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tv   Going Underground  RT  July 3, 2021 2:30am-3:00am EDT

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of hillary clinton herself this all due to the wiki league of thousands of personal emails from clinton's account, separate to the ones you should have been using on us state department of the could there be more that could put the presidential candidate behind bars? i'm action or times it is going underground. outside the ecuadorian embassy in london, where wiki leaks found julian songs has been arbitrarily detained by the british government for 4 years. we ask julius, on whether he has the email that could put hillary clinton in prison and talk about whether the next lee could change the outcome of the us presidential election. that's all coming up and today's special edition, i'm going underground. julius i thanks for agreeing to this interview, only worried that during this channel, our t of being accused by hillary clinton basically of the russian government. we know russian intelligence agencies hacked into the dns. the wiki leagues is now publishing all the act emails. i don't think we're going to be constantly worried
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about p r. i think cold must had agent got so bad. in fact that the a d o, the anti defamation league, had to put out a press release, denying that i was the most at agent for x, that's particularly helpful. got torturers, agent, etc. so it's expected without publications. russia has been bought up by hillary clinton most recently just a few days ago on fox. so i think it is necessary to address what he leeks feels, its perception of its own publication to the audience. everyone accepts to the emails that we have published. the 20000 dnc reach emails are completely accurate. so no one is saying, no, i didn't tell you that in this email it's a fabrication except that's exempt. it isn't surprising that it's accepted because
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where he has a 10 year publishing record where we have never got it wrong. that's pretty business. it's also why we take a while to publish what we have because we want to keep that perfect record. now, given, given that the real source is known in this case is the d n. c. there was a shop that is lewis miranda, the head of communications. we know they have a regional source. so there's a, quite a difficulty in the clinton campaign to try and out minute the publication. so the content itself is unquestionable. so instead you have to bring in some other act up. so the actor that they've tried to bring in is the russian intelligences. because it just said we know russian intelligence agencies hacked into the dnc. we know the arranged of arranged for e mails to be relieved. yes. so on actually she has
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a site slight variant on the. we know he says emails. i think she says some documents because the difference here is that, do state actors hack? are the political organizations of different countries? does the united states government do it? absolutely. of course, it acts of political parties of many different countries. does french intelligence, chinese intelligence, russia, diligence, hack political parties in order to collect intelligence? yes. did they hack the dnc? has at least one state act actively and see if you read very carefully. they say it's been hacked many times over the last 2 years. and our sources say that the dnc security is like swiss cheese, the d n i the directive national times. and i states several months ago said that both
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are in the republicans and the dmc were being attacked by a range of actors from philosophical opponents to states engage in espionage. now the head of the d and i, james, who's responsible for all us intelligence agencies. he's the boss of the boss to see if anyone knows what us intelligence agencies knows, no thing. he knows. and on friday, he had to come out and say that there's a lot of media hype, ventilation, that they have no idea as to what motivation is. even if they didn't know who it was. so that's the head of the d, and i dampening down idea is that they know who it is. now, this is a separate question to the release of our email. so in the us media, there's been
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a deliberate conflation between dnc leaks, which is what we're seeing, publishing and dnc hacks of the us democratic party, which has occurred over the last 2 years by their own admission. a number of times, i think this statement by hillary clinton on fox really does need to be tackled because it concerns us directly and publications. and what she is attempting to do is to conflate, our publication of pristine mouse know in the democratic party, argues that even a single email is not completely valid or hasn't been done. and the head of the dnc, debbie watson shorts as well as a result. and whatever hacking has occurred, of the d n. c o other political organizations in the united states by range of active. and
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so in the middle, we have something which is the publication by other media organizations of information purportedly from dnc. and that seems to be the case. i said that's a series of word documents and pdf published by the heel of i go by the smoking gun . this is a completely separate batch of documents compared to the 20000 christine emails that we had really we place in this batch all the documents released by these other me, your organizations there are claims that in the metadata is someone's done a document to pdf conversion and that the, in some cases, the documents, the language of the computer that was used for that conversion. i was, i,
