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tv   Keiser Report  RT  July 4, 2021 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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my thought, a lot of problem, you just got to go to the the police officer shot to get in sweden becomes the 1st killed in the line of duty since 2007, and met a surge of violence that the opposition blends on migrant. in an outburst against so called work culture, presidents across the ones that progressive american ideas are raphael lising, france. we get some insight essentially trying to use an american group for, for french like you, which is really very different for america. think step backward than they and they start to break the society apart and being vaccinated doesn't always mean and unrestricted traveled. european medicine agency is yet to approve an indian version of the answer is that a good job that many in britain have already received? because you're headlines, if you want to know more about those stories,
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you can go to r t dot com and take a look and got more news coming away in about an hour's time. you are watching art international. glad to have with us the hi am i kaiser? this is the guys report. well, what we've been reporting on for a few years, money printing leads to inflation. this is now becoming a big problem for central banks around the world. only one central bank on the world is actually taking it on board and proactively dealing with the issue. we'll get to that a mom and stacy right. well, the money printing has been going of cross, of course, the us across europe, japan, they've all been printing money. depends the 1st to go money printer go for years and years ago, decades ago. but we're going to get to the central bank of russia is apparently going to be raising raise yet again in a shocking moment. but 1st,
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i want to lay out the situation of what's going on and why we have this wealth and income gap. and just the extraordinary moment in which we are. we've covered the extraordinary nature of negative interest rates. we've covered the extraordinary nature of the money printing and negative energy prices. all the crazy things that happen. one price signals go astray. well, household corporate equities and mutual fund shares, asset market value levels have expanded by $8.00 trillion dollars. an asset value between q 42019, and q 12021, the fastest and largest valuation expansion in history. so you kind of see that in the day that we, you see that the feds interventions get sharper and faster and harder. so that's after the 200-2001 dot com crash. it was a slow decline for a few years like 4 or 5 years. and then it hit bottom and slowly came back to life . here's a 2008 crash you see. and what you see is that there's a kind of like
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a u shaped bottom. we had a v shaped week of declines back in march or 2020. and now the move, the value ass evaluations have gone parabolic right. that's kind of history of the show as a report. we've been tracking that exact product progress from the money printing what it does, and we're at the inflection point now where you can't mascot anymore, like they used to. because remember, financial engineers on wall street, they were able to figure out a way to print money, but have it go around the labor market. right? so wages have been flat in there before this recent derivatives lead financial engineering here that we live in when money supply increased, wages would go up, you say, and that was that price signal and then you'd have the business cycle. but the banker's thunder, starting a bound, greenspan figured out how to just ignore labor completely and let wage
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a stagnate and just give the money directly to their friends on wall street and their benefactors. and okay, so they said that there's no inflation, but under cobra they had to start printing directly in shipping it right from the treasury, as we've reported like a central bank operation anymore. it's direct money printing. and on top of the structural collapse that's been occurring for a while. and this is leading to a hyperinflation. the bankers themselves now admit inflation. they say it's transitory which is a lie. of course, it's structural. it's going to be a secular inflationary move. only one bank in the world is taking the sun, taking the seriously us bank of russia. right? but let's talk about this moment of asset prices increasing exponentially because we've seen exponential growth. everybody now in the world understands us because of covert right. you see how viruses spread exponentially and look slow at 1st and
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then it goes parabolic. well, that's kind of what has happened with debt and fia. so we were 50 years in august, it will be 50 years that we have an all for world. and we have intervention is increasingly intervention of central banks, especially in the western world. and so what you've seen is a core sort of doubling and quadrupling. and a coupling are coupling down doubling down on all your bad beds and leverage. so it makes sense because, you know, the fed steps in the green sample, the ellen put the bernacki, put all that stuff they come into rescue. so it makes sense to incentivize, this is doubling down and increasing of leverage. so we're at that parabolic move now, especially if you put it on top of a finite economy. we also have a similar thing with a network effect, the x exponential growth of networks. we saw that with the internet. but i want to turn to this tweet from willie lou who's talking about bitcoin and what you're
