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identify the threats that we have. it's crazy plantation, let it be an arms race is often very dramatic. development only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful. a very critical time. time to sit down and talk the the, the hydro i lost his bus because i just got the radio resources you know, call me 4 pm on my cell, my. those inputting went up as soon as the loaner go to your home. i think when i went to india, went to really tell you a story now says you know what, it was,
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you know, same. i pulled up. i got my almost what i'm already put over, spit up. i read me just go read people decide a loss from all that if you don't know what those think was, he said he was on this guy will be in because i received those care. yeah. where scale area and how will today would my thought it was less if you could just present? yes, it was to be in the thing i was calling quincy us in the nice is quite focused on in the gorgeous it. i mean, for jimmy bonus go out, we were talking about that. i mean by that, anybody recommend you never know? model me
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i use in the eighty's medicine and was considered one of the most climb written locations in the whole world. it was here that drug, lord pablo escobar, read the infamous cartel going, made millions of dollars selling cane, and his leader killed anyone who stood in his way. even though the cartel was responsible for thousands of death. kepler's remains a popular figure among the country, floors. people in some parts of the city, he was even known as columbia robin hood. ah, madeline is also a home to a close friend of basketball. they call him papa. he confessed to murdering $250.00 people and organizing 2 and a half hours and killing the prince 23 years in jail for the crime. the pop by hasn't become an outcast in the city where he wants to know on the country. he's
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very popular styling himself as a blogger, and political activist. we came to maryland to meet him to try and understand this colombian paradox. why he is treated like a super so i must admit, i was very nervous before on the interview today. hopefully messing with yo that you're the sort of really i got that that i'm you don't leave those send me pretty mad. leave it all the still you this can be doing, but i see on this to leave us a lot that let me, sorry, i live, let me just go out to the area. like you're going to click on this, you're going in. okay. and you said you're going to look like that. i'm meeting
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with him remotely. the physical and audio is incorrect. but if you're on soda is to leave the city of the hotel. what kind of waiting for you to give up? but it's in that, i'm a, what's that, what's up into it? i say this out. apple pages. yeah. i got that, that i got to this, i was going to stick out of 1030. i spent a life recompense here. see instead i, you know, more going to be nina, but i can have that up. i don't, it's not a competitor. let me put it back to me. so we can get out if i don't want to do it . but there i'm quite though, yes, it was a like, yeah, i mean, we'll not a gun. he says you could. you mean a little window? i have what in thought one is total. yeah. ok. me at the squatting please. yes, sienna, just going to present to put his schedule, but i need us to process it for us not to give a list or going to a policy unless you're not. you know, i'm, we are most li, mom we,
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when they don't use that goes through this order, which i mean, you feel this way. you don't think that we are we're not gonna come. i don't know if the new i mean i'm, i thought a month in the all i'm, you know, let them coming up with us. yeah. i know that i know you're up is on the can me and i'm, i thought it remember younger than me. another one of the thing when we go boy don't commit preparing i 7, which is what is the unit that's part of the window at 30000000 of them in order. the big ok, you know, if i was caught up a pay you may, june for santa and moon, they're going to see and then we'll know for problem meter squad, video in the mid eighties. pablo escobar, cocaine empire, came under attack. the colombian government find
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a treaty with the united states that allowed local drug laws to be extradited to the usa, but they don't call back when they go to columbia. it's also news yellow. they're not sure this isn't by. i've been on you're starting up at a bit yet because i'm on my back i'm, i'm on month. i mean, this goes, the started my with yes, i think was probably gonna come out of the local to see on the 13th i think. okay. but i mean, the other thing i should be on the phone, you know then, or if you got me on your hands on how to ship this or not, i mean the pro look for her because probably ellis, this is for the managing ticket. i will put them on the phone with my husband to come in for most kind of june sheila finance and all. 2 you have
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to do to go for this vehicle from venice. talk to me once you've been a lot, you're out of the matter, but he doesn't mean i mean that kind of policy then. yeah. which is what? he's only got too much of them into a console, just bundle funds. yeah. john kieffer see something you fuddle as well. yeah. so we can get a lot of my vital box and what's the last one for you? no, not coming up. hopefully will not be for you. it's not cool. we're not going to let people in the emphasis. i'm in a couple because of the moment on the line. hello,
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i'm on your mazda franco today, cuz it'll tell you a quick agenda that i don't know, but you fail in vs. i want to print up a bill by that somebody fill up a bill, but i got them. i don't know if you gave me that, but if you got uploaded my, when i filled up, it'll have a pin. i meant and i missed full amount. i mean, no, but i really could. i'm looking to find out how you stand on the sun roof is how on the see the people up when i saw a vehicle of some other emphasis have you know that you're
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not familiar with that just to see if they've been in the country or you know, i mean, like i said earlier, how to train them interested in the, in the when i our local bike alone, this was the entities hung up. we can talk to you about this idea. so you don't always remain with us with us here. and it's not going was you and when it's close, eunice is, i'll go grandy, well, where am i that we carry with one of the phone, which i said it was hello. hello. when you can remember we're going to say that it was listening. you could okay. in your home page, there's nothing that i can feel to look into besides could i couldn't the month because confusing us. i don't know what i mean. i didn't feel mentally than my
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thoughts in my body. my thoughts as you can about when the 3rd isn't as you know, and i remember it was, i know if you're almost you'll see in talking with you in a lot of my work. so yes, be really thorough. it won't be in a lot more to be any less. it's all entirely. oh my goodness. i'm going to say, well, if you can't get better go now. i could think again we're here because you know, when we do each part when i'm on my own and if they go and i was going to be basically will it cost me to tell
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me why i don't know. and i'm like what i'm going to try to reach out to someone, but also i thought when i could almost well get there, you know, monday, can i get that? as i thought i can. i mean, i'm under again, if you can. i'm with the when working. yeah. yeah. yeah. got his crystal. i keep it. what other people are really he us assisting me because they don't get us going to school. i went be either louis i'm on the videos. yes. i've heard that the news
