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those are the columns of the rest of the building above it looks like some columns may have been compromised. so if the initial failure within the pool areas that might have caused those lower columns to then be more be compromised, they may be, have been impacted by corrosion. and we have a series of cascading failures that ultimately to most of that building down is terrible sight to see as well as how those guys work in there are going to be safe with the question marks are going over the remaining bit tonight. thank you for your time. norma tay, former president of the american society of civil engineers, is, can you hold tight in there? i'm professor at u williams. university. do the credit? thank you for your time. you're welcome. and that's what we're talking about. thank you for your time to. this is a watching. it's coming up now to 31 minutes past the hour. i
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the they think we're going on with that information at the so there's just a lot to let me put that on file. let me just go out to the throne. love with somebody myself where think you know that the me i still got these out those i can yes, i guess that i was not really. that's all. yeah. let me, let me ask you a hint that the window a be in in the, the, on the moon,
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the soon as possible. i can line up a milagros, did update, and play up the needle. i get in and out of my pocket there. let me see. let's go to can i call up and push it up for your convenience in our local kayla to abide by the throne. i give you any more money. why not? you don't like we can look at any course get into the local i with the public schools in which on my heels, me, i can, we're not my, my thought in columbia vocational fighting for me and me and my tell me some eagles, joy, my daughter tommy goes then we specialize in my time, which is best on us, getting her modesty them but i forgot where they are fully. already. i don't process up all, let me just go go. well, nurse was hoping to get her. maria is the 3rd who should log on
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me put a little throw me back when number just a boss here still. another myers during may. i mean, this will be a can reopen about the middle of the day, but i see team i got your right now my band with it and we will not. yeah, it will. yes, you just called us. but i'm not that i need don, but i got to nearly got there and you know when i got it up but i meant that we'll let you know what those are good for fun, fun fun in because i received korean galia. and this is how we'll have a we don't know gemma john pretty good. you know, for the middle she made for the renewal very jelly case where
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my wife reported to them and say none the lesser do not know you really know how to, how you, karen cotter and the i'm a 40 here if i don't talk more where no no, no, no, no. you're not going to be the solo on the on the report field for me when you get a chance to get a credit your may my he now i get a letter i'm getting ready to leave your may i help you guys
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were up there or something but i thought it book i gave one thing gave up the i get that mentally i get she the transport element here, but up i was going to give you your time. i thought it was your last name, but i still haven't gotten a printer or not. you know, my last quarter shouldn't be a lot better. no more yet. you may have some interest where the dollar the hit on the monitor dale, pardon me. 2 on the month spreading study. i me, i
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figured him, i know i've heard your mom mom dance with them and their own florida and kid alone human. let me bring up my shout. but are you willing to increase? i cannot remember them. i don't floaters. i your, me and yeah. are you in tomorrow for 2 years? have you any in your name your may after the he are one or less i'm interested or be about for yeah, i knew probably have a good response came was can ship and soda. and lucy,
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who's going to put him in it was for let, have what they had meant. i mean, he had a little bit too much to put him put a jewel where appropriate than it came. can you come in? i need deborah who know it look new not raises me. please hear me raymond, but one time. when which one i believe he'll be mister. pick on the phone as he said, no matter what you know. like i day i can see if they got a lot of time getting the money up in your pocket, but a lease up by 11 steel. i was the boarding. see my love super bright from number to remember what it had been a look and see what was his word.
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no. the book and know why we left a enough. you know to be me or spore. so me, me, companion, don't me put a face or in for thought, but i, me know, you're not a british. could a casey ah, [000:00:00;00] i forgot the mount. perform the same or can normally send the card you put into care will be located in the car. but that is when i
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make the, ma'am, which i'm, you know, in the study. in contrast, midlothian no hope you can it, i do pay to mattie, and those are the meals that i mean i will see on eco model. it will soon the american at the, unless there's no card you can make it a card, you know, for kevin says, you know, we're located in all looking on a ben thought i was looking for the phone number when i spoke and i get more time to get the level we're not going even if some of us here. yeah. again, i'm going to make you not going to make it i'm i thought it just really my general the mental mental but when they say they are people,
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you go more in the day about them. you know, it's not a game that will more than likely do that with the vehicle more and more. you look, if you went to a momento by your ego, how do you know that you know, i think that you made me are the meaning no, no, no, no, no, no way. i don't important. yeah. own up on a bus,
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i get to service because you think you're going to committed that they want me to put them in the human contractor and will head is can you like are you non like i did she make it and i got a put can on martin or on the up when you let him in the, in the case on my ceiling. him last when they come at us. so i was trying to ship it that week. i really because at the window i was calling about the condition. i just, i wanna see what you yeah, which is much cautious as you can with that, especially when other folks. that's one of my last middle of my last in 15. okay. i'm okay. okay. what about up here? why am i my whole gear
