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tv   Boom Bust  RT  June 30, 2021 8:30am-9:01am EDT

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using their original names, customs and languages, and were forcibly assimilated into society where the canadian prime minister calls the graves a shameful reminder of systemic racism and encourage the country to learn from past mistakes. hope francis said he was pained by the discovery and cold for the rights and cultures. be indigenous peoples to be respected. but indigenous activist laura, a williams says a canada still has an awful long way to go to still stamp out discrimination with this information as well. there's a lot of angry for 1st time the world is actually being made, but actually accepting and acknowledging it. and there's still a lot of people who aren't accepting it. who aren't you? i think what needs to be done is not indigenous. people need to stop being racers, beverly we dropping race. is that what needs to be done?
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our people have done a lot of healing our work around is trauma doing this for, for awhile. we knew she was going to happen at some point. we've always known that those children for their we've always known then genocide, non indigenous people. they need to do their work because they're the ones who are causing harm to, you know, to this day, the genocide still happening in different forms is what some of the survivors have to say about that time at one of the school. 2 8 so. 8 8 i. 8 8 did today and fear was that it wasn't you today that was going to be the target, the victim. you know, you weren't going to have to sort of anything humiliation. you learn not crying.
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you just get harder. and yet you learn to shut down. ah, i couldn't talk a word of english. i talked creek and i was abused for that hit and made to try to talk english. i lost my language, threatened with the strapping you spoke it. within a year, i lost all of it. 8 i ah, i used to him, i ill drunk trying. 2 to principle, to take him to the hospital, he didn't, after about 2 weeks, my brother was in so much pain. he was going out his mind. i pleaded with the principal for days to take him to the doctor. ah, they started to actually take advantage of me and abuse me, not one, not too many, many people for a very long time until i was 16. i held everything in and didn't tell anybody for
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20 years. july, the 1st will mark annual canada day, but the country's indigenous community is calling for the festivities to be cancelled. they say there's nothing to celebrate. and they want canada day to be an occasion to reflect on the real history of canada ortiz alex mahalo, which takes a closer look july 1st is canada's birthday. the annual event is usually celebrated with family barbecues and fireworks like these. however, with fresh revelations about the country's history of abuse towards its native population. this year, many canadians are pushing for the party to be cancelled the. this was a crime against humanity. an assault on the 1st on 1st nation people, we are proud people, the only crime we ever committed as children was being born indigenous just weeks
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ago, it was announced that a mass grave was found with the remains of $215.00 native children in kamloops british columbia, which used to be the largest residential school in canada. more recently, another 751 unmarked graves, were discovered at a cemetery near another residential school in the province of saskatchewan. some believe that up to $6000.00 indigenous children died at the schools most often due to disease, abuse and neglect. the government endorsed and funded the $130.00 residential schools which once stood across the nation. they were operated primarily by the catholic, anglican, and protestant churches from the 1800s on 100 and 50001st nations. children passed through the system which was built to assimilate, need of children into canadian society. forcing them to convert to christianity while not allowing them to speak their native languages. the last school closed in 1996 in 2015 canada's truth and reconciliation commission concluded the country's federal government committed cultural genocide through that system already. there
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are plans for marches across canada and flags from coast to coast will. sorry for jumping in quickly and interrupting the program straight back now to the russian president, his annual q and a. and let's listen to what mister putin has to say of the people. so it's an order going to do for an acceptable and law enforcement to do as me all the tools they have to stop such things from happening to me most co axis to can't face and dress hasn't been only through using q r code police know about this in the are going to suck t mobile. now let's go back to the vaccination, but from a different angle and your question police, could you please deliver vaccines to they don't, that's going to come in your response republics locked in the you know, i think about 90000 backs in we have already supplied very so yes,
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i heard you and we're going to supply the lever even more. wish mr. president, we have been alive for over 3 hours. sure. issue with from one longer. let's go to sure. the question. sure. short term, if you do you mind paying, do you still speak for languages and if you do, what are your main mistakes? why did you speak to your mom? for example, problem i make mistakes. it's not my native calling about know that but but, but kathy, i think that's the biggest problem. it's like with the musical instrument. you should practice every day to keep a certain level. unfortunately, i didn't have this opportunity for us on that. so, but capillary. so we did the hearing and what about english? same goes for english, even worth shipping from the point which, which of your school teachers do you remember baffled. we had marches old from the
