're afraid to not be with us because we don't want to see what would happen if we were to call them out or not taking our meeting. but
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a $187.00 total instances. 38 death 93 injuries. and then 15 teenagers killed or injured children, 0 through other we go engineers and rooms with the centers and with the house members. and they'd be surprised because we were these young faces who had experience come out. it's not myself, my friends, on bring them into those rooms. suddenly these senators didn't have the same kind of talking points which they normally had. they couldn't cash houses down. very nice to meet you in amelia. so i don't know foreign talk to our team and seeing that young people can really affect that room just showed me that across issues across spaces, across the nation. we need young people to be able to stand up and actually make
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that voice as hard because they have an impact and they have a real measurable and we got a really good in . um i i
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i guess my other father, big brother on that on that figure that begs to voice that they might not be getting in between like the reaches and the end of the a lot of a lot of my son in the beginning, whether it's taking him to go eat, going to play basketball, they come to my house, they play games and they also advocate them and you know, bring them together around issues that are facing them in their community.
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they try to empower them to take me to speak. i want to be vince to run one of these events to be in front of march, just to show them that they are capable of starting their own movement. the me and education agitation are taking me i
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definitely connected to side of the same coin. i think in order to see real change there to a safe build and that relationship there, different levels of relationship that, that has to occur when you're trying to make make real change. so it's one thing for us to be on the grounds, the grassroots beyond the field, but there is no mandate that's helping us to do those things. so i think having the right people who have those connections, you need that. and if you need that, folks are getting the folks were actually in, in the field who are living this on every day trying to make a difference. and the folks who are able to reach those and the power to have the power. so right law to, to give resources and fines to the community that needed. good afternoon everybody. so before we get started,
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i know ron noticing how the young people behind me. i went red tape across their mouths, the words on it. and just to show that represent either a power for were quote or a love when that they lost the gun violence while it, while in the fight. cod kayla dan very was q may 15th, 2015. she was my friend 24 year old edwards. james was killed on april 15th, 2019. he was my brother. $90.00 delmonte johns was curos at summer field 2018. it was my brother losing the months, it was a breaking point for me. he was a young person. we lost in my city. i didn't know how to move forward, but the young people are resilient. they knew he was someone who wanted to make a difference. and they didn't lead said death going vain. me.
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yeah, i really miss my baby. so he's here with me, i guess she me yeah, yeah. getting to mentally prepare, mom mentally really prepare myself because, you know, as you see in like i hear you sir, look things up and wait on them. you know, that can help my mom. you know, i can hear them a window calling me so you have to deal with or being no memory because i just say here, wait me, happy, strongly get to the day because i could come and sit down and talk to me. maybe not for the spirit mama will make you happy to make you happy. don't worry about it. don't move in the school,
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graduate. everything. anyway. i the yeah. right. there's perfect. right. you go sir. thank you.
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me. this bench is one of thousands and thousands of benches over a thousands and thousands of years. some bench has fallen, logs or ledges of slate or edges straight from manufacturers of all kinds of benches. where people come to convene. remember, forget to resist settle, rest,
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reset. this bench is somewhere on the eastern seaboard the united states of america. it was by every day and era until one day. and i have the most beautiful poetry had ever heard of my life. that's right, that's today. october 7th, 2019. i saw the wall street journal on a bench left behind by an investment banker at night, a woman experiencing homelessness. used the news as a pillow and a blanket. she spread the business tech sections across her leg, politics across her breast. she adjusted her head on life and arts and use the bench itself. at the bedside for a queen, i saw a full light living death,
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her dying breath alive and checked with an open order. a human worn and wary a body left behind an untold obituary, a journal, and unrecorded life. on a bench i ah, even map you see where we are right there. whereas the rescue mission that no san piedro and 6 here.
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ready. we're going to come up on the back of it right now. can you see our room? count the floor. count 1234. we're on the 4th floor. which one do you think is our room over there? ah, me. ah. he's really still think the cars right on police report and all have in december 2020 a group of and she finishes fill out a film crew access for 3 months. 3rd row, like if people, organization,
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it's an idea that must be opposed to the game ground. they make their faces. but they can say what they believe and we believe in helping our community. we believe that fascism is one of the major threats to the united states. as gotten driven, this is a chance to see who and teeth are really are in order for me. my 1st amendment right. and say that my life matter, i have to be onto the teachers that we can't trust the police. we can trusted government, we can't trust anyone except or so to protect ourselves in an hour, in an area where we're trying to save the planet. we want to be able to use energy and have special live, but also to live on a healthy planet. and the challenge is the energy, it's the emissions of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gas that we're trying to manage. and there's many different ways of doing that. the conditions have begun in
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transition and it's proceeding along many different way with the hey, we're almost there. you remember this? i there are you
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so this is where we used to live. i think union rescue mission. this is the front door. we stayed here 8 months. at 1st, there were so many families, women, and children here that we stayed in the day room, which is basically like a large dining room, large cafeteria, sal, setting linoleum floors. it looks like a gymnasium. we had air mattress slept on the floor for the 1st couple of months or so from september until december. and then in december we were placed into a room. and because my daughter was with me and not my son was just me and one child, i was sharing a room with 4 other mothers who all had one child with them at the time. i i
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in ah, either me or jackie or both. go to and they, every afternoon i this is about 75 miles 80 miles from our home, but the longer distances when we do that in the morning that takes at least an hour and 40 playing next we do this 5 nights will be monday through friday.