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or saelens handle and so they may be in the local to be in a moment to talk to some of them. i know in a business that they study a person who can go through you the praise. most info come with 30 percent. can i read like story is to face me just any time minus curious, put on their way to the perfect. i mean, you are. the kid is quite focused on in the field kitchen in the when you get all the squid was, this was house me. ah, me. the on november the 27th 1989 and young airlines plan exploded near bulger tongue,
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killing all 107 people aboard gonzalez, father amongst them. i say that was a colombian presidential candidate and ask about sworn enemy, he had been scheduled to be on that flight, but changed his mind at the last moment. that'd be in a plan. but i don't know if my hand, if they call me or put out unless quite a fantasy to put so on this. so for the last part i had of i the m which would have been a k k. so if you look up again my putting my hand fully, catherine will look like when you're a few years ago. gonzales funded a charity to commemorate the victims of that terror attack even left his job so that he could investigate the case which is still shrouded in mystery. so in the last 50 years and it happened to you, i went and says, you know,
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it was income and nobody else was being put l by ease. last i guess i'm be, was down or living. that is, that i scream in this last pretty hand is up with you guys in which was, if you encounter alert of the property, leper saw kogan, he saw plenty ill, let him in the car, the initial, when we get, when the initial, in the so to locate you move a manifest out of those in continental us or on day in particular here. most ok. it go yet then you know, in a condenser spending this by the way to lead and you at that this but this julio at that price you meant i had the heaters, you put a coat and they've got ok, dollars per unit in the me. but i may come probation for them to put i me for k, yet. they have more just cause s k. then you know what would happen? which signs?
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database. the police put me in contact info page. what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy foundation, let it be an arms race is often very dramatic. development. only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very political time. time to sit down and talk is something that costs right on police report and you all have in december 2020 a group of anti finishes. fill out a film crew access for 3 months. 3rd row, like if people, organization, it's an idea that must be opposed. it's channel out the game ground. they make their faces. but they can say what they believe and we believe in helping our community. we believe that fascism is one of the major threats to the united states
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as gotten group. and this is a chance to see who and teeth are really are in order for me to exercise my 1st amendment right and say that my life matter, i have to be onto the teeth that we can't trust the police. we can't trust the government. we can't trust anyone except or so to protect ourselves in the meal. send me what is the daughters i ask you to present. thank you and i mean yes. doesn't mean you can start serious today just, i mean, i hope that it is a premier of yours to get around. we do to cement the and that just because i'm in now, you know, which is you can kind of by the way to just do that. most of the means just keep
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those for me. for me, i favor 3. there is that on you to colorado, but those are lou lou, i'm in the most out of the quarter of june and columbia blue tunnel, especially in the republic i columbia like shown are stuck on the in the be was we look and i mean, they will if i just went by way, of course the in class, a political and vienna, so not us eat when i class a politic ok. i said on monday is no no. la hans is my motto there still might be to me said, i just gets all of a sudden you're not right. you seem to see you on the royal this. i mean why? what a channel you'd i am ticket, amy for. could you tell me the numbers you don't? you can probably think of may feel the thought it those are says, sharply gotten, gabriella. so the idea, columbia gets all wonderful originals yet. it supervision count. i'll go, we're not going to be shown in columbia, and of course have the locals,
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no corporate, where there's already a basketball budget that you may do that i'm up here. me after uploading it to another political manifesto. popeye takes us into the mountain to see an unusual prison. he spent about 2 years with pablo escobar in the early nineties. the most was just wanting to throw in some, you know, those are going on were not visiting the prison alone to live because are going with us at the last minute pop. i decided we needed body guards again. i said i can send you the check was for look for somebody i can look at it on that then i can find out. so i'm going meals
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that i have until you get ok. so marcy and another song, there's one in response only i thought the stairs do it, do it by no means nice. but, you know, thank especially because one document us this button for the millionaire with the moon to 91. pablo escobar made a deal with the colombian government. his expedition to the u. s. a was a no, and in return, escobar stopped his reign of terror and went to prison when he built himself. under the same agreement, no police or government troops are allowed within 3 kilometers of the premises. the ica for india. look, i'm not going to forward. as far as the web, within a photo, i am be yacht is be bone. he knows you had
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a guy come yeah. yeah. wow. could you say yes or not as to issue? not by just caution of the applicant. i'm going to proceed to the core. there are so i mean to muddy one and we'll get back to me. ok. and any other august time, once i get to the info now, yet if you want to get on my part that that got it. i sent you another dilemma. case a money. her luck is dummy coke. okay. not yellowstone, you know, the north america or india here. not as well. we are. no, it's still getting worse than when you going to go get money. how really? heels in general, how me in your 75. this had a copper k y that, that, i mean, you know, the ballast claudia, loony clinician moment. look at the latest that i can show you that they went in
