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yeah, my thought, a lot of problem you just got to go to the police officers shot dead in sweden becomes the 1st killed in the line. a gc since 2007, i made a surge of violence. the opposition blames on migrant. also this i own, and i 1st again so called white culture. president micron warns the progressive american ideas off, right. she lives in france, we get some insight essentially trying to use an american blueprint for french. it's like, which is really very different from america. i think step backwards than they and they start to break that society part of being vaccinated doesn't always mean unrestricted travel. the european medicines agency is yet to approve an indian version of the astrazeneca job that many in person have already received.
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ah, hello there, good evening. just gone 9 o'clock here in moscow, you without international i sweden has been left stunned by the killing of a police officer. the 1st incident of his kind in more than a decade, a 17 year old swedish man has been arrested. it's unknown if the officer was the initial target of the attack, but the instant does come in with a spike in crime across the country. and the opposition is pointing the finger at migration policy sky. taylor reports. after years of trying, he finally landed his dream job on the 4th. but on that dream job, he was killed, apparently caught in the cross, has a big gang related incident. the death of a 33 year old swedish policeman house spark shock in a nation which rarely wakes up to such stories, only twice in the last 20 years. but things are changing because sweden is in the
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grip of what's been called a crime epidemic. be increasing done violence and sweden is unique in comparison with most of the countries in europe. it is a kind of social contagion for shooting takes place. another usually takes place close to it in both time and space use the 5th uptake and violence has become a political battle ground on one side, the government's taken no tolerance on. it would not be my 1st option to bring in the military, but i am prepared to do whatever is necessary to make sure the serious organized crime is stamped out. but the opposition party both suite and democrats, accused the prime minister of failing to name the root of the problem as it sees it
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. migration back in 2015 sweden took in the largest number of refugees in the e u per capita. 160000 in the following year, sex offenses tripled. 2 years later, 73 percent of suspected monitors, one migrants as well, 58 percent of convicted rapists and for tough battles. well, 85 percent of gang members in the country now have an immigrant background from primarily muslim countries. the government has been unwilling to make a direct link. but for those who are cheap patrol the streets, the link makes itself. it is no longer a secret today that much of the problems of gang and network crime with the shootings and the explosions is linked to immigration to sweden in recent decades. when you like me, have the opportunity to follow cases at the individual level. you see that
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basically everyone who shoots or is shot in gun conflicts originates from the balkans, the middle east, north or east africa voting trends show how much of a flash point this has become. so back in 2010, the anti immigrants, sweden. democrats took just 5.7 percent of the vote in 2018. they took 18 percent, and now the 3rd biggest party, the government for its part reading the room just passed a law making refugee residents permit temporary. but for many, it's too little too late. in the meantime, of the record gets more and more heated. the local muslim population is finding that famously taller and sweet and had to far less tolerant underbelly bonding books. the gang battles, hand grenades, no ghost phones. is it any wonder that's fair within that the countries very democracy is
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a threat. whether or not the tide can be turned. one thing is shaw. the image of sweden, the tolerant sweden, the st. paven may now be cracking. not french integrity is at risk, according to president micron, who's blaming leftist american ideology for dividing society. he thinks the u. s. is winding the clock, black winding the clock back on issues like race and gender. i am seeing society becoming progressively more racial. we had freed ourselves from this approach, and now we are once more categorizing people according to their race. and by doing that, we're totally placing them under house arrest. what his remarks there came in an interview with elle magazine at a time when a new generation of activists, denial racism in the country. and it's colonial past on our panel also believes to that so called white culture, only sparks division the walk give them the cancel
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culture or the overly identify, identify the type issues a critical race theory are creating the mission, i think step backward than they and they start to break the society part of the very valid point. i think it's an american import on it. the people to believe in this essentially a trying to use an american blueprint for french society, which is really very different from america. history is very different. are race relations are very different. the issue of slavery doesn't exist in france in the way that it exists in america. it has existed but not at all founding. the existence of the country itself, because blacks were seen as i look really decent. nobody wants to institute, nobody wants to be told the jews, nobody wants to do that. so all of these things are all about it is about all the everybody's moving and then if i to her memory,
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there is no nation anymore because friends and the other being counties are to the whole the you have been, you know, the very little to me for many going to be going to view there and see no bolder than people do long to have a bunch with other people and then the one that goes into them. doing whatever, i mean, no issues that are being discussed, but nothing can be done by that. so be focusing on these identity and these are sort of normally do in doing that goes from the united states in some sense, been personally changing edge exchange. some fans are going to get the game, but that's how you know, that is just remember that facebook says it is combating extremism in the u. s. for the prompt asking uses if they know any body flirting with violent ideology. and then even asked to, to report on family and friends if they spot anything untoward. but it is an update
