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tv   News  RT  July 2, 2021 8:00am-8:31am EDT

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the the maps rallies and statues toppled canada events. its anger of the discovery of the remains of more than a 1000 children at former indigenous residential schools run by the catholic church . microsoft admitted us, law enforcement has secretly been requesting the data of the customers up to 10 times a day. the french president voices his concern at woke left his culture coming from the united states and racialize in his country. and the parents of teenage motorcyclist had redone to testify in the us court against their sons, alleged killer. the families folks person hopes that the criminal justice system will eventually prevail. so we know the clear to speed up the process,
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the suffering is only intensifying and it's time to get this. all i use color live, i'm worldwide. this is rp international from moscow where it's 3 in the afternoon this friday i'm calling bray. he's the big story that we're across for you this hour. that's mounting fury and canada after the discovery of the remains of more than a 1000 children, had former indigenous residential schools. several cities even canceled candidate, a celebrations on thursday because of it. and when a peg statues of queen victoria and queen elizabeth the 2nd were toppled and defaced outside the provincial legislature. the . the royal the scene to represent canada's colonial passed and red paint was
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doomed over the fallen statue ortiz alex behind of it. she looks at where the story started. discovery after discovery, the latest one was on one's day 182 bodies founded cranbrook british columbia. this is close to a residential school. they use basically a radar that looks under ground. and that's where they found these people in unmarked graves that adds to the initial finding, which happened on may 27th. and you can loops british columbia at another residential school of 215 people as young as 3 years old in mon, mark grace, and then of course, the scotch one, which was the biggest find so far, 751 people. so you add all these numbers up over a 1000 people found, but we have over 130 schools like this across canada. the program started in the late 18 hundreds and lasted all the way up to 1996. when the last school was close, that 150000 native children ripped out of their families, arms and put into the schools. they were forced to go to the schools,
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the royal canadian mounted police were complicit in that they were the ones that would take the children from their families to the schools that were run primarily by the catholic church at about 60 percent, but also anglican and protest and other smaller churches across the country, the levels of abuse that we found at these schools with absolutely mind blowing, i just have to read something for you quickly. this is at 19 o 7 report from the department of indian affairs and called the bryce report documented 40 to 60 percent mortality rate in the schools. mostly of 2 broken lo says, and then a 90 to 100 percent of these children. this is unbelievable. suffered either from physical, emotional, or sexual abuse. we still have rates of 80 percent abuse on these 1st nations because of this legacy left behind by these churches and the canadian government, which funded all of these programs. so canadians are demanding that the government do something about this. we did have a back in 2015 a commission that, that said that this was
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a cultural genocide. they did very little about it up to now. now people demanding the prime minister. do something about it and the prime minister, as well as indigenous communities, are demanding an apology from the catholic church. i really hope that this time it will lead towards the pope coming onto the canadian soil and apologizing apologizing directly for the responsibility that the catholic church shares in this part of our history now. and what is believed to be a reaction to what has happened in the past month or so is the churches are being broke down on the communities and close to residential schools. we've heard of 5 in british columbia to and berta at one all the way at the other side of the country. it, nova scotia, for the prime minister, has said that destroying places of worship is not the way to go, obviously. but at the same time, canadians are looking at the situation in a much broader perspective. this is candidate here. there is a movement not to celebrate. hopefully, canada will do more. and that's exactly what canadians are demanding at this point
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. or at least 6 churches across western canada have recently been left badly damaged or destroyed by fire police and treating the incidents as suspicious and se could likely be awesome. ahead of the catholic church by france, it has previous apologized for the suffering that had been inflicted elsewhere. on a visit to ireland in 2018, he asked for forgiveness for the church is abuse of power and for praying on children activists. david greenwood says the vatican hasn't been all that co operative when i'm going there. so similar investigations. i'm not sure off whether i an apology from the pope really goes very far. i think there is still a lot of anger within the population of island that haven't had a, a proper investigation into the activities of the parish priests. and what has happened at the parish level, the culture of the catholic church is to keep everything hidden,