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seeing with bitcoin penetration, the human genome project launched in 1990 by 1998. it was at 2 percent progress, so it took 8 years to get to 2 percent. the project reach completion by 2003. this is the nature of exponential growth. big coin adoption doubles every year. it is currently at 2 percent global penetration slowly, slowly than all at once. and here's that chart right there, you know, think of a lily pads right in upon it takes a while to cover half the pond. and then the next move, they double again, and they cover the entire bond, right? that's exponential growth. and that's why it's shocking to people, they'd be human mind, can't really take this on board. so whether it's the human genome project or the internet, or bitcoin or debt. now what we're saying about debt is that the debt is been increased and been doubling for years and years and years. and now we're at
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a point where the next bail out of the banks and they're going to get bailed out again. they have to double the money supply again, they have to double and want again. so it means they have to go from what is it now, tantra, 10 or so to 20 or 25, shine in one. so in one slope, right? so then you get that say, get your hyper inflationary collapse and the dollar collapse. so that's a big one. it's been telling us all along. and you know, it's amazing that these ph. d 's from yell like bam bernacki or nobel prize winning economist like popular gmail at the new york times. don't understand exponential functions. you know, it's incredible that they have they, they have gainful employment writing about the stuff. and of course it all happens . they'll say they never saw it coming, they'll blame it on something else. paul kroganow blaming on aliens. they're already feeding the alien argument by claiming that there's a lot more you oppose out there. right, of course. but it's also about incentive structures, of course. so the exponential growth is, i think parabolic growth is happening at the end of the lifespan of the boomers,
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who started in 1971. they were like 801920 years old. that was the beginning of their working life. now where at the very end of it, you see the parabolic move and now what do you say the parabolic move into bitcoin? because big queen is her millennial generation z. they see the numbers, they see the mathematics there that. 4 the exponential, that is not something they're way too late to the ponzi scheme of the out the grid to participate, right? so they're just going to go to bit coin. you see that in, even in places like india, this number, as young indians are turning to crypto instead of gold, a follow up to that is indians investor, $38800000000.00 in bitcoin and crypto in the last 12 months. a huge, 19900 percent increase from 200000000 just one year ago. you know, obviously gold is very ingrained in the population as a store value. now, the younger people there in india are buying bitcoin and adoption big clients.
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they're asked me a word for something that means day job, a continuous day job. that is like annoyingly day job. because you know that the indian story, the indian population having a 20000 tons of gold, is totally ingrained in their culture, their civilization for thousands of years. the gold is the way to go. and for 5 years now, since we 1st invested in unicoi 5 years ago, the 1st big coin exchange in india. we've been saying that the indian mindset is going to shift tibet coin. and every time we say that people have said, you're absolutely insane. that's never going to happen. and now it's happening. so it's again like a bad version of daysia. bu where i've been, we've been right 100 percent of time, almost without exception on dozens and dozens of key points as related sovereigns. remember we predicted a sovereign would take on big coin like and they have been l. salvatore. we
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predicted india would take the big coin. we predicted the hash wars, we predict the geothermal energy in every step of the way, people by been viciously violently trolling us. that's wrong, man, i'm just right every day. i'm right, i'm right, i'm right. i'm right. i'm right again. right. in fact, there was a tweet stream. somebody just read 3 different 2013 where you were. dean baker, who was an economist, was, you know, you were laughing at japan going down the road of more print money printing. and you said, hey, i've got my bitcoin and you know, pick which was like $500.00. nice. i get good luck with that. keep buying it, buddy, and obviously that's many, many times over that. but again, you mentioned mindset that mindset that just shifts suddenly and then you can't ever go back, right? so once these young people now have, they're all in big coin. they see bitcoin as digital gold and there's no going back . they're not going to adopt their mom and grandma mom's, you know, the gold standard. so the mindset and we talked about this all the time about the
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shifting mindset of the younger generation and the split that's happening. and you see that in the words of elvira natalie, lena, the central bank of russia, what she's saying about why their plan to basically shock and all the markets with an interest rate increase while fed isn't denial, hawkish, bank of russia sees inflation as not transitory warns of possible shock and all rate hike the consumer price inflation of russia is red hot, haven't jumped 6 percent and may, compared to a year ago to percentage points above the bank of has target a 4 percent polls and russia show that food inflation is a top concern currently running at 7.4 percent, but he points out that, you know, they're increasing rates while the fed is saying that the pump and all the commodity prices and food inflation. all that stuff is just transitory. so they keep on surprising to the upside. they keep on surprising economists. in fact, wall street says russia has been on the opposite trajectory of the u. s. bad,