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russian. okay. so that's the circumstantial evidence that some russian was involved or someone who wanted to make it look like a russian was involved with these other meet your organizations. that's not the case for the material that we released any rational connections between hillary clinton and russia. any rational connections that hillary clinton has done quite well strategically to try and draw a connection between con progression because she had so many connections with her. now, my analysis of trump and russia is that there is no substantial occupation. why do i say that will? because trump was trying to invest in russia before it in 1998 after picked. and in fact, nearly all the way up to the present moment. and he had no success. he did not manage
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to be able to tell them on russia, so that shows how in substantial his contacts are. there's an extremely well documented pattern of when hillary clinton was secretary of state, those people, companies, government, who wanted a decision by the secretary of state in their favor making lodge donations to the clinton foundation or in some other cases. business deals with the people around hillary clinton. now, one particular instance is the approval by secretary clinton selling 20 percent of the us uranium reprocessing rights to the russian company to be exported to russia. so at that time, a large donation was made by those russian interest to the clinton foundation. in
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addition, clinton can pain manager protest that was on the board of a company called you unlimited. and jewel unlimited. held some of these rights and received a $35000000.00 investment from russia. that's the russian government building and also rations were on her board also with protesting. so the kind of male revelations are leaky leaks reveal that henry clinton is a gremlins do. i wouldn't say criminal stage, but there is a much deeper connection on record with hillary clinton and russia than we have presently aware of with donald trump. well, some journalist argue that it's, it's actually the subject of the revelations. it's more interesting to, to the american voter about the election while the media was fascinated about with, well, the rambling is working with the work or the grammar. the basics, not, but it's very, i think it's
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a genuine question. you should ask the sources of information on the least. however, in the case of what he likes, publication, why do i say that? well, the principal reason why you want to soften some statement is to understand whether it's true or not. is a big issue. in the case of other me, your organizations who are simply making claims and not publishing original documents. i give you an example very various things and i've done some research on the turkish. okay. now within, it's not spoken about in the west, but within turkey, the turkish newspapers publishing l elements theory that the united states was directly involved in the us intelligence back to fit better space and pennsylvania as the head of the fuel and cold that has been
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advocated in the, in the good, in fact, according to turkey, is the leading actor in the, he's one of my president. yes. and i put out an expedition the questions on but one of the key independent independent points of evidence not coming from interrogation in turkey, where people might have been placed on the dress. you said in the middle of the coup, nbc published that early again, was on his way to germany to take his item. and they say, this was told to them by the us military source. so what that, what the hell is going on that? because it's that when all the way around the world and was used, i used to further the chances of success with in turkey because if the president has split, then his control and vizier close support a. so trump, supposedly,
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of, of hillary clinton. so would it would, a hillary clinton presidency endangered, the nato lines, and the ability to store american nuclear weapons and engine base and uses base to bomb iraq and syria. and the reason why i think either government is potentially a problem, because, i mean that's a vacuum was in turkey, very serious business. hundreds of people have died that a 100000 people having fido rested in the post page in it opportunistically, in some cases of political enemy to vote again, in other cases, trying to purge the society of the newly moving because it's in the foundations. major donors include members all the google and movement of the ones as were responsible for the attempted crew data. right? so i mean that again, i'm going to look at that and treat clinton suspiciously, but i mean, you know,
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regardless of who becomes president and i'd like to have an extremely large biography intelligence proxy that has it own mind anything. so he's going to look and list as a unless trump is elected and engaged in a significant purge of the ca, for example, i think the guy will continue to be very, especially as especially as, as long as as long as we got to do and being protected in pennsylvania uniforms. thanks. we'll have more from julian just after this break. ah, join me every thursday on the alex simon show. and i'll be speaking to guess on the world politics business. i'm show business. i'll see you then. me imagine picking
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up a future textbook on the early years of the 21st century. what other chapters called gun violence school shootings, homelessness 1st with my job and it was my name was my savings. i have nothing. i have nothing and it's not like i don't try. i look for resources, i look for jobs, i look for everything i can to make this past. and i end up doing, passing the road to the american dream, paved with dead refugees. it has very idealized image of the older america, native americans look past the death that happen every single day. this is a modern history of the usa, my america, on our t ah. so back to the democratic process in the united states, basically the 1st batch you released showed, and obviously we did have a lead you
