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oh the ah, the water and we go through the streets where i will make them feel that the fellow human beings, if people in the communities in front of them can you breathe water to anybody to start same water that's the starting point. rebuilding the trust of the connection that they had with managed to do to refill if you need to bring along
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yeah. why fi is that? okay. yeah. the class you sit in front of you. we are 2 blocks from the all of our family and this is where we are pretty much the slum block in my life and like how everything does me
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here the the all. * the work yeah. ringback i have why, why, why don't why i know so many vibrant, beautiful homeless people and there is a saying that homelessness is a temporary condition. it's not something that you experienced. it's a phase of your life, but it's not who you are. you don't say i am a homeless is a hi, i am homeless right now. i won't be forever. i wasn't before and i won't be forever .
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there were lot. no math law. yeah. we don't. we don't we. i know where we're going. like the me know back up that you can out. ok.
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the page. here we go through the io here. they do break bases. i've never been homeless my entire life until a year and a half ago. i am on the street. i live on the street. i'm not fat, i'm actually happy. i work every day towards my dream. i don't think anything is hopeless. i just happen to live on the street, haven't found consistent income for me to have
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a place to live or somebody to stay with. and the province ation is what we're doing. and we've been talking about this for a while. improved is in there. we're improving. we're starting with nothing with only what we've got. we're improving. take the top of the business. josh. all right, here we go with the use of the topic homelessness. so we're moving around right around with the topic of homelessness. we are going to present a piece that we call stop and go home or go with kid in a lot of people don't realize. i think that word has a lot of shame or guilt or something surrounding it that hopeless. you know,
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i heard the term homeless, not what a lot of people hear that word it's. it's not their fault. they just think that they can't do stuff because of that word. in life i chose, this is what i want. it is like everything went at once. all it was 1st, it was my job and it was my family. it was my savings. i have nothing. i have nothing and it's not like i don't try. i look for resources, i look for jobs. i look for everything i can to make this pass and i end up doing is passing time. every day we say every day knocking on the door. so church. what i want more than this. someone told me there was more oh my god, i am so tired of the smell of urine everywhere. i can't get away from it. somebody's life are something. it's not enough. there's life entered on the street everywhere and trash so many gimme out and we're not going to leave any
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food on the ground. but if someone is sleeping, we at least want to leave a water for them by their 10. and if the women would please take the feminine product, because that makes more sense. i think there's a bag for everybody now. more or less. right. ok. the the reason i remember that. yeah. okay. i was going to be a nice thing to give away the power
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to drive, right. i remember everybody's bio and there was what share meal dedicated itself to is at least let's not have people starve or become dehydrated on the street. yes. and water water. oh, that is no such solution other than to educate people that these are somebody's daughter, brother, father, mother who are on the street and we need to give them
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a hand to get them off in one of the 193 neighborhood. the best, don't us in los angeles, don't it. and then to get on, i know you're thinking way too much and it's obvious that this group has been like eric shaking his head. we don't think in here. it's okay. it's okay. we get out of our heads, we trust our instincts, our guts are story. i don't think. don't think sometimes i look homeless. sometimes i don't. sometimes i tell people i told people i was on the street before they say i you don't look like it, graham. and i have a smiling face. happy,
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i'm excited and i'm happy because i'm doing, i'm living, i'm living, i'm not making any excuses. i things interest. i'm in and i pursue off me. people should not be on the street in the richest country in the world. we have some food and water. they can have a breed of way when rio got there. yeah. one spicy man. welcome. okay. ah, i was strong faith believe in god. i voted church. i read the bible lot. keep my
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head focus on the bigger picture. i pray constantly pray. ah, i do things for other people. that's a big one. me. ah, huge that you tight. jimmy got me the issues freed from sally's army. so i went ahead johnny. i went ahead body over my insurance. yeah. right on. get your corner a cab. i got my baby. alright on. are you doing? good. good. i learned going. nice, nice, nice night. and i'm sitting on the bench. you've got stories. all right. thanks
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again buddy. love you. all right. the sweet guy. ah, ah, financial survival guy. when customers go buy, you reduce the bright. now well, reduce the lower, the best under cutting, but what's good for food market to get to the global economy? me the shoe don't leave it will dances move a new he will tell when she gets ready to love. ah, let me ask you to. she knew she wouldn't cooperate and they told me that you know,
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if you sure you can totally traditional moving. but she's a really if you see the one doing the best for me was over. she could have said for me in the last with metro. okay. sheet yeah. so this is what i need from the new new new which is about what's idea if you're going to see executable football once he got the seat up, when i got it up on me, i got up on me having a child introducing and found to, to a family when
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a new mother is going through that process, yet there's certainly tremendous cause for great joy, but because it's an event that causes so many different changes. it's stressful at many levels. closing costs right on police report. in december 2020 a group of and she finishes fill out a film crew access for 3 months and people organization, it's an idea that fascism must be opposed, that can't allow the gate round, they may kill their faces, but they can say what they believe in we believe and help our community. we believe that fascism is one of the major threats to the united states has gotten driven. this is a chance to see who and teeth are really are in order for me. my 1st amendment right and say that my life matter,
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i have to be onto the teachers that that's how we can trust the police. we can't trust the government. we can't trust anyone except or so to protect ourselves in ah, ah, ah, i try and help people. if there's one thing you should do when you're on the street, i, if you want to get better, you want to do better, you gotta do something for other people. you gotta find some way to serve people, give skills, use your skills, and what you had helped people i, person i
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the morning joins for 1st. i do whatever you can help to be of service. and that's why i think i'm so happy. one of the reasons i'm always sharing night. thank you for the evening. genes name. we ask you to bless us for the holy spirit. are gathered here under your roof. god. we asked you to lift us, guide us at all times. god, help us stay up in aware of your presence. the guide is always a god. keep out. any negativity, phyllis of positivity, goes to love, joy, hope in jesus name. amen. ah, ah.
