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yes, i don't have a lost his bus because i just got the radio resources, you know, they may be, i'm on my cell, my those up as soon as the laundry room. i think when i mean with the apartment, if you, if you really tell us so i was gonna say my pull up. i got notice, i mean my most what i'm already put ever spit up. i read me just go read people decide a small business loan is the what the code for the zip code. and because i gotta see where scale area and how will today we don't go to kind of one but you're just percent. yes, it was to be in the total thing. i was calling quincy us a year and then the noise was quite focused on in the gorgeous and i mean,
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jimmy bonus go out. really came up that i mean by that anybody medical met you will never seem like but no matter me i use in the eighty's medicine and was considered one of the most crime ridden locations in the whole world. it was here that drug, lord pablo escobar, read the intimate cartel. the gang made millions of dollars selling cocaine, and his leader killed anyone who stood in his way. even though the cartel was responsible for thousands of death. kepler's remains a popular figure among the country floors, people in some parts of the city. he was even known as columbia robin hood. ah,
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madeline is also a home to a close friend of basketball. they call him papa. he confessed to murdering $250.00 people and organizing 2 and a half hours and killing people 23 years in jail for the crimes. the papa hasn't become an outcast in the city where he wants to know on the country. he's very popular styling himself as a blogger, and political activist. we came to madeline to meet him to try and understand this colombian parent dog. why he is treated like a super thought. i must admit, i was very nervous before the interview, so i'm hoping really messed with you all the way that you're the sort of
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really got the time. you don't leave those send me pretty mad. leave it all the still you can be doing, but i see on the still either say that let me start us alive. let me just go out to the f. like, you know what you're going to. okay. you said you're going to look like up that i'm meeting with him remotely, the same as well. no, you don't want me to enter them, but if you don't so it is to leave us kill us. if you hold the whole work and wait for a year or 2, but you think that should go to them. i hope that what's up it'll into it. i say to shout pages. yeah, i got that. i got to this guy, going to pick out 10 of which color cody i spotted. i forgot to fill out a complaint here. see if you can get a hold to be nina, but i cannot that are part of, it's not a competitor. let a conference about it by throw me down so we can get out of it. but on monday you
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and by the condo, yes, it was a little that it will not done. he says you could me a little window. i have what installed on his title. yeah. my okey me into squat into he has cnt square to support desk. i just, but i need us to process it for us or not to give a list to a policy unless you're not using us and we are more to clean them. we, when they don't use that goes through this order, which i mean that if you feel this way, you don't think that somebody was like, well, number to come. i don't know if you knew. i mean, i'm, i thought it might then the i'm, you know, let them are coming up with us. yeah. i don't, i don't know. europe is on the can me on, on my thought it remember youngel among the years. one of the thing when we go boy don't come prepared and i say which units are part of the window as you may or may,
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you know them in order the big ok, you know, if i was quality of a, you may gene fountain and wound recognize the hon. no problem either. school video in the mid eighty's pablo escobar, cocaine empire came under attack. the colombian government find a treaty with the united states that allowed local drug lords to be extradited to the usa check. when i went to columbia, i was in his news yellow last day. not sure on this isn't by i've been on you're going up at a bit different. i'm on my back. i'm because i'm on my, i mean is the started my with us with our political company out of the 3 i think. okay. but i mean, the other 3, the columbia sonia then or america, ah, me,
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i know my hands on how i am not familiar with her because probably i live fully different sort of fanfare jean care. i will put them on the best time you thought i would come in for most kind of pilgrimage in charlotte and then all. 2 you have to tell you can go for this man to talk to me once you've been so those are you allowed them at that point it doesn't mean i mean that kind of policy then. yeah. which is pretty much your mind about the fact i'm into console just bundle funds. i know not keep it. i see something else. you know, there are definitely some he said okay, i can get a lot of my bio box and what's the last one
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for you know, another more coming up. okay. i will not be for like if it's not cool, we're not going to let people in the emphasis i'm in a couple cut by the score and told them the moment on the line for them to see julia mas as franklin down, because it'll tell you a quick agenda that i'm not but she's a fail and vs i want to print with him is actually built by that somebody threw up a bill, but i got some i don't know if you gave me a but i put that up or in the my foreman what about because it would up, it'll not open. i meant to live with my mom. you know? so but i really hello,
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i'm looking to find out how you stand on the sun roof is how industrial feel. the kids get up people up when i say sparkles to go because i had a couple of smaller emphasis. i don't know if you're not familiar with that just to see if in the county or you know, i mean think it's out of how that the rates are intimate in the end when i come along, this was the entities held up because i have up this identical, you know, it's the same way. yes, but it's not going. it's going was you and when it's close, eunice is, i'll go get on the well, i'm you. where am i that we carry with one of hello. when you can remember me again, i'm sorry i'm, i'm sorry about that. come on. you
