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we can't trust anyone except ourselves to protect ourselves in it says they more unmarked graves, have indigenous children are found in canada on the grounds of a former catholic school for a total of 2 over a 1000. it's prompted the prime minister to, to ask pope francis to make amends to the community. i really hope that this time it will lead towards hope coming onto the canadian soil and apologizing apologizing directly. elsewhere as a highly infectious delta strain of coven plunges, rush into a new way for the pandemic. moscow makes proof of vaccination q r code mandatory to be able to get people in the restroom, some cafes amount of the capital. put the thing to the test bind that's officially inside a coded free. so i can get rid of the mask. the cultural is going
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full, go away, is that condemn express traditional french delicacies from the get the cheeses racist, but parisians beg to differ it's. it's a very sod from i think we can eat or whatever you want. it is not racist. it's looking for a problem that doesn't exist. ah, they were good afternoon for moscow. is kevin over here at r t h q with this. our thanks for checking in 1st and who sat these has been yet another gruesome discovery in canada, a 182 unmarked indigenous graves have been found close to a former catholic school in the province of british columbia. is probably the prime minister. now. it was po from says to make amends over the church is historic role in the forced assimilation of the community. the discoveries of mark july, the 1st celebrations kind of the day mark in the day when kind of became
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a country. oh i i should say good piece of news that they were going to be meetings with indigenous leaders with his holiness. there have been meetings in the past with hopes i really hope that this time it will lead towards this hope coming onto the canadian soil. an apology apologizing directly for the responsibility that the catholic church shares in this part of our history. ah,
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you learn not trying to just get harder. and yet you learn to shut down. ah, it was a genocide and you look at the whole point of the residential school was to take the indian out of the indian to get rid of our language, get rid of our culture and children died and it's being come. it's coming out now and, but my answer to that is, we are still here. we are practicing language. we practice our culture. so did not kill us, but we are coming back. every 1st nation person is feeling the impact of the residential schools. i had my grandmother attended, my grandfather attended thankfully my mother didn't have to attend, but she still feels the impacts on it. on
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a daily basis. reconciliation commission had 94 calls, the action that have not been actioned to date in the you know, many years ago. i'm hoping can, we'll take the initiative and start looking at those seriously. and, and then start working with 1st nations and just be, be there. we, we need them to be there. while there's mounting anger among the country's indigenous community at the catholic church, now at least 6 churches across western canada recently been badly damaged or destroyed. police treat files is suspicious. they say could be arson. ortiz caleb openings got more of the story. now this comes on the heels of a number of discoveries of unmarked graves, near the wretched residential schools operated by the roman catholic church, where indigenous children were forced to attend. at this point, we can recall that there was back in may 751 bodies that were discovered unmarked, grave sites. and that was in the sketch. one there was another site on earth. dined
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with 215 bodies, the latest having a 182 unmarked graves. these are surrounding the residential schools. as details continue to emerge about what went on at these facilities and a lot of anger is rising. now there have been for roman catholic churches located in indigenous areas of british columbia that have recently been burned. there have been some other church burnings in other parts of the country as anger is clearly rising as revelations about these residential schools for indigenous children. continue to surface. ah ah, we now have the prime minister of canada coming forward and calling on the roman catholic church to take responsibility for the horrendous things that are being
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revealed. certainly an ugly chapter and candidate history indigenous kind of sort of former residential school students since he had the job they told us about her. we're trying to identify margrave's, re started work on our, on mark rates in 2018. at that time he uncovers the identified $35.00 of them, which means we, we didn't do our whole area. we only did a portion of it. so we expect that there will be more in our areas to extremely project that we have identified these grades. but our elders have cried our people have cry, and we need to know where all these children are very, i'm expecting generation residential schools get into. i attended in the eighty's myself. we couldn't follow our own religions, we couldn't speak our language. we couldn't do our traditional ceremonies or you would be beaten, you would be beaten or thrown in jail,
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and that's where i come from. and i think every 1st asian person would say that that wasn't right. and how many of us died because the 1st, you know, right news next most goes won't be a major re vaccination campaign today, with a highly contagious delta strain, a coven dominating you infections. boosted jobs were initially meant to be annually . but given the current intensity of the pandemic, doctors now revising a fresh show every 6 months. most goes mer, saying both the sputnik v and it's light very and suitable. the capitals boost the job drive comes as delta strain, infection surge nationwide. the countries receive south of the countries a case load is more than doubled in recent weeks peaking at 23000 daily infections in moscow figure on the same day, moscow registering more than 7000. the searches prompted the city to introduce the system know of q r codes to try and get a handle on it,
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which grant access to certain places to qualify. you need to be the vaccinated to have anti bodies or to be able to present a negative p c r test. there's no more than 3 days old parties. constantly rose kaufman, put his q r code to the test for us in the city. this is my q r code, something party goers now can't live without in moscow since this has become one of the only way to get into a restaurant or bar here. so i decided to investigate how the system works and whether it actually does it all. so let's now go to a couple of places here together. we started off with one of the most popular place in my neighborhood. it usually has lots of customers all day long. i also brought my son along. he hasn't been vaccinated and he hasn't had cobra. so he doesn't have a q r code. so we're going to be, this is going to be the problem. there was a line outside to find out what's going on. so i think i
