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tv   Cross Talk  RT  June 28, 2021 9:30am-10:01am EDT

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and i say america as well, because london and washington act in unison on the international stage. and that is especially the case when it comes to russia. and this stage provocation was both foolhardy and exceedingly dangerous. now, the question is, why did last london washington orchestrates this publication of russia? well, i cannot believe that the americans and the british seriously wish to go to russia into a military confrontation with the west. because the americans, in the british know, as we know, that a military conflict with russia was wrapping rapidly escalates into a new killer exchange. so it is my opinion that the reason why the british and the americans sage this provocation was to portray russia as an aggressive and dangerous full force,
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which warrants the increase in nato's presence on the russian border in terms of soldiery and weaponry. and also, it warrants the case for ukraine to be admitted into the ranks of nato. the british government official line that they do not recognize the crimea as part of russia and therefore h m. s. defend the rule may be shipping both in the incident was in ukrainian, alters is, is an logical and quite simply untenable argument to make. because if the, if that argument was applied across the world, then other countries in the world could no longer recognize the british jurisdiction over the new or north and island, or british jurisdiction over the mouth, venus, or the full can diamonds, or in days british jurisdiction over by the change those islands. so the real reason the to go to russia to portray russia in a very negative,
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dangerous way to justify increasing dangerous prisons on the russian. and also to increase the case for ukraine to be admitted into you know, george, we all know that the lee and the, i guess the daniel, the breeze bob exercises are bland. but this week here was a trial balloon to see what the reaction was going to be. also, we have a british getting so close to russia, sovereign border with that on the crimea in the black sea is that it was a reconnaissance mission as well. seeing what kinds of defenses are there, and so i mean that there's provocation written all over the go ahead. yes, there was a provocation. and with our question, it is about trying to humiliate roster and to mobilize
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nato into more, more expenditure, more reasons for existence, more expansion. and, but i think also there is a domestic aspect to it, which is the, i mean, the bar is johnson government is in the hopeless tap is and we have its minister matt and coffee resigning this weekend over a situation where he was violating his own co good restrictions. we know we have johnson counting his supposedly global britain, where by britain now has a major world's power and has a role to play in the world. when, of course, it is complete nonsense because britain is not a serious play on the world stage. and what britain did in the,
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in promoting washer was clearly absolutely ludicrous just on his face because of the, the rationale that it has come up with, such as well. this was innocent passage. but which even when you look at it just in terms of what the un convention of law, the c says innocent passage does not apply to a war ship that costing through territorial waters locked and loaded. and the engage propaganda exercised, johnson openly said, this is a propaganda exercise to show that these waters don't belong to russia, but belong to your grades of the propaganda exercise. and moreover, russia have already explicitly stated in april of this year that there is to be no innocent passage in crime in that debate. let's say that in april. so this is months before johnson comes along with this month, and that's oh,
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this was innocent passage. we'll just go from a to b. so i to get to go back to your original question. as you know, i think brittany is trying to throw his weight around in the world, but is making itself into an absolute laughing stock. and unfortunately, because britain doesn't have a proper opposition, where is the labor party? there's no one really holding johnson's feet to the fire as to why exactly is it getting breton involved potentially, into a very serious military conflict with nuclear power in markets it, at the end of the day, i mean, it was an attempt to humiliate russia, but it was the u. k, that was humiliated. i mean, this was the self inflicted wounds. i mean, they ran they, they turned around and ran away. okay. and they, and of course, in the media coverage of it, you know, russia, there was a, a warning shop. there were claims involved in the a far as i understand, the u. k. government denied all of it, but none of that is true. it actually all happened. go ahead, marcus. first of all,
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i must say this. i proceed to april, soon, not dismiss britain in the world who is at the heart, along with the americans of the bank of the global banking system and the global financial system. britain, in particular, specifically the city of london origin is an exceptionally powerful global player in the book. do you think? well, i think that if i could interpret george's words and he can jump in, obviously to me and the u. k. is making itself relevant diplomatically, militarily on the coattails, to be not a change which want to talk about a little bit later here. i think that's the context here. i mean, i'm a knowing dismissing the city of london. okay. but i mean, of course, do use your own words, they never would have done this with the americans and agree. yes, absolutely. the american military, george that i mean, the americans provide the military muscle, but of course, traditionally brinton,
