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[000:00:00;00] the, the i, this is, are headlining, this, our top you figures and states resist kohl's from european power houses, from germany, to rebuild dialogue with russia. it is more important to maintain this agenda on russia, ties and preserve unity as division. makes us, we've built in the states a split on whether it's a false british tourist koren. same, but france and germany meeting the pro restriction hardliners and piling pressure on tourist hotspots in southern europe to do the same. and other developments this friday, the 2 people arrested in battle roast off to the controversial diversion for brian
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at flight last month, i moved from a detention facility to house arrest and the news hello. very good to have you with us. it's friday. the 25th of june, 6 pm here in moscow. my name is colleen bray with the world stories and developments that were across for you this our 1st and i was talking about getting very far the a you is failed to come out of talks with the united position on tick staffing relations with russia. that's despite it to leading members, france and germany being open to a reset across the summer for us is charlotte to ben sky, confirmation that sanctions against russia by the you will not be prolonged. sanctions have been in place since around 2014 following the referendum in the crimea. that normally action didn't last for 6 months. those sanctions will
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continue. according to the e. you council president, show michelle on areas such as energy, the financial and industries, as well as personal sanctions against a number of russian individuals. well, the announcement just came out, was off. the leaders signed a joint declaration on a number of issues, including looking at relations with russia in which they suggested to the e u commission that they wanted the commission to look at the possibility of further sanctions against russia. now it did seem as if the e u was putting on the united front, but already cracks are appearing. we know that some countries like france and germany, had gone into this summit saying what they really wanted was some it with russia to put in dialogue. but that was shut down by other countries, including poland, who said that they didn't want that to take place as such. there isn't any mention of
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a stomach in that communique. i just the idea of looking at relations with russia in the future. i'm glad merkel. german chancellor still thinks that dialogue is the way forward to the song that the so i don't see these talks as an idea of giving the russian president any kind of reward. i would like to remind all of us that even during the cold war there was always dialect and channels of communication are open and it's better if the commission and the council president have a channel of communication open with russia instead of individual countries going it alone because after all, we would like to have a coordinated and concerted view that is express towards i believe there is no drummer in the fact that there is no consensus on arranging the summit soon. it is more important to maintain this agenda on russia, tide, and preserve unity as division, makes us weaker despite those comments the commission precedent. ursula vaughan
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delane is still suggesting that europe is putting on a united front. we are right now in a negative spiral, and we need to brace for further downturn. so we agreed to push back. when russia targets the european union on what we stands for when it violates human rights. to constrain russia, when it attempts to undermine our interests. and we will engage russia when it is in our interest to do so to achieve our goals. for example, if we talk about climate change, or if we talk about public health, we'll russia for its part had said it was open to the idea of a summit and it also believes that dialogue is the way forward. russia also saying that he's committed to improving relations with the european block. however, the idea of moving that summit off the table as a possible way food was described as not being particularly helpful by the spokes
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person for the russian foreign ministry. the russian federation regret that you are a structural evade professional dialect with moscow on the topics that caused them . concern for relations between russia and the you have been frosty for some time. diplomats on both sides have been expelled from various countries. and of course, those sanctions have been in place for a long time, as well as now they're being the cool for potential new sanctions against russia. all leaders may have signed that declaration saying that they know essentially looking for summit with russia in the near future. but it is clear that some countries may decide now to go alone and do their own thing. particularly with chancellor anglo merkel saying that for her dialogue was important. and even without summit, they were other formats that could be pursued and explored something else. they can agree on and it could see british holiday makers face
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a growing threat of spending this summer at home. europe, with germany at the forefront, his meddling a 2 week quarantine for tourists from the country. and it says that the delta variant is spreading fast that but some in the you are not happy is shadae. edwards . ashley explained to me earlier. well, jose for brits abroad may be in doubt this summer despite the u. k. jesse yesterday, announcing more countries added to the u. k. greenland stops now as the power lies totally with europe. they're quite fearful that the whole continent is almost treading on thin ice with the rise of the delta variant. and they're blaming the brits for it as a result that questioning, contemplating and considering and forcing this mandatory quarantine in for any british taurus, movement them and off in our country is who come from great britain. you have to go into quarantine and that's not the case. in every european country,