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got a little bit of work in new york. what hold on for them? well, it turned out my local fast food restaurant was serving, take away orders only knowing door dining was allowed regardless of vaccination status. when you go, when you have a value for your for them, and you said berkeley, not every restaurant in moscow was able to organize q r code scanning in time. anyway, there was another place across the street. we decided to check out. i was more than a minor for them this time the staff did have the necessary equipment, which is just a regular smartphone by the way. but there's something weird happened. mike, you are code didn't work. the i had to go
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to a government website, download the q r code again, and it finally worked. but then something else came up. in moscow, you need to show your vaccination certificate along with an id. i had a desperate on me, but my wife had only a drivers license. even though having a passport is not a rule. we were denied indoors service. they only let us sit outside on a terrace. bottom line is that we were denied to dining at the 2nd place this morning. so i'm going to keep looking for the right spot. and finally, we managed to get through the at this turkish restaurant, everything went on without a hitch. they also let our 8 year old unvaccinated kid in as we were told young children are allowed inside if their parents have valid q
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r codes. that's fishery inside a coal that free. i can't get rid of the mask. yes, once you're inside your back to the free coven era, no masks or social distance are required. as you can see, re did there to, i think that we are the only customers at the moment. i don't, there are 2 more people out there. but otherwise, it's pretty empty for vaccinated customers. the immediate benefits are quite obvious. now, there are always plenty of tables available and you can enjoy waiters this undivided attention for reference owners. though things might not look as to the fact that this system has been introduced across moscow. so people accepted the come prepared and even say that they have a cure code straight away. but at the same time it's summer now and they still prefer to relax on the veranda. the fact that we have some are verandas helps. of
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course, i guess without cure code can see there. but it's too early to talk about how many customers we've lost because of this policy. we have to wait and see what it shows on the. so this is apparently something both citizens and restaurants will have to become used to least wild cove. it is still raging, and even though a couple of months ago, people were extremely skeptical about getting the job. in the past couple of weeks, moscow authorities received more than 80000 vaccination request a de fuel the hopes that one day moscow will eventually escape from cove. its loss . custody raska r t from moscow. best laid plans. while the data strain, the delta rather strain spread over 90 countries in from the cause of 20 percent of new cases over the u. k, it's almost 100 percent now. he's supposed to david in the borrow, the world health organization, special envoy, covert about just to try to manage the risk of the virus.
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we call b 100 percent. certain the vaccine use that we have at the moment will protect us against all possible versions of this virus. so therefore, we should be accepting the vaccines will reduce our risk of getting covered quite nicely, actually box. they're not going to guarantee. and therefore, what we're saying is huge vaccines as part of your control effort. but also why not just keep going with the physical distances, the one me to rule? why not keep going with ma squaring? why not keep going with really good hygiene? why not keep going with isolation when you're sick? why not keep going with protecting elderly people and those who got other diseases potentially with the vaccines because they are really good protected?
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if there is the perception conveyed to the population of any country that basically we're all going to say we're going to break a freight break free and we're not going to be troubled by the virus. and there's no turning back. it's a bit of a hostage to fortune. just suppose these fires takes advantage of the freedom day and really spreads an awful lot and you end up with their situation of a lot of sickness and considerable debt plus distress. and if somebody is running a hotel or running an airline, no running an airport or running a festival, if day, you can have quick tests at the entrance and then quick daily, checkups will test again for participants go, it would make such a difference. so yes, i'm super keen on frequent, reliable, inexpensive text,
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it just to them talks any regret and it doesn't exist. and then the big picture too, while here most grew thirties are trying to encourage citizens to get an okay. like it was torn countries, also the group of the ponds. i mean, like everyone else struggling to get access to get these vaccines out, people the later in the program ahead of the red cross moscow telling us about the charities mission to try to get rushes footnote reach up to conflicts of saying that she over when it comes to cuisine, each nation and culture of both their own cause. but now i kid that makes, have singled out the french for indulging in food. so the supposedly racist is left a bad taste in the mouth of gomez and chefs. a charlotte do bands, he explains, i get why fi, so she's a perfect ingredient for a french connect, but be careful traveling down on these as i could see labels as a racist, condoning white privilege. french food ways are shaped by white, middle,
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and upper class norms. why christian norms are considered a default? much like whiteness itself is often construed as a neutral non racial identity. i. 2 mean about food white, a seminar, presenting to region and go all one. you thought that france was a country with a diverse range of food given the soils is cheeses. it's meats of all kinds. it's cauliflower from brittany and it's melanie from terrace gone. well, no. your kitchen is to blame, and tonight you have to bend in the, in your kitchen, rip off your apron and beat yourself with a whip. i love france is the country that welcomes me as a young refugee 40 years ago. i love it because it is here, sir, it's literature and i'm sorry to read. see, and hear such nonsense. it's hard to imagine how food like the course or even the forget could be consumed as races. but then what do i know?