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is at the heart of the global financial banking system. now, as regards to nato, well, i believe that mates are expansion into eastern europe has come to a halt. perhaps made, so we'll expand into southeast and europe, specifically, serbia and boston. yeah, but that's regard to eastern europe. it has come to an end. why do i say that? because the kremlin will use all means at its disposal, and i mean, all means that it's disposal to ensure that you train is never admitted into the ranks of nato. but i believe h must defend the been deployed in sebastian maritime borders. does show that the british and the americans feel emboldened because britain never recognized the states only left the uranium of the soviet union. yet nonetheless, in london, never soviet maritime walters,
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adjacent to the baltic states. i let me add this one of appoint pizza. the british roll in a late in set up the hole in the royal navy to see, to go and russia should actually deploy the royal navy in full strength to the english channel to defend england from illegal immigrants crossing on a daily basis from kelly about the british people, by the way, they would deploy the goal navy to well, long on this program i need to really does have an important mission. only one single one, defend your preventive immigration is one of them and that there isn't another. but there was a way down on the list. apparently george, you want to jump in? go ahead. yes or no i, i don't disagree with marcus about the key role of the british finance in the, in the world. but as a military power, britain is insignificant. i mean, we've seen how feebly britain has fought in recent years. i mean it's,
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it's military performance and iraq was a joke. so any attempt by britain in ukraine or in the black sea to get itself into some sort of a military conflict with russia would end in a complete debacle for britain. i mean, this is, and i think very different from the united states or the united states. is a serious military for great britain is not as there is military force. and that's why i think johnson's idea that the great britain is the global britain is, as i'm sort of a major power in the world, is completely misconceived. ok, we're rapidly part of, i want to ask you both the same question for the markets here in you know, you can interpret the, the recent bio summit in many different ways. george and i have been different venue are gaggle. but i mean, is this undermining any possibility of kind of lowering tension,
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because that's wanting to representation. you can take from the summit, marcus 1st, and i'm going to real quick, you know, i don't believe that. i mean, is to be an improvement in relations between russia and the west. spend the so to speak is fine. i'm in the course of the west, west, nate who needs to withdrew its presence from the russian border. the americans needs a pledge inviting that ukraine and georgia will not be admitted into the rights of nato. and also the americans need to dismantle that missile defense system in poland and romania. unless that happens, there will be no improvement in relations between western russia. your answer, george, go ahead. yeah, no, i think that's right, but i don't think there's any real prospect of improvement or relations with russia and that nature makes significant changes. nato will not make the changes, but i think there of countries such as great britain that thrive on tension
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with russia in elevate significance. and suddenly you can play around being the sort of the big player in the, on the world stage. so johnson said that does not want any kind of a day tone, because then, you know, his role in the world is much the minutes a day time. it's not a money maker isn't dental, then it's not. all right, i'm going to jump in here. we're going to go to a short break enough about your community work discussion and some important news. say the the, the the news, you know, provision on my back on. he's under state law carissa. ok,
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you're trucking. ask but you're so you'll have a lost his bus because i just look at the bottom. you just got to read you. we're going to be, i'm on my cell. my don't put up as soon as i miss it. so you're not my pull up. i got your notice almost what i'm already whatever set up i really just got to go in. i mean it was a lot of things we went up as i say, i mean really here. so i just don't get on to the video to chantelle. noticed that i'm one of this, but i was like honestly this is what it is. i'm looking on. my phone didn't go to kind of home. i just didn't have a total thing. i was calling with you and your team, samantha katie. yeah. my thought a lot of problem, you just gotta go to the oh,
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make no certainly no borders and the blind number t's as emerge. we don't have authority, we don't, the whole world needs to take action and be ready. not a joke. people judge crisis, we can do better, we should be better. everyone is contributing each in their own way. but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenges to response has been massive. so many good people are helping us. it makes it feel very proud that we need together in the welcome x across that are all things are
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considered. i'm here labelle. this is the home edition remind you were discussing some real news. i okay, gentlemen, let's change gears is going to go back to george and in budapest. well, you know, be there is a strobe out there that the russians are always trying to divide. members, bates, of the e, you conquering divide and all that back when the you to get together and on the back of a strong congestion from the german chancellor and the french president to start a dialogue on an on specific issues with russia. they pointed to the vote and you know, what happened? no consensus here. the russians are left. what do we talk to? you want to talk? who do we talk to? and that's the, the, that, that's where we stand right now. do you see that george?