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in mondays, kendral downtown and all the work wednesday out. and that is and santa monica friday in downtown, a civic center union station. and i believe we have designed our program. is them they are don't ask them any. i don't judge that's very modern. how they ended up being on the street. it's not god job the judge. ah, nobody likes to be moving on the payments their traffic running around in a perfectly unsanitary condition that nobody lives to be that. ah,
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i, there's a 1000000 reasons why people become homeless. it's not always mental illness and it's not always drug addiction. yes, those are 2. i think those are 2 reasons that have a really negative connotation. so it's easy to say, only crazy people become homeless and it's easy to say, only addict and drug users become home. that's never gonna happen to me in my family. but the truth is, in the united states, most people are a paycheck or 2 away. they're, they're one unpaid credit card away. you know they're one payday loan away. they're one on expected pregnancy away there one job loss away. there are so many reasons why you could end up homeless and unable to pay your bills and unable to keep a roof over your head. and your families had lots of people leave the foster care
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system and have nowhere to go. you turn 18 years old and you are out. that's it. you go from having no parents and just a foster family to being on the street. all the sudden you're 18, it's like you're an adult. figure it out. i i, i, when you're living on the street, when you are an on shelter person, when you have nowhere else to go and you have nothing to look forward to. i really think that i can understand how easy it must be to slip into drug use. and then fall into addiction, because if you've just got nothing else good going on in your day and you need something to make you feel good. i can't imagine that there's you know,
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i can't imagine that much else is going to make you feel good at that point when you hit rock bottom like it is what it is. i don't know. so in the new me coming from india, it was very, very hard for me because i've seen power deal. it bothered me here to see the homeless people who are raised here on here such as well. taken 3 of the work, the wealthiest country of the world, and yet these people are going through trash can survive. ah
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ah, we have a program last year and we basically take food, part meals of the homeless. what they are i, on an average we sell about $150.00 to $200.00 park meal the night.
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we make it a point that we don't have them fall my line if somebody comes to the truck, fine line in my opinion is kind of a human. i think that's not the idea that we started with. we wanted to give big maybe is the big thing with us in the fall or sitting on the table and getting the water out of the way. we need both the wall and peers as well as them receive something. i would like to say that warranty is,
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the more than what they are giving you call your again, we might be passing on a few bucks worth of food. donation the closing sanitary. but as a moment here, what you're getting is an expedient self compassion and fashion. and because the compassion can only be expedient, what value on that x price? i was basically faced with that situation where the apartment manager knew i didn't have any way of paying immediately. but when i told her i was going to start working and i had family and it would cover the rent until then it didn't matter to her. she said that she knew i was going to go back to
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him that she'd seen it happen hundreds of times before where women claim that they're being abused and then they run right back to the man that they're alleging abuse against. and she didn't want to deal with that trauma and she thought it was better if i just i, the manager gave me a deadline to leave before she filed the eviction people were here. and so i left because i knew it was just going to be that much harder to find an apartment. if i had an eviction on my record. but the day that i left the apartment, i really, i did not have anywhere today. i had a little bit of money from my aunt and so i went and booked a hotel room as frank
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and i was staying in hotel rooms by myself or like, i didn't have enough money. i would be for my car. and i would try to like i like i had packed up and put everything into storage, but i didn't really know how can i pay the storage bill, accounting and pay you know, to keep the kids in their toys and things like that. and so i started selling things out of the storage unit to the storage unit, and then going and selling blood i was working, doing online transcription. so that was piece rate. it was very, very small sums of money. i might work all day and make you know, $15.00. i had never been on welfare before. i had never been on assistance before. i had unemployment when i lost jobs in the past, but i had never gotten food stamps. i had never gotten any. and to go from having
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had a job since i was 13 years old to being in a motel wondering how i'm going to get $40.00 to find somewhere for me and my kids to sleep. it was like an impossible momentous. i just had no comprehension of how do i get to a homeless shelter. so that whole process was from may 15th, 2017. and when we moved into domestic violence, shelter was july 3rd. so all those months were in motel rooms or should be in the car i, i is your media a reflection of reality the in a world transformed what will make you feel safe for tyson
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lation community? are you going the right way, or are you being somewhere direct? what is true? what is faith? in the world corrupted. you need to defend the join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah ah! shoot, don't do leave us move a toy. he said, when she gets home later love ah me as
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soon as you to your little girl who can assist me in the future, you can totally traditional moving machines, etc. if you're putting one new best for me, please don't. she said for me to last with metro. yeah. so i love this is what i need from the new new new new which is the new i see executable football once it went up on that got moved up when i got it up on that got moved up on me.
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ah, the in the stores, you said the week here now i see mass rallies and stuff. she's toppled canadian spent their anger after the remains of more than a 1000 children were found at former indigenous indigenous residential schools that were run by the catholic church. so this actually sounds marked his 50th birthday, but behind bars this weekend is a key witness. in the case against him, apparently admit to lying with some saying it could be a crucial blaze for americans legal action against the wiki leaks found. and the highly infectious cell to strike the corona bars, plunges russia into a new way upon demik and promise moscow to make cambridge status past is mandatory if you want to access restaurants and cafes. we put the new.


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