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treatment for chronic diseases are hard to get to where also out of baby milk. how can influence leaves without milk. the situation is really bad. it was angry. residents have been protesting the deteriorating economic conditions in the past week blocking highways with burning tires in beirut. and other areas, partially paralyzing the country. many are wondering how worse the situation could possibly get as lebanon crumbles. the outgoing interior minister again warned of a deterioration in the security situation. the crisis in which lebanon has been stuck for a year and a half does not cease. i'm standing here in the dark with flashlights and candles, and sadly, this is the reality for many in leather on. many who are growing desperate by the day was never ending crises. one can only wonder what's next and one can only wonder how worse the situation 11 on can get. we'll talk you want to bring the additional for i can use him from the f. p. news agency just coming in,
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we're hearing a military transport playing, carrying 85 people's cross to the southern philippines that says the head to the armed forces. there are reportedly least at the moment 15 survivors seems that play missed the runway. it was a hercules c $130.00 is we get more that will update you. that said breaking news now on the way. the stories timed out over the last 7 days on our t international. me the join me every thursday on the alex simon show. and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politic sport business. i'm show business. i'll see you then me the the the
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hydro i lost his bus because i just got the problem. you just called me 4 pm on my cell. my. those inputting went up as soon as you get the loaner going into your home. i think when i went to india, so it says, you know what, it was, you know, so my pull up, i got notice on my, almost, what did i already put ever split up? i let me just go to godaddy, and she will decide, and a small business loan is the one what the code and the zip code will be in because i received the carrier where scale area and how will say my thought it was incredible, but you're just starting to yes, it was to be in the total thing. i was calling quincy a year and then the noise is quite boskus. and in the gorgeous it, i mean,
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jimmy bonus go out. really you can what i mean by that. anybody welcome. if you will never see mike lamazzo me, i use in the eighty's medicine and was considered one of the most crime ridden locations in the whole world. it was here that drug, lord pablo escobar, radley infamous cartel, going made millions of dollars selling cane, and his leader killed anyone who stood in his way. even though the cartel was responsible for thousands of death. kepler's remains a popular figure among the country floors, people in some parts of the city. he was even known as columbia robin hood. ah,
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madeline is also a home to a close friend of basketball. they call him papa. he confessed to murdering $250.00 people and organizing 2 and a half hours and killing people 23 years in jail for the crime. the pop, i haven't become an outcast in the city where he was on the country. he's very popular styling himself as a blogger, and political activist. we came to maryland to meet him, to try and understand this colombian parent of why he is treated like a supervisor. i must admit, i was very nervous before the interview today. hopefully y'all will hear the way that you're doing your the solo
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really got the time. you don't leave those send me pretty mad. leave it all the still you can be doing, but i see on the still either say that that let me sorry, i live out. let me just go out to the f. like you all understand, you're going to okay. you said you're going to look like up on me. that was i me remotely, the semitic window. it's asked me to enter and put it here. and so it is to leave the city what the hold on, what kind of waiting for a portable but you think that should hold up arrow into it. i say just out apple pages. yeah, i got that. i got it. i was going to stick out of 1030. i spent a to fill out a complaint here. see instead i, you know, it will get a hold to be nina. but i cannot drop out of its not a computer that can bring it back to me. so we can get it,
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put on my new condo. yes, i was gonna have a yeah. like yeah, i mean, we're not going to says you could mean a little window. i have what installed on his title. yeah. my thought gave me this quote and he has to go to, to present support desk. i just put, i need us to process it for food. so not to give a list or going to a policy unless you're not, you know, i'm, we are most li, mom we, when they don't use that goes through this photo, which, i mean, you feel this way. you know that somebody to me or me dot com. i don't know if you knew. i mean see me on i'm, i thought it might then the i'm, you know, let them are coming up with us. yeah. i don't, i don't know. europe is on the can me on i'm, i thought it, we made a young dilemma. another thing, one of the thing, when we go boy don't come prepared and i said in which, you know,