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why racist? what is the link between i do not see the link between races, amanda and the food. we me, she said it is not racist in france, developed caution, suggest as their customs in mog web in all countries. they're different and it's normal. it's french culture. i don't understand where the problem then all your food is eaten by black people, white people, the chinese indians. italians is the same for everyone. isn't this logic? i could call you a races because your shirt is blue and i have blue eyes. it's looking for a problem that doesn't exist. meanwhile, feel we're university which hell the seminar has also criticism for allowing it to pay to play. the racialist of young bo invent foot whiteness french cuisine is said to be races and contribute to white supremacy. but what is stopping us from cutting all subsidies to this researchers to ensure that our traditions are expected. i'm
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sorry to hear that this school i graduated from, which was once open and excellent. now teaches nativist racialist and totally delusional theories. university has self proven coping. coleman. it's not the 1st time that discussions around food chords, traverse c. we'll see forces inferior minutes admitted to make sure that it has been shocked to walk into a supermarket and seen, i live foods to one community. in my opinion, does how humans you start to form. it's simply calling on ceos to understand that they can contribute to public peace, undefined, again separatism from not justin fraud. that the issue is giving people plenty to come from approved creation of food, even threatening, exist only for toys to
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raise some question, including whether eating for food could or should be on the appropriation list, whether any of us can find out being branded racist. but simply getting chinese indian was from my point of view, it's very sad because well, what is the best thing about chill, chill appropriation anyway? it means that you have like the sense of another culture, no spoken from. i think you can eat or whatever you want. it's our choice. if we like foreign food, no one can stop us from eating it. it's a smoker. talking from the most of the time when we go to a chinese or japanese restaurant, way even served by people from those countries. it's normal, especially in the multicultural society. we must be open to all types of cultures. i think that if it is done with respect, there should be no problem. this is our international thanks for checking in today
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when we visited this. see now for the break, the number of dead now in the massive miami apartment blog collapse has risen to 18 . neighboring homes could also be in risk to is the latest for it will bring you up to speed up the break. ah, having and trying to introducing a town to to a family when a new mother is going through that process. yet there's certainly tremendous cause for great joy, but because it's an event that cause so many different changes. it's stressful at many levels. ah
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ah, me the the me ah, i can rescue workers in miami of recovered 18 bodies now including 2 children from the sight of that collapse residential building. $147.00 that was still missing off the chaplain towers. south complex came down a week ago. and fears are growing more buildings in the area could be compromised
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to the search and rescue operations consuming around the clock, but may be home put by a tropical storm on top of everything else. approach again from the atlantic, a fire that broke out under the rebel also slowed initial rescue efforts. engineers raise the alarm 3 years ago, apparently about major structural damage at that apartment block recommending mass repairs be carried out. to john hardy's got the latest. there been a number of red flags and a number of warning signs, and what we're hearing is certainly, you know, the earl structural deficiency struggle structural degradation, including some of the supporting columns in the foundation of the building, the champlain towers and south building behind me that were basically cracking that were essentially just integrating that were corroding because of the salt air. and just over time, this building was built in 1981. and since then, specifically, as noted by the structural engineers report in 2018 or a number of concerning problems, the question is, why weren't they taken care of? there was
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a 40 year re certification process that was underway. there was roof repair work that was underway and the price tag for all of these things was in excess of $1516000000.00. so you know, a big question mark there as this investigation continues. it's really in its infancy, the beginning stages, along with the ongoing investigation and what causes collapse. of course, as you can imagine, investigate or structural engineers inspectors are pouring over all the other buildings in this area, including the other champlain towers, champlain towers, east, and champlain towers north. now, earlier we did go over that area, please see have a lot of the area or not, but i spoke with several residents, including one resident who wanted to talk off camera. he's a resident champlain towers, east. it was built in 1994 and he said at least quote, close to a dozen engineers and inspectors have been there throughout the last week. he said they've been given a big, quote unquote thumbs up, that he see no reason to leave. others have voluntarily let they're staying with family friends or been put up by various charitable organization. so these