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because it looks like, you know, the, the germans and the french want to move forward. but of course, it's the, the polls and the baltic states that do not want to is what actually want more things. and i mean, this is just turning the use policy towards rush into a presto. go ahead, george. yes. well, it's of the poland in bold estate, but it's also use the bar l, the u foreign minister, so to speak. remember, he was by the you council to come up with a working paper as to future your relations with russia. precisely because from germany, you know, probably it's really once a working relationship with russia and then borrow comes up with this ridiculous paper about 10 days ago. which he talks about constrained and pushed back and engage with russia engage only issue the matter that the, you know,
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anything that my mother the roger. so that's bar l who seems to be completely stuck in the mindset of rushing that level and was so you got what is really going on in the you, the serious bows in the just bronze german. and it's really say we have to rinse what, what was the status quo? and that was 2014 working partnership with russia. and then you got the, you, your office, the name of morale and the news about the baltics and, and poland will just one more sanction. and the end result is out. we're going to have more sanctions that means position. now in, we're going to be working towards developing more sanctions. no one quite knows what about what, but the rest of most sanctions are needed. because i'm glad they said you're trying to a few 1014 because because that's, of course, on the back of the illegal force presume, change in ukraine,
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which for some reason is blamed on russia. and so we have this, you know, we have going on 7 years now, why should the russians really particularly care? i mean, if you don't want to, don't want to, why should they keep waiting around? i mean, this has been my position for a long time, but you don't want to parlay been get along, get on with your life will getting on get on with ours. we live in the same neighborhood, but if you don't want to be good neighborly, then what's the point, what, why should russia have to reach out the ball is in europe court. okay. and they need that relationship with russia, russian, the need to relationship with the europe left in less with every passing day. that's my contention. at least go ahead, mark. trying to you expansion into the politic states, into eastern europe and into south east and europe. the you true me was a forced to be reckoned with. it was an exceptionally affluent elite club whose members, with the exception of greece, made an immense amount of money. however,
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the use of leadership, overstretched themselves, when they admitted voltage states, eastern europe, and se you're into the rights of the you, they never considered the consequences. actual consequences could have been countries such as poland and the states inside of the us. and now today we see a fossil situation in which a minority of members of the you holding so ransom the rest of the you visa, free russia, the a you. and i mean specifically the major countries from germany, but also italy and spain. and then also such as hungry and greece, want to have relations with russia. in fact, they want to go back to how relations were prior to the crew in kit, in february,
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2014. the european union is handicapped. it is handicapped because of the behavior of poland and the baltic states. and i don't see how parents can actually get around that now because yes, the french and the germans have very strong financial relations with russia. so also to spain and italy, in particular, the agricultural sectors in spain, them, it's really no longer to able to export their projects to the russian federation as they once were trying to be used functions on russia. so be you or the leadership of the you only have itself to blame. i haven't expanded into parts of europe, which were always going to be problematic. i did not strategically plan for countries such as poland and the arctic state. and now, as i said, moments ago,
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be you in regard to its relationship with russia has become handicapped because poland and the 2 states do not wish to be any improvements between the you and why? because they are constantly portrayed. russia has a french. so the whole of your and thereby they obviously even be more financial assistance from america and also even more soldiery and weaponry or so on their respective territories. george so so obviously b, u isn't making any headway here. what are the benefits that countries like colon and the baltic republics gardner from this position? simply because the any kind of spite. and they want to spike for historical cultural window, ideological reason, the entire block suffers. and as i say, every time i do cross up, the world is moving on europe. if you want to tread water, go right ahead because everybody else is moving forward. i mean,
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this is just the most ridiculous situation have. it's like dealing with children in the cafeteria, go ahead and calculation as well. we'll. we will have washington in our walnut will be there for, as we know about the united states, united states shell out money or something really big in it or the united states. and i mean, when trump said ok, well we're going to move troops out of germany. i move them into poland and then as oh, great, you know, we'll call it for trump and everything within that will materialize as always happens with the american promises. they never really materialized and it's true as a mocker sandwiches, that there was a moment in history when the you was, i got and it was serious. the walls, you know, you have the hawkish, very russell oh, big united state. and then you had the you,
