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tv   Documentary  RT  July 2, 2021 1:30pm-2:01pm EDT

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or won't come to terms with their endless war crimes sense from hiroshima, to me my way in viet nam, to the attack on iraq in 2003 to the destruction of the libyan state. they can't come to terms with all of their illegal wars and war crimes and their torture state. so the gallagher case is a microcosm of this. he watching i t that bring show today with all the nice for this out, we're back again in about 30 minutes. the well, what we've been reporting on for a few years, money printing leads to inflation. this is about becoming a big problem for central banks around the world. only one central bank on the world is actually taking it on board and proactively dealing with the issue. we'll get to that mom. and
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this is your media reflection of reality. the in the world transformed what will make you feel safer type relation or community? are you going the right way or are you being somewhere which direction? what is true, what is in a world corrupted. you need to defend the join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. i when the sa, crossing for this area and the desert is where the most pathologies
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happen. and it's different reasons the heat or the cold, like it's very cold at night and they hung up the day. nobody can carry enough water to survive. and that's to me. so easy to connect because i'm coming from there, but it's also so hard to see like to see that people don't understand here and it's hard everyday is the struggle because it's, it's not easy. it's easy for dying just injustice. nobody should die that way. nobody she lives there, life trying to get a better life or trying to help their families come in for come from countries are in conflict and they damage so poor people there. they don't have any chances to
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survive. they basically abandoned by their government. so into violence, to me, many of these cases that i see every day, they are the, they're going to die there any way they know the risks and they still do it is because there is something happening there. increment villarreal in general into left of it is put on wrinkle he, those civic or the middle of the what might have it seems as soon as the lead us is becoming much more money that says, you know, once they looked down the north in on us what the, my, you know, maybe whenever you do this every year, the coolest basis again, unless you get me, you know,
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when you get those basis. so if you don't feel like what you mean, i'm sure i have to do that. i'm in the one really in the country and when i book ocean again and but i'm a quarter 1000000 if you don't comes out of the phone gone. if those when you use, ah, i, i, oh, i i
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i the, the way i can to yes, i mean i guess i would have made a reality for nothing but i don't know. but he made all the mothers good as you, as for the group. okay. yeah, you got most of the messages, but i will call you back on him today. i'm on hold. maybe i will meet us today. we'll have yeah. let me move in by you need me and
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i'll be more than you think they will be there will be i have to be feeling i have a little from them, but i didn't like and they're giving up a family level that a lot. have a nice a no less frontier is my the name of the name of the things we are in nogales sonora,
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which is right on the border from the united states. morning cologne, abigail, this shelter is called rocha many years ago when this was just getting started. our group of samaritans came to help put this together. there are not nearly enough shelters in nogales to take care of the asylum seekers who are coming get us up in their pre med. i'm going to have it wrong so many arriving from triangle, which is honduras, salvador one tamala. many, many people are coming from guerrero because the gangs apparently have taken over the line.
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good morning. sure. yeah. okay. tell me what you would do if you let your child go out to playing the chances of your seeing your child again, or very minimal because they're going to be scarf up by the games. and by the cartel, the very good. i know that many people in the united states have absolutely no idea of what is happening down here. and they only know what they read in the newspaper, most of which is fallacious. oh,
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you can't trust these people and they're all drunk. and no one sees nice people, human beings, they've become monsters in the any people ah, need to the border. you look into the face of the people and the children that are policies are affecting so dramatically. how many people think want to leave their home, any country animals, messages with them up. think me that's normal. they must be home, you know, with the way and let me
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know what's going on up on me. and that was what i am the some of them. i mean when we did not get in with that, i got your in my heart, you are in my heart. okay. so i will, i will see you. my mission is to do the very best that i can for the people and be very honest with them and tell them, you know, when, when i'm speaking to the migrants at the commodore, i seem to not cross by yourself. it is too dangerous and tell them the pitfalls and that's the best that i can do. and i wish that i could do more. and i, at this point, i can't, you know,
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other than giving them all hug and telling them that i lost them the in the oh i, there's a map put out by humane waters that shows 3000 red dots where people have died here in this 100 desert, and when i saw a map, that's what sort of led me to this project. because i want to bring those red dots on the map. a map is an attraction, it's not, it's not the territory, it's not. the geographical location is just a map showing approximately where the person was town. you need the real graphical maps and the exact gps locations to,
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to find the site is simply total seniors because you don't get the 2nd glower. mario, when we can think of any of those whose candles will not me go ahead. what it does is to come work for because it, it in this is when peter roles look at this moment the most importantly so let's say of r o wants to put up a new cross for people that died in 2019 you can search those people and then that pulls up all these red dots. so these are all remains that were recovered in 2019. ok. so this person's right here,
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larry mentioned, and then you can see on this dot all the remainder been recovered in the vicinity where this, this man was so different people use this information for different reasons. so. so there you have 3 different groups of different purposes, looking at the same information, one group that wants to put out water and to prevent death. and they look where people are, are being found to know where to put water. they want to put water where people are dying to prevent more people from dying. one person who has more of a, just a remembrance type thing with, for the samaritans to put out, you know, crosses which is of our own. and then us who want to know if we have a new, a new death or if additional portions of an older one. so just kind of interesting how varied groups of different focuses come together to use the same
