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the, the, in the brush, it says it was forced to fire warning sharps off 3 k warship and this territory in the black sea, however, london doesn't the vessel was traveling in international waters come, governments can decide, you know, that surely which websites they don't like us doesn't have media web domain linked to iran, claiming they are behind that this information campaign and criminal or french woman who say she lived in fear of her husband for decades on trial, a murdering hymns. this campaign is war and there is little protection in case of
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domestic violence and a report on suicide by us veterans of the war on terror before time fire and come back here in the for myself. i hello welcome. you watching the international. now the russian defense ministry says it's fired warning shots off for a british destroyer, entered its waters with more details. his, our senior correspondent, murdered gas stiff. the british worship was detectives as it was approaching russia's territorial waters, just off the coast of crimea. it was warned repeatedly to change its course. the british. they're apparently refused to heed those schools and eventually entered russia's territory waters. a patrol boat russian patrol boat apparently fought warding shots according to the russian ministry of defense. eventually,
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a russian jet was forced to drop bombs ahead of the, along the route of the british warship and eventually left russia's territory waters. but the russians saying that this was provoked of behavior. they have some of the british military attache as well as the ambassador to explain these incident and the behavior of the british worship. the dangerous actions of the royal navy destroy, have been assisted by the russian defense ministry of the gross violation of the 1982 united nations convention on the law of the sea. the russian military cooled on the british side to conduct a thorough investigation into the actions of the h. m. s. defend the crew. to prevent similar incidents in the future. london version of events is markedly different from well the russian version of vents, as well as a journalist who was on board. so the british say that they were peace for the sailing along. and that the russians was somewhere out there carrying out military
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exercises, of that new warnings were issued of any kind that saying, with all these reports about warning shots being fired, a russian, this information. it's incorrect to say either that it was fired upon or that the ship was in russia waters h m. s. defender was taking the most direct and internationally recognized roots between ukraine and georgia. as you know, the u. k. does not recognize russia's claim to crimea, and we continue to uphold the international consensus that rushes annexation of crime. it is illegal. there are a number of possible explanations for the british version of events. one of them is that those writing press statements and releases have no idea what happened. another is that, unfortunately, the british may not be being entirely truthful. whoa, yes, they recognize russia's territory, waters as ukrainian territory waters. a journalist, gbc journalists abroad, and h m. s. defend says that yes,
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the worship was issued warnings by the russians. verbal warnings that yes, it purposefully entered the territorial waters that controlled by russia and the yes, there were warning shots being fired. in fact, during during his interview, you could hear russian jets buzzing. the british, the british destroy, this was a deliberately, by the navy regiments every morning and from washington scott vessels should i call reaction the opposing statement, still pouring in, but russia has for a long time now wrung alarm bells about heightened nato activity in the black sea they have said that almost a permanent basis now there are sophisticated native worship station in the black sea with precise and long range weapons abroad. and these sort of build up leads to incidence like we saw today. literally as chris boundary does believe that such
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developments are the last thing the region needs. this is absolutely bizarre. breton might not recognize the russian occupation of cry, crimea, but this was no move which rushes we're going to see as provocative and some sort of responses where very likely from the russians and not appears to be what has happened seems as constant natal exercises along the various states bordering russia, the baltic states, and so on. this is a recipe for some sort of compensation. and i think there should be talks between nato and russia to de escalate, build up to deescalate the situation and to ensure that such an incident does not happen again. meanwhile, the top level international security conference is taking place in moscow, tackling everything from cybersecurity to regional conflicts, and they take annual event brings together defense ministers and experts moran. the
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globe, more than $600.00, are expected to discuss the most pressing security and stability concerns. the russian president lead off by saying that there are still many global challenges, and one of them is that some countries are trying to change the world order that has been established since the end of the 2nd world war latimer food and also with stress that russia is going to keep strengthening in its military potential and improve military capabilities, but he's going to do this carefully, not to disrupt the global strategic stability. so let's have a listener. what would you deal with sure, but we will do everything to guarantee the peace and security of the russian people to improve our armed forces. and of course, by means of diplomacy to lead a meaningful dialogue with all interested partners. clearly, we are concerned by the continued build up of nato military potential and infrastructure near russia's borders. as well as the fact that the airlines declines to constructively consider our proposals to de escalate tensions and
