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hardy, the accused party will compete to the accusation or charges that are laid so that brings you up to that you're watching international. thanks the company this evening. we'll have more news in the headlines in about half and the everything we associate with modern life has been digitalized. in fact, we live within ecosystems created by big tech. they decide what we can see, what we can buy, and even what we can say. the systems no longer serve us, they actually control us. is there a way out from this growing dystopian? the news
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well, what we've been reporting on for a few years, money printing leads to inflation. this is about becoming a big problem for central banks around the world. only one central bank on the world is actually taking it on board and proactively dealing with the issue. we'll get to that mom and
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mm the hello. i'm going to be the next school should grow 2018 i goal is at least 20 people in a are 15 and a couple trace rounds. i think i can get done. location is
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in parkland florida. here's a plan. i'm going to go to goober the afternoon before 240 from there i'm going to school campus, walk up the stairs and load my bags and get my or should people down, i mean, was it main courtyard the the leaders lead to in the classroom screams of english as police leave students to see the
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the, the really are there isn't working. i mean, we can hear them in the background in the ordinary school day. and it was almost over. when gunfire erupted this afternoon, 17 people killed in a mass shooting at a florida high school, one of the deadliest match, shootings in american history. she was sent in texas. i love you, i'm sorry. i know that because she didn't think she was going to make you the teacher would have a concealed gun on them. they'd go for a special training and you would no longer have a gun free zone. the
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reason for the revolution is bull and few for one, because it is by and for the young people in the country, there's this movement began people, events. do you think any change is going to come from this? look around, we are the change on my generation having spent our entire lives, the mass shooting after mass, shooting has learned that our voices are powerful and our me, teachers doesn't make a choice. and you know, we know that adding more guns towards situation doesn't save any
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ah, a good and they're gonna miss me . ah, me more people died and then died in the landing and more americans died in the top of that and thing. that's crazy. and people just don't realize that because they don't see it in the same way that we see a war. it doesn't impact them the same way. half a new family. ah,
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i said make sense of how to go. the braves are close together to fight for something better. my name is june, i'm 70. i am a senior at nor monday or college. yeah. as well as a bees worry and a little we're good you. yeah, chicago, i've been at the phone of gonzalez for a very long time with 650 people being murdered in the year 2700. 712016. but that's not it. gone by like florida angela is mission love. many,
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many people. love friends and family, which basically do to go a little longer. we got to go around, so my gosh, i guess you had to get a black man to try to come around picking it around the kids. matt city was created last year. so in a spark of what happened in partner florida after shouldn't happen. violence then became like this national emergency that everyone cared about. and so the young people are like, different going to be bad for us. because whenever historically, whenever these actually happen in these white schools, they get the intention, they get money, they get trauma services, they get grievous counselors. and we're going to get more gun laws and we're going
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to get more police in our school. and i communities like, like we're the one who's doing this thing and we've been fighting for 4 again, gun violence for years and we're not getting any attention sold. nothing was we want to make sure that sense. now this is important. everybody want to make sure when i left out of the conversation, i'm a lot of organizing. if use lead is lead by young people leaving the way because they're the ones fighting for the next generation. ah, 2018. when a pop shooting happened, i decided i need to go out actually take some action. so at that point i took some friends together and organized a statewide march against be an array and against a local organization in colorado. my home, the state called the arm geo, rocky mountain, rocky mountain, a gun owners association. and they are in a terrible, perpetrating, this idea that guns are vital to our community and we can't live a life without them when natural to that's just not true. and really having as many
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as we do just puts more people in danger. oh the ah. and a real culture around guns and gun ownership. american, you know, look back in this very rosy. i'd image from the 1700s when we rose up against our oppressive and threw off the colonial control of great britain with our, you know, musket man, regular people. everyday people who all came to gathering for back in the very idealized image of the older america. and that feeling prevail today where
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we feel like if we can possibly on firearms. if the 2nd amendment allows us to passively each of us on a firearm, then it's going to protect us from governments taking control somehow make us stronger and safe. next americans, you know, look past the depth that happened every single day, the 100 people who die the 200 who had injured every day and say it's fine. we need to be able to own these because we need to be able to say that we're somehow safe from our government region. let me, what does anyone have any questions about the bills that we're going to be talking about today? if you see on the right side of your folder, you'll see there are 21 pagers, one on extreme risk law. and the other on the cdc funding in the day after i finished organizing event in
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colorado and leading the students in colorado, i moved to dc to start college. when i came here, there was no launch for our lives. presidents, there was an organizational presence. and so with a couple of friends i got together and we founded the fast march for our lives chapter here in dc. and we set up the infrastructure every year, the government, much money. i'm just so many like it's about sitting there and deciding what the priority went to tell them and we aren't, we can't, i'm to my part of what is the all that we need doesn't terrible effectively for them been able to save lives. ah, having and found in using and found to to a family when a new mother is going through that process. yet there's certainly tremendous cause
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for great joy. but because it's in a bad that causes so many different changes. it's stressful at many levels. ah, she don't do you know? so we knew she was she who fits one ready to love me because she knew she wouldn't be a little girl for the study or do i tell me that if you show you control the traditional moving machines sheet etc. if you see the one doing the best for me was for me to wash with metal. yeah.