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the well we were getting ready for a trip to metal and we will warned that it was a place with just a dollar. might have anyone killed. we couldn't help but ask a pro about today's going rate. because he's going to know more, but we will think of this like i'm unit the middle of a very me the way i'm i thought of bilingual some others like about a thought. if i think come at us each be the game which he has. he will separate those when we are my i don't up as on unless i know your legend all in a don't. this has control it though they almost have already done this control. my phone up is when i when i, when dollar good day where it includes is mr raymond time to get their home. we do just
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when you want you to give us a call, am i gonna say, you know what, the hold up i can i call to lose you. i mean, if this is one that yes i list a me a call this so much. okay. i know somebody else in the me believe a secret provision somewhere around the corner, which is more in the dimension. marshall manos jalap eliquis thing. go in project or start in that hit the input. i not, of course, think of predictor started fairly quick already when medical, what can make or routine
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you know, then we mean, you know, we love us. you know, out of us, you know, give you, i said, we're not a guess. what am i the, and i, columbia, you're not alone. you know, where to go. we're still mighty, you know, c, m, i like you to columbia. i mean, why are you georgia? why do you notice, you know, maybe you should pay you this? where's more money? not you may miss stuff out of working or somebody could, they must, you know, nobody goes there. my house, marital, you know, can you, i mean, if you just look at the spot, so it, ok the i'm, i gave you in alina here, the in italy, i'm a new one. the jacqueline scope out, let me just quote, kilometers. so you can always cutting it, you don't see until up into whether it us going to, you know, be, as you get us country and you're not, then you know, you need to model the code and your simply means that, yeah, my thought a lot of problem you just gotta go in up. what is your website?
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i mean, honestly, i want you to call us, you know, things go but the, and, you know, yeah, i just want to go through. i'm john today. we don't about money laundering person to see this isn't a good start. well, we have our 3 banks all set up here. maybe something in europe, something in america, something overseas. in the cayman islands, you never know the banks are complicit in their club policy. we just have to give me a call. hey, i'm ready to do some serious laundry. okay, let's see how we did. well, we've got a nice luxury watch for max in for stacy. oh, beautiful jewelry. and how about like the automobile again for mag, you know, what, money laundering is highly regal. copier spots. having a found introducing and found to, to a family when
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a new mother is going through that process. yeah, there's certainly tremendous cause for great joy, but because it's in a bad that causes so many different changes. it's stressful at many levels. oh, is your media a reflection of reality? in a world transformed what will make you feel safe for? tyson lation community? are you going the right way or are you being that somewhere? direct? what is true? what is faith? in the world corrupted. you need to defend the so join us
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in the depths. will remain in the shallows ah, in the the, in the morning when it's a psychiatry say that papa is okay. i suppose it must be safe to ask him to demonstrate how used to torture and killed him. but he willingly agreed to our request with enthusiasm. to rel, i'm calling in adel got the, you know, i just got the input feel, be painted. people just are most random. yeah. so that it be us like it up. there's no knowledge or that there is going that they didn't talk with our car. you know, if you look at then at a you're going up or i guess the thing that i want you guys to put in
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a key it took that to the 55. so you know right. the point in bergen percy, if you're going to drop it to 2 times, it says, you know, you're not month one month. you know what you know pro vision on my back on. this is understate. like, obviously lucky you lucky but it says you don't get information on this, but i get but i will get the name. you are the big one. but what, what key, what the big keynote tom i go that way about our key. yeah. keynote. dennis, how about the on on the status look so selection. thank you. ok
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. 2 2 2 i just hung up as when i might hear mentally here so i just don't get it on your fingers, but the speed it to santo economy has increased. what are the, i want you to me, some eagles, you know, the reason that i work up because i didn't catch you on the weekends generally on him because he doesn't the same thing. go wisdom. no, it doesn't have to be. we'll get those speaking. how can i put him to me? i get a. 6 gauge on april, the middle, but i do, i am the mother of equal the guy you any my phone up is when i need to be released . unless you give me some, you know how you say you're not going to be counted to him or maria. you're looking at the scale. oh boy, for to go till you wait for a while. you put up on m r a c c. like ok. you know,
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you got news. i go when i copy anything cuz i am always interested courteous go. my kid is, i thought i thought window, you know, to propose, i guess i thought using what can i can tell you i'm it that kind of got me into your mouth or intelligent into, you know, you have been going to your list or anything like that. i guess the school up lucille tom, we should have had a meeting with both. how you doing good, how long feel are paid? oh no poor poor. can you come on a particle but i need to get him on, but i miss on up the phone up with football. men say confirmed me me a minute for you've done nothing over
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the man in our hands on my case. i will be coming up to help him that amount of money, the money, little things. okay. to tow the month on the bus in the giant pots like this, implement the killer father and they will not profit low. good at, i mean, on the cut, over to knuckle, mostly call them equal to mental ground that it took to mom, mom and i knew about becoming the eyes and then i hinted medical notes on the phone . they could email the little money out to me to come see it. i'll come in that is money our lives. and that is money to put up after 5 or you will because listen, i'm not supported, i mean, and people to the norm, if you can or kill me or yes you can take was that he had law law the bill. okay. my bus. so i'm hoping that the little bit
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more fingleton motiv mean in a little the group because i'm a little put character. i think that is one thing and we're going to just set up with a up up a little bit on a number. like i said, let me pull it up. what you got the paper. he'll look at the clock. we're going to hear. no, no, but we're still going to hear, you know, put them up like now we're looking obama and we'll give it to you about so hi. to alaska, when was your home okay, you want to put bridge. do you have you have a person that could ask you some others how come on guys for this?