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buildings are being looked at very closely. obviously the rules, the regulations and certainly the pass inspections of this building are all coming into play at this point. and just to give you an idea, i'm not sure if we can see this, but maybe andrea can push. and so what you're seeing is the front portion of the champlain towers of south parts, the parts the didn't collapse on the other side for the cranes or that's where it pancake the 12 stories. but to show you how quickly people were rescued literally off their balconies. some of those balcony doors remain open. that's been the case now over the past week. and when the storms come through, it's been the case just about every day. and you can see the blinds basically blowing in the way. and so certainly the search effort does continue. the governor said, no one is going to be left behind, but obviously as the decimal increases, it is certainly a grim reminder of the catastrophe about a career. now, a week ago, severe arnold tiling told us why structural engineers may sometimes be hesitant though to highlight problems of buildings. 11 of the problems with the american
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system people are always fearful guy from the engineers carrying out a want to value all the properties, traits with a declaration the property may need to actually pay for should be can to rates and work to be carried out because they would face a cloth section, no doubt. my personal feeling is a lot of the structures from lee, 506072 roy, particularly with cold rates in america. you know, he would have saved the lives of the people. they moved to house the red cross says it's willing to deliver supplies of rushes. sputnik ve job to conflict zones around the world. so that's contention. told the approval of local authorities,
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says the charities president, there are some 35 conflict zones around the world where the red cross is strengthening the health systems by working with government to combat the pandemic . of course, we're exploring the possibility of supplying those regions with the vaccines. we will deliver sputnik v or any other vaccine approved by the authorities in a specific context if they're available. it's been estimated that in conflicts at low income countries, 9 or 10 people are unlikely to get a shot this year, while highest conflict rate regions may not reach mass vaccination till 2023. he went to terry organizations have recently been highlighting them the problem of global vaccine inequality. we discussed it at length, the head of the red cross regional delegation here in moscow. i says he is in gauging with many states to ensure and support what we call equitable access to vaccine. what we do is bringing into the attention of
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those decision makers or the ones who are drawing up national immunization programs to include everybody in this. the recognition programs as a organization working mostly in conflict affected songs we are discussing with our partners and government ensuring the access to people, particularly in complex patients. those people living in areas particularly difficult to reach there is a global semi shortage to that accent. what we hear a lot about nations trying to hold directions, of course, given the prior to for the nation, how to score the completion data in charge of responsible for i can share with you that the already in more than 10 countries will colleagues, i've been involved in national reaction or supporting the national recognition pro,
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programs in ensuring the delivery of actions to those most attractive and most vulnerable people. 6 years behind bars. that's the sentence handed down into a woman in the netherlands who was charged with spreading islamic state propaganda . the 32 year old who said further, identity was not being revealed, distributed a large amount of the terror groups propaganda. the telegraph messaging up in 2019 among the crimes. the court found she didn't cited people to commit terror acts and trained to self and others to make bomb vests the sentences double. but the prosecutors had been demanding which the judges date was far too low. defendant will also have to receive compulsory psychological tree. the woman also shed 2 videos in which prisoners of war were brutally murdered. she has provided one of those figures with our own humiliating commentary. by doing so, she abused the personal dignity of the deceased people, and that is
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a war crime. dr. david low as senior research fellow leads beckett, university law school who specializes in terrorism and security studies. explain the ways i still get this message across to people. mostly there was the inside of chaos chosen talks, but there's encouragement to make him devise explosive devices. which with the suicide best, as well as encouragement to finance. i think live the court looked at those 3 years if you just want to. and so from the 3 having resulted in doubling the sentence the prosecutors wanted. i think if you look at slide guy, so really group in particular has been the most successful in it's how, how is being able to use multi media from social media, its own website, its own production of videos. it's all production of online magazine, how it communicated. i certainly impacted all of the terrorist organizations and
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not just those room is based like, i'll tell you that. so the way to do is obviously, you know, like for this offensive is on telegram you've seen go into more deeply encrypted sites on that. but you know, it's a hard thing to stop it altogether. what i think states can do is count that nodes have come out with another count and narrative that they come out with. and i think that's the best way forward. that's what we're talking about. so father says you'll find so much more from us as well to colorado and social media, get involved with conversation, why not? so it's good to hear from you. it's past the hour. i'm back with more and just about 29 and when it's time and can i kevin oh, in signing off have a good day. mm. mm. imagine picking up a future textbook on the early years of the 20.


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