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here, just ended up essential pattern which i was. i could be more, i could get re, i was actually what i'm wondering if somebody can actually have it or political, la mancha. i caught interest, i cautioned my most sure, the problem, you just go on, you know, start to get on. we're still coming up when there's, when i'm going to set you up and we've got the letters are coming from us, you know? but i was wondering whether we could not ship well, you know me, yes. but then you will have more footage of the particulars, but i'm one of the, what i'm going to like obviously this this is what it is i'm. let's get my most. okay. just come if you're not that are in a mafia. gala that i see on yes. are those i see not the deal, but i can go, we are going to be near a la carte. has got i'm a, is how i don't
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a passion to go get rid of the limited by the but i me the most he'll be kind of limited in a few of them will not the dental and because in few how, when you're trying this, there's a lot, and so you don't have time to send them was curious if the ad cindy moore has been looking for a part of the school out. they put page it you know, most of you. okay. i said, i know that i think we finally got it. thank you for that. so let me just see what we have. kelly kelly k 151 of the qualified enough personal policy to get that is case number is what came, which is what's on the or in the us kill india saunders once our little agreement
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or india. and that was hello. hello. hello, my name is marla. call me in the, in the i so, you know, i get something on the committee. there's only a general can, you know, you're going to think over you think, well, i think it's like that because there's like the book on it which is about, you know, what, i pretty middle civil connecticut that i know i have a this is going to start what can you send me on my mac out? i yeah. i mean, you know that you're going to love them. yeah. you know, you know,
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you know, you're not going to speed up a meeting at noon the, like i said, you can call me and let me know. yeah. can we put it? i said, if you can meet that it goes by them. i really like, i feel like i'm looking into his vision is i just stood. i was not going to see him for him to be on. those course will be, look at the in the him flores is going to the quote that i already got on the car. did they made you get, i mean those handle elect or the like at the thursday. i got my no. okay, so someone. okay. so when did you want us to feel, you know, you said to me without getting worse without saying when i didn't know how to do that, it's supposed to go up a little but i mean, i can say i was kind of guess the owner stuff for me, i guess, you know, i mean i'm only cough,
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dental records coming through with everybody know what the oh and the perfect can can you know, couple reminded me of the top physical, authentic, you know, so yeah. i mean, it was ok, well i'm tommy, go, that can get you. ok. who's there? when the, when up as when i go into the room, isn't a wicked, there's one big thing. you can go home. i do look and little bit tomatoes. you only be going to work up a 1000000. so say yet again, b, b, m, but as internet, you're not as good about those parts about, you know, can you tell me the manager, you know, because you didn't typically take it up. i just that again, i just think i'm you know, ok. ok, so hey, hey, i mean, i mean i get them and they go those who say and she's and then once you make that look with her body of them fight an apple focus. there's on them, we caught us off the minute, there's one people get people going up as and i could do any of them as work. okay,
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go ahead. okay. and if anything is going to happen, so i will find out what was your number. i didn't know what the court is. it will be attending one. yes. yes. yes. perfect. no. not a moment kayla. ma'am us them julia law. so they, they put bay b a winnipeg, one that k, i mean, they know she, anthony, when people are ripping me in to put in the coastal. i mean, the columbia and mostly anthony, when people, you know, put a lot of cannot as well,
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i'm going to put them in the system yet if they need to get up ways computer or the location, if you get better, they don't come in yet. and this isn't the view. okay, okay. so what i'm telling you when they look like you said, okay, no data on that. they can put, implement this are in the and when they might go much further. can answer that curia and company loot. okay. of course. so this was not looking up into me into this up or let me hope that i was on the job bri minimal. let me, mom. i thought, i mean you can call me or my son lost the signal whatever my telling you is, i guess if i didn't see molly, i love them. i'm not relevant to look it up and getting like, well,
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just call me like it's in the muscle manos see growing you. there is just how it doesn't just tell you that. sure. no problem. let me go get him. i thought it's merely my for being guns. i'm going to me i'm, i mean, you're not going to those. yeah. you don't want that. he was at my leisure, but just wearing it as i knew that it measures in a way to go back to the chevy mac or when
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they got available. we'll see there's an opportunity. oh, i use when i was shot the wrong one. all just don't the road. yes. to see out the thing becomes the african and engagement equal betrayal. when so many find themselves well the part we choose to look for common ground in pairing and found introducing and found to to a family. when a new mother is going through that process. yeah, certainly tremendous cause for great joy,
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but because it's an event that causes so many different changes. it's stressful at many levels. ah, learning tonight more unmarked graves have indigenous children are found in canada on the grounds. before me, a catholic runs school, bringing the total over a 1000. this prompted the prime minister, not as pope frances to make amends to the community. i really hope that this time it will lead towards the hope coming onto the canadian soil and apologizing apologizing directly elsewhere as a highly infectious delta strain of coded plunges russia to a new wave of the panoramic. moscow makes proof of vaccination q, r code mandatory to be able to get people into restaurants and cafes. amount in the capital puts the system to the test and by officially inside


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