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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  July 3, 2021 9:30pm-10:01pm EDT

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right wing speech and it happened around the same time that they appointed jessica shoe as their director of policy in 2017. well i'm for any read it higher up or just some nerdy coder with their fingers all day and orange from cheetos. 2 and i got like a corky pet mouse named winston smith that sits on their shoulder. so is that jessica shoe, some nerdy, colder? now in fact, a show has been a middle east foreign policy walk at nato's think tank the atlantic council, which is the de facto brains of nato, and takes funding from the military alliance, as well as from the u. s. government. the u. s. military, middle eastern dictatorships, all their western government, big tech companies and weapon manufacturers. but that's not all. here's some of their pass and proven board of directors. war criminal, henry kissinger, war criminals, colon pal, and conduct the rice, retired general wesley clark,
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david portray of mad dog mad. scowcroft and 7, count them 7, former c i a directors to barely. you have to be a war criminal to just be on the board. if you haven't gotten drunk off, virgin blood in a basement wearing a robe and donnie darko mask then don't even bother applying. don't even apply for 2 years. just before taking over at read it, a show was deputy director of the atlantic council middle east strategy task force . but maybe you think she somehow stumbled into that position and didn't realize you had to support american military destruction around the world to have that job . you know, she, she, she just thought she was applying to be a system manager applebee's. she didn't know how they said, do you like m, wraps and howitzers. and she thought they said on you in rapp appetizers,
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she didn't know. and she yelled carol carol carol and they thought she was yelling, kill with a southern accent. it was all a big misunderstanding, really. in case you thought it was a mistake. here she is in the 2015 interview praising britton's decision to support bombing the people of syria. so it looks like the british parliament was void for strikes after this debate on wednesday in touch mit miss issue with what the british public wants. you know, i think that we have seen over the past few weeks since the paris bombings are real fee change in british public opinion, there is a realization that there is actually a lot in stake at stake in syria for british security. and really for european unity, yes, in order to respond to the pears attacks which bomb syrian children and fond alti,
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the offshoots can't get much more logical than that common sense. plus, you mentioned the unity. it really brings us together to bomb other peoples. how will the bush strikes and syria that david cabman is proposing make the british public any safer? well, you know, they're not going to have a huge effect on the ground over what is already being done. it's true, but the reason that it's generally a positive decision is because it goes a long way in improving international consensus. they all bombing to make friends gambit. you know, written, fried, inviting other countries to join them in some, you know, say bird watching or like lolly or google or 2 on the cricket field. but it turns out other countries only really like get if you help the massacre people. it's just
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more exciting than a google it was put in 2011. in 2015, she worked for the ministry of foreign affairs of the united arab emirates. at that time the u. s. e was using its enormous financial cloud to arm and fund a myriad of the hottest groups, so which part of the resume screamed higher up and read it. if you to understand all this kind of got a view, the big picture of free open and largely unregulated internet from roughly to 2000 to 215 lead to occupy wall street wiki legs. the arabs bring black lives matter, bernie sanders, success and more things like the zeitgeist movement. we're going viral while corporate garbage like cnn and fox news were suffering greatly. the ruling elite realized they needed to put a leash on the free and fiery internet thing. you have
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a series of tubes has got a hey, am personally the social media sites, sites you to change their algorithm to heavily promote maine's dream corporate, both voices and sidelines independent anti establishment journalism. twitter began suppressing content as well. and who did facebook join with in 2018? they hooked up with our old friend the atlanta council. henry kissinger would be at the ready to tell facebook what the truth really is. and kissinger never lives. the rolling lead sideline, bernie sanders crushed, occupied and imprisoned and tortured the founder of wiki leaks, joined the signs. aaron fords, the more revolutionary co founder of read. it believed all information should be free on the internet for that he was arrested, prosecuted and in 2013, according to his friends in the media. driven to commit suicide. but read it
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remained in edgy anti establishment haven for several years until the atlantic council captured it. last year, a shoe over saw the banning of over 2000 red communities in a single day. the rich and powerful now realize that the internet is a threat to their greedy little model fingers, or whatever little technical things they have at the end of their appendages. just last week, the u. s. government sees dozens of us website domains connected to iran, yemen and palestine including news websites like press tv. this. this is what you see if you try to go to iran, news websites. good. they at least put on one of those wacky technical difficulties . instead, you know, like, we don't know why happened only me or gotten news inside the cables. the crazy