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that is being slammed as well. and it's kind of morphine explained. in the last few days, the number of facebook users got a bizarre message when they logged in. some users got a message saying that they may have been exposed to violent extreme of content. others got a message urging them to report their friends who may be becoming violent extremists, a bit orwellian. don't you think? here's what the facebook spokesperson had to say on it. this test is part of our launch work to assess ways to provide resources and support to people on facebook who may have engaged with or exposed to extremis content, or who may know someone who is at risk, the entire approach condemned that condemns itself. and the fact that like they, the artificial intelligence isn't, doesn't get irony, doesn't get humor, doesn't get the difference between asian, have an anti asian. hey,
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i can't tell the difference between anything. i don't trust the algorithm. i don't trust the company and thousands of people. i know on facebook would like to leave it the facebook from never offered a very clear definition of what the stream is and is, i guess it's in the eye of the beholder. however, facebook has announced a partnership with an n g o based in chicago called life after hate. that is intended to help people escape the violence far right now there's all comes after months of pressure on facebook to crack down on certain viewpoints. you can take this content, you can reduce division, you can fix this, but you choose not to. you have the means, but time after time you are picking engagement and profit over the health and safety of your users, our nation, and our democracy. the dirty truth is that they are relying on algorithms to purposely promote conspiratorial devices,
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are extremely content so that they can take money more money and ad dollars. we can do this when you are without you and we will not all users are supporting this new initiative, report your extremist friends and family based on your own, subjective definition, what could possibly go wrong. facebook once you to tell them if someone you know, is becoming an extremist which these days is synonymous with thinking for yourself and having a backbone. i haven't gotten any warnings from facebook that i might be interacting with political extremists. and it's really making me feel like a nerd with lame france. at this point, facebook has engaged in mass bands of individuals deemed to be problematic. it has taken measures to work against certain news outlets, and it's even given a long term ban to a former us president. but all of that is not enough. americans are still thinking for themselves and asking dangerous questions. so now we have extremism notices.
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what will be next? this is suddenly and rapidly getting to the ludicrous level of communist, political enforcement of thought and ideas. and it is on the one hand, terrifying. and on the other hand amusing because they're going way too far away too fast. and everyone seems to be laughing about, they are responding as if the media is composed entirely of millions of customers who are planning a violent revolution against the government. and it's the social media outfits job to get to the bottom of that and solve it. and they're storing all the data and sharing it with the sitting government. it's ridiculous, there's nobody planning a revolution. there's nothing for them to be concerned about. the business of inflating the danger of a right wing extremism is nothing more than them attempting to criminalize political descent in order to shut it down out of fear. it is very much domestic
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terrorism of the kind. they're accusing the right wing of but it's actually social media trying to scare people into shutting up about things. they don't want people to talk about. similar needs, in brief, now these dramatic pictures from the gulf, from mexico, i do show a red blaze from a ruptured underwater pipeline from an oil reg is thought a gas leak is to blame the facility. so you to see say that the flames has not been put out, and there aren't any reports of death or injuries. the rainy season in japan is to get a deadly land slide southwest at the capitol. tokyo t people are reported killed and at least 20 missing homes have been flooded or swept away entirely and emergency services are carrying out rescue operations and hundreds of work to class with police to show school airport in paris unions. cool . protests often new contracts, cut wages. management does say that they have no choice though after the slump in travel. during the pandemic rally spark delays with some passengers missing fare
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flights cyber attacks and this information from abroad, including by foreign spy agencies, have the 1st time being brought into a special section of russia's national security bill. president payton signed into law on saturday, and it is a broad strategy. his art is murdered. cast. yes. exploits. well, it isn't precisely new. it's rather amended amended for the latest challenges, the latest threats facing russian national security, russian culture, the russian, the russian state. as the stop you would expect, such as nate, who activity native encroachment towards russia's borders as well as the development of sophisticated, more sophisticated offensive weapon it. there is also a point about russian national security being threatened by exercises exercise carried out by native states with, with regards to the use of nuclear weapons. but those are,
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those are traditional threats. that's much more in this, but the threats potentially, the threats that are already emerging, such as the inflammation and psychological attacks on russia other than the political pressure, the military pressure, the economic pressure. there is an effort on the way to sort of de, stabilize russia according to this report from within and from, without, from outside, by destructive actors who are seeking to hardly see the public anger. because of because of the hardships that russians face. for example, because of the pat damage the you can only close the that is caused and some acts of the seeking to use that i get to do the directed against the russian state. at the same time, the report obviously recognizes that there is a need for social justice. there is a need to purge corruption. and marcia for more effort to be made and effective governance as well. i need to protect russian culture and identity, traditional values in the country. it goes on to list. hopefully you get