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to keep everything in house. i've very much, doubtless, the diocese in canada, and we'll call f right and help with providing documentation unless it before. it was a state in the 1st place, the place children, but it was almost child care on an industrial scale. i think the time has come for the states and canada. lloyd forestman agencies were to get hold of this documentation. it seems as though crimes have been committed. why can't law enforcement in canada get court orders to seize this type of documentation? microsoft reveal the u. s. law enforcement been secretly asking for the date of its customers up to 10 times a day. the tech join senior executive complained that the procedures become a routine source of information for the authorities. i think trinity chavez reports next. many americans are shocked to find out that federal prosecutors have
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requested data on thousands of americans. the news comes just weeks after justice department, prosecutors obtained phone records belonging to not only journalists, but also members of congress and stafford in 21st century. federal prosecutors no longer need to show up to your office. they just need to raid your virtual office. they do not have to subpoena journalist directly. they just need to go to the cloud today. us federal law enforcement agencies facing fierce backlash for secretly pursuing personal data up americans across the country with so called secrecy orders, orders that are designed to prevent disclosure of new inventions and technologies that in the opinion of selected federal agencies present a possible threat to national security of the united states most shocking is just how routine secrecy orders have become when law enforcement targets and americans e mail text messages or other sensitive data stored in the cloud. speaking to members of the sherry house committee on wednesday,
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microsoft corporate vice president for customer security and trust tom. bert said that in recent years, federal law enforcement officials have presented the company with 24023500 secrecy orders in a year or about 7 a day. secrecy orders are too often used for routine investigations based on a cursory assertion that the government has met a statutory burden. the justice department's own template does not even require facts justifying the need for secrecy. instead, the template merely asserts that any disclosure would seriously jeopardize the investigation for a variety of boilerplate reasons. this as the relationship with some major tech companies and law enforcement agencies in the u. s. have garnered fair scrutiny and recent weeks following news justice department, prosecutors obtained phone records belonging to not only journalists, but also members of congress and staffers as a part of leak investigation, rather than providing americans as meaningful notice that their private electronic
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records are being accessed in a criminal investigation department hides behind its ability to as 3rd party provided directly. they deny american citizens as companies and institutions their basic day in court, and instead they gather their evidence entirely in secret. meantime, some lawmakers are calling for reforms to guard against future overreached by justice department, prosecutors, and idea that was expressed both by democrats and republicans on the house judiciary committee. reporting in new york, trinity chavez, r t o investigative journalist, and see how spend sworn compared stored personal data to private letters which shouldn't be accessed without a police warrant. i think the biggest thing is, is that the cloud computing and cloud storage services, data storage for messaging, text messages for the on social networks as well as your email cloud services all need to be treated like in your home. so if you walk into someone's home as a federal agent,
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you can just go through all the stuff that they have in their drawers and open up their desk and read whatever they've written down, right? you have to have a warrant to do that. when all of these cases there should be required under the law, a warrant from a judge that is issued because there is evidence of wrongdoing in some way. what's been happening here for several years now is what we're seeing. take place is all of these law enforcement agencies are literally acting as if they could just with blanket power go in and search through all of your private communications because they're on these cloud services. they don't have to access you directly. they go straight to microsoft, they go straight to amazon, and a w s. they go straight to apple and they say, show us what's being stored on the cloud. we have a right to see it. and then the judge also goes along with that by saying you as an individual don't have the right to know. so we'll put it under a gag order. that's what you need to change, treat cloud services, treat data storage as if it is the property of the user, not the property of big tech. french integrity is at risk, says president micron,