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and that's what i would like to see why we must be vigilant because the much talked about delta variance is coming, which spreads much more rapidly than the other variance and affects people who are not the vaccinate did for who only have had one dose for me, one of the issues of discussion is to be really taken coordinated decisions in terms of opening borders to 3rd countries. so france and germany are leading that push to try and punish britain for the spread of the dell to variance. and that also doing all the e u member states to follow suit as well, but it is raising eyebrows because yes, the indian delta veteran is much more prevalent here in the united kingdom, but it's don't like it doesn't exist in those countries as well. in fact, the indian varian accounts around 70 percent of cases in some parts of the region in france, and many hotspots, like greece, spain and portugal. they still have issues themselves with the delta v r, and yet they are still welcoming brits into the country. now portugal vo says it
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will do anything with the e. u decides wilds. countries like spain, hence it's even prepared for a bus stop with the block. if it tries to deny brits entry, hopefully we can begin to receive british torrison. we don't have any restrictions and tories from the u. k. the moment they're the ones who are placing restriction when people, when they return. so at a fast balance, it may seem like it makes sense to try and impose this quarantine for british tourists. however, when we cross checks, things like the testing regime here in the u. k. with other countries, it's totally in comparable. apparently the youth has testing around 10 times more people than in germany. therefore, inevitably, more people will be recorded as infected, much less so than in other countries, but i'm not testing as much now. these would be the u. k. testing program is of course the vaccination rollout as well, which is doing incredibly well at this point. around 43000000 people have received
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the dose of the vaccination with the government. still maintaining the vaccine roll out program is the ticket out of the pandemic. currently, it is down to individual e u member states to decide on the rules governing that borders. we are moving it speed throw vaccination program to help us cub this latest fair. and we will continue to have discussions with our european partners on the reopening of international travel. but we're very confident the tar vaccination program is providing a good way forward. so pressure on europe to kick start their. 2 economy once again and of course tourism is very much the heart of it, but there's also pressure on the european union to have a united front. and that could see that the brits are going to have some counseled, again teaching kids how to hate each other is how one parent described race studies taught in us schools in a video that's gone viral. you talk about critical race theory, which is pretty much going to be teaching kids how to hate each other. how did they
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get pretty much, okay. it's pretty much all come down to, you know, deliberately pieces this. why do you right here? got to you because the why you go partly or why. oh, the black people are all down and how do i have to medical to breathe? if i'm senior open, it was pretty much show people that anything that they want to achieve in america can be done. they just have to want to do it. so i want to have to actually encourage them and tell them that they can do it. but the current state right now that a lot of schools are want to implement into the education system is to simply have kids get discouraged that they can't do anything because their skin color won't allow them, especially when it comes to black american. they want to push this system in america to tell kids yes, the white people are better than the black people because they have white privilege and the blank people. the reason why you guys are not good is because you guys are still still in the effects of what the why people did to the black people during
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slavery. at that time, smith, him is no fan of critical race theory, a concept which looks at u. s. society from the perspective of systemic racism, or a recent poll revealed the most people who are off disapproved of it to anti thanks to theories narrative, it's actually about winning the black vote. as a kid, i was in a 3rd grade and i noticed that the teacher would tell children about sack lunches from home. she would tell them to get in the line 1st and then she would say, and everyone has a lunch car. you guys, i'll go to the back as the days went by every day we had lunch, i started becoming very, very upset and sad and angry. so i began getting mad at my friends because i felt like they were better to me. i felt like that they thought that they were better to me. they couldn't figure out why i was mad at them. and as a 3rd grader, i couldn't articulate the words to say to them why i felt the way that i did. so my friends, they didn't look down on me, my friends, they didn't this like me, my friends,
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they didn't think they were better to me. so when you teach things to children, they pick it in as if it's truth. and if they believe that they will go out and actually start to implement these behaviors in society, the politicians that's pushing this narrative, they are the ones that actually are though they, they, they are creating it, they want this to happen. so they want the boat, it all comes down to wanting the black boat from the democratic party. they want the black people's vote. now dishing our jobs to his nearest and dearest god, donald trump, a lot of hall water during his presidency. and despite the white house now claiming the bite and administration is the most ethical in history, that some reason to suspect that it might not be quite as it seems and emphasis. that's true. why i like nepotism. i wasn't a fan of the guy, but at least donald trump was on the knows about it. seriously, remember all of these new stories? the president was turning to his family to fill out his presidential staff for