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that's part of the window as you may, you know, them in order that they go. okay, not a problem quality of managing the content and moon. they're going to see hon. no problem either school video in the mid eighties. pablo escobar, cocaine empire, came under attack. the colombian government find a treaty with the united states that allowed local drug laws to be extradited to the usa drug cross. i couldn't get anyone to columbia. i was in his 1000 news. yes. they not sure on this is in 5 been fine. you're going up a bit different. i'm on my back home. i'm. i'm on month. i mean, is the started my with yes, it was funny think was probably gonna come out of the local to see on the 13th i think. okay. but i mean the elevation, the columbia sonia america. ah,
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me. i know me let him know how i am faithfulness. yup. all of us are not familiar with her because they live fully different fanfare. she lost the managing care. i will put them on the best try. you thought i would. my husband come into los caterpillar, james and i know. 2 you always have to tell you that that young man talk to me most people took a lot. you're out of them. i just mean, i mean that kind of policy then. yeah, we just don't know much about the fact i'm into a console just bundle funds for us to keep it. i see something else. you know there are definitely something that. 2 can get a lot of my bio boss and what's the last one
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you know, and i will come up okay, will not be like a good idea. we're not going to let people in the emphasis i'm in a couple cut by the score and told them my thoughts on the line for you to compare mazda franco you down, because it'll tell you a quick agenda that they had not. but i fail and vs i wanted to print. how do i get up up up, up, up. i got somebody up there, but i got them. i don't know if i missed that up or in the my foreman when i filled up, it'll have up when i mentally mommy let me know,
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but i come in for our real job. i'm looking for the found on the sun is how and us to feel the particular people have what i say, but also to go to saw on a hill of some other emphasis. i don't know if you're not working for me. i just don't see them in the, in the like until, you know, i mean think it's out of how things are intimate in the, in the when i our local bike alone. this was the entities hung up because you have up this identical you know, is the same with us, but this is not good. or if it's all going, was you and when it's close, eunice is, i'll go get on the well, i mean, where am i that we carry with one of hello. when you're going to be here for you?
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i'm, i'm sorry about it. come on and i was listening to him and tell him of your page in the notes here and i can finish the telephone and the 2nd 23rd. you could, i could not month can feel it, but me normal but, but i mean, i feel like i need them. i thought the, my body, my thoughts, as you can imagine, when the thought isn't as, as you know, a lot of what it was or not the most that you're seeing the can with, you know, a lot of my work. so yes, $52.00, at least though they don't know where some of the it's a level entirely. oh, give us. i'm going to say to me, you know him fit better, go now. i can think again,
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we're open up here though because you know, when we do it, when, if i'm on my own and that big and it was a yeah. cool. yeah. they've been with me let me tell you what i don't know in a little bit contrary to glad to update you some of it, but also i thought when i could almost get them, you know, monday and i wanted to get that as i thought it was no longer seem to be kind of what the what would be my yeah. got his ok. so i keep it. what i think would really he us essentially because
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they don't to get us going. it's going to be the lowest amount of videos. yes. i've heard that the in the well, we were getting ready for a trip to maryland. we were warned that it was a place with just a dollar. might have anyone killed. we couldn't help it ask a pro about today's going rate. because he's going, going to know more, but we will think of this like i'm unit the middle of a me going i'm i thought of bilingual some others like about a thought. if i think come at us each not be the game which he has, he will separate those when we are my phone up as on and that's one of your engine
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oil in the control. they almost have already done this has gone through my phone up is when i when i when dollar good day where it closes mister raymond, time to get there whom we do. yes. when you and what you thought you meant until i think what i'm gonna say to me, what the hold up i can i call to lose, you know, for this isn't it? yes i list me. a call is so much. okay. let me