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reduce the risk of unpredictable incidence. and we hope that common sense and the desire to develop construct relations with us will eventually prevail, that russian defense minister, i assure good who is also one of the key participants of this conference, said that there is a great chance that of gannett stan will descend into civil war once again after us troops pull out its from happening. but he attributed much of that to the risk of phobia work with russia to prevent this from happening. but he attributed much of that to the risks of phobia that unfortunately has prevailed among vast military and political leads in the west. i guess he speaks volumes of that. none of the native representatives have decided to come to moscow for this conference despite being invited. now the us he sees more than 30 media site domains linked to a ran over what it calls this information campaigns,
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the justice department and it decides were hosted on american domains in violation of washington sanctions. the move comes in mid rising tensions with her on when we got reaction from the international federation of journalists, which does say, a difference of response would have been or appropriate the blocking by the us. so websites run by groups affiliated with a run is the wrong way to deal with so called distance nation. while real journalism requires the respect of solid ethical principles and full independence from governments. we cannot accept the government's unilateral, decide which websites they don't like to shut down, thus challenging freedom of speech. the ban on our website reveals once again the falsehoods of the slogan, so freedom of expression and all the other headlines promoted by the united states of america, including its inability to confront the truth. one of the websites that was seized is run by the who sees that is fighting against saudi arabia and has long been
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accused by the united states being iranian proxies. the other website that was seized is of iranian origin, and the other website press tv is that is iran's official english language news outlet, the primary voice of iran to the english speaking world. important to take the context into accounts. now we have joe biden and his administration that have been in office since earlier this year that have talked about reopening the iran nuclear deal at criticize the trump administration's handling of us relations with iran. but we've just had an election in iran itself in which we have a new president who has quite critical of his predecessor ronnie and his negotiations with the united states. so we have a new administration center come into office in iran. we have a new administration united states and the contacts and the moment of this is quite interesting. daniel mcadams, executive director at the rome pul piece since she does say that the move makes the biden had ministration look so bad at 1st. he didn't believe it. i thought it was
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a hoax, maybe the iranians did it themselves to make us look bad because you couldn't have made us look worse than the u. s. government did. so i actually went to the treasury department website and they're lo and behold. they probably announce that they had taken down these websites because of quote misinformation. and it's interesting just a little over a month ago, secretary of state antony blink and sent out a tweet congratulating the world on world press day. and he said that a free and independent press ensure the public has access to information. and here you have the u. s. seizing and shutting down effectively. 30 some websites. what was the crime? well, i've been on press tv quite often. i'll go on any media outlet generally that will allow me to express our view of non interventionism. so what is the effect is simply to shut down any sites. it is not praising of us one policy. that's the act
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of a tyrant, not have a pro free him. country frenchwoman has gone on trial this week for murdering her husband. already the co face is a possible life sentence, but does say she did it to protect herself and her 4 children. and i, more than 600000 people have signed a petition in her support of northern piracies. charlotte davinsky. it's a trial that his grip fraud with hundreds of 1000 signing a petition for her release. valerie but cool, admit she shot dead, her husband and buried his body in the woods. in her defense, she claims that he was abusive and she feared for the safety of their children. in a book she wrote about her relationship with daniel to let. she described the mistreatment. i did what he said. i didn't have much choice. what he thought i was doing something i shouldn't do. he was violent at 1st was slaps. then he started
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kicking me and strangling me. over time there came with threats with a firearm. but valerie bye cause he had been gone much earlier. paulette was originally in a relationship with her mother. he then started sexually abusing valerie becca when she was just 12 crying. he was late to sent to jail for on his release to return to the family home filed, she alleges that he later foster into prophy with pregnant we've paulette child. she alleges that he later foster into prostitution watching a she had sex with client when the client asked the price, daniel told me to repeat, it said that he could hear better. and he told me to answer yes or no. on the pain valerie, but co shot her husband, she told the court, the police had asked about the 14 year old daughter and how she was sexually when prob, she said that she had been afraid that he would also sell her body for sex. and
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valerie buck, who is trial, which is currently under way, the lawyers will argue that she wasn't desperate women push to kill, to survive. these women who are victims of violence have no protection. the disarray still too slow, not very active enough into lenient towards the perpetrators who could continue to exercise their violent power. the prosecution, why le ledger valerie back or killed her husband in a pre meditated act which carries a maximum life pension in front? this trial shines a light on domestic violence in a country with one of europe's highest weights of women who being killed by a current or a former partner, $55.00 losing their lives already this year that led to an are poor ring of and go with the campaign is demanding action. when did you was going to not to blame