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who's blaming leftist american ideology for dividing society. he thinks the united states is winding the clock back on issues like race and gender. charlotte do bench game. paris picks up the story. don't the 1st time that he's talked about the threat of american ideology, this wookey isn't coming through and infecting hearing problems, but now we're getting a real sense of how much of an issue he really believes to be. do you think giving a wide ranging entity to elle magazine here in front? and he talked about a number of issues, but he also touched on these issues of this idea. ology this work isn't this left, isn't that been imported? to fall from the usa. and he said that the left wing ideology was holding people back and splitting society. i am seeing society becoming progressively more racial . we had freed ourselves from this approach. and now we are once more categorizing people according to their race. and by doing that,
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we're totally placing them under house arrest. he was then or about what role race skin color on gender play and holding people back. and he was folded to that question by saying that he could think of many young white people from his home town in northern france, who are also being held back young white men who immensely frustrated at being held back. so for him, he was saying the problem is more about social inequality, and he always pretty much blamed movement like black lives matter, like me to seeking to divide people by issues of gender, by issues of skin color. and you also have this parting shot for american feminism . my feminism is a humanism. i'm on the side of universalism. i don't subscribe to fight that defines every one according to their own identity, or their own particularity, there is being a huge, from some quarters have fallen. so this idea of american work isn't infecting
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levels of society. in france, there's also been exasperation for ministers in mac, loans and government. talking about this ideology being prevalent now when you versus eas, across bronson, describing what you see. sometimes this being, this is law, move left isn't something that a corrupt society. so this are real concern from some quarters here about these ideas coming from the united states. it also comes at a time when there is a new generation of young activists. she was taking these ideas and trying to point out the issues that they see is being problematic. came from such as racism as a result of frances colonial talk. and of course, black floods, masses, me to, i've had their own versions that they've moved with payment fall, switches gone it widespread support from other sections of society. many see this is being him pushing himself back towards the center of politics to try and regain
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the mainstream voters head of next to the presidential election. of let me put in step rushes, commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by introducing laws to limit the countries worst polluting enterprises. there is the 1st law over its kind in russia's history. and essentially, it's the country's contribution to a global effort to reduce emission within the framework of the paris climate accord . now, according to this law, just generally speaking, what it does is a, it makes companies report on their emissions and reduce their emissions as it also sets target levels for them. speaking of this levels, by the end of this decade already, russia is expecting to see a 30 percent drop in greenhouse gas emissions compared to the level that it had back in the 19 ninety's. but on top of that businessmen and interpret knows that
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they will be incentivized and encouraged to take part in in projects that help fight climate change. like for example, reforestation or recycling for taking part in these projects. they will be getting so called carbon units, which will later transpire into something more feasible, as the louis says, they will be able to sell these carbon units and well make a profit by all of these measures. russia is hoping to put itself on the so called carbon neutrality track. so what is this carbon neutrality essentially means that a country and it's enterprises they emit as many gases as much greenhouse gases as its forests and oceans can absorb without any hom no more than that. so this is the 1st step that is expected to put russia on the green track. go
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without international this friday, still ahead. the us political system is drowning in mistrust. as many americans doubt that issues like the migrant crisis will be sold anytime soon. because of too much pickering from the politicians, live from a world news h q here in moscow after the break. oh i i will. i
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like when i would show the wrong one, i'll just don't rule out the thing because the kid an engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves, well, the part we choose to look for common ground in this hello again, the parents of a teenager kill them to k, allegedly by the wife of an american diplomatic to testify to hearing in the united states 19 year old. how redone died almost 2 years ago in a fatal car crash outside a u. s. military base in central england. since then,
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his family tried to bring the driver to kudos to trial. she was charged with causing death by dangerous driving, but as the wife of an american intelligence officer, she used diplomatic immunity to flee britain. here's what harris mother had to say about traveling to the us. our whole family are suffering and townsley, but to be honest, we would try to the end of the earth and back if that is what it takes our case all along. as you don't get to kill somebody and walk away, she's a knowledge that she killed harry, but she's innocent of the charges that she say she's charged because they are dangerous. right. and we just want her to get to the starting block of the english justice system. what happens after that bill victims of the crime. we have very little influence in and we will simply just be proud of the work that we did to get her to the started bar and 2 others. the lawyers, the judges, the jury to then determine the outcome. irish parents have not had to travel to the