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so i love this and this is what i need from the new new new new which is the new i see executable football once you put up on that got moved up for me. i got it up on that. got moved up on me. ah ah me ah,
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i read them to kid my age, but i don't have a name on a indifferent gang ballad and was going on. it was on and people will get revenge at the little kids at the get, even with the older guy that day that i think people use the little kid. jessica, even with the older guy, was like, no matter what age you with a, you've been in target, they come and actually when it is a shame i, when the front of the last alive a key or i keep this right here, i lost a friend and if we basketball, so i keep this light and motivation always keep it right. yes, i delmonte. i keep all right. disliked these i with dad came motivating, gimme
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a pass, and remember what, what am i doing? i'm going to fall and the reason why i'm doing it when we load them onto it wasn't reason for the pain guy here. the be the feet indeed like that. it just gave us a fire that we need a patch and as why we are acting like why black, you know heart right here. broken heart is because everybody go to heartbreaks and days of flesh. i don't. lemme heartbreak break me where my heartbreak now wearing and i strengthen and now it is. and i look at and overcoming now me last night, 1900 year old delmonte johnson was just outside his brothers basketball practice near euclid at 86 street. when cpd says someone inside, a tan colored vehicle fatally shot him in the chest and stomach. it's not fair that i can route his have to worry about being on the way to school on the way home school just will be. he'll the lane, we loses to me about pain. every time you turn around mom of his crying mama,
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this cry a but a baby johnson family says he was putting together a fundraiser to help children go to christian camp and worked with advocacy group, good kids, math city, helping to stop the violence that killed him in the kids and i said he was created to keep the urban narrative alive to talking about violence. and like, what did we need for us to be able to bribe and growth? ah ah, i know one solution to the issues. so just trying to create new new laws. if we're going to stop us from, you know, from feeling what, what we're going to get from the violence, shirley. but we don't want training at 83rd. damon,
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actually we got about maybe 2025 is going to be there. all right, so we're going to do icebreaker. ah, got one. that's why i love the rest of the thing. me. my name is carlo pittman on the cold found the kids my city angle were born and raised to cover all my life. the purpose of doing it today is basically in the climate neighborhood that we come from france, a lot of violence. a lot of students happening sometimes, unfortunately, young people are around the getting people out of victims. i don't think it's happening me. and so what we are doing is as okay, now i felt as a k not community because a lot of times we ought to 1st find
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a ambulance on a 1st responder. what a lot of times a friend or family member our brother assist with there. when that was something tragic happens and what do you do in that situation? so my 1st question is how long do you think it takes to get sort of thing he's bigger. what if anybody got to answer this is that is ok. the estimate around 130 minutes. so everybody know how much blood is in a human body. okay, so is that 4.5 liter, which is about want to see a visually there to pass for me to pop. so how long do you think it takes 1st bleed out? okay, well yes, i've been asking some ladies in the back. doesn't guess they can be wrong, is ok. ok, anybody that answered it?
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our i so on average, the present 7 minutes of lead out the plan on where they got hit what it could take one minute. so if it takes the emblem 25 minutes and put down the lack of brown communities in the say for human beings, 7 minutes of lead out, by the time they get that they already bled out. so this why this trend is important, cuz it says with like that we need people that are around the we help somebody and say my life is not guarantee that you can say that price is live. but for you doing something for you twice. i've lost a lot of people my life and i see father know the train a couple years ago. i find my life was i've seen a lot of the fun like earlier thing for that person is hit the clock to 2nd. there are ready for that person. if you have to perform the few are. all right, so when you i your risk, there's 2 sides. you will be look underneath your thinking. you can look at them.