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a sign that things are going the wrong way, such as you've being more patriotic nowadays than perhaps in the past. there is also the climate reference, the emerging, and the significant threat of climate change. russia, of course, experiencing it more than many other states in the world that regard the temperature changes and, and how the weather change there, the melting of the permafrost and rushes north. it also says that russia must guarantee and develop blue carbon technologies to safeguard its fugette and national security was, you know, if he still had this bridging the generation gap during the pandemic, her 9 year old streams exercise classes to the delight of residence. well, have a look at her story and the positive reaction she has received just after the break the, the i
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the, your media, a reflection of reality. in a world transformed what will make you feel safer. type relation, whole community. you going the right way? where are you being that somewhere which direction? what is truth? what is faith? in the world corrupted? you need to descend, the join us in the depths. will remain in the shallows. ah,
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well, what we've been reporting on for a few years, money printing leads to inflation. this is about becoming a big problem for central banks around the world. only one central bank on the world is actually taking it on board and proactively dealing with the issue. we'll get to that mom and the hello again. now, millions in britain who have received an indian made astrazeneca vaccine may find it difficult if they want to travel to continental europe. because these medicines agency still hasn't approved the job with moral not his shot at which dashti while summer is endav here in the united kingdom for it, hoping to travel across to europe to have a holiday may have to now think again, it comes as millions of people may have been given the wrong job of the vaccination
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. in fact, they may have been given the indian version of astrazeneca job. now the reason why that's an issue is because it hasn't been approved by the vaccine possible scheme. meaning that anybody traveling to europe would have to then enter into that quarantine period and not able to skip it. now, department for health in the united kingdom here, doesn't really give a number of how many people could actually be affected by this. but it could be as many as 5000000 people because that's the number of doses that were imported throughout the year and 2020 wants. meanwhile, the u. k is vaccination program. leaders have said the job is just as effective. the most important part of this is that people who have received these but she should be reassured that they have received exactly the same stuff as people who have received other but she is made elsewhere. this is an administrative hurdle that needs to be straightened out over a year. vaccine pass for which was just launched on thursday, only recognizes jobs approved by the european regulator now on cobra shield. the
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european union simply says it's free to request authorization anytime at once. for this point, it hasn't yet done so essentially saying the pool is in cobra shields court. however, on the governmental level, e, u, member states are somewhat able to fax and bend the rules all most by allowing travelers with vaccines approved by the world health organization to use the passport to. however, this is where it gets even more complicated considering kind of a show of job was widely provided for african countries. the international kofax program says the may is discriminating against those lower income countries. any measured the only allows people protected by a subset of w, h show approved vaccines to benefit from the reopening of travel into and with that region would effectively create a to to system further widening the global vaccine divide and exacerbating the inequalities they were, since the beginning of the year,
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the british government long hail the coven vaccination program, as that ticket out of the pandemic. but with a mix up like this one on. indeed the rise of the delta veteran here in the united kingdom. we only have to look at the last we can learn to see a 46 percent rise in the delta variant. it seems that many countries across europe, a very worried about brits coming into the country regardless of which job they've had. and regardless of how many, but it's brittany battle and new delta cave, it's area there are fears the strain will plunge the rest of europe into a 3rd wave of the virus. the 3 conditions for a new wave of excess hospitalizations. and that's before the autumn or dead for in place. new variance deficit in vaccine uptake increased social mixing and there will be a new wave in the w to pin region unless we remain disciplined. while the un
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warned the number of new cases across europe jumped 10 percent last week by facts in our effective against the delta vary but only 2 shots to guarantee a higher level of protection. while amid the variant and worsening statistics, the you has launched a digital code certificate to allow people to travel freely across the block is basically a q r code that shows a person's coded status and whether they are not elated. i've tested negative or recovered with anti bodies, but it's not totally fool proof because the certificates are easy to forge and the system does not check that you timothy, molecular on college. professor lauren's young highlights the challenges if we have, as we do differing rates vaccination across europe, that is going to create some problems i think in terms of travel. and we know that this more infectious variant is spreading. we know the various vaccine