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thing. basically the american empire has decided that no one should be able to poke holes in their dumpster fire propaganda. but here's the ray of hope. this garbage is showing that we're winning the socio pass at the top, can't maintain their strangle hold if the truth is getting out and people are waking up. so we can start now. it's just getting exciting. company revise it. he said about to be redacted and i i welcome. i'm really cam know, think the news for mind. big news folks. big news joe biden is delivering on all. 7 his promises, according to forbes magazine,
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he has now canceled $3000000000.00 of student loans. but you said he wasn't going to do it. you said no way you're going to do. but he has canceled $3000000.00 out of. i was out of want one boy, $57.00 trillion dollars in debt. that sounds sounds like like like more. but still all $3000000000.00. when you do the math, you ever heard of that bath or for the brits out? they're mad. they have the day of the plural, they have, they have a load of math, they have, there are many, many, much, much more, more than us. look, we want to be all cynical, i get it, i get it. you want to run around, go and buy and then do anything. but you aren't willing to do the math or you. when we get out the old calculator, i have one right here. we got the own calculator and figure it out. biden as can
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sold carrie the none up point 19 percent of american student loan dad. only add, add a hair for half a percent. all if you around the round up round way up. that's half so so so so, so like if you had like $100.00 cockroaches infesting your apartment, it would be like joe biden, killing a 5th of one. i like it just takes 2 legs off, one of them. and then he turns you goes and you claimed i would make a difference that that guy visited a run around circles, missing some legs. well, this is not look, this is nice actually, if you think about this is, this is just realized because this shows us the true quantifiable difference between the republican president and the democrat. the difference is point 19
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percent maybe for the next election biden can make that his slogan. do you 1.19 percent of the j j? yeah, no one brings point 19 percent of a better future. good job by and actually that number is being a bit generous. that $3000000000.00 includes $1000000000.00 of loans that students can have cancelled if they attended school that engaged in the step to or illegal practices or close suddenly. so they're getting, there's been cancelled if they attended abroad school. of course they should get that cancelled. that's not a student debt forgiveness. that's just giving back stolen goods to the victim. that's like if you paid $10000.00 to go to my school and they were just talking up a storm obs. i'm starting to box. look, i can,
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it's closing in. it's called the side. yeah. cause they go on me and you're like, this is me wanting my money back. so yeah, the point 19 percent. i'm only given by credit for the other 2000000000. he cancelled. so that is point 12 percent of the $1575000.00. people well for trying to get an education in a backward country. don't put it steadily trying to try to be shuttle this time. but, but, but, but hold on by nag. delivered when it comes to policing, right. we all know that many people voted for job buying because they felt that he cared about the black lives matter movement more than donald trump. and understood that policing in this country needs to change. over a 1000 americans killed every year by police hordes of claims of police brutality
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and police criminality. 700000 full time officers nationwide fighting is storm troopers for the rich in an ongoing class war that we're hardly allowed to even talk about. and by and gets it right by and get it. that's why he caught the department of justice, his cops hiring program to double what it was last year. yep. a he sliced it down to twice as much as ever before. a man to decrease, decrease please funding and put it into other things that could actually help our society. but he accidentally, more than doubled funding for the brutal raises system that make sure the rich maintain their strangle hold on our country. it happens to the best of us. well, not look. maybe that's just one program. ok, that's not how by feels about the police in general because by didn't get it. so
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let's look at biden's total proposed budget for federal law enforcement compared to the budgets of other countries. look where it is in, in green right there. so it's, it's the bright green $16.00 largest in the world. that's not, that's not bad at all. just barely above france. what. what you say. this is a chart to charter military budget. you? yes. jesus christ. you said it was law enforcement. you said wasn't sure i get a team, a monkeys that could do better. what. what. what i. yeah it, if it's a glut glory, if it's global military budget, why is the u. s. law enforcement budget on it then? what, what, over the years law enforcement, the 6th largest of the national military budgets. jesus, that's,
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that's up. you got, did you guys know that was up when you said well, could you put a label on an ed time like a super cab here to put a put up there. you know, i posted, i know we already used the budget for the month. i just knew scotch tape or some. okay, stick it on with your left over home from lunch. i don't care. so all of the military's around the world, the u. s. police are the 6th largest budget with $60000000.00. anyway, our police will need that budget now that they have to round up all the socialists . right. last week, a leave u. s. military document. put socialists in the same category as neo nazis. the navy's new guide included the following question: anarchist, socialist and neo, nazis represent which terrorist ideological category? the correct answer is, political terrorists point is neo nazis equal and arcus equal socialist,