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think i provision somewhere around the corner, which is more in the dimension. marshall manos jalap eliquis thing. go in project or start in that hit and put i not of course thing on project to start it really quick holy. when he called what can make this group. but i mean, you know, we mean, you know, we love us, you know, pull us out of us. you'll get the, i said, we're not a mighty and columbia. you're not going to go, we're still mighty not see i'm i let you to columbia kell, i'm gonna tell you, i mean, why don't you georgia? why do you notice? you know me re is it for you this quiz william i do not. you may miss stuff, i don't look in or you could give us, you know, about them. i met a theater. you know, can you hear me? yeah. yes. or look at the spot on. so ok, the i'm, i gave you, i didn't, alina,
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you're the, and it'll be a menu. quando, jacqueline scope out, let me just quaternary, the kilometer. so host you can, can you see up into whether that's going to be and if you get us to put another unit, then you know you need to molly code your team, samantha katie. yeah, my thought aloud problem. you just gotta go in what is your website? i mean, honestly, i want you to call us, you know, thing, what does it go? but the, and that's what i'll, yeah, i imagine picking up a future textbook on the early years of the 21st century. what other chapters called gun violence school shootings, homelessness. first, it was my job and then it was my sampled. then it was my savings. i have nothing. i have nothing and it's not like i don't try. i look for resources, i look for jobs. i look for everything i can to make this pass and i end up doing
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is testing the road to the american dream, paved with dead refugees at the very idealized image of the older america, native americans look past the death that happened every single day. this is a modern history of the usa america on our t, me financial guy. i don't buy a guy on my features. most of the friday at the last time i buy it for the future. so for i can watch kaiser replace comerica. this is likely to say that papa is okay. i suppose it must be safe to ask him to demonstrate how used to torture and killed him. but he willingly agreed to our request with enthusiasm. that's doctor l m, i guess are currently in a day i don't you know, i just got you in place if you will be painted people just almost 30 on the. yeah.
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so the person that had the us, it's like it up as well. now let or that there is going that they didn't that up with our. busy car, you know, if you look at then it a, you're going up or i guess they bring it up with a key that fits you financial. you know, so at that point thursday, if you're going to drop it to promise you're not month one month, it doesn't, you know, provision on my back on. this is understated. like, obviously lucky you lucky but it says you don't get information on this, but i keep but i will get the interview or the big one. but what, what key, what the big tom i go. that weighs about our key. yeah. keynote. dennis, how about the on on the status clip. so selections,
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thank you. ok . 2 2 i got this and i might hear mentally here so you can get your team would respect your speed it to santo doesn't. economy has increased to one of the i went to me some eagles. you know, the reason that i work up public is henry county was you and several young him because he doesn't then go wisdom. know it. there's no, says he not going to be we'll get those big like 30 kill him to me. i get that are part of your natal, the middle, but i do, i am the mother. i equal the guy you any my phone up is when i and i don't,
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they don't realize unless you give me time, you know, just how are you not going to be counted, maria, you're looking at the scale of white board and go till you wait for a while you put up on i'm, i a see she like okay. you know how to use the i go when i copy. yeah. anything can i'm always interested. courteous go. my kid is that i thought i thought window. you know, fairly purple. i guess i thought about using what can i, can you, i'm at that kind of got me into your mouth. i didn't until you hit the bank on the left. right. and then i like to go to the thing that i can see. let's go up and see which kind of a meeting with those are you still with me philip bay? i don't know if i poop or can you open up a come on a particle,
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but i only have to enter miss on the phone up with what i may say confirmed me me a minute for you've done nothing over abilene from the inside handle. my developer will be coming up on the up and then i'm on a harlem on this kid, the little things. okay, to tow the month on the bus in the giant ticket pos like this, implement the proper low good at. i mean, i'm not going to call them equal to ground that it took to model me, mcdaniel, but because i used to sit by then and i hit the little notice on the phone. it could mean a little money to me. can see it. i'll come in that is money our lives,
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and that is money for to pull out the active out of pocket illusion. i'm not going to pick up so that enormous can or can we can have a bigger study, a product la la, they're not, they're located but so i'm hoping that you wanted to clarify a little bit more fingleton motor bag mean in a little blue book. i will put a cart god, i think that is hunting and when are they going to? yeah, yeah, but i set up with a up up a little bit on a number. like i said, let me pull it up. what you got the paper he was looking to see when we're going to here? no, no, but we're still you're going to hear, you know, put them up like i just now we're looking obama and we'll give you