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which had good relations with america, but also sold a partnership with russia and much it was one of the breaks in energy in the u. k. came from i which political big as a oh my god, you that we're members. all it's going to become an american and it's going to become neutral, isn't going to be pro russian. we can't be a part of this because we have somebody saying this trans atlantic a ryan, it hasn't happened. and then the e. u now is ludicrous position is like even more hawkish if anything of the united states. yeah, and it's very interesting with the, with since break that here we have obviously the u. k. out. and now they've gone in the most kind of like the u. k. is kind of the i can find them like america's help around the world we discussed in the 1st part of the program,
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going into the black, the maybe doing it for the showing their value. ok. because their influence obviously over the lease diplomatically as non existent anymore. so, i mean, and now we have a small number of countries with the me, you dictating the direction of it. and, and i would say that the in the u. k. is role is it's more symbolic than anything else. i mean, the symbolism is really humiliating. every step of the way here and then you have paralysis in europe. so again, i repeat my position, why should the russians particularly care if they are good, they need to do with counter nato. the rest of it is internal injury and european problem go ahead markers. what is lamentable pizza is when britain finally withdrew from the european union. there was, i'm perhaps this is a minuscule window of opportunity for an improvement between the european union, russia, because britain was in the country such as france and germany was come under
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more and more pressure in directly from america via britain. however, we have seen no improvements in relation between the you and russia. indeed, i regard as far to say relation has a reason even so far in 2021. and we have to ask the question, why? well, i think to a very large extent, it comes down to the immense influence that washington exert inside of the european union, not just economy, but also militarily. why? because most of the european union member states, also crucially, members of nato. and if mac countries are members of nato, ben back provides america with a tremendous amount of influence over the decision making process in those
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respective countries. but also in law can i'm talking about the european union as a whole. so i believe that was paris lynn. sincerely want to have dialogue with russia sincerely wants to be able to trade properly with russia. again, they are hamstrung by the very fact that they are both members of nato and because they are not able to eliminate american influence european union. i mean, it is remembered during pump, you know, disregarding of disrespecting allies. but actually we have a divide which is continuation of other administrations, the more may leis inside the european union, the better. okay. i mean, one way to treat your allies, ok, whether they're in, they have a bullet, paralysis, they can even make their own policy. and of course i with market works, washington advantage. you're great. i was there in browsers and you know what a,
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what a bizarre way of looking at the world finish up or it's go. yeah, that's right. remember trump's line was, oh my god, we're doing all this. we europe's and such ungrateful people. you know, they don't, you know, they don't realize all the wonderful things that we're doing for them. and so in the stabbing is in the back. and then when my grown suggested, well maybe there should be your be in security and identity. it was, you had to go mind, no one forward independent nato. and this is always been the american thing. i have to jump in here. we've run out of the thing i guess in london, and that's what they are watching. and i remember the, the
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the, the, the financial through i was, i did a little about money laundering 1st to see different. oh good. this is a good start. well, we have our 3 banks all set up here. maybe something in europe, something in america, something overseas, in the cayman islands, you never know all these banks complicit in their piracy. we just have to be mccall . i am ready to do some serious money laundry. ok, let's see how we did. well, we've got a nice luxury watch for max and for stacy. oh, beautiful jewelry. and how about like the automobile again? mag. hey, no. money laundering is highly legal spots. i still think it's right on police report. if you all have in december 2020,
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a group of anti finishes, fill out a film crew access for 3 months. 3rd row, like if people organization, it's an idea that must be opposed to channel out the game ground. they make their faces, but they can say what they believe and we believe in helping our community. we believe that fascism is one of the major threats to the united states as gotten grooven. this is a john to see who and teeth are really are in order for me. my 1st amendment right . and say that my life matter. i have to be onto the teeth that that's all america . we can't trust the police, we can't trust the government. we can't trust anyone except or so to protect ourselves in driven by dreamers shaped by those in
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me dares think we dare to ask me. o is your media a reflection of reality in a world transformed what will make you feel safer? type relation. community you going the right way? where are you being somewhere? which direction? what is truth? is faith, the in the world corrupted. you need to this end. the
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join us in the depths will remain in the shallows, ah ah, watching off into national in the headlines on this monday, the kremlin luxury offered allocations over atrocities carried out by russian army instructors and the central african republic. it's all in a new un security council report or pertained by the new york times a potential death blow to the u. s. case against julian sanchez. as washington's main witness admits, in an interview with slender media that he gave full testimony. who needs russian hackers when they're a british buff stops? that's the question. what goes off thing after a trove of u. k. state secrets is found at a bus stop and handed to the b. b. the fall suggested the british warship deliberately entered a rushing waters recently as a provocation.


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