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information. ah i i still think it's right on police report. it has in december 2020 a group of anti finishes. fill out a film crew access for 3 months. there's no like if people organization, it's an idea that must be opposed to the game ground. they make their faces, but they can say what they believe and we believe in helping our community. we believe that fascism is one of the major threats to the united states as gotten grooven. this is a chance to see who and teeth are really are in order for me. my 1st amendment right and say that my life matter. i have to be on to the teacher that that's all america. we can't trust the police, we can't trust the government. we can't trust anyone except or so to protect
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ourselves in the i the
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i came here from columbia in the ninety's sixty's. i came here to the school to go to college. i came here legally. i came here, i played. i came to new york city looking for the american dream, like everybody else at a time. and i knew i didn't have a future in columbia because my family was very poor. i knew that i wasn't going to be able to do much with my life. so i had to come here years like most micro,
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this is where you find what you're looking for. you know, this is the land of milk and honey and you know, this is the promise land. ah, this is where you become somebody ah ah ah, this is what i do. this is, this is by religion. this is my practice. this is my medication. i need to connect to the own my own life. and to be part of that migration because i am one of them. one wanted to look ins. ah, lucky's are the 3 doesn't that have died here,
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2000 that have disappear here. and they have family that have been separated. and many, many, many more that we don't know about i use i. ready think coming to the mentor every tuesday. for the 6 years, me need people to help me with american volunteers who helped me carry what i need. what here, what we need to carry is commanded. we are
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about 25 miles of mexican and every migrant that area i wrote here. what are you read? doesn't have any trade here. there's no place for you to get out of it. and that kills you. can always always leave what i'm hoping that there are no more casualties with people and this is the end of the road. we can't drive anymore from here. so we are here for only from the site
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just like the migrant who died here dead. so we pretty much going to be working the same area before this person michelle, this is what we have the ah, ah. okay, yeah. c this person was found on february 5, 2018. skeletal remains and identified. ah, we are very, very close to the area. so their site we have 11 gallon, so what all together. so we need to save some for the next stop. me
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see if we're here to do something that is very close to my heart to give someone a presence to give someone a little bit of recognition that this person came a long way from home and died here. and the dream ended here, and i hope that the idea of the american dream doesn't die altogether. that he will, per door though we'll stay because we need, we are country migrants and when in migration to renew our ideals and our notion of,
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of where we are as a country, be very careful here with his rocks. there's rattlesnakes here. what i want stay there, stay there. don't know, i'm safe, but i don't grieve
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the people in latin america believe that when someone dies at that particular location, the spirit stays somewhere, leaves the body and continue to hang there. and i'm hoping that my action by putting the marker there will wait till the spurs, the people who care about that we are humans with good intentions. and we have morals and that we care, that we are not people who are want to cause any suffering. little bit of water here. ok. the okay, we're going to be reading a bomb, so please keep a minute, minute of silence here. and while,
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while she's reading that reflect on your own losses in your own life, connect them to this person here. tom is called sheldon changes have been to say, we need to step the cornish that we cannot continue to lead people in the twenty's and thirty's thy here. because you shouldn't be dying at that age. you shouldn't be dying when you're 20. you should be done when you're 30 and you shouldn't be dying . looking for the dream that this country advertises us, as here's where you find it. that's why they call it the american dream. but now he's not a dream, he's a nightmare. the
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cry of the children. oh, do you hear the children waiting? all my brothers are the sorrow comes with yours. they are leaning their young hands against their mothers and that cannot stop. 3rd tears, the young lambs are bleeding in the meadows. young birds are cheap, chirping in there. now. the young funds are playing with the shadows. the young flowers are blowing toward the west, but the young young children or my brothers. they are weeping bitterly. they are weeping in the play time. in the country of the free, ah, i i
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i ah, ah, ah,
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just a few years old. federal reserve shirts. so there are you don't know what came well look at the rest, the 7 years bill it separately or what kind of report ah to don't to leave. you will move a toy, knew he will tell when she gets home later to love me as soon as she will. can you go to the study for me that she wants to teach? julia control the traditional building, but she's
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a really pushing you she was doing the best for me was she could have said for me in the last with metro. okay. she's yeah, she does. i've always, i love this deal and that is what i knew the new new new which is what friday. if you go back to see executable football, what he put up on that got to pull it up on that. got me . ah, the news
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the most rallies and statues, to whose canadian spent their anger off the remains of ward and a 1000 children are discovered at former indigenous residential schools run by the catholic church. also the siren and outburst again, so called close culture. president micron warns that progressive american ideas of racialized, france and microsoft, us inforcement to see courtney being requesting that the danger of his customers up to 10 times a day i oh, good evening. it's 9 o'clock here.


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