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the they think we're going on, which we'll get them to see and finish with the business. so let me put that on problem me. just go to the throne. love with that. i'm going to myself where think, you know that me, i still sort of got these out those i can yes, i guess that i was really little up to me, but i mean there's, there's always ask you hit their own window area and in the door they will be in that as soon as possible. not come up. milagros did update and play the natal.
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i get this much particle that, that me see the let's go to kind of the same push police which you are calling it, you know? like okay, you too, bye bye. thrown. i give you any more money. why not? you know, we can look at any course get into the local i with the public school in which my heels and me, i can when my, my thought in columbia focused on pricing for me and me and my tell me some egos, joy, my thought was, i'm ego, then we specialize in my time, which was persona just getting back with me, but i forgot where they are fully. nobody. i don't process up our me just go, go eat well. no, i was hoping to get him. are you guys who should log on me for a little bit? throw me back. there will now be another mouse during math. i
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mean this will be a can reopen. i'm of have up yet that just a little of the day, but i fancy my got your but i'm not that much with it and we will not. yeah. it just more yes you just called us. but i'm not that i thought it was so. but in a don scarborough nearly got there and you know when i got it up but i meant that when i'm with the fun fun fun to list them in because i received galia and this is how we'll have a we don't know gemma john. pretty good, you know for the middle she made for the renewal very jelly case where my
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report talked. i mean say none the less or if you're not are now you really i'm or no hope of high calorie. i'm a 40 here terry. i don't talk more for more work. no, no, no, no, no. you're not. and peter solo on the on the last report. feel free. give me when you get a chance when there's about the time getting your may my he now i keep getting your made her feel productive up in your
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book. i gave her the thing gave up. yeah. i get that. i mentally, i get, she took us, but i'm out here, but up i was going to give you your time. i thought it was your last name, but i still haven't gotten a printer or not. you know, my last quarter shouldn't be a lot better yet. email i'm interest where dollar the me hit on the monitor dale. pardon me. okay. are you going. 2 to pull the money or spreading study in me. i
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him or not her mom for monday, monday around florida. she young kid alone human. let me michel tunisia increase. i cannot remember them. i don't floaters. i me and yeah. are you in tomorrow for today? years have you any in your name, your may after the he are one or less i'm interested or be about 4 years. he knew how to have a good response. came 1st, cannot have been in lucy who's going to put him in it was for let have what they had meant. i mean, he had a little bit more to put him, put
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a job we had appropriate than it came. can you come in? i need deborah who know it look, you know, traces me parties here, let me know what i meant. but when, which one doesn't believe she'll be mister, pick on the phone as you said to baba. but it's been a matter of what you're not a i cannot is i see in today got a lot of time getting put in by the by the up in your pocket, but i live up by 11 hours the boarding. see my love. i mean, it's super bright from number to remember to look it had been a look and see what it was word. no legal can know why we live in europe. it would be me or spore. so me, me,
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companion on the face or in for thought, but i me know, are you up in british, could you, casey ah ah, ah, ah, mount perform the same or columbus and the card you put into the location of the car. but those when i meant the man which i'm, you know, in the study and control midlothian little bit, i can it, i do pay too many amusing that. i mean, i see on the commodity will soon the
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morgan at the, in us there's no card. you can make any current, you know, point given us as well. ok. so you know, look around really been thought i was looking for the power school i'm number when i spoke and i get more time to get a level when i meet with them. i was going to be to make you not going to make it i'm, i thought it just really my you know, the play no mental but i know i have to when they say they are people in the hall, you locate it could be an actor in though it's not a game that will more might than he left with the
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vehicle more for you a look at it to him. a moment we'll get in there you go. okay, let me do something. no, daddy, no. i think he may be in the meeting. no, no, no, no lip where i don't important numbers on a 2nd service charges because you think you have a contract committed, they want me to put them in the in the contract and we'll head is,
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can you like are you non like i did she make it, i'm not going to put in my tunnel on the up when you let him in the, in the case of the my feelings. tell him lodging from they come at us. yes, i was trying to ship it that week. i really don't wonder if that was still about the condition. i guess i'm going to see all of you. yeah. which is you much courses as you can with the especially when i spoke with my last minute my last in this case no chemical. when you wake up, if you want me to handle annoy fading, maybe there's some keeler. so in the looking to be in the moment, i can talk to someone in the minute and a nice 30 percent can go to the base most come with
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study person. can i read study to face me then you know, you're electing minus k for kilo require the perfect and the square focused on in the test is, i mean, you can still get you in a little me of the show and had told us what was, how you go, this was house me the vendor, the 27th, 1989 and i'll be on airlines plane exploded near boca tongue, killing all 107 people aboard. gonzales father amongst them. i say that was a colombian presidential candidate and ask about sworn enemy,