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the police, prosecutors or child welfare services? this is the failure of the whole system. and acknowledging this helps to improve support from victims and to prevent domestic violence and fem asides, which are the most extreme form of violence. so last day, the french government did respond with new legislation, including for the emergency measures to keep the violent abuses from approaching the victim. critics say though, that the measures have been implemented too slowly when the general in france, the problem of violence by men against women, is becoming stomach. every year, 225000 women become victims of domestic violence. every 2 to 3 days, a woman dies in france and the numbers aren't coming down. the last year hasn't seen any decrease, and no actions have been taken to contain this assault. in fact,
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the measures announced by the government after a series of consultations on domestic violence over the last several months when either mesh is ready and now it's already been put in place. but funding hasn't been increased. we know that the police, unequal fitted and can't implement you measures without additional financing and personnel associations that support victims of violence also lack the means to do the walk. everything in the system, in fact, cannot work because the support is not that the measures that have been announced are insufficient and do not measure up to the problem at all. so i had this 6 markets make bumper profits throughout the pandemic, but don't pass those gains on to ordinary workers off the break. we'll have a look at a timing report by ox. ah, i
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bet. survival, good day. all is going to start at the federal reserve shirts . so there you go back. no refrigeration came. well, look at the rest and 7 years. what kind of report doing the breathing technique and then take a pool in the hill. and i don't know where it goes back to. to break down. i need to re read diamond rec, tomorrow. it just didn't leave you a vision she gave me.
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ah ah ah, welcome back and i, more than 7000 service members have died in combat in america's post 911 was but 4 times more active duty personnel and veterans of actually died from suicide. according to a new study, this trend is deeply alarming. increasing rates of suicide, veterans and active duty personal or out pacing those of the general population marking a significance shift. while the research does find that some factors contributing to the rise in suicide are treat to all was including exposure to trauma, physical mental problems and stress and burnout. other issues do include to access
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to guns, post conflicts, and a difficulty reintegrating on returning home. however, some aspects do appear to be specific to the was that america launched on terra groups after the september them attacked in the united states. for instance, the widespread use of improvised explosive devices against us troops has caused an increase in formatting brain. injuries in about a 3rd of wounded soldiers go for at least one more deployment after recovering, which contributes to suicide related issues. social indifference to post 911 wars is also a major factor with many saying the pentagon had no clear objectives in countries like f gonna stand on veteran's share. his thoughts on the findings, the american war on terror is a far, it's a scam as sadly butler, the marine corps mitchell major general would have said it's a racket. and it shows now in the way that the american government failed american veterans and active duty proved in the area of mental health. i've known that this
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has been an ongoing tragedy since i was in a lock myself in 2004 and experience it firsthand. the main reason we are seeing up continuing better in suicide epidemic in the united states, that we can talk about the suicide itself. and the trauma of water, but the fact is that america is just you, dont squeamish about the issue and we need a and when we do, we're going to see that the here are the bat treatment where they are available all along. just because we let the government perpetuate this criminal on right, the keeps alternative therapies that we had battle buddy working to make available for americans better and they kept them away from us. they told us that we are id for them and then we don't have it when we get home. now moscow says
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it has come across, slaps. it's flanked by the world health organization as a cobit vaccine plant, and is making the necessary corrections. the w. h. o is looking into 7 russian factories after the country applied to register. the subordinate, the vaccine in europe, looking at what's been said is any protractor out of the 7 existing sputnik re factories a total of 4, which is more than a half, have been inspected by the officials of the w h. o. and there were only complaint found at one single production site in the fall, which included issues with data and test results and things like issues with lab conditions. now, according to the russian government, all these concerns and issues have been fully dealt with naming. indeed that had been complaints from the inspection team. as far as we know, everything has already been taken into account and what needed to be changed has
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already been changed. according to the russian government, the reason why everything was fixed so quickly is that the authorities from russia's ministry of industry and trade had been aware of the preliminary reports by the w a show. and so to say began doing their homework in advance and already at this point, the inspectors from the world health organization have been invited back to to check how their concerns have been dealt with. officials in moscow are also stressing that the complaints about this one single production site in no way undermine the positive conclusions about the effectiveness and quality of the sputnik the jap, the international recognition of the russian made vaccine has been somewhat of a tricky issue in this country has been claimed many times that we had fallen victim to politics because while in more than 60 countries around the world, we has been given the green light. it has not been approved for used by the