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united states because an expedition request was rejected by the state department. nevertheless, they say they're grateful to the court in virginia for allowing their civil claim to proceed. the family spokes person says that that paving the way to justice must be accountability and i know they do. the prosecution service in london are busy working through the various options at the moment. so we know the path to justice has been cleared since we're incredibly grateful for that, i would just issue another feel to the authorities about london, washington. you know that speed up the process, the suffering is only intensifying and it's time to get this. all done in this case, continues to be extraordinary and all senses of the word. but as always, you know, they will tell the truth and it's talking about harry is talking about the consequences that they suffered under their mental illness. that they're all suffering terribly from. and, you know, that's what it's about. so it's about the truth and it's simple and you know, i think they've been incredible just getting here and i'm sure they will put one foot in front of the other. i have always done and,
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and overcome this hard like they've done for almost the last 2 years, knew that her political system in the future with more geared to teams, americans don't believe those promises any more recent survey suggests that less than a quarter in the us have hopes of those ambitions become a reality, but instead of solving pressing issues like the migrant crisis, people think the policy makers are too busy squabbling among themselves. there's more, i guess they have now explained with scotch years to go until america's 250 s and the verses spirits onshore in the political system of the us. once the pride and joy of the nation, envy of the world is no longer that less than half of americans pulled recently, hold out hope for a better future, even less in a better political system. i'm telling, isn't it, man, a former president drives to the border, just a mock, how badly his successor has bugged the job. because what they're doing is opening
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their prisons and prisoners murderers, human traffickers, all of these people, drug dealers are coming back into our country. if you remember the c n n reporter, what did you do? murder and she goes, what? murder. and they immediately turned off the camera. that's exactly why texas is stepping up and doing a job. that is truly the federal government's job. a job that you did, but the job that the by the ministration is completely failing us on these mockery is the republicans heating back at vice. president carmella has this trip to the border where she tried to blame the immigration crisis, which is now a level of unseen and decades. on trump, we inherited a tough situation. we have looked at a system where people have been in housing in the main condition, many years violence system items is broken and that needs to be reconstructed
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and done in 5 months. we've made progress, but there's still much more work to be done. which flies in the face of fact, the biden administration has arrested more migrants which they heaped praise on during elections than trumpet. in any month of his presidency, almost 200000 arrested. it may alone. biden, at one point had entered more kids in detention camps. 22000, then trump ever did that. i think they should go back to the whole country. that why, why everybody else? what's happening right now is there a lot in the face of those people who are following the law. the crime shows that people can go to sleep at night and feel safe and secure because with a lot of illegals coming across the border, this is not just a whole lot of the animals that are close in their gaping. we have good people coming in. we have bad people coming,
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but i'll tell you what. some of them are just they're going to wind up when you're george the board that situation, these, the pizza, me, the crisis at the heart of america, 2 sides to completely different regions and complete this regard for the views of others. and with every year the divide running through america and americans grows the president's and congressmen and deficient that governors and sponsors all shouts over each other loudly and repeatedly that only they can heal america, which americans evidently don't buy. ok, that's it from the moscow news room for now. thanks for watching. you can get news or the 247. if you grab the app, i'll have the next update right here. after watching the hawks after the break, me the
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i the imagine picking up a future textbook on the early years of the 21st century. what other chapters called gun violence school shootings, homelessness. first, it was my job and then it was my family. didn't was my savings. i have nothing. i have nothing and it's not like i don't try. i look for resources, i look for jobs, i look for everything i can to make this pass. and all i end up doing is testing the road to the american dream, paved with dead refugees at this very idealized image of the older america, native americans look past the death that happened every single day. this is
