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the the the, the hideaway lost his bus because i just got the problem. you just called me on my way, my time i went up as soon as he entered on regarding my did he went with the assignment. if you went to really showing us that you know what it was, you know, so my pull up, i got a notice from my, almost what did i already put ever split up? i let me just go to godaddy and she decided from all that if you don't know what the code or the doors it was on
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the game and because i you know where there's carry. yeah. where scale area and how will today will do my thought. it was, i think you could ok home, i just present or even yes, it was in the sort of thing i was calling quincy of us in the nice is quite focused on in the gorgeous and i mean jimmy bonus go out really came up that i mean by that, anybody medical, if you will, never, obviously know my me i use in the eighty's,
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madeline was considered one of the most crime ridden locations in the whole world. it was here that drug, lord pablo escobar, read the infamous cartel. the gang made millions of dollars selling cane and his leader killed anyone who stood in his way. even though the cartel was responsible for thousands of death, hapless remains a popular figure among the country floors, people in some parts of the city. he was even known as columbia robin hood. ah, madeline is also a home to a close friend of basketball. they call him papa. he confessed to murdering 250 people and organizing 2 and a half killing people 23 years in jail for the crime. the pop by hasn't become in our cost in the city where he wants to kill on the country. he's very popular styling himself as a blogger, and political activist. we came to madeline to meet him to try and understand this colombian power adult. why he is treated like a super so i must admit,
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i was very nervous before the interview today. hopefully messing with yo that if you, if you're the solo really i got that that i'm you don't leave those. send me pretty mad. leave it there still you this can be doing, but i see on the still either say that that let me sorry, interest alive. let me just go, i've got like you're going to click on this, you're going in a key. and you said you're going to look like that. it was, it made me my little the semitic window is incorrect, but if you don't, so it is to leave the city of the hotel. we're going to wait for you put it in it
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that should hold up, it'll into it. i say just for me to leave you. i got that. i got to this. i was going to stick out. it was kind of like recompense. i see instead i joe morgan or nina, but i can lock that up on. is that a competitor? let me put it back to me so we can get out of it. but on monday you got the wrong one though. yes, it was like, yeah, i mean go down. he says you could, you mean a little window? i have what installed on his title. yeah. my thought gave me this quote and he has to go to present to put his schedule, but i need us to process it for us or not to give a list of what you see unless you're not using us. and we are most li, mom we, when they don't use that goes through the photo, which i mean, you feel good. so you don't think that to me that
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we're not going to come with, you know, if you i mean i'm, i thought give me a month in the i'm you know, let them coming up. i don't, i don't know. you open on that. give me i'm, i thought it remember younger than me. another thing when we go so i don't pretend i 7, which is what is the unit that's part of the window as a unit. them in order the big ok, you know, if i was caught up a you may, june and moon, they're going to see hon. no problem. meter scott radio in the mid eighty's pablo escobar, cocaine empire came under attack. the colombian government signed a treaty with the united states that allowed local drug lot to be extradited to the usa. but i don't know if i was going to go to columbia. can i was just 1000 news. yes. they're not sure on this and i've been on
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you're starting up at a bit different. i'm on my back, we'll kind of, i'm, i'm, i'm, i'm, i thought maybe it throws video the started my that out with yes, it was 40. i think it was probably gonna come out of the like a $2.00 to $3.00. i think. okay. but i mean the elevation, the columbia sailor sonia america. ah, me. i don't know how i am on the shepherd of us or not. if i'm in the pro, look for her because probably alice political for the managing to get i will put them on the best try. you thought i phone up with my husband come in for most kind of june and i know. 2 you all, you have to tell you this is the can go for this vehicle to talk to me once you've been a lot. you're out of them. that doesn't mean i mean i don't want
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to see it. then you just don't come guttural moments with them in your console. just bundle fun going. yeah, yeah. john kieffer, i see something you know that somebody did. okay. little tire can get a lot of my bio boss and looked at the right thing. the last one from other you know, another home and hopefully will not be for like if you go, we're not going to let people in the emphasis i'm in a couple because of the while the school at the moment on the line. hello. see julia. martin franklin down because it'll tell you a quick agenda that i don't know, but you get
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a fail in vs. i want to print out the letter that i built by that somebody fill up a bill, but i got some i don't know what i meant to, but if you that up or in my up, it'll never been. i meant and i can say, mommy, let me know what i can tell you for can can the sound of how you stand on the sun roof is how on the feel the people have what i say, but also i had a lot of smaller emphasis on you know, not just body has been the in the like until, you know, i mean like i said earlier, how to train them interested in the, in the when i our local market alone,