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he had been scheduled to be on that flight but changed his mind last. and the plan will not minus the comb or put out in those quite a lot seem to have to put one. this is shelly loss, but i had of ah, the m which would have been a k k. so if you look for the book, okay, my putting my hand fully. catherine was like when you're a few years ago, grandfather funded a charity to commemorate the victims of the terror attack even left his jobs so that he could investigate the case which is still shrouded in mystery than the last 50 years. and it happened if you i went last i think as you know it was and come out and nobody else was b input for l by ease. last, i guess i'm be, was done, or living that is that i screaming this last put this up with you with guys in
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which was, if you encounter that property, leper kogan, he saw him plenty o, let him know you kind of what he had. and this was when we get, when the initial in the so to look, if you move a money for side of those in continental us, you're on day in particular here. almost yet then, you know, in this a condenser spending, this, by the way to lead into it that this by this julio, that meant i had the seat, us, you put a curtain if get ok, dollars per you and me a couple pages for them to put i me for k, for to me at. they have more just cause s k than you know, what would have been which times put me in contact, compensating. ah,
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me the ah, the ah, today industry refers to millions of euros in the regulations. i will be thinking about making money. i think it's about big corporation, international markets. import export. do you imagine the number of per the diseases that are in every family today? it's, you know, due to new viruses or new microbes, not true. so it is due to environment config either the momentum had put on there much yes. accumulate got on the come in today. mostly they don't allow us to like the food industry is successful, create more jobs. it will create more value added. it will create more. so i don't
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see why we shouldn't also fight for the interest something. and i think that we have regulation. we want the regulation of the industry and if we don't behave then yes, that's fine ah meal . send me over to see if they want us to present. thank you. and i mean yes, i mean you could start serious today just i mean i hope that it is premier to me to get around. we do to cement the and that just because i'm in now, you know which him up with that kind of by the way, to just know that most of the ministers keep those for me. for me. i have 3 there. is that on you to kind of also interest, but those are lou lou. i meant the bombers out there like a roof jen, and columbia blue tunnel,
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especially at the end of the week i columbia locker room younger, stuck me in the be was we get out look, and i mean, i will, if i just went by way, of course, you in class a political and vienna, so not us eat when i class a politic okay. i said on monday is no. no la hans is my motto. there still be me said i just gets all of the sudden you know, you seem to see i see on the royal this asked me why, what the castle ticket amy port numbers you don't you can either politico feel the thought it those are says super gotten the be the end up, our columbia gets all the rest of the supervision count. i'll go, we're not going to be shown in columbia and of course at the local and i was hoping that but if there's already how do i get back to you? i may do that i'm up here. me
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after uploading it another political manifesto. popeye takes us into the mountain to see an unusual prison. he spends about 2 years with pablo escobar in the early ninety's the most. let me finish this. that's what it is. it's, i mean, i don't know what's going on. we're not visiting the prison alone to buy cars are going with us. at the last minute pop. i decided we needed bodyguards look at us and i can thing, you know, take a look for somebody. i can look at it on that then i can find out. so i'm going meals that i have a companion get. ok. i don't want to see and there's one in response. only i thought the stairs dodie. do it on financial care. nice. but you're not on concession versus because one document the list of this
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bought in 1991 pablo escobar made a deal with the colombian government. his extra addition to the usa was an old and in return, escobar stopped his reign of terror and went to prison. one, he'd built himself under the same agreement, no police or government, or a lad within 3 kilometers of the premises. the india was still come because you are not going to start on the web would be, god is be both he not though cause i'm not as to issue enough. i guess hi. caution of the african not like i'm not i'm proceed to the core. i mean, they might want to get back up. i mean like okay,
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and any other august time which i get all the info now. yeah. talk to you. but if you want to get out of my estate, i sent you another dilemma. case a money. how is w coke? okay, not yellowstone, you know, the north america or india and i don't know if you're still getting your knock out. then when you. busy go get money, how really heels in the middle. mm. in your, this setup with k, m a y that, i mean, you know, they're both guardia loony clinician moment. look at the latest that i can show you that they went in here, just ended up putting a kid which i was. i can be more than i could carry. i was wondering if somebody can actually have it or political, columbia, or marker. i kind of stuck my most out of the social problem. me just go out and