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equal bernie sanders, eagle. anybody who insults this fine country of ours or hold the leaders to account in any way. now, excuse me, while i put myself under citizens arrest, because i don't, i don't know if i can. but on the me ah ah
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i ah, you don't want to leave your room move a toy knew he will tell when she gets home later to love. ah, let me look. as she knew, she wouldn't be a little girl for what i was in the study. i took me to teach julia control the traditional moving. but she's really pushing. you see the one you need from me was over. she could have said for
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me in the last with the metro. okay. she yeah. so i love this deal and that is what i need from the new new new which is about what if the new i see executable football was quite up when i got to pull it up on that got me provision on my back on. i was like, oh, well, no. okay, your trucking. yeah. so you'll have to, i lost his boss because i just got to the bottom. you just gotta go here. do you
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have any problem on my phone? my those up as well. so you know what? it was, you know, so my pull up, i got, you notice, i mean my, almost what i'm already whatever spits up i read me, just go to me. i've had a lot going on when i went up and i might mentally here. so i just don't get on to getting letters to the old dentist faded to sancho. i'm one of this, but i was like, oh yes, i just started looking i didn't go to kind of on my part. yes, it was a thing i was calling with you and your team, samantha katie. yeah. my thought aloud problem. you just gotta go welcome back. i'm still a camp. charitable giving in the non profit sector have been booming lately. but is this a tribute to human generosity or the mark of
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a broken system to find out more we go to our intelligence failure. anders lay ah. in the year 2019 americans gave nearly $450000000000.00 to charity. that's almost double what it would take to end world hunger, 11 times what it would cost to end homelessness in the united states. and a 3rd of what it would take to put a down payment on epstein island temple not included. where's all this money going? is getting lost is much cash under jeff bezos, his couch cushion that he's just forgotten about. or is it those pesky transaction fees you see online have those things? well, as it turns out, the solicitation and distribution of charitable funds has become an industry unto itself. the nonprofit industrial complex employs 20000000 people in the united
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states. we constantly see its luminaries gracing the world stage. whether it's the glinted, promising to eliminate preventable disease with their global initiative. michael bloomberg fighting the rollback climate change. ready or bill and melinda gates were putting billions towards global development and tens of billions towards their divorce retirement funds. the job of a foundation isn't to actually putting the hunger war crappy, why fi connections? it is instead to create a veneer of do good or a for the wealthy to hide behind. so the rest of us can't see them rating our pensions in eating our babies just for the q and on people out there. that last baby part is a metaphor, though i guess if you do feel the need to scour bill gage property for kidnapped children, i for one will stop you to get a sense of where the shawl began. you have to look back in time to the early 20th century. when organizers like eugene debs and mother jones were radicalized the working class through labor struggle,
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and convincing them to reject capitalism. this threatened business men who soon realized they need to respond with what was called a private sector alternative to socialism. okay, sounds kind of like capitalism. no millionaire, like andrew carnegie, russell sage, and the rockefellers, motivated by some combination of tax evasion, property inherent protection, public relations power grabbing scientism and paternalistic beneficence. started large foundations with big mandates to serve society. if millionaires and billionaires really wanted to end poverty, they could just pay more in taxes. but what's the fun in that when you can start a foundation, w dodge taxes and get credit for fighting poverty out really having to do anything . felt like when you do pay taxes, anyone notices that it's your money. although maybe they should, statistically speaking my taxes, probably all went to the military last year. would be nice to get some recognition
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. increasingly, nonprofits are being asked to take care of things that we'd normally expect, governments to manage, like the public schools in camden, new jersey, which 8 years ago had a $113000000.00 budget shortfall in stepped and nonprofit called the new teacher project. because who can fix a problem like someone on their 1st day of work? the new teachers quickly did their thing and afterwards boasted about reducing district costs and implementing school leadership programs. but their efforts did not resolve the district budget shortage, nor did they stop school closures. of course, we should remember that there are many, many, n g o z and charities out there. and it's not the case that 100 percent of them are corrupt and ineffective. probably like 95 percent or even locally based community advocacy. nonprofits can end up screwing over the people. they say they want to help after hurricane katrina, new orleans had more n g o z,
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then crawdads and drunk and disorderly each. some of the was formed a coalition with tenants. unions. unions wanted to protect public housing and opposition to the marriage plans for redevelopment and n g o stepped in to de legitimate their confrontational strategy as simultaneously extremist and self defeating their role was to defuse the conflict. let things shimmer down so both sides could negotiate. and to do that negotiating, the tenants unions needed to have both arms and one leg tied behind their backs. ultimately, that's what philanthropy is here to do, to take the righteous impulse. so many of us have to change the world and direct it away from conflict with the people whose wealth and power are preventing that change. often it does show to have a good guy in the middle to stop a fight. but in this case, it's time for the nonprofit industrial complex to step aside from washington,