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european medical agency, for example. and the world health organization as well, but with everything now being fixed in the russian officials are hoping that this could be the next major step to full international recognition of splitting b. now for many of the pan demik has brought hardship and suffering. but for some, it's time to reap massive profits, global anti poverty charity oxfam has found that may g repeat supermarkets or among the worst culprits. paying astonishing bonuses to shareholders while essential workers and farmers are ignored. cove at 19 has cost global workers. $3.00 trillion dollars and lost income, and women and young workers have been hardest hit as they are often found in the most insecure and lowest paid jobs. few places reveal this trend more clearly than supermarket supply chains. while most the chains are considered essential
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businesses, so i did stay open through the cobra lock times a height shareholder pay from $10.00 to more than $22000000000.00. and just the 1st 8 months at the pandemic alone. surprise of 123 percent at oxfam does say that the workers most in need have missed that on the other side of the coin. and the loses will really work because, and farmers who produce a lot of these food products, particularly in developing countries. because they've had, you know, what we would use, we've shown previous reports that there is systemic exploitation in the supply chains. and what we found was that they've had it even tougher yet unusual because of the panoramic and they had fear for the safety. but some people, a lot of welcome had lost income, little some of them lost the job, some of the homes. and we didn't, we found very little evidence that the supermarkets, well, you know, sort of factoring that in to the way they saw that product was
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a time to implement the human rights policies that they improved. a lot of the last part is result of oxygen behind the buckets campaign. and we didn't really see very much evidence of that. so that's why we're saying it's a taylor when the news is which dr. further economic inequality, controversial brain chip technology might sound like science fiction, but his gained increasing attention over the years with countries developing programs to explore implanting micro chips into human brains. and recent reports in the rush media about the technology have only added fuel to the room, a male with stories of humans remotely controlling, for instance, nuclear power plants. and also vehicles to ship out as the story and themes that whenever someone merely mentions micro chip implants, a lot of people freak out. everyone search rushing to doomsday prophecies and conspiracy theories suggesting that people will be forcibly implanted with micro
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chips by an overbearing government. while some russian media analysis spoke that brain, sharp research might have existed or could even still exist in the russian government . and this all started when the education ministry unexpectedly released a statement saying that a brain sharp research project was abandoned last year after being deemed impractical. everybody started freaking out because everyone was shocked and surprised, learned that such a thing existed in the 1st place. while r t reached out for comment to the ministry, and here's what they said. the ministry of education and science presently has new programs dedicated to brain implants, there is no financing plant. the research group working under the ministries currently starting matters related to lifelong job. it's in the process of aging. additionally, they weren't even able to find any specialist who could have potentially said something like this to the media, let alone
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a person even knowing anything about such a project. although the ministry did say that a proposal for this kind of research was introduced to the government, but it received no support and no funds and nobody's working on it. but that comment also raised quite a few eyebrows because for proposal to be introduced to the government, it has to overcome quite a few hurdles. and that requires quite a bit of support. but nobody at this point knows who was behind the initial proposal. so no project, no funds, not a single person who has heard or knows anything about this research. so how did this issue come up in the 1st place? well, a popular theory is that this is merely or common taken out of context by the publication that initially started this rumor, a rumor that at this point has taken on a life of its own on the internet with people freaking out, creating means horror stories. and all this only further exacerbated by news like
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you on mosque developing is neural link technology, which is brain machine interface brain implants, and people constantly worrying about vaccines being used to secretly inject the population with micro chips all in all. it seems that as long as there's, there's much panic surrounding anything to do with brain ship research. this is an area in which science won't be making any progress anytime soon. or if it does, it'll probably have to be confined to some deep, dark underground research facility. until the time when a bit more people are more open to it. and that is your news route for this. i have a nice looking se faster. they are now to international. we'll be back with more for you though, about half of the look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a
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robot must obey the orders given it by human beings, except when the shorter the conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. the point obviously is to create truck rather than fear i would take on various jobs with the artificial intelligence real summoning the theme and a robot must protect its own existence with existence. the
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ah me when i was shot the wrong one, i'll just don't need you to fill out the thing because the attitude and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves will depart. we choose to look for common ground the
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me a grandmother doing life for murder, was released from prison yesterday. after 17 years, when a judge said she did not doing. susan, no one recently filed a lawsuit against the detective who arrested her for hiding evidence. that detective is the same one who arrested reggie cole with which we, you know, as a society we see the bad guy in the good guy. well, that cops and robbers, but when the car becomes the robber,
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the game is over. the game is.


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