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you know start to get some eagles up when there's. busy when i'm going to set you up, but we got the letters are coming from us, you know, but i was wondering whether or not you know me. yes. but then yeah, more footage of hillary smith. i'm one of the, what i'm with though best like obviously this whether this is what it is. i'm look at my mom's work. i just come if you're not that are in a mafia that i see on yes. are those i see not the deal, but i can go yeah. drink that have been you know, like i just, you know, if i don't know if that is how i don't a passion to go. you have any of the limited by the but i me the most he'll. busy make the money kind of limiting as you know. and
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because in view how, when you're trying you, there's a lesson. so there isn't, don't say dollar kind of send him was period in the cindy. i'm also looking for a part of the school out. they will pay did most thing you said i know that i think we finally got it before 11. so let me just see where we have kelly kelly. k. 51 big one enough for so if you could get that in case, but okay, that's what came, which is what's going on in the somebody you feel india saunders are little agreement or india and that was hello. hi, my name is marla. call me in the,
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in the i still, you know, i get when you as well call me during the job because, you know, you can think over you think, well i think it was like, i'm going to let people go to bed, which is about, you know, but that was what i pretty middle civil kinetic, i don't know, a plan that is going to start with, can you send me out? i yeah, i mean, you know that you're going to love them. yeah. for your cousin or, you know, younger now, you know, took it as a, i'm going to speed up a meeting with us at noon the, like i said, you can, can, even though you know, yeah. as i said, if you can, that is used by them. i really like, i feel like i'm looking into those units. i just said i was not going to present
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the the, those quite will be look at the in the upper right hand corner of the quote that i already got on the car. did you get? i mean, those handle like the, like at the thursday i got mine. okay. so when did you want us to feel, you know, you said to me without getting worse without a when i didn't know how to do that. it's supposed to go up a little but i mean, but i can say i was, i guess the owner stuff for me, i guess, you know, i'm in, i'm only off in order to come up with everybody know what the oh and the perfect can you know you can, you know, couple killer might be physical authentic, you know, so yeah, i mean goes okay, well, i'm going to go that can go so you go ok. you meant the step
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ok for one, the one up as when i go into that, as i mentioned, a wicker because there's a big thing you can go home. i do look and it'll be muddy. if you only think we'll have a 1000000. so say yet again, b, b, m, but as internet, you're not as good as possible. you know, can you tell me about, you mean a joke you into because you're taking up a house that again, i just think i'm, you know, ok, okay. it was just a, i mean, i mean we see them and they go, those are who sees the notion that video take them but, and i can't focus this on them. we might want people get people going up as and i could go into the end of the m as in work. okay, go ahead. okay. it's fine . what was your number? so i didn't know what they're going to be attending on. yes. yes. yes.
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perfect. let them on my mama's them yellow, so they will bay we have another one that k maintain. no, she anthony, when people are open to me and but it also, melissa colombia, in those he, anthony, when people a lot for a lot cannot as well i'm going to put them in the system yet if they need to get up ways computer or the location if you get better, they don't problem yet, and this isn't the view. okay, okay. so what i meant that when you, when they look like you said, product, okay, no data on that, they kind of limited in to get,
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implement this idea when they might go much for that could answer that curia and company loot. okay. of course. so this was not looking into this did i get up or let me hope that i was on the job? remember, let me mom, i thought, i mean, work on columbia to pass on until the last whatever my tell you is i could, if i didn't, i seen a lot more. molly? i love, i love them. i'm, we're not relevant to look it up and you're not getting like, we'll just talk me like it then. yeah. muscle manos seemed growing. you there just doesn't just tell you that you're now probably leaning on fairly recent. kidding. my thought is really my. yeah. yeah, for being guns, i'm in control of me on my by me you're not going to, you know, yeah,
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you don't want that. he was militia just doing that. as i knew that i measures in a way better hey, call me back when you got available. then you will see there's an opportunity ah, rather driven by remove shaped by some person. those
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in me dares thing. we dare to ask me o 2, don't to leave you with this notion move a toy, knew she will tell when she gets home later to love. ah, let me look as she knew she wouldn't be a little girl, but what i can do me to teach julia
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traditional but she's a sheet if you see the one your new best for me was over. she said for me in the last with, with metro. okay. she yeah. so i love this deal and that is what i need from the new new new which is about what if the new i see executable football was quite up when i got the seat up for me, i got more it up on me . ah,
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the the pin stores you shake the week here? no, it's the mass rallied, and statues toppled canadian, spent their anger. the discovery of the remains of more than the 1000 children of former indigenous presidential schools run by the catholic church to come during the songs. marks is 50th birthday, but behind bars this weekend is a key witness. in the case against him, apparently admitted to lying with some saying it could be a crucial blow to american legal action. against the wiki leaks founder holly and yourself strain of the corona. vars plunges, rush you into a new ways of the pandemic problems most go to my case, status pass is mandatory if you want to access restaurants and cafes. we put.


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