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a modern history of the usa, america on r t i me good evening hawk waters building restrictions are nothing new in america deciding who boats and who does it was a key component of the democracy. the u. s. was founded on the right to choose your elected leadership was left to wealthy white men. women couldn't vote. people of color couldn't vote. slave couldn't vote fast forward to the 15th amendment, ratified 870. in theory, it extended voting rights to men of all races. but in practice, black for excluded with poll taxes, literacy test grandfather, clauses, and intimidation in the decades and generations to follow. black americans will continue to fight for voting rights that fight. let them bloodied beaten and
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murdered, but is always a pressed on civil rights icons like martin luther king junior in w. c. p. activists cheney shorter and goodman, mega rivers and countless others died. so people who looked like me could have a chance, had their ballot counted the voting rights act of 1965 was set to clarify, civil rights and building access. president johnson aimed to overcome the legal barriers state and local governments used to block the black boat. but that vital piece of legislation is now only a shell of its former self parts in gerrymandering. kicking voters, all voting rolls, removing, pulling places and communities of color. water id, loss and other impediments are becoming law all over again. georgia, texas, florida, nevada, and more have all implemented jim crow, 2.0, voters suppression loss. and today the u. s. supreme court and
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a $63.00 opinion uphill jim crow in rejecting a voting rights challenge to arizona election laws. this is a very important ruling that has reverberating effects for the voting rights movement. are activists like stacy abrams and latasha brown are working tirelessly to protect voting rights. the supreme court further diluted section 2 of the voting rights act. ensuring that discriminatory embrace based law at the state level will continue to determine who can vote and who can't. well, congress step up and save democracy, core element or continue the sins of the past and allows things to restrict voting based on race. it's time we start watching the hawks. if you want to know what's going on a city and you want to run this, let me show you what rises over your roy gross, right? math grade was the place that they make deceptive. manipulate so much this
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web page. so we know you're welcome, everybody to watching the hawks. i'm nice across. joining me now is voting rights expert attorney and political strategists, chris bruce. glad to have you again, chris. chris, happen to be your me should. thank you. well, chris, today was a big day. i don't have to tell you about it, i'm sure your phones been off the hook and you've been working round the clock. but the aftermath of today's supreme court decision in upholding arizona's voting law. it's sending shock waves across the country. civil rights leaders, activists, attorneys, and advocates like yourself are no stranger to voters oppression, laws in the fight, the ongoing fight to up in them. how does today's decision affect your work and what does it mean for voting rights for people of color? well, like you said in your opening, it hurts all of us altogether. it doesn't matter if you're black or white or any other. you're an american, this is going to make it harder for you to vote altogether. so this is one of the times that throughout history, when black people had laws put against them,
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they stepped up. and they found ways around it to make sure that their voices were heard and to make sure that they can actually make it to the ballot box. so this type of situation altogether will overcome it. but it really decries into what's next. what can we do? what can congress do, and what state of america will be left and chris, to that point, president biden released the statement on the arizona decision today saying, quote, in a span of 8 years, the court has now done severe damage to 2 of the most important provisions of the voting rights act of 1965, a law that took years of struggle and strife to secure. what are your thought chris, on by in the statement, and will the supreme court decision force congress to move on legislation like before the people act and the john lewis voting rights act. when you go by the statement should have been, we are going to make the for the people act and the dog with one rights act,
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a priority of this administration and not sleep until is actually pass. that's what the people of america need. that's what african americans need, and that's where it is going forward. so yes, the supreme court has severely got it again, the voting rights act. and it leaves to other ramifications of other laws that may be challenged later on. such as eliminating sunday voting or doing other ballot restricting type of measures. so a less we have federal oversight altogether with h r one in h r for the state especially the minorities in the states are going to have problems with minorities voting. and the supreme court is saying that is just okay . so really what we should be looking at again, elections matter. a very conservative supreme court came up with this with very conservative rhetoric about voter fraud being a priority within these type of situations.


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