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your own r t, that by can 30 with all the latest global use updates. hope you'll join me then. ah, ah, ah, what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy foundation, let it be an arms race is on often very dramatic development. only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very political time. time to sit down and talk imagine picking up a future textbook on the early years of the 21st century. what other chapters
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called gun violence school shootings, homelessness. first, it was my job then it was my name was my siblings. i have nothing. i have nothing and it's not like i don't try. i live for resources, i look for jobs, i look for everything i can to make this pass. and i end up doing, passing the road to the american dream, paved with dead refugees. as very idealized image of the older america, native americans look past the death that happened every single day. this is a modern history of the usa, my america on our t the they think we're going on, which we're going to clear that
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a little garcia. i'm finished with the information, there's just a lot to me, but let me put that on file. let me just go out to the throne. love with somebody myself. where think, you know that, that me, i still sort of got these out those i can get that out or not really little up to me by me there's, there's always ask you hit that the window a be an in the window. yeah. as soon as possible. okay, let me get update and then it'll accumulate this much for comment. they don't see the let's go to can i call up and push it up for you? i can, i will call you to let go. but if i don't,
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i give you any more money. why not? you don't like we can look at any course get into the local i with the public schools in which my heels is me . i can we not model my thought in columbia? focus on fighting for me. it's probably going to me and my tommy amigos joy. my thought was, i'm ego. then we just, my son is in my town, which has passed on us in our modesty them with me, but i forgot where they are fully already. i don't process up. i mean it's going to go down. well, knowing whether not, i guess, maria is who should log on me? throw me back. you can remember the boss here still another most join mass. i mean there's a can really not much about that just in the day,
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but i fancy my gotcha can are. but i'm not that bad with it. i'm with the nadia and i'm just, i'm or yes you just called us, but i'm not that i thought it was style but in a down. but as you got to nearly got that on, you know, when i got it up, but i meant that we'll let you know that you've got the fun, fun fun in because i received galia. and this is how we'll have a window. and what that will notice gemini, john, pretty good, you know, for, to get the middle she made for the renewal of a case where my report to talk, somebody say none the lesser do not know you any more. no hope of how you can afford it. i don't talk more or more.
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no, no, no, no, no, no. you're not feeling my last solo on the last report was were billed for give me when you get a chance to get it for me. my, he now i get a letter from your supervisor. but i figure it book i gave one other thing gave up the to get that mentally i get she the thrush, but i love you, but up i will go out to go with you guys. how much with us here and, and,
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but i still haven't gotten a printer or not, you know, my life never used to be a lot the better yet. email. i'm interest, where are the hit on the morning or dale? pardon me, on the, on the full month spreading. i me. ah,
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him or not her mom. from monday, monday around florida. she and it allows me to turn the machine out but i cannot elaborate them into them. i don't floaters. i, you're me and i are you in tomorrow for 2 years? have you any in stock or name your may after the he are while i'm interested or are you up for? yeah, i just kind of have a good response came less can ship into and lucy, who's going to put him in it was for let what they had meant me out a little bit. don't want you to put him put a jewel who had appropriate then it came. can you come in? i need deborah, who know i looked at. you know, traces me please hear me raymond,
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but when we chat for him, he'll be nice to pick on the phone as he said to baba, no matter what you know. like i day i can see if they got a lot of time. but if they buy the money up in your pocket, but i lease by $11.00 the forwarding, see my love, i mean it's super bright from number to remember to look look and see what was his word. no, the book and know why we have been up, you know, to be me or sports on me. companion on the face or flip saw it, but i me know, are you not a british?