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me. oh, i saw full light flitting. yes. dying breath alive in her chest. and bit orbits ah, a human warning, wary a body left behind an untold obituary, a journal, an unrecorded life on a bench i
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ah. 4 8 6 4 4 # please enter your password followed by the pound. 0 1 0 4 # you have 5 unheard messages and 40. 1 message received today. h 22 am from 140. yeah, i still remember you gave me my give me your message received today. 10 45 am on the number where i am on the
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go out in the single now with the message received today. so not enough for me. i'm a real battle, i feel my limit 9 me from the yes me
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when the historians begin to write this chapter of american history is going to be a very sad chapter, a very shameful chapter with the intrude, our neighbors, right? the we made a mistake the
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ah ah when of the yes, a mr. meter, let's say when i, when i read a quando england indeed. okay. lemme monday. journey the whole way in in natal lenika i will be there. okay, is this the physical thing
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i was told the mean this rachel, me to put in the dates and you know, when i called on complet. okay. okay. service and that way then because him all at the end because of the month. okay. which is him. hi, good morning. perhaps this is miss good. how are you doing? i just wanted to let you know that we just received missing persons from somebody that our just in case you have seen some money, which is scription. he's 22 years old. between 66 and 67 inches tall. the only distinctive feature that he has to in his, for me,
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with the name mighty. yeah. to me. yes, i don't know which army because the family can remember. yeah, that's the only thing that he has. he doesn't have any factors or dental work. he was feeling ok. he went just travelling with a group and he came back to try to help pregnant women and all the guy. and the last time that i found this can someone in the last tuesday total cases when concern is if your. 2 cuz you
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want to be in a villa, persona community, it's a lot of just a close to our closes. can you go? no. so really uses this one. no monica. so the real, we know monica continuum which we think has shown you see what the showing up. okay . is the percent i'm when a integer is what the house on the event in the, in the years a percent of the work at key. can you not? you sound like it was a person, but someone can in fact the enough to understand when you initial a 1000000 ah, ah, seen by the heresy. disposal gives us
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the e in 3000 bodies that we have found about 2000 have names there 535000 that we don't have a name, but are, but now they now they're doing dna sampling, you know, from, from families and from the bones. so now we'll be able to match those, the samples and an identified some people. but sometimes all we find is just one bone and is the bone could be there for 10 years. so it's very difficult to make a match just from one moment.
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the we have struggled over time with how to examine these remains. what to do with the remains of people who are not able to identify we tried to gather whenever information we can about them. to compare against missing persons report that we may receive up to including comparing dna to family members. if we are in contact with them to see if they're related to the remains that we have recovered about 86 percent of the people that we found have been male and most of them are in their twenties or thirties. this is a demographic of people that are crossing usually for work or for family reasons.
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not with a large group of family members seeking amnesty. ah the ah,
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me ill pro vision on my back on i was like i was lucky you lucky. last year so you'll have to, i lost his bus because i just got the new program. he just got to be on monday. my thought my daughter put up as well so he says, you know, with him i pull up. i got, you know, just, i mean my, almost what i'm already, whatever sped up i read me just go to me. i remember when i went up my heels, i just don't get on to that a speedy to handle that. i'm one of this, but i'm like obviously this is what it is. i'm looking on my side and we go to kind of all my just part of it. yes, it was a total good thing i was calling with you and your team, samantha katie. yeah. my thought, a lot of problem, you just got to go, you know,
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everything we associate with modern life has been digitalized. in fact, we live within ecosystems created by big tech. they decide what we can see, what we can buy, and even what we can say. the systems no longer serve us, they actually control us. is there a way out for this growing dystopian? the news
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ah, the mass rallies and statues toppled canadians bend their anger. the discovery of the remains of more than a 1000 children for indigenous residential schools from by the catholic church and outburst can so called woke culture. president crone warns us progressive ideas, a racial, i think from microsoft, mid 30 us lower enforcement has secretly been requesting the data of his customers up to 10 times a day. i try to even get 7 here in moscow. my name is conan berry. welcome to world news from.


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