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platforms that have been developed, including the are and platforms are being modified now and trial individuals to check that we will be able to generate even better protective community against barriers. and i guess it's a case of keeping an eye on levels of, of protection levels of antibodies. so there is a complication to vaccine. paul's falls, not only in terms of variance, but also one of the current big unknowns is how long does the protective immunity induced by vaccination i to the last, we believe it to be more than 6 months. so there is an issue here about whether or not we're going to have to have some way of just measuring antibodies. it's not difficult or tests that you can do this very easily, but it may be that to keep vaccine passports up to date and relevant. we may need to start testing anti bully levels and individuals after
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a period of time to make sure they do have sufficient community that finally, a 9 year old girl has become an online sensation after streaming exercise classes to care home residents around the world. she started filming during the pandemic to help connect the older generation. the curve pandemic had the most vulnerable in society. the hardest. both young and old schools were closed and care homes were locked down. those empower tried desperately to keep the virus at bay. but i so lation was the inevitable consequence for all but some like 9 year old had bryson from east a button. she decided to do something about it, forced to stay at home herself. she started her own online fitness classes, specifically for care her residence. and the idea really took off during was quite a lot. and i found like i was keeping on arguing
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and just one night, i think this will good and good. i really want to go and doing that in raleigh, due to her my confidence, who's doing well and i lost all my confidence and she really did struggle. we went through a lot. she was, i saw my, we get a kind of disappear. she became made to trace the arguments started coming. she couldn't find the food to get from we way or at the end of 2020 to 2 year we are no, i mean, i can't see her play diane. she's name. i don't even who to do that when i'm 59. how does the videos a steam to a $167.00 care homes worldwide, including in australia and america? inspired by the death of her grandmother had the work with physiotherapists and put together the chair based workout suitable for people of all ages. many of the
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residents taking part suffer from dementia for some of those in the home, deprived of contact with friends and family. it was a lifeline residents here at the dementia care home in brack know amongst some of have a sound for them. the classes are linked with the outside world. a great keep pretty activity and a lot of fun to i think it's very important because as well as you up very naturally when you get older you need to do them. also i think it helps people who don't want in with other people and they can see you doing them. and then they join in for you walked in new jersey or multi thing isn't. i think when you're older you tend to forget some of the things you typically when you see the young people doing something or saying some things or back and you start laughing in a year and there isn't any wish to hear. and half the people talk it out if
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you're doing exciting, most people joining always helps you make such a fool of yourself. while schools in calhoun are back in business for now. if the virus continues to search that enforced isolation could return to. but with those like, have the promise to keep them healthy and happy. then the next few months might be a little easier. rolled onto her, just come up to her past 9 in the evening here in moscow. good to have you company . back again, this healthy ah ah ah, ah,
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the, and now we're in an area where we're trying to save the planet. we want to be able to use energy and have special live, but also to live on a healthy planet. and the challenge of energy is the emissions of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases that we're trying to manage. and there's many different ways of doing that. the transitions have begun in transition and it's proceeding along many different ways with the the
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news the ah ah. within the past 48 hours us democratic presidential hopeful hillary clinton took to the stage in las vegas for a raleigh on the very same day of the largest packing convention in the world. jeff gone 24 in the same city. i mean, it's cries of being hacked by the russian government. the clinton campaign has been hit by f. b. i investigations, the resignation of d n. c. chairperson debbie was unsure and calls for the imprisonment of hillary
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clinton herself. this all due to the wiki lake of thousands of 1st e mails from clinton's account, separate to the ones you should have been using on us state department. but could there be more that could put the presidential candidate behind bars? i'm action or times it is going underground. outside the ecuadorian embassy in london, where wiki leaks found julian sanchez when arbitrarily detained by the british government for 4 years. we ask julian us on whether he has the email that could put hillary clinton in prison and talk about whether the next leak could change the outcome of the us presidential election. that's all coming up and today's special edition, i'm going underground. julius i thanks for agreeing to this interview. i'm worried that you are in this journal, our t after being accused by henry clinton, basically of the russian government. we know russian intelligence agencies hacked into the dns. the wiki leaks is now publishing all the act emails. i don't think
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we're here to be constantly worried about p r. i think cold must had agent. got so bad. the fact that the g a d o, the anti defamation league, had to put out a press release, denying that i was the most at agent not correct. that's particularly helpful kat torturers, agent, etc. so, it's expected without publications. russia has been bought up by hillary clinton most recently just a few days ago on fox. so i think it is necessary to address what was the leak seals, its perception of its own publication to the audience. everyone accepts to the emails that we have published the $20000.00 dnc, which emails are completely accurate. so no one is saying, no, i didn't tell you that in this email it's a fabrication except that's except it isn't surprising.


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