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could a casey ah ah, ah. mount perform the same or heard columbus and put into care at the location in the car. but i mean, it was up there when i met the man which, you know, i study in contrast. midlothian little bit, i can it, i do pay to mattie and seen them in our seo and eco model will soon
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morgan at the in us there's no card. you can make a card, you know, put, giving us a new location all look a little been thought i was looking for the book or the phone number when i spoke and i gave them, would you want him to give him the level? i said, we're not going even if he gets it will be to make it are going to make it i'm i thought it just really my general be the say no mental me to find out when they say they are people the whole you locate it go more in the in the game i will more might than with the vehicle more and more you look at it went to in
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a moment though your ego how do you know, daddy? no, i didn't know if you made the me or the meaning. no no, no, no the way i don't important. yeah, own upper so nice. i get to service. ready your car through thomas elliot. yup. control committed that. but when i came into the younger man, when do you mean contractor and headers? can you like are you non like i just see mckinnon. i got a put can on my panel. well, me up when you are last him in the, in the forecast. my ceiling still
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a hint logic when they come at us on the ship that week. i really don't know if that was gone. just don't bother me with that condition. i just, i wanna see what you yeah, which is my quarters as you can with that, especially when i pull up my last middle of my last in 15. okay. i'm okay. okay. what about up here? why am i looking to sell a sandal and a last name? b as in columbia? no. in this woman telling us some of them. i know and there's a business that they study, a person who can course we'll devise most info come with study person. can i read the story is to face me any time minus, curious,
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put on their way to the perfect. i mean, the noise is quite focused on in the concealed kitchen in may of the when you get all the school districts have me the on november the 27th 1989 and i'll be on the airlines plan exploded near boca tongue, killing all 107 people aboard gonzalez, father amongst them. i say that was a colombian presidential candidate and ask about sworn enemy, he had been shut up to be on that flight, but changed his mind at the last moment when my hand,
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if they come or put out, unless quite a they love to put on this so for the last part i had of i the m which would have been a k k. so if you look up, okay, my putting my hand fully, katherine law luck with us. you know, a few years ago gonzales funded a charity to commemorate the victims of that terror attack even left his job so that he could investigate the case which is still shrouded in mystery than the last se was and it happened if you went and says he now was income and nobody else was b input for l by ease. last i guess i'm be, was down or living. that is up with that i scream in this last pretty hand is up with you guys in which was, if you encounter alert of the property, leper sized kogan, he saw him plenty ill, let him know you and kind of, you know, when we get, when the initial, but in the so to look, if you move
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a manifestation of those in continental us your day and particularly at most. okay . yeah. then you know, in a condensed spending this, by the way to lead into it that this is julio humans. i had the seat that you put a coat and have cat. okay. those pretty and me a couple pages for them to put me for k to me at. they have more just cause s k. then you know what? i would have them which science is database depreciate, but i me and contact info page pairing and found introducing and found to, to a family when a new mother is going through that process yet there's certainly tremendous cause for great joy. but because it's an event that causes so many different changes,
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it's stressful at many levels. i don't think that comes right on police report. in december 2020 a group of and she finishes fill out a film crew access for 3 months. there's no like if people organization, it's an idea that must be opposed. it's channel out the gate route. they make their faces. but they can say what they believe and we believe in helping our community. we believe that fascism is one of the major threats to the united states as gotten driven. this is a chance to see who and teeth are really in order for me, my 1st amendment right and say that my life matter. i have to be onto the teacher that that's how we can't trust the police. we can't trust the government. we can't trust anyone except or so to protect ourselves in
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the meal, which is the daughter's asking you to present. thank you. and i mean yes me you could start seriously. i just figured, i mean, i hope that it went premier or the oldest me to get around. we do to cement the and that just because i'm in now, you know, which is you can kind of by the way to just know you that some of the means descriptors for me. for me i have 3 that you start on you to colorado. so those are, you know, i'm in the most, out of there a quarter of joining colombia, blue tunnel, especially in the republic i, columbia, locker room younger is not going to be was we will, if i just went by way. of course the in class of political columbia, so not he will not class a politic okay. i said on monday is no no la hand this time my mother there still
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might be to me said, i'll just get all of the sudden i've not seen this thing. i see on the royal this me why what a chuckle. i am ticket amy, port numbers you, you can only think of, may feel the thought it those are says, sharply gotten, gabriella. so the idea of columbia gets all wound up all of us yet. it separately, she's going to go, we're not going to be under a column she owns in columbia, and of course have the locals no course where there's already how do i get a basketball budget that you may do that? i'm out here me after uploading it to another political manifesto. popeye takes us into the mountain to see an unusual prison. he spent about 2 years with pablo escobar in the early nineties. the most was just wanting to visit
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with our thing going on when not visiting the prison alone to live because are going with us at the last minute pop. i decided we needed bodyguards and i can send you the check was for okay. i can get it done that they can find out so i'm going meals that you can find on get ok so marcy and another song there's one in there's portfolio stairs. dodie. do it on financial care. show me me nice. but you know sanker session versus because one document the list of this, but on a job for them with the moon to 91. pablo escobar made a deal with the colombian government, his expedition to the usa with a nose and in return,