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ministration. announcing talking, trump will have a new role as a presidential advisor, president's son in law, jared cushion, or was given access to some of the countries most sensitive secrets. donald trump golf caddy is the white house director of social media. now his long time body guard is the director of oval office operation areas with the folks when it turns out things aren't much different in the bite and administration just like the previous administration. current whitehouse stoffers seem to have few scruples about hiring their own progeny. take, for example, this guy, steve rich chassis, he's a former obama advisor and an ex lobbyist who is now the counselor to the president . a pretty big job in vitamins administration. presumably that's why the prolific or chassis has secured government jobs but not one, not 2, but 3 of his kids, k rich se, who graduated from college last year in 2020 has been hired as
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a special assistant in the office of legislative affairs in january shannon re chessy that the rejected his daughter became the debt p t associate director of the office of the social secretary at the white house. that's one hell of a title on don. your chassis, that's fever, jesse's oldest son. he's a senior advisor in the office of the under secretary of state for arms control and international security. i'm, if that isn't enough, steve or chevy has a problem that she had. i won't chest hasn't been hired by the, by going to ministration. he is an uber successful washington lobbyist. wonder why i'm jeff, just secured. i'm a client of critics say, the super rich etc. brothers pose a threat to biden, suppose it ethical image, but there, which is just the most glaring. and the most ridiculous example of nepotism in the
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white house, cathy russell, the director of presidential personnel has gone unset a great example by at the very least of not stopping the hiring of her own daughter, sarah, don't alone on the white house national security council. i don't know on graduated from college in 2019, so that's another lum jr. role, that's gone to a staff as kids and get this sarah, don't, and uncle and mom cathy. russell's brother in law, mike don't alone. also happens to be a senior. ready advisor to joe biden, and this isn't the only saw key operating in the white house who's saying jen has a sista gold. stephanie who's been a senior advisor at the health and human services department since march. wait, wait, this is good. according to the washington post, a white house official reportedly said that all those hired had adequate experience and were well qualified presumably. so
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a lot of other recent college graduates whose mommies and daddies don't work for joe biden. the well qualified spiel is such b. s that is even the man that was in charge of ethics on the far right. obama walters job tweeted, i'm sorry. i know some folks don't like hearing any criticism of him, but this really sucks. i'm disgusted. a lot of us work hard to t. m off to restore ethics to government and believe the promises this is a real to to us and government fx. and all this, despite the fact that joe biden used his 1st post election interview to declare that no one in our family and our extended family will be involved in any government undertaking or any foreign policy and theresa his wide, joe biden is actually the best behaved in his administration, he hasn't actually hired his own kids, but that probably because hundreds of by 10 crack brought me to
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a place that i've never had been to before. i see people wouldn't believe like a year without a on the way saving in seattle says anger at to gay activists for questioning a black pride groups. controversial moved to charge of white visits as a fee to join in it's among all stories that i had after this i the hispanic will be necessarily need budge. it didn't matter. i had the package, but i again jack in john's island. yeah, this died. i might have to go to
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the deal, but the more from us a little difficult to find the but there are 410 days right. on the bank of canada based water chemical lights. and this is going to develop new to men, their international market know that these industries falutin, you're simply ignoring one days that happened mother and when we loved them, other than that means we love the in the, the always be polite, never engage with an aggravated or confrontational office,
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don't get into any conversation to start answering question. just ask for an attorney. to survive in interrogation. you've gotta be ready to step out. definitely don't want to be going to trial in a jump. so one cups. you're more likely to walk free. if you're rich and guilty, you are, if you're poor and you got 2 eyes and 2 ears and one mouth. so you should be seen in here and a whole lot more than you're saying. if you don't take that advice, usually going to dig yourself a whole ah, i again more of our headline news and development this friday on that, ryan a flight that was diverted to better roofs after a hoax bomb threat last month on board of course a bela russian opposition,
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journalist and his russian girlfriend who were arrested when the plane landed. they've now been moved to house arrest from a detention facility in minch. hipa drank is across development. so it has been confirmed by the lawyers and the relatives house. arrested is for the time being cor bell, russian citizen roman protest savage and his partner, russia, citizen, sophia, peg out for a month though they were in detention in men's. however, now we have already seen them walking in the streets of the bar, russian capital. we have also heard from sophia, so beg his step father who's saying that he has already had a chance to meet her? no girl. i was given the opportunity to meet her without police supervision in an informal setting. and she looks good thing. god, her health is fine. sophia has been transferred to health arrest, but she's due in minsk. the only thing i know is that there is no trek and bracelet