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a good. i had my i was to angel to resigning very quickly after your emails. early after the were helix publication, there was a dirty tricks campaign against any saunders of democratic primary voters didn't really understand the what was going on during that process. to go back. hillary loses the election. they loses the primary prices again about at that point kim k was the head of that, the, the in the democratic national committee, debbie wasserman schultz was clinton's campaign. and so then some kind of deal is whereby debbie wasserman schultz becomes the head of the d. n. c and tim, again, steps down. now, if your hillary and you're thinking strategically that you're going to run again in 4 years, i do have your campaign manager as hate of the d
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n. c controller of the, if you'd like, the regulator who's regulating and the nomination competition is a huge strategic advantage. okay, so that now that's why ford and the $20000.00 dnc lake mouse. okay, so they're from debbie washington schultz, have d n a and 6 other prominent people finance communications. and so what they show is that within the dnc, there was a you, a unity of the most senior people, including there wasn't shows to act against bernie sanders, elimination versus and for every kind now what, what, what particular actions were performed? well, there's a lot of discussions, it's a discussions about we can use
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a captive report and push out the fact that very sand is, might be an atheist and other doings is going to coffee in the south and where the m as in b. c, on the most influential morning program. morning joe was defending bernie sanders then debbie was in short, cold up the president of a mississippi. amazingly, this is not reported in the us this report in the us media. they called up chuck todd i. here's the host of meet the press coming much more here is, is reported that there was a short herself personally called up the president of m x nbc to apply pressure in relation to positive coverage about bernie sanders. on morning big morning tv, and then then to my mind,
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what is the most serious for me if an entry point of view it is the communications director lewis miranda making instruction to his staff to pump out a black propaganda story against bernie sanders saying that his support is violent and to put this out in a quote on attributable court matter. what i say that is the most serious because it isn't instruction given through the chain of command to stop. it's not a discussion, it's not any one person calling up to another person. and it is to depict bernie sanders support is as violent. so that is not just a critique that it, that is not just to give sign is a break here will make things
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a little bit harder for him. there it is to demonize a democrat in the eyes of the public democratic party demonizing, a democrat in the eyes of public means. well, there is no way presumably energetic and when, if there is a link between hillary clinton and isis dash, now i know your helix is reviewing all these different emails. you have so many of them, and you need to look at them and who they can damage or they got also the things were getting done before releasing them. president obama's now bombing, i stash positions in libya, so it's reported deed hillary clinton used libya as a conduit to fellow strife dash and syria, the u. s. government, at the time that hillary clinton was in charge of foreign policy. i did use livia as
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a conduit to get arms to jarvis in syria. that's well established not just by a range of our materials, but by investigative workers, sy, hersh and a variety of other investigative invited states. some of the, some of those even publish the new york times. and any of the emails, i mean, you have mentioned that libya comes up in so many of the emails that you've been reading it as regard audrey in the, in the batch of, of 32000 emails. we released a few months back. there is $1700.00 in relation to libya, so it including, i suppose that the most useful one is which is colloquial, we referred to as hillary clinton and libya brag sheet. and so she was
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documenting all the ways in which she led the invasion to be in a put in a political and to a degree and organizational sense. so putting it within the u. s. government, bringing in europe, he and partners, etc, etc. even going, going the herself anything to add their aboard that according to the french papers, the big french industrial conglomerate, la fudge, which has been donating money to the clinton foundation and has got there was a reports in the french press where it was sending it was relating funds with isis dash any, any information, any emails that connect up hillary clinton, devices dash through lunch for most of this work was done by the mont for the new york times equivalent of france. and so what they show is that the farm
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which is a giant amongst other things, a giant concrete company, translational company company was involved sincere f as interesting, more than 355 related mouth. and now syria emails release to many emails that we published about syria, including the personal email to the president, back on assets. and so the investigation by the mind reveals that they paid isis diane money from taxes if you will, for the operations in certain areas yet thank a gauge of variety of business business. the business has been an agent way and he clinton's involvement is that money from l. a. r's in