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surprising economists at every step along the way. this trajectory started on march 19 with a 25 basis point hike to 4.5 percent against the expectations of 27 of the 28 economists pulled by reuters, who didn't expect to rate hike on april 23rd. the bank of russia height is policy rate by 50 basis points to 5 percent on june 11th at height, to another 50 basis points to 5.5 percent. the next policy meeting is scheduled for july 23rd, and the central bank of russia has warned that it could, it will expect to increase rates between 25 basis points and 100 basis points. right, well, she is defending the current thing. she's defending the rebel, that's the job of the central bank to be, you know, to defend your, your national interest using interest rates only in the united states. as the central bank advocated their role of defending the rights of americans in favor of the country, craddick, privileges of the oligarchs. oligarchs that run america,
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full of guards, that run america. right. so the, the other thing is that a lot of economies, russia being one of many economies around the world don't like a lot of debt. so the u. s. seems to think that's a solution. and i think that, okay, we'll just create another quadrillion and bad debts and that will cause inflation to mask that. inflation the have deflation to massa inflation. well, they seem to like try to balance those out rather than the price of money, right? so deflation is more, more accurately, should be referred to as a soft default. yes, america's defaulting on their dad again, as they didn't. $971.00, there's a massive default on american debt. they're defaulting on their debt again, when you default on your debt and russia is already completely out of the don't their life. i get my touch of that. anyway, we're going to take a break. when we come back much more coming here when the me
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it up on that got me the me welcome back to the kaiser report, i max kaiser time now to return to our conversation with mich fire sign, author of planet ponzi. mitch, welcome back. great to be here. ok, greg foss, a former high yield bond trader turned. bitcoin are says that a negative yielding bond is not investment. and yet there is about $900.00 trillion dollars, seemingly invested in these bonds. what do you make of this? well, that's crazy this because you know, a lot of these funds have it. in their perspective. it's part of the mandate. they have to buy x amount of these bonds the matter way. it doesn't talk about negative yield. because when the, when the prospectuses were set up for a lot of these,
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a pension funds, they mandated because they thought it was one of the safest investments that could be in to be in certain types of bonds and fixed income products. and a lot of the fixed income products you're talking about now are negative yielding. but you know, real interest rates are negative yield. when you look at it, you know, i said this 2 years ago, i said if i had anybody that worked for me, that bought a negative yielding bond that were firing, quite frankly. i mean, there's no reason why anybody should buy a negative yielding bond. i mean, you should, if you're, if you, that if you have that sort of issue better, find a better way to put your money to work and putting it into negative yield and bonds because that implies what that implies. there's 0 credit risk. and a lot of these bonds are trading at negative rates. there's more than 0 credit risk . i can tell you. so what's happened is with distortions by the central banks printing hundreds of trillions in, in cash in guarantees equivalence. what they've done is distorted the market to
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such a point that people no longer know at a price risk of identify risk and how to quantify risk to the market. pricing mechanism has been broken and know that there are no adults in the room to come out and say, look, is not the way that we should move forward if we want the economy right now we're seeing, we're seeing that we're in the night bottom of the 9th inning, and there's probably 2 out, so i don't think that we have room to run here. i think that we're about to hit brick wall and it's not going to be very pretty. so trust has been eroded across the spectrum. mean, you know, we had this infrastructure bill that was shared it, they're going to pass the senate with another trillion or so dollars. you had the president come out 10 minutes later and change changed the game plan. so does that increase trust? you know, he denied what he said and said only if you give it a 5000000000 more for something else. so that doesn't help with the trust the government, which is at all times historic low in america. but equities prices are in all time
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high. real estate valuations, including commercial, real estate and residential realist. they are skyrocketing, you know, it makes houses unaffordable. and you know, you got to rent a class coming in now to buy up all the real estate and the cheap money from the federal reserve. so they can keep people and get service. so you know, you've got a very, very negative feedback loop going on here. these fake interest rates created by money printing. so you've got a lot of fake things going on that need to be resolved in the markets before we can really move forward. right, well, what you're describing there, what they are? passion signs, right? they've got fiduciary responsibility. they've got perspective says they're obligated to buy treasury father box at the rule. they're not changing the laws purposefully, because people in congress are working with the bankers to commit a mass or fraud a loophole. the bail out bankers, bankers are able to sell essentially tainted meat, right?