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this was the entities hung up. we can talk to you about this idea. so, you know is with us with us and it's not, it is how good was you and when it's close, eunice is, i'll go get on the way i want. and we want to tell me which i don't know when you can remember, we're going to tell you about it. come on here. listening to him and tell him what your hope pays for nothing that i can see all the time and look content besides could i could not month his content, but i don't know my love, but i mean i feel like i need them. i thought in my body, my thoughts, as you can imagine,
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when the thought isn't as you know, a lot of them what it was or not, and i don't see in talking with you in a lot of my work. so it's pretty well it all, don't be in a lot more or less. it's our entire yours give us, i'm going to say when the, you know him bit better, go now i get there. again, we're open up here. so i'm going to do is i don't want to some i don't know my own and that big and i was the yeah cool. yeah. they've been with me this way. i can tell you what i don't know and i'm gonna try to reach someone get rid of it. i
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got it, but also i thought when i could almost get there, you know, monday and i know that, i mean i'm under, i seem to be kind of what the what would be working out his crystal i q unit would be what are really he us because you don't to get us going to school. i wouldn't be either those i'm on the videos. yes or no. i in the little we were getting ready for a trip to metal and we will warned that it was a place with just a dollar might have anyone killed. we couldn't help but ask
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a pro about today's going rate because he's doing good or not. but we are, my parents are just like i'm unit the middle of it and they me the way i'm, i thought of my listen when somebody go to other talk about a thought. if i think come out of the game which a police serial 2nd at those when we got my phone up as on and that's one of your engine oil in a while, this has control of it. they almost have already done this. they control my phone up as well. now i love $1.00 good day where it includes is mr raymond and look at that home. we do just when you watch it on us and put them on yanna said you know what the hold up, but i can call to lose you. i mean, if this is when h, yes i list me a call is monday. okay. well miss
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somebody by the me bill equally as the credit provision somewhere around the corner, which is more in dimension. marshall manos thing. go in project or start in that hit the input. i not, of course, think of predictor started fairly quick already when medical, what can make or routine you know, we mean, you know, we love us, you know, put us, you'll get the, i said, we're not english. what am i the in columbia? you're not alone. you know where to go. we're still
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a mighty not see them. i like you to columbia. i mean, why are you georgia? why do you notice? you know, the way you will pay you this? where's more money? you know me, me stuff. i don't looking or you could. yes. you know, nobody goes there. my, they met at the, it'll be you, i mean, for 1000000 years or look at the spot. so it, ok the i'm, i gave you in alina, you're the, and it'll be a menu when the jack scope out, let me just quote, kilometers. so you can always cutting you see up into whether that's going to be and if you get us kind of another unit, then you know you need to molly code your team, samantha katie. yeah, my thought allow me just gotta go in what is your website? i mean, honestly, i want you to call us, you know, think she got, but the, and, you know, yeah, the, the,
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and now we're in an area where we're trying to save the planet. we want to be able to use energy and have special live. but also to live on a healthy planet. and the challenge is energy. it's the emissions of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases that we're trying to manage. and there's many different ways of doing that. the transitions have begun in transition and it's proceeding along many different way with the news. this is icon to say that pop by us. okay. i suppose it must be safe to ask him to demonstrate how used to torture and killed him. but he willingly agreed to our request with enthusiasm. to l. m, i guess are currently in a day, i don't know,
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i just got you in place if you will be helping good people get almost 30 on the yelling of. he said that it be us like it up as well now live without the is going that they didn't that up with our. busy car, you know, if you look at then it a, you going, i thought, yeah, i guess they bring it up with a key. you took that to the 55. you know, at that point thursday, if you're going to drop it to promise you're not month one month, it doesn't, you know, provision on my back on our business. he's understated. like, obviously lucky you. lucky. but it says you don't get information on this, but i get but i will get the interview or the big one. but what, what key, what they look like, you know tom i go that weighs about our key. yeah. keynote. dennis,
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how about the on on the status clip. so selections, thank you. ok . 2 2 2 mm i got this one i might hear mentally here so you can get it on your team would respect your speed it to santo doesn't. economy has increased to one of the which would be some eagles. you know, the reason that i work up public is henry county was you and they several young him because he doesn't then go wisdom. no it, there's no, says he not going to be we'll get those speaking. how can i kill him to me?