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if it's underneath your neck, it's only chem ball. and if you move down the dance or you for the on the lower behind me, you can check it's a different place because sometimes of the risk is a hard spot to find the after you find the false one perform in the compressed me just recently had a death april 15th, my brother passed away. he was don't have names and we can't pick and choose, you know, just, i don't know how to deal with and i know a lot of people feel like you will get better. he even really does it. you just, you, you learn how to do the situation better is and every day he would have lost the gown violence. i, how we can count on of my hands are more. so it will be a lot from the names of black people from various ages as of like 7,
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like $35.00 of law people back to back in the same year and something now it is like i just expect to lose somebody. i just, you know, i try to keep my head up, you know, and just open the best buy is kind of just now becoming normal. mm. i, i, you know, so he, he, so he, on conscious he does have a post. and the next thing you do is start pumping blood all over the primary in 1st ad. no, it's not normal. like, you know, if they have them because it's not supposed to be like the new here going to supposed to be scared not is supposed to want to call the cops. you know, when someone dies is it's a positive, very heartbreaking but,
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and wound from i grow fat like gunshots, the kids, they'll play mike a. so play us by finish and join time, you know, and because they just normalize, like having so often that people use it as if like i just got a screw on any i can, it was just nothing. i heard those just jokes on me until one time and they said that chicago is the only place where a young person can be dodging bullets on the way to school and still give mark tardy and get a detention when they get to school for being late. as finding what it was. so it was so serious like it was like a how funny it was like a that's messed up because i believe it kind of thing and they get to school and, and don't even talk about what happened on the way there. so i think that it's,
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it's a skill that coping mechanism is a skill understanding how do you think so the theory of, in the, in a just being able to walk through everyday like, not to happen like there's so much, never mind can go there before i even make it to school in the morning. we also somebody could talk about our futures stuff. yep. well, we don't have any, we don't have. we do have any resolution. oh and then i have jamie, i love the facts. every minority population, every normal population in america, and because of that intersection and how, how much, many different people. and so many people have been able to build a really strong coalition and also reach out to all of those young people. me recognize that one day they inevitably will become impacted by gun violence isn't
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violence, violence is systemic. you know, issues that stomach races. i think some faxes, it's about, you know, the populace is about voting rights. it's about, you know, l g, b, g q, right? it's about the right to walk down the street and walk to class and not have to be afraid of a stray bullet hitting you and killing you or your friend or your brother, whoever it is. right to have a future. hey, give a minute. you said you'll be coming. you'll be going into the meeting at 2. i'll give you a text. thanks mike. but the fact that we're kim is our biggest strength and our biggest weakness. definitely the fact that we are young people and that we do have such
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a strong moral compass and feel things so fiercely and so quickly and act on it. and we're not afraid to speak up has always been our strongest, has always been the thing that made us different were not afraid to take those strong chance. sances and to call people out here in dc, we have students going to congress literally every single day. and law game is members of congress. like we have a 10 minutes. me who when i started, i had death threats. ah. when i started, i had people, you know, pushing me down. the thing i didn't do at that point was stop. i continued to push forward, i got my friends got that and we went back, i got more friends together. we went back again. and that's what it takes. it takes the realization that views, adults. these people who are older than me don't know it. they don't know what's going on because what's going on right now is an okay. and then the one that
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a reason that it's still much way, ah, everything we associate with modern life has been digitalized. in fact, we live within ecosystems created by big tech. they decide what we can see, what we can buy, and even what we can say. the systems no longer serve us, they actually control us. is there a way out from this growing dystopian? it doesn't, you know, provisional my background. i was like, oh, ok. yeah. okay. awesome, so you'll have a lost his boss because i just got the new problem. you just gotta go video, we're going to be, i'm on my cell, my those up as well. so i know you know what it was, you know. so my pull up, i got, you know, just, i mean, my thought was,
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what did i'm already whatever set up i read me just go to me. i mean, we had a lot, we can think when we went up and i might really he was, i just don't get it on the old the baby to the rest that i'm one of this, but i was like, i was, i spoke to someone last month i didn't want to go to kind of on my part. yes, it was a total thing i was calling with you and your team, samantha, katie. yeah. my thought a problem. yes, quite well . what we've been reporting on for a few years, money printing leads to inflation. this is about becoming a big problem for central banks around the world. only one central bank on the world is actually taking it on board and proactively dealing with the issue. we'll get to that mom and
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the the mass rallies in statues toppled canadian, spent their anger after the remains of more than a 1000 children are discovered at a former indigenous residential school run by the catholic church. now pers, against so called the war culture. president micron warned the progressive american ideas are radicalized in france and microsoft admits that us law enforcement has recently secretly been requesting the data of its customers up to 10 times a day. i
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