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could okay in your page. yeah. nothing that i can see in the telephone and the 2nd chance. sorry. could i couldn't the month because confused about me. not a minute but, but i mean, i feel like i need them. i thought the, my body, my thoughts as you can when the thought isn't as, as you know, a lot of what it was or not the most that you see in thinking with, you know, a lot of my work. so it's pretty well, it's all they don't at the front of the anatomy is entirely, oh my goodness, i'm going to say something you know him bit better go. now, i could think once again, when i say the local here though,
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because you know, when, when, when, if i'm on my own and they go and i come and go here, clinician, been with me, let me tell you what i don't know in a little bit of control because it won't show me that someone got it, but also i tell us that when i almost get them you know, monday did they get that as i thought it was no longer seen if you kind of went the way up. yeah. yeah. i got his crystal. i keep what people don't really hear us because they don't
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get us going to school on wednesday. the last minute videos. yes, i've heard that the news the well we were getting ready for a trip to metal and we will warned that it was a place with just a dollar. might have anyone killed. we couldn't help but ask a pro about today's going rates. because he's doing good or not, but we will think of this like i'm unit the middle of a very me the way i'm i thought of my listen going some others like about a thought. if i think come at us like this, each be the game which he has, he will separate those when we are my i don't up as on unless i know your legend all in a don't. this has control. it almost have already done this has gone through my
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phone up is when i when i when dollar good day where it closes mister raymond, time to get home. we do. yes. when you want you to give us a call, am i gonna say, i mean what the whole time, but i can i call to lose you. i mean if this is one that yes i list a me a call this so much. okay. i know somebody else in the me believe a secret provision somewhere around the corner,
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which is more in the dimension. marshall manos jalap eliquis thing. go in project or start in that hit the input. i not, of course, think of predictor started fairly quick already when medical, what can make or routine you know, we mean, you know, we love us, you know, put us out of us. you'll get the, i said, we're not english. what my dna, columbia, you're not alone, you know where to go. we're still a mighty, not see them. i like you to columbia can tell you, i mean, why are you georgia? why do you notice, you know, my way is it will pay you this. where's more money? you know, you may miss stuff out of working or you could give us, you know, know about them. i met at the it'll give you that. i mean a 1000000 years old. ok. the spot on. so it, ok the i'm, i gave you in alina, you're the, and it'll be a menu when the jacqueline, to scope out,
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let me just quote, kilometers. so host you can always come and see and fill up into whether that's going to be any good country for another unit. then you know, you need to mildly code your team, samantha katie. yeah, my thought allow me just gotta go in what is your website? i mean, honestly, i want you to call us, you know, things go but the, and that's when i yeah. having and found introducing and found to, to a family when a new mother is going through that process. yeah. there's certainly tremendous cause for great joy. but because it's in a bad that causes so many different changes, it's stressful at many levels. ah, the
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ah, the who's me? ah the ah, ah.
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what color is the psychiatry say that papa is okay. i suppose it must be safe to ask him to demonstrate how used to torture and killed her, but he willingly agreed to our request with enthusiasm. to l. m, i guess i'm calling in a day, i don't know if you still got the invoice. if you will be in helping good people guest almost to on the yelling of, he had to read this back it up as we now live without the thought is going that they didn't come up with. i will call you if you look at then at a you're going up or i guess they bring it up with a key it took the $2.00 to $55.00. you know from that point in bergen percy it's going to rise, but up to 2 times it says, you know,
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you're not month to month it doesn't, you know, provision on my back on this is understate. like, obviously when okay, you're trucking fast but it says you don't get information on this, but i get but i will get the name. you are the big one. but what, what key, what the big keynote tom i go that way about a key. yeah. keynote, dennis, how about the on on the status clip. so flexion thank you. melissa theory. ok . 2 2 2 2 me you're going up as i might here. i meant that really here so you can get it on your
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motors but the speed it to chantelle. there's a reason that economy has increased. what are the which was me, some eagles, you know, the reason that i work up because henry county was you and there are several young him because he doesn't the same thing. go wisdom. no, it doesn't seem to be we'll get those speaking. how can i get up with him to me? i get a. 6 gauge on april, the middle, but i do, i am the mother of equal the guy you any my phone up is when i need to be released . unless you give me some you know how you think you're not going to be counted to him? maria, you're looking at the scale. oh boy for goes, will you wait for a while? you put up on m r a c. she like ok. you know, just how to use the i go when there can be anything can i'm always interested courteous co. my kid is that i thought i thought mando, you know,
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to propose hillary, i guess i can book it. i can tell you i'm at that kind of got me into my current. and so you have been going to your left right there and i like to go to that i could feel collab, lucio and tom. we should have had a meeting with both how you felt i'm doing good, how long we will feel are paid. oh no. hi, poor poor. can you come on a particle, ione, of santa mon. but up here. hey, madonna, phone up was for the man to control me. me a minute for you've done nothing more than the man in our hands. somebody will be covered up to a cup and then i'm going to give the money up little things. okay, to put