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1st grade to 4th grade. she was a very kind person. i remember her very well, good, huge and good added choice, move from the people to 8th grade, and i still talk to her from time to time, the nauseous that i mean we should say, what's time in the history of a country you do think was the best time for russia, did you the we had a lot of really good periods in russia a few times before the peter, the great peter, the great, thank you and peter, the great time for me who implemented such large scale reforms changes in the country over the summer and catherine the great has made the country bigger. right. you and i'll exaggerate that 1st times as russia has become, what is now kill the super power that's fat and them to use and
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a lot of father things and in those, nor my muse, whichever we should studied, we should learn about it. and remember in and we should pay our risk back to everyone who achieve doing these great results. and we should try to follow in their food stamps. i don't president who are in georgia insurance and prepare see or close to him to the suits in where i leave him. there is no longer you please. i didn't know how it's cold with the number of longer you number one or whatever and still people work. they are on the latest work they are. so i would like to thank you for this question because now i have the chance to think them because i don't see them with that often. but i mean, i always admire and throw war again. i'm not trying to be ironic to get out there with you. so when i, where am i? sure it's it seems like they have just been bought at some store. thank you. got
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you went and events like today's when people look at you, you have to look really great. i didn't really cheaper mister president. how do you cope with all the difficulties, all the problems that to me pretty much you've got your flesh with, you know, here's my attitude towards. this is how you should look good adversity as something that is in this capable because people in my position and they do, they should see it as something nature. it is very important. i think that the most important thing you have to be confident in the course course in the right course, and then you're like an icebreaker. you're just going through whatevers. there is in front of you guys now, but when you mind, you pay no mind to all the side to everything that is happening around you. you
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just go for your girls in the president. what do you think about your main achievement? the main achievement of your presence is still ahead of you or behind you, hopefully still ahead of me. but you have cited a lot of books and what's, what are the main literary works that affect you the most recreational story? well, we're in piece by level tolstoy, your conceptual course for the 1st concert don't che kosky for eco level, you know, and color book. but you, russian, folk tale native. why is that? and i would like to draw your attention to this. and i would like to talk about these fairy tale a little bit. all my colleagues, i would like to draw their attention to all the people who are in high positions make because especially when you might that you. but i will let you know
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as soon as you think that all the flattery send your way is true. as soon as you immerse yourself in this condition, when you believe to everything you're told and your risk to be eaten with ours, which mister president of what is the secret of happiness with your or her? well, 1st of all, 11. 0 okay. what kind of child trying to be brave city? this is a serious topical issue or some well, i think to be happy to. one has to feel was to hear that you are required by someone in demand. you have to have a possibility to prove yourself somehow. that's the way you're going to work. officer a, you're no longer president. why do i have to work?
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i've tried to retire. what's your stance on diets? diet, but you know, i have a rule of thumb, but it did the you can call it a diet or you can call it with something else when everything is good, when you get a really believe greg william, when you get just enough of something, what's your question. what kind of games did you like to play when you were young? well, they're not just chance, i guess abby boyd from leningrad, we like to play, hide and seek him and tag games or something like that. we call them down game or 15 mistakes. final question, what kind of rush would you like to give and which which the to the future generations. yes, i want to use the words to answer this question and i have big words to use in this
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fertility. but the find me, i would like to give a fuller answer to this question if we still have time. so, you know, national, i'd like to start from even the said nation, namely store credit that i like to say that some time ago. unfortunately, our homeland took you through this solved and the nucleus. all that stayed off are a common state of this historic russia and the russian federation itself. i believe it has lost almost half off its industrial potential, half of its economy, super spelled 50 percent and the last, almost half of its population were and a lot of territory as well. territory. if that was very important, essential for industry wise economy wise, these were developed territory instead of glove that russia has invested in for
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decades for a century. because all the bush stood and make him do it might, might have seemed want. and we'll work with the ability to do with that. we've seen that i have already said that it is impossible and it makes no sense to try to restore the soviet union by number of reasons and looking at the demographic processes and a number of former soviet republic. so it's unreasonable effort to do because we can face a lot of social problems that will be impossible to resolve and some issues. but i'll show you that i like that happening groups you. it's some way i cook up in various regency, but why should we do about the rush itself about the jail political reality is and about our internal development. now look, despite all the losses that i have just mentioned, russia 2 to 3 of them. we, if we talk about the size of our country, is still the largest country in the world here. and even though it's still launched,