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on her. i'm also bound by a non disclosure agreement, so i cannot give many details. now a little bit of background into this story in may, the couple was on board, a ryan airplane traveling from athens to building which is the lithuanian capital when it was grounded by bell russian authorities because of a false bomb threat. now, when the aircraft landed in minsk airport, the couple was immediately taken by bell russian police roman protest. savage was the founder of the next telegram candle labelled as extremist by minsk, after a pretty much became the number one source of information for the protests against president alexander lucas sango. last year. so roman and his partner are facing charges of inciting, illegal unrest, and roman could end up being jailed for as many as 15 years. the incident where the ryan airplane and the prosecution of the activists has caused
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a real international uproar mainly in the west, which led to sanctions against the western government. so now though we've got this surprised development with the house arrest us sophie. so the biggest lawyer is saying that they are now expecting immediate context with the russian diplomats, which could lead to a positive outcome. this is how the lawyer puts it, which could mean that she could be allowed to go back to russia. however, when it comes to romance, protest, savage, there is still a big question mark when it comes to his faith to gay community. organizers have apologized for complaining to the authorities in the us city of seattle, about a black pride events charging white participants up to $50.00 to take part. the seattle human rights commission, which advises the city council, told for the blitz and charlotte, the federal, that the taking black pride event doesn't violate their rights and issue to rebuke
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to the pad behind a parallel l g b t. event. we would like to recommend, if possible, that you educate yourself on the harm. it may cause seattle's black, indigenous and people of color in your pursuit of a free ticket to an event that is not expressly meant for you and your entertainment. the taking black pride event has stood by a decision to charge white participants anywhere from $10.00 to $50.00 saying it'll help keep it free of charge for black and brown trans and queer people. but journalist and commentator chadwick moore says it's a prime example of reverse racism in today's america sort of thing. they're kind of a flagrant civil rights violation record the civil rights act and everything that came after doesn't really apply anymore when you're discriminating against white people, basically, which is very funny because a lot of groups through the birth of say they live in a rental country that white supremacy and minorities are, is treated, which obviously not the case at all. that's if you're in any kind of systemic level
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. so now we see that outright discrimination. it's hateful, it ugly it's, it's bizarre. and one group did try to call them out and say that this is just racism. you get charged people money based on the color skin. and now they've been forced to apologize and they've been bullied into the mission by this will, racist organization. so on americans, but of course that doesn't matter to these people. they hate america. they want to see the country destroyed and burned to the ground and remade and what image we don't know. ok, that's how it looks for moscow this hour. now in a few minutes time, there's another chance to see our film from india in the rural riverside communities being poisoned by the deadly waters that they should be able to rely on the cry of a river is next on
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r t international me or to be with me ah ah, i use doing the breathing technique and then take a pool in the hill and then
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no, no, it goes back to to break down and into the re re say which is the dime a field trip tomorrow. the judge in a green, a vision she me is that you can push that or you can just, you know, who better than the human russell. but i hope so. but over the over the years and just sort of the motion learning and a lot of stuff going on in the course. procure, mrs. to actually mr. bob rhodes.
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i position me good. we think he might be a soldier because off the boot, she's wearing huge, which still hold up. took to move the apartment when you was the young on the sure stuff please please. i always be polite, never engage with an aggravated or confrontational office. don't get into any conversation to start answering questions. just ask for an attorney to survive and interrogation, you've gotta be ready around the definitely don't want to be going to trial in the jump suit. one cuffs you're more likely to walk free if you're
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rich and guilty, you are, if you're poor you got 2 eyes and 2 ears and one mouth. so you should be seen in here and a whole lot more than you're saying if you don't take that advice, usually going to dig yourself a whole the the the the, the, the, the, the job i'm not, i'm not prepared to like i don't,
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and this is going to in that he was the me will coming, this is yes. and one more thing is this, you will go to the club before with their friends linked to the guard when they were investigating. and they had to do too, again, then standing after them putting but to this museum is doctor pat tank's pad project. i ha, for many years he is promoted toilets. that may seem a peculiar obsession. but according to the world health organization,


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