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they're selling something they know is, is, is garbage that, that the can possibly make any money that you're selling original issue loss. and it's a bell out, the rolling bail out. and it's, it's extortion based extortion. so you've got banks essentially gone pension funds . these are people savings, but they go under their head saying we've got to buy, you know, we've got you by best john, that's guaranteed to lose money. and it's guaranteed to lose money or will blow your brains out. so washington, washington khalid to perpetrate a massive fraud on people savings accounts. the most egregious example of what you're talking about max is we're telling bonds are trading, but you know, you have mario draggy. and this character was at goldman sachs. he was at the bank of italy and he convinced the bank to issue all these bonds. so they
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did through goldman. then he went from from goldman to bank of italy to the e. c. b. and now he's a prime minister of italy, so they keep getting the same. people are like bad pennies to keep appearing so until they can get fresh ideas. and this corruption cycle, we're not going to get out of this loop until it explodes. and then i hope they don't bring larry summers back to, to dallas out of this. you know, this is what happens, you just get you some definition of insanity when you keep doing the same thing over and over and expect to achieve a different result. we're just getting deeper and deeper in investors. keep getting bigger and we're not creating manufacturing. we're not creating organic growth, which is what drives the economy, not financial ization. so we've been on the wrong track for at least 30 years here . and to turn the train around panic around on a dime is not going to happen. it's going to happen with the next crisis it, we're going to see substantial change. the banks will probably get blamed. and what they'll probably do is try to have some sort of global entity take over everything
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to really insert globalism in as the global rulers will. now take care of everything to solve the problems, because we can't allow those bankers and we can't allow the central banks and created this mess to do it again. then you'll have a bunch of oligarchs running everything which is close to what we're doing. and you're seeing that now the radical ideologies that are being broadcast, broadcast by a lot of the politicians out there, you've never argued just like you can't ever take for a ponzi schemes. you can never have an argument with an idea law because you'll never win because even if you show them the video of something happening, you're going to say it's fake or you show them that to me cause for their to say know equal 6 because that's the way idealogues are, so this is the problem that you have, and i think they're trying to create extreme polarization, which is what they've done. so you've got like also a white woke wash revolution going on. designed to divert attention from 30 years
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of the failed policies that enables the biggest wealth in equality, the gap that we've ever seen in history. the great and while in the background, the greatest economic plunder is going on and the bell out for billionaires continue. and they take all that they can out now, and then when it hits the fan and then the chips are going to get, you know, anybody back what happens probably in the civil war or, or even worse, maybe world war, the bankers that are doing all the printing and stealing all this money and sound like they're immune from the the impact. but i mean, a lot of them live out there in the hamptons, and as a corollary, it's all their money printing and thievery. you've got a septic problem, their lives literally drowning in their own feces out there in the sampling and, and the rest of the hamptons in new york because of their own policies. but i guess what they've decided to do is try to market that, right? get calvin klein to mark and feces us some grapes and smelling, sent in cologne. that's all just get it. and that'll fail and they'll get another
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bail out. right. so it's very, they've monetized financial terrorism as the bottom line. and anyone wants to go to that place, then you never lose. and then there's the guarantee of an uprising is 100 percent match. what happened with the airlines? i mean, there's one airline in particular, i won't mention the name, but i would article the seo paid himself $150000000.00. he's paid 100 percent in equity, which is unheard of. right. so all he did was buy the company's shares. so we took $13000000000.00 and pointed down to share price, instead of building the balance sheet and strengthening the balance sheet for a rainy day. so what happened when we had the co, the crisis was, oh, that's it. we need to get a bailout. this guy is still there, so they got 20000000000 in bail out to be, hadn't been propagate, spend, or with share buybacks. they would have had money and they wouldn't have needed so