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about when so hi to alaska buses here. come up, okay. you're going to have, you'll have a person that will love can ask you matters how come on guys for this? yeah, no, i love the fact that i'm going to say, you know, man, to me, you're not going to figure out that always speak to me. that'll pull up for this unless you can call us in a quarter. so please. yeah, get somebody on the bed. okay. i'm on the phone with what is your photo putting a photo for you when i get this? give me just a file that i get an image is what you'll be up here and then got you from the constant learning call me. and megan case, a thought like i said, we do a follow up with your member of the woman. what is 30,
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can you look it up? and if i don't know if i come down for people to do it, if that is okay, so when we go by, so i guess when we get into your mama, so we don't watch putting them up with you my my get my mail. you're looking to go to the side of it. i can do anything like that, but i mean, i don't know if you look at it. sometimes you go up a little bit cuz i forgot to put him on my list. please
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give us a thank you can also look that up once it's a place where it messes up our lives over the course of our lives. emphasize a lot of our my risk. i don't, they're not going to stick with him. was a little bit of phone to full cause wasn't good. listen. can locate okay. where i messed up with his physical model. i definitely will manage for me to kill him. we clattered. he's kinda limited. is that going for them? i mean, he thought his killer in a minute to look for the same,
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it gives them what i can look on. so they didn't go through. everything they had to go out is what i mean you thought it just says when i was about to make my clerical over to get up to me to live in my name, put him on the cloud, but i got a new job. he put it up, it up, you are very quick so i'm on leave. my lease isn't to get a quote, i wouldn't be open to them. so, i mean, i just won't be thinking that could you let me come with him when i want to come off, we'll be in touch with somebody a enormous build on to love a lot of them to look at the see ways the most
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could people, women went out to see the they called me ah, i remember the last thing which i went and put your number line followed up. ok. i'm which still went on only one that i photo goes to the end of the see me and what else? what do you like about those up and i found somewhere i've been to illegal work and i'm on my there's a me that says, you know, to rose and not but he see on the level going out on the concept. see there's,
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i'm at that, i don't see that i'm not, i'm not ready for me to play nor totally put him. yes. but he is. yeah. he showed me the focus with that. a lot of yes, correct us with when me go yada in amigo, that's when amiga. well, let me go find what i see if there is a come in in, oh, i like what you do. that's what the real quick you don't get to you. i mean, in an electric field, which i think was a pretty good wind, put it on to the paris a guess. the plastic. he entered 2 years. you know, and up when you're not going on to this guy. i mean, there's no manager when y'all. yep. well, and then where did he make them with life? actually go to the join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guess in the world,
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the politics sport business. i'm show business. i'll see you then me. i still think the cops right on police report on december 2020 a group of and he finishes fill out a film crew access for 3 months. 3rd row like people, organization. it's an idea that must be opposed that channel out the gate route. they make their faces, but they can say what they believe and we believe in helping our community. we believe that fascism is one of the major threats to the united states as gotten driven. this is a chance to see who and teeth are really are in order for me. my 1st amendment rights and say that my life matter. i have to be on to the teeth that that's all america. we can't trust the police, we can't trust the government. we can't trust anyone except or so to protect
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ourselves in the headlines the week just gone must rallies, and he saw this that choose to toppled canadians when taking the anger at the discovery of the remains of more than a 1000 children at full were indigenous residential school run by the catholic church during the sounds, marking his 50th birthday valued vas this weekend as the key witness in the case against them admit, lying, some saying now that could be fatal than american legal action against which highly infectious delta strain of the corona virus plunging russia into a new wave of the moscow making covert.


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