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a tow all of the month on the bus in the giant ticket pos like this, implement the proper low good at. i mean, i'm up to not call them equal to mental ground that it to, to model mcdaniel. but i become in the eyes of the supervisor that i hinted medical, note and condo. it could mean a little money out of that. you can see it, i'll come in that is money our lives, and that is money for to put out the active duty collision. i mean, and people so not put it on the but so not the norm if you can or kill me, or you can take that product almost at law lather, then. okay, so this will put a little cloud a little bit more fingleton motor bag. i mean, in the blue book pulled cartridge i think that is hunting and we're going to get
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you set up with a up up a little bit on a number. let me pull it up. what time you got the paper that i was looking through. i love your team and we are going to here. no, no, but we're still not going to hear, you know, put them up like i did that were looking obama somewhere about when i started this winter, we're still high to alaska. when was here come up. okay. you know what you want to keep most of your person as well. oh, can i ask you some others? how come on guys for this? yeah, no. i love the way we would like them
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and say, you know, man, to me, you're not gonna figure out everything to speak to me. that'll pull up for this unless you cannot afford. it isn't a quarter of the policy, i guess i'm pretty bad. okay. i'm just doing a quarter. okay. when i get in this, give me just clarify that i get, you know, kind of the limit is what you'll be up to here and then gosh, had been to premier the constant learning call me. and they're making case a thought, like i said, we do a follow up with us. you'll come a member of the woman. what is 30, can you get a kid going to stand for? come up with people? i think, i think, i think there's a tuition for me to go . okay. so when we go by so i guess when we
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will be on mama. so we don't watch them. i will do my mom, but it's not difficult to do any of his all was looking for them. i mean, i don't know if you could get some time to go up a little bit cuz i forgot to put that rosco's. mom. this is kim. hi, kim. i did also look that up a quick message for todd live over at all for the for me that in the course of our list, emphasize a lot of our my list go out, then i can take a look up what
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you think can look at. okay, master's a little bit of his physical model but i definitely will kill him. we caraway. it's kind of let me just put him up for me. the thought is killer him. i don't see any kind of custodial for the security. i can look on to the cloud. they don't go through every until it has the virus go out is what you thought is check if there's one other thing about just some other stuff. you know? yeah. might make my clerical though with the locals. you get up with me to live my name, put him on the cloud, but they got a new job prior to hipaa didn't open up your face and they just said, i'm on leave. my lease isn't to get a quote. i wouldn't be open to them. i mean,
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i just won't be thinking that could you let me? yeah me can, which i didn't want to come off of them. i didn't get a enormous build on to love another 2 years almost how i found a place the most could not have been the present feel like they called me i
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i remember the last week i think we went and put your number line followed up. ok. i'm what you'd be interested in this one on only now weather and photo go to the end of the see me and what i was what i have not yet gotten. i've been, i've been, i found somewhere i've been to illegal for get them on my, they say me that says you know, to rouse enough but you see on the level going out on the cars, it will see that i'm at that i don't see that i'm not, i'm not choti for me. he play not solely for me, but he is. yeah, he's on the focus. a lot of yes, correct us with the middle yada in amigo. that's when america, where some eagle might not have know what this is coming in. oh, why like would you be that the only about that real quick. you don't get
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a good year. i'm been in an election which i think was a precious guess. when put it, i don't want to the parish. he gets the plastic odo. he entered to when i was equal the one up when you get on to this guy i'm integral minus. when y'all use the up when yell and if then what did he me at that location? i caught up on my cell moral hazard and that is that if you constantly bail out the worst factors in the economy, they will act with morality. and so the fact is they've got moral hazard steroids. they're rewarding the worst factors who are doing things like info and stealing hundreds of billions of dollars, some people, and just drawing their own country in trees. and the fact i argue with me go ahead try
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i don't think they can't ride on police reported in december 2020 a group of anti finishes. fill out a film crew access for 3 months people organization. it's an idea that must be a po that can't allow the gate round, they may kill their faces, but they can say what they believe in, we believe and help our community. we believe that fascism is one of the major threats to the united states has gotten driven. this is a chance to see who and teeth are really are. in order for me. my 1st amendment right and say that my life matter, i have to be onto the thesis that that's how we can trust the police. we can't trust the government. we can't trust anyone except ourselves to protect ourselves in having a found introducing and found to, to a family when a new mother is going through that process. yeah,
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there's certainly tremendous cause for great joy, but because it's in a bad that causes so many different changes. it's stressful at many levels. ah, ah ah, i will. i will. the
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more unmarked graves of indigenous children are found in canada. on the grounds of a former catholic run school, bringing the total to over a 1000 people. it has prompted the prime minister to ask the pope frances to make amends to the community. i really hope that this time it will lead towards the pope coming onto the canadian soil and apologizing apologizing directly as highly infectious delta strain of coping plunges russia into a new wave of the pandemic. moscow makes it prove vaccination that q r code mandatory to be able to get into restaurants, pubs and cafes are men in the capital. puts the system to the test line officially inside a free.


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