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escobar stopped. his reign of terror and went to prison one, he built himself under the same agreement, no police or government sheets are allowed within 3 kilometers of the premises. the ica for india was to look on the counter forward. as far as the web, within photos i m b yard is be bone. he not sure how could you said you're not as issue enough. i guess how it comes up and i want you to call me monday one and will get back to me like okay, and any idea how much i get to the info now? yeah. talk to get on my estate. i sent you another car at the ltd. save money. how long is the week? okay, not yellowstone, you know, the north america e o u n. d, as in nancy, and i don't know if it'll be nice. yeah,
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not then when you go get money, how really he'll give me in just a funny this had a couple k m on why that, that i mean, you know, the palace gaudy loony clinician moment. look at the latest that i guess what you want. and they went in here just ended up essential partner necka, a kid which i was i could be more than i could carry. i was actually a company can actually have a lot of political la mancha interest. i caution my most of the social problem. you just go out to, you know, to start working on some eagles. yep. when there's. busy when i'm going to set you up with the i guess i can put my see on it or no, but i'm was wondering whether or not you know me. yes. but then you know, how much do you particularly with i'm one of these. what i'm would like obviously
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this this whether this what it is, i will ask him, i won't. ok, just come if you're not running a mafia. gala that i see on yes. are those i see not the deal, but i can go we are going to be near like i just forgot i'm a is how i don't know passion to go. we haven't got it the limited but i the but i me the most he'll. busy make the money kind of limited in a few of them when not the in cars and few how many try and yes, there's a lesson, so there isn't, don't says dollars on us. and i was curious if the ad cindy gonzalez has been looking for a part of the school. they put page it almost in your head. i know that i
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think we finally got a piece for though. let me just see where we have kelly kelly, kale. they looked at the, one of the qualified enough to, to, by the get that is case, but ok, normally what came, which is what's on the or india us kill india, saunders, our little agreement or india and do it. that was hello michael. my name is marla. caught me in the, in the i know i get with you earlier in the elk omega, there's only a general can you know you're going to think over you think well i think it was like how many people going to bed which is about you don't have to pay
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for that what, what i pretty middle civic and i don't know. i have a lindsey, my name is jan. this is kayla star. can you spell that out? i yeah. i mean you guys had, you know that you're going to love them. yeah. you know, you know, younger now, you know, took it as a contact. i have a meeting at noon the, like i said, you can, can even though you know, yeah, can we put on as i said, if you can get used by them. i really like, i feel like i'm looking into his vision is i just stood. i was not that content media percent of the those course will be look at the in the upper right hand corner of the quote for the economy to get. i mean, those handle it or the like at the thursday when. okay, so you just don't want to feel, you know,
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you said to me without getting worse without saying when i didn't know how to do that. you know, he could have put a low, but i mean, i can say danica was kind of guess the honest that for me, i guess, you know, i mean, i'm only off the nautical company with everybody know what the oh and the perfect but you know, you can you know couple, maybe some physical authentic yesterday i didn't know so. yeah. i mean it was ok. well i mean tell me go, they can get you. ok. you meant the end. it will stay for k for k one, the one up as when i go into the room isn't a wicked witch. there's one big thing you can go home, i do look and the money is you only going to look up a 1000000. so say yet again the b b m. but i think that unless you're not as good as possible, you know, can you tell me about the manager, you know,
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because you didn't typically take it up. i just that again, i just didn't come, you know, okay, i was just hey, i mean, i mean we see them and they go, those are things he's and then was him and then was that look with the body of them . but another focus, there's something we might, what are some of the visual people get with people going up as i can go into the information which can go by there. okay. and those anti cap i so i will find out what was your number. so i didn't know what the code is that gonna be sending one? yes. yes. yes. perfect. i'll let them all makella. mamma's them
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color yellow and low. so they, they put bay be a number one that k, i mean, they know she, anthony, when people out to me and to put in the cultural columbia. and mostly, and sending one people a lot for a lot cannot as well to put in for me, get it in the to get up ways and they look as if he got better, they don't problem yet. and this isn't view clear. okay. mm. so what i'm telling you when they started until august is look like you said, okay, i know that i put on that they kind of limited in there to, to put a good implement this idea. and when they like, oh my god for that can answer that area and company lead. okay, so i can see of course of this with, i'm not looking into this did
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i get up early? like, you know, there was, i mean i was on the job that are pretty minimal and then i mean, well not that, i mean you can call me on a bus on until the last time i tell you is i guess if i do not see molly i let them, i will not relevant the book it up and getting like options for just a little bigger than the muslim in or seem grand you there is just how it does. it just makes you and i'll probably let me go believe we should get him. i thought is really my value for being johnson. then contact me on my tommy, you're not going to, you know, you don't want that. he was in my leisure, but just wearing that, as i knew that it measures in a way better ability. so if you have a mac or no one's got available,
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we'll see this in the there's a casa authentic and moral hazard. and that is that if you constantly bail out the worst factors in the economy, they will act with morality. and so the fact is they've got moral hazard steroids. they're rewarding the worst factors who are doing things like info and stealing hundreds of $1000000000.00. some people and just drawing their own country and
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trees. and the fact i argue with me go ahead, try the more on mark, raise of indigenous children or phone didn't college on the grounds of a former catholic schools, bringing the total to over a 1000 people. it prompted the prime minister to off pope frances make amends to the community. i really hope that this time it will lead towards the pope coming onto the canadian soil an apology and apologising directly highly infectious delta. a strain of cobit plunges, rush into a new wave up upon demick, moscow mix proof of bucks a nation to our codes and mandatory to be able to get into restaurants, tubs, and help her mom in the capital, puts the systems to the.


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