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i manders li, with redacted tin. and now for all the news, we didn't have time to get to, but now we have time to get to it. please welcome naomi on it. i think you covered everything you've done already. well, you may have heard that there's an investigation into amazon's warehouses in the u . k. where they found that hundreds of thousands of items were being destroyed and probably 1000000 a year. so why do they destroying these items? well, what, you know, there's an abundance of everything, so you need to create this scarcity for the prices to stay high. so basically they, they brought in a tv crew and saw the destruction zone of the u. k. warehouse where there were items still in there. packaging, such as, you know, i pad, tv, use, hair dryer shavers the entire business model of amazon is,
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is based on this waste, like an enormous amount of waste that will have to produce in order to keep things moving. around the planet and angel by angel always instantly have anything someone once they basically have to weigh overstock them because they don't want to tell them for, you know or warehouse is near. you don't have it. exactly. yeah. and, and in november actually the u. k. is going to host a climate change conference, one of the biggest climate change conferences in that we've had so far in history. and in the background, there's just going to be dump trucks throwing, you know, millions of items into landfill. they probably show that it really won't show that the better part of a big banner in front of it. green future. this is our green wall. yeah. what's behind it? don't ask. well, so we've got, there's a best seat of us funding news agency called ed new feed,
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that basically hans news report to local news agencies and says, you don't have to courtesy us at all. and they just run this as if it's education news, but it's always promoting private, right. funded school. we're seeing this is a lot of different realms of american society, which is rich quote, we pro corporate organizations basically create things and just hand them out so that they'll be used or put forward by legislators like with alec. alec will often write bills and just hand them to legislators. yeah. and i think that it really distressed the importance of local news agencies and how, you know, localities should really invest in their local news agencies or else they're just going to be fed misinformation by different billionaire funded startup. and during the pandemic, this new feed was just promoting this private charter charter school. that was
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a virtual charter school, but they're like, oh, well, all these kids are at home. we can get them to enroll in our connections academy. and they're all about living room school, but they just want to get rid of all the schools. just have kids in living rooms, learning, right. rich, kids can keep to themselves and not have to not have to touch the undesirable. thanks so much now. thank you. i here are your headline from the future in one week you'll hear kissinger wakes up in cold sweat with realization national security state forgot to infiltrate my space. that guy is such a hard worker coming up a week from tuesday. you'll read by impressed with how many campaign promises. 7 he's managed to deliver on 3 percent of i think we all are. i think we all are. and big news in august congress passed is $1000000.00 plan to revitalize nations
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emotional infrastructure. i don't think that's going to do it. all right, that is the show though. that does do it for the show. thank you for joining us. check out the redacted night podcast. it's called moment of clarity. it's on all. it's for free on all your podcast platforms until next time. good night. and keep fighting. ah, ah, and now we're in an area where we're trying to save the planet. we want to be able to use energy and have special live, but also to live on a healthy planet. and the challenge is the energy. it's the emissions of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gas that we're trying to manage and as many different ways of doing that. the transition has begun in transition and it's proceeding along many different way with
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i don't think they cost ride on police reported in december 2020 a group of anti finishes. fill out a film crew access for 3 months people organization. it's an idea that must be opposed, that you can't allow the gate round. they may cover their faces, but they can say what they believe in, we believe and help our community. we believe that fascism is one of the major threats to the united states as gotten driven. this is a chance to see who and teeth are really are. in order for me. my 1st amendment right and say that my life matter, i have to be onto the teacher that that's how we can trust the police. we can trust the government. we can't trust anyone except ourselves to protect ourselves in
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the moon. the police officer shot dead in sweden becomes the 1st killed in the line of duty since 2007. i met a surge of violence that the opposition blames on migrant in an outburst against so called woke culture. president micron warns that progressive american ideas are radicalized in france. we get some insight essentially trying to use an american blueprint for french, we find which is really very different from america, i think step backwards than they. and they start to break the some idea part and being vaccinated doesn't always mean unrestricted travel to europe. medicines agency has yet to approve. and in version of the asteroids danica job that many in britain have already received. ah.


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