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part of our territory is in the northern territories, but they are important territories. so i'm talking about northrop c route and author important things go the way, way, and russia is truly additional media. is nature resources store room. if i may, to describe it like this, like a worldwide found training, and we must use these resources because that's what we have to work with. and our worth, if that doesn't mean if the 1000000 research is not the $600000000000.00 that we have in the central bank and the ministry of finance, and our main reserve are people who are main researchers or people. i'm not talking get just for the say call is going to be popular, but the time sincerely not. i don't think that that's true. it can. our russian people, multiethnic russian people. first of all, they are,
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which i wish you do very spiritual people, not what you are, global people with cities, very historical and cultural roots at the us. and it is an important thing and even more so important in the modern times. and i will explain why, because it has become something that you can use almost as konami called because we leave the high tax rate of the art technology world. you say that that and that's true book that deep global gram nutshell. and the home that little book and the spirituality of the russian people know the for all the needs of the dad, but the compose the russian people, it is important because inside of us, spiritually, we have the machine. a very respectful attitude towards science in toward said cation because that's in our culture. so now 60 percent of the parents in our
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country, criteria bush to day would like their children to sit in the get to work in science and research, even though it's not 3 profitable area. so it's not comparable with the business, for example, but they want their kids to make it work in science. so yeah, that's, that's a lot. and because that's the future of mankind, i'm talking about the genetics, about biology, about information technology, about artificial intelligence is, goes to and everything related to these disciplines and the color and junction of these disciplines. and we have a lot of issues, a lot of things we can use need, we can provide internal stability, something that they are trying to move in if they build those damage to disability us. but we will be stable enough with that. we will succeed. when that happens, then we will be able to proudly say that we live in the state. dad,
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right in attractive though, before she is leaving here and there was, i'm school and we wouldn't be able to see that will leave the country that we consider a great country and i'm with you. and in my eyes it's a very important change union. and these feelings, and yet for people to have this feeling to how this kind of battle is to russia, it is important in itself. and it's an important that will guarantee that russia will achieve all the goals that we set back to that. thank you so much for that and i hope that everything is going to happen exactly as you describe it. and i'd like to say thanks to all of the volunteers who helped us process all the messages. and i would like to thing in our audience, shortness participants so far,
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today's discussion. sure. and i would like to to assure you one more time repeating what i've said in the beginning. we'll do everything. so, but my goal, your request, if any of you, we haven't talked to the valid during these direct line so we will pay attention to it. i would like to think this lady's for our work today. thank you very much. thank you. thank you so much. so just, just a few minutes shy of 4 hours wrapping up the annual q and a, with a people of russia. the russian president vladimir putin kind of got the feeling there in the last 20 minutes or so. he was leaning towards a wrap up of the official. i geopolitical questions went out the way he was asked a lot more personal questions about his childhood, about his clothes and well that's fine. find out more about what he was asked about cost year rush. coff has been monitoring the entire q and a session. and one of the interesting one, it was this year cost year, lots of various highlights to go over. what can you tell us? we absolutely, rory. so the famous library pollutants q and
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a session has rep top pan. it's lasted for less than 4 hours this this year. and as we predicted it, it was a mixed bag that were serious, really tough conversation about things that matter. the most a to the ordinary russians. and then there were some laughable moments, especially as you mentioned in the end there was a quiz. were letterman, who was asked to give the short answers to you, quick questions, and some of the notes i have taken. so one of the viewers even asked who iron's the shirts of the russian president vladimir putin? explain well that this is the special service he takes care of it and he even took the moment to say thank you to those ladies who take care of his church every morning. he was also sad if he is following up any diet of sorts. and he said, well, not in particular, not the specific died,
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but he said that all food is good. basically, if it's not an overkill, but again, it just goes to highlight that it's a mixed of emotion mixed of questions all the time. and if we try to sum up some of the serious questions that were raised during the q and a session. so we can go back to the beginning of, of the school and assessment of why my food and said that he is not a supporter of a blanket nationwide vaccination in russia. he said that, but he also backed up those original officials. there was governors who imposed mandatory vaccination for certain groups of people. he said, this is the only way to key actually way to try to fight the this pandemic in the 3rd way of current virus that has engulfed russia. he also mentioned the episode with the british worship as defender that enters the russia, territorial waters off the coast of crimea last, last week,