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20152016 went to clinton foundation. so that's recent. you asked why go to a pin? it should actually, there's a long term relationship between us and clinton. she was a member of the board. for example, you expect that i know you can comment directly about the pending email releases from wiki links. would you expect more about the clinton foundation? yes, i am jealous i had to yemen because saudi arabia does go up in the some of the emails you've already. li, released 20000000 people now facing you military and disaster. clinton foundation mentioned to there were, there was no mention of the gland validation of the dnc conference, noticeably at all about the good work that does. do you think part of it is that connection to saudi arabia learn the 28 pages, connection of 911 your ab, what is the connection with you? henry clinton, saudi arabia,
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that certainly got israel and it's expensive relationships. hillary clinton and saudi re, between quinton foundations out saudi arabia. saudi arabia is probably the largest single donor to the clinton congregation. and you can see clinton's arms export policies. why she was the secretary of state, treasuring extensively saudi arabia, william bennett. the whistleblower has been on our show says that the essay can easily get access to his email. so if there is a legality in the pending emails of your release or malfeasance in the ones you've already released. president obama, you presumably act on it and get hillary clinton charged regardless of whether you're about to leave in the mail. which would mean that james comi or the f b,
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i would have no alternative but to arrest hillary clinton at our, our view, which we have already stated. is that the evidence that the f b i has his enough for grand jury to indict already and that's not hard as it's actually saying that a grand jury who died hands ham sandwich instructed to do said chime have having because i have a grand jury myself a federal branch in washington dc on i'm well aware what they lack but the prosecutor has to ask the grand jury to indict and prosecute of them off the grandeur one died. so that's the basic problem. you believe she can win given the emails you've so far?
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not sure when the election but silly. interesting question. i wouldn't be willing to say so far. and just one last question away from us presidential elections. it's 5 years since mark dugan was shot to death by british police. of course, black lives matter in the united states has come to the full bar because of evidence of gained via technology. well, phone footage, what message would you have a black lives matter both in the united states and even britain was transparency transparency. relation to the theory which took the head of the author and shields headed by that came from us, presenting to the public pristine original documentation of what people were doing. ah,
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and the black lives matter movement has come up. yes. by what practice. but that is the core of what is driving it is footage that is undeniable. they want it's not a matter of the you know, do you believe the police? do you believe friends, the person who was shot witnesses? now it says undeniable what is of exactly what has occurred and that is not only stimulating parts of the black community. i think about communities on this, on this to this all too long actually. but it's stimulating, enormous acceptance and sympathy outside back because the argument is proven. julius ange, thank you. you're welcome. the. we contacted the pentagon about the allegation made by june the songs, but they did not issue a statement. as for the fog, they did not get back to us in time for broadcast well,
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that's it for the special edition of going undergrad will bring you the latest emails published by wiki as when they come on monday. the, the the the what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy foundation, let it be an arms race is often very dramatic. development only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very political time. time to sit down and talk
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you know, pro vision on my back on. i would have been like i was going. okay. your trucking, as i said, you'll hideaway lost his boss because i just got the new problem. you just gotta read, you were going to be, i'm on my cell, my those up as well. so you know what it was, you know? so my pull up, i got from you my almost what i'm already whatever set up i really just got me. i mean, we had a lot, we can think when we went up and i might really here. so i just don't get on to your interest with those that be the 2 sancho. but i'm one of this, but i was like, how is this? because i'm looking for my family policy kind of on my part that yes, i don't think i was calling with you and your team, samantha katie. yeah. my thought a lot of problem. yes, quite a
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police officer shot dead and so even becomes the 1st to be murdered in the countries in 2007. the made a surge of violence for the opposition that was planning on micro and ended up 1st to get a so called a woke culture elsewhere. president mac chrome. this morning, warning the progressive american ideas racialized in france. he said, we get some insight on what he meant by that panel. again, essentially a trying to use an american blueprint for french to find which is really very different from the american step backward than they. and they start to break that society, pardon, think vaccinated doesn't always mean unrestricted travel the moment anyway, the repair madison's agencies yet to have proven indian version of an astrazeneca job.


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