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much of a taxpayer bail out, which the government said they were never going to do again. and they did. but that guy still was c o that airline. and he's now guy is using is using whoa wash to say oh, now we're diverse. we're going to do this as a side show, which is this is what people should realize is identity politics. and this woke movement is all a sideshow to divert attention away from the economic plunder that's going on. and that's the deeper part of this. and that component the people need to realize that wait a 2nd. we've got to connect the dots here and look at what's really going on behind the scenes. an oligarchy is looking to rule and insert global as i like this phrase was wash. so that's my answer to my question. i've been asking now, how do they get away with it because nobody in washington, in the banking industry or the media, wants to call them out on this obvious fraud. and i guess the answer is a walk wash they, they've come to needed a narrative about,
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even though they're stealing everything in causing the rest of the world to flush america down the toilet. everyone's going to be woke while it happens. so that's okay. is that when i'm hearing much, when you circle bully ruby, well, when you go down but it's going to be diverse, you're going to be flushed in a diverse way. right? so that's pretty much what's going on in my view. so i think that what we need now is we need to have real enforcement of the exist regulations that we have on the books. and we need not one rule for one party, one rule for another party. we equal justice can equal application of justice to everybody. we can't have is partisan bickering. and we can't have judge's ruling from the bench or existing laws and statutes that exist in the us constitution. in contrary, people say the constitution is fixed in america, and those laws are what they are. there is no way to change them from the bench.
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this must be legislative. there are ways to do it in the way that there's an end around now for everything is just crazy. it's alienating people as part of this work wash diversion. let's talk about some of the specifics area. and i do have a lot of supply shortages developing, and this is where they can hi this the, you know, they can hide the fact that semiconductors and other key components in the supply chains are breaking down and walk washing. i don't think that's going to work if somebody suddenly can't get a part to fix their car or the to fix their air conditioning, the parts are unavailable and they're freezing or an overheating. and as a huge heat wave down the in the northwest in the northeast is walk wash going to convince the people that it's ok if they for you to batter bon alive. no, it's not to. absolutely not. but you learn what they're doing is the, the supply chain has been,
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has been irreparably damaged by coded in certain aspects. but this was happening before cove. it, we had applied change issue when everything was out sourced for cheaper labor and other countries and were being held hostage. there are certain industry, there are a matter of national security where the products should be produced in the united states or in the sovereign country, like britain, wherever, wherever the country needs. things that are critical to the security of that nation . like all of the inter go common, they go into antibiotics, are produced in china. in china during the pete of the coded crisis, threatened to withhold certain chemicals that go into antibiotics that are really necessary. now that nobody in the world or no country should be able to be held hostage like that, but the supply chain and the supply chains broke down during the kobe crisis. so, you know, even if all the truck drivers one day said we're not going to deliver any more, think about the damage. did that, does the supply change?
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the cost of delivering things. when oil goes up 75 percent, and as in the past 7 or 8 months, triples yeah, memory care and me now i'm, i can't take it. we got to cut it off there. mann tomorrow night. thanks for bringing cars report. they are right now going to do it for this additional cars report with may max kaiser and stacy herbert, one of the think, i guess my firestone author of planet palsy, until i find via the me ah ah, ah ah
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me, ah, and now we're in an area where we're trying to save the planets, we want to be able to use energy and have special live, but also to live on a healthy planet. and the challenge of energy. it's the emissions of carbon dioxide for greenhouse gases that we're trying to manage. and there's many different ways of doing that. the transition have begun in transition and it's proceeding along many different ways and half way with the baby. i want you to look.


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