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later. and you said this was a complex provocation who said that it wasn't just the british navy, but also the us for can that since the plane that took part in this operation. and there was, there was a lot of interesting remarks that he made well on this topic. he said that he was asked specifically if he believes that there was a possibility of a 3rd world war. if the russian military were to song this ship. he said, well, he doesn't believe this because there is no way in his opinion that the west is going to come out victorious out of any possible confrontation with russia because the russian military, russia, the country, are going to fight on its own land and russians are no, what are they going to fight for? speaking about b. yeah, it was also asked to if the russian authorities considered to pull a plug on foreign social media platforms. he said there are no such plans. however,
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he maintained that he would like to see that they would social media platforms indeed more with the russian authorities when it comes to regulating certain sensitive content like children's pornography, that's something that he cited. yeah. so it's, it's the whole gamut of different questions that were raised. for instance, something that i remember. one of the last questions that came up was about the poor performance of the russian football national team. this recent, your cup that's been going on in europe. so i couldn't say, well i, while he's not an expert in sports, he said maybe it's time to reconsider. he was at the helm of the rushes national team. so let me get back to you actually and give you like more detailed, a recap of what we heard throughout this 4 hours of annual a q and a session. what we've really, really enjoyed the annual q and
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a session that this year cost you. i think one of my favorite questions at the very end of it was when the president putin was asked, what's your next job going to be off to your time as president putin asked, why do i have to work that? and if i'm supposed to be retired, so i thought it was a good. it was a good one. have a good constantino. coughing enjoyed your coverage today. thanks very much. we'll talk to you soon. all right, for the meantime at the end of this our program, but we are back in about 5 and a half minutes with more and more recaps of what's been a very big day for russia. the look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, accept where's the shorter the conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. the point obviously is to
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great truck rather than fear i would take on various jobs with artificial intelligence, real summoning with a robot must protect its own existence with pro vision on my back on. i want a bit under state like obviously will know. okay. your trucking? yeah. so you'll have to, i lost his boss because i just got to the bottom. you just gotta go video the, i'm on my cell, my those up as well. so i was just, you know, but it was my pull up. i got, you know, just, i mean my, almost what i'm already, whatever spits up i really just go i remember the last thing we went
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up and i might really here is i just don't get it on to the video that i'm one of this, but i'm like honestly, this is what it is. i'm looking i didn't want to go to kind of all my just part of that. yes. i think i was calling with you and your team, samantha katie. yeah. my thought allow me just go out to the is your media a reflection of reality in a world transformed what will make you feel safer? tyson lation community, are you going the right way or are you being direct?
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what is true? what is faith? in the world corrupted, you need to this end. so join us in the depths will remain in the shallows. ah, i don't think they can't ride on police report and all cast in december 2020, a group of energy furnishes fill out a film crew access for 3 months people, organization. it's an idea that must be opposed that channel out the gate route. they make their faces, but they can say what they believe then we believe in helping our community. we believe that fascism is one of the major threats to the united states has gotten proven. this is a chance to see who and teeth are really are in order for me to exercise my 1st
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amendment right and say that my life matter, i have to be onto the pieces that we can't trust the police. we can't trust the government. we can't trust anyone except ourselves to protect ourselves in. i just want to go through i was that a little about money laundering person to see different. oh, good. good sir. well, we have our 3 banks all set up here. maybe something in europe, something in america, something overseas, in the cayman islands, you never know all these banks are complicit in their we just have to give me a call and say, hey, i'm ready to do some serious my laundry. ok, let's see how we did. well, we've got a nice luxury watch for max and for stacy. oh, beautiful jewelry. and how about automobile again for mag, you know, it, money laundering is highly legal. dokie occurred to me ah
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ah ah, i will. i will join me every thursday on the alex salmon show and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politics sport business. i'm show business. i'll see you then me the the, the,
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the the top headlines for that's our here on our see. let me put in a wraps up here live q and a marathon with a russian public revealing off the weeks of speculations that he's had, the sport and vaccine. and that russia won't be dictated to by social media platforms like facebook and often the discovery of mass graves of indigenous children at religious schools. in spite of a suspected often attack seas for catholic church is burned down in canada. rage spills over into street violence in lebanon by fuel price hikes have aggravated the country's economy crisis and lead to long tail backs at the pump. also, spain seeks to make it easier for teenagers to change their gender.


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