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i get that part of. 6 your neutral the needle, but i do i am the mother of equal the guy you any my phone up is when i knew that i got i don't, they don't realize unless you give me and i just how are you not going to be counted him or maria, you're looking at the scalar boys or girls, will you wait for? you put up and i'm i a see she like okay. you know g 1000 use the i go when i copy . yeah. anything can i'm always interested courteous go market is that i thought i thought window. you know, to propose hillary, i guess i thought about using, what can i can tell you, i'm at that kind of got me into your mouth. i didn't until you hit the bank on the left, right. then i'm like okay, go to the thing that i can see. let's pull up and see what time we should have a meeting with both. how you doing good,
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how long you are paying. i don't know if i pull up or can you open up a come on a particle or not, but i only entered it up here. madonna, phone up with 4 men confirmed me me a minute for you've done nothing on the inside handle much. that's not the case, i will be coming up and that amount of money to keep them on it a little. they will catch up with the tow full of the month on the bus in the school will try and pass like this. implement the father and political thing will not profit low good at, i mean on the cover up to not call them equal to mental ground that it took her mom mom and i knew about becoming the eyes on the seat by then i hit the medical notes on the phone,
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they could even of the little money out of that. you can see it all came in that is money our lives. and that is money to put out the active out of pocket illusion. i mean, i suppose it, i mean, and people to enormous and can kill them. yes. who can big was 30 anchor. think when they had la la, there they located my bus. so my, if you wanted a little cloud a little bit more fingleton motors, i mean in a little the blue book a little put carpet tried. i think that is hunting and we're going to just set up with the up up a little bit with a number. like i said, let me pull it up what you got the paper that he was. look at the clock. we're going to hear. no, no, but we're still going to show, you know,
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put them up like i just that we're looking obama and we are going to hear about when i started this and so we're, so you'll have to ask about when you come up. okay. you don't have that much person. can i ask you some others? how come on guys for this? yeah, no, i love the info and maybe it was like i'm going to say, you know, man to me, you're not going to figure out or speak to pull a policy unless you can call us in a quarter of the policy. i guess i'm pretty bad. okay, if i'm on the phone, when the point is yes, perfect. okay. when i get in this give me just verify that i got an image is what you'll be up here. man got had been from the constant learning center. they're
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making a thought like us, if we do a follow up with us, you'll come a member of the woman. what is 30 credit cards, you get to get up and going to come up and be what people are like like stars, you'll get to it. if i mean that is okay, so when we do it by so i get when we pull your mama, so which will be my my, my little look your ticket up to the side of the can you let me know what the problem is? i mean, i don't know if i could get some time to go up
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a little bit cuz i forgot to put up your mama. this is a full time killer. kim, look it up that way i can live over all the media if the cost of our lives emphasize a lot of our my risk wider than i can take with him was full and cannot get a message and a little bit of his physical omar with me that kills him. we call it kind of limit. you just put him up for what i
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mean. he thought his killer him, i don't see any kind of further. semi kennedy. i'm glad you were going to i don't want to enter into the wilderness, go out is what you thought is shocker says when i think about just some other stuff . yeah. might make my clerical over there to get up to me to live and i think put him on the cloud. but i got a new job prior to hipaa didn't open up your request. so i'm on leave. my lease isn't going to be up at once. i mean, i just went the thinking that could you let me tell me which will sort of him by the amount of come off the edge of your life. and why didn't somebody a enormous build on to love
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another 2 years, almost how i found a place most people went up in the field for some reason i was had a lot going on when i went to the loan and put it up. okay. um, would you be interested in this going on only now weather boda go to the end of the see me and what else? what do you like about those up? and so i found somewhere i found a legal work on my desk a me that says, you know,
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says rose and up. but you see on thought going out on the lot of cars it will see that i'm at that i don't see that i'm not. i'm not cody for me. he play not jody for him. yes. but he is. yeah. he showed me the book is alive. yes. yes, correct. with do in the middle jada in amigo, let me go. well, let me go there. it's funny. it's not what i see this is coming in. oh, why like would you do that? the only about that real quick. you can, could you, i mean, in an electric field, which i think was a pretty good just to put it on to the parish. he gets the plastic odo. he entered to when you went on up, when you get done this, get him in mind. when y'all get up when yell and if and where did he me at that location? i
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rather driven by dreams shaped banks. those in me who dares think we dare to ask me? ah, still seeing the cause ride on police report on december 2020 a group of anti finishes. fill out a film crew access for 3 months. 3rd row like if people organization it's an idea that must be opposed that channel out the gate route. they make their faces,
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but they can say what they believe and we believe in helping our community. we believe that fascism is one of the major threats to the united states as gotten driven. this is a chance to see who and teeth are really in order for me, my 1st amendment rights and say that my life matter. i have to be on to the teacher that that's all america. we can't trust the police, we can't trust the government. we can't trust anyone except or so to protect ourselves in me. the 2 don't leave the good news. he will tell me what you thought she was ready to love me because she knew she wouldn't be a little girl. but what i can do to me,
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if you can totally traditional moving machines, etc. if you see the one doing the best for me was said for me, the new acid with metal i checked the so this is what i need from the new new new which is the new i see exactly what you put up on that got moved up when i got it up on that, got me
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the the the in the stores you shake the week here, not a mass rallies and start cheese, toppled canadian, spent their anger. the discovery of the remains of more than the size and children at home are indigenous residential schools run by the catholic church. also this julian san jamal 50th birthday, behind ball. so this weekend, if a key witness in the case against him, a power lead me lying some night, saying that that could be a crucial blow to america's legal action. against the weekly founder and the highly infectious delta strain, the corona vars plunges rusher into a new wave of the pandemic problems most go to to my case status pass.


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