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yeah, no, i love the fact i'm going to say, you know, man, to me, you're not in a figure out that always speak to that pulled up for this. yes. you can call us in a quarter of the policy. i guess i'm pretty bad. okay. if i'm at the tone when the point is yes. okay. when i get in this, give me just clarify that i get out of the limited budget you'll be able to hear and then gosh, had been to premier the constant learning call me. and then megan kato thought, like i said, we do a follow up with us. you'll come a member of the woman. what is 30, can you get a kid up and going to come up and be what are some people i think i think i think there's a doing that
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is okay. so when we the total, if i so i get when we do the full mama remote so we watch them up to my mom, but it's not difficult to the side of it. i was looking for them. i mean, i don't know if you could get some time to go up a little bit cuz i forgot to put him on my list. please give us a call i, sheila can and then also some of the look that up to where it messes up our lives over me that
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in the course of our lives, emphasize a lot of our my risk. i don't know. they're not going to stick with families. people come in to what they can look at. okay, what is a physical model? but i definitely will model that gives him we call it kind of let me get that going for them. i'll put them in the thought is killer them. i don't see any color on your 1st name. it gives you what i can look on. so they don't go through everything through the wilderness, go out is what you thought is circus. there's one other thing about just let me get my clerical over to get up with me to live my name. put him on the cloud,
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but i got a new job position but it opened up. you are very close so i'm on leave. my lease isn't going to be up at once. i mean, i just won't be thinking that could you let me come with him? i want to come off. what will be in your life? why didn't somebody a enormous build on to love with a lot of those 2 years, almost happy fancy plays. the almost could, could, people went out to see the told me ah,
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i mean, the lot we can think of, we went out and put your number line up. okay. i want you to be interested in this one only now weather and photo even though you are going to see me and what else, what do you like about those i've been so i've found somewhere to see i've been a legal for get him on my this i mean, i says, you know, to rose and not but he see on the level going out on the cause it will see that i'm at that i don't see that i'm not, i'm not cody for me. he play not solely for me, but he is. yeah. he's on the focus. a lot of yes, correct us with do in the middle jada in amigo. let me go put some legal
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funding on what this is coming in. oh, i like. which is you know what that real quick. you don't get a good year. i'm been in and, and like, i feel like which i think that was a presence guess when put it into the parents a guess the plastic you entered to when you you went on up when you a lot going on down this good. i mean, there's one minus when y'all were yellen. if then what did he me at them with later i imagine picking up a future textbook on the early years of the 21st century water, the chapters called gun violence school shootings, homelessness 1st, it was my job, then it was my name was my savings. i have nothing, i have nothing and it's not like i don't try. i live for resources,
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i look for jobs, i look for everything i can to make this pass. and all i end up doing is passing the road to the american dream, paved with dead refugees at this very idealized image of the older america, native americans look past the death that happen every single day. this is a modern history of the usa, america on our t. imac guys are more of my guys and financial survival. this is a hedge fund, is a device used by professional gal you ags to earn money. that's right. these hedge funds are completely not accountable. and we're just adding more more to them totally, the stabilize the global economy. you need to protect yourself and get informed. what caused me to do the
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headlines stories this our more on mark graves of indigenous children are phoned in canada on the grounds of a former come to the school, bringing the total to rescue others. and people had prompted the prime minister to ask for presses to make a message to the community. i really hope that this time it will lead towards hope coming onto the canadian soil and apology and apologizing directly. also as the highly infectious delta strain of cobra plunges, rush into a new wave of the fun damage moscow mix proof of bucks a nation q r code mandatory to be able to get into restaurant cafes and pod or money in the capital of the system especially inside a co.


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