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soldier, the piece of the boot, she's wearing a huge switch called up, took a personal opinion. was the move on this? you're still summarizing pretty soon, but i i had lies this morning, killer old victim of french will. the new says she lived in terror for decades. he's on trial for murdering here. abusive husband campaign to say there's no protection for victims in front of us blocks dozens of websites of radio linked news media. so to get this information campaign by the outlet and while take a furious backlash over sensation, classroom is of a brain chip program here in russia get countries major to spain only to be proved groundless. ah,
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good morning when i say the 23rd to live from russia wherever you're watching around the world. this is up in to national with me, kevin, known as great. you're tuned in. well 1st, i'm sorry i'm from france. he would kill all of us after 25 years of alleged abuse . french woman went on trial monday for murdering a husband, valerie buck who faces a possible life sentence over it. but she insists that she did it to protect herself and 4 children. over half a 1000000 people signed a petition in support of a shallow davinsky in paris, picks up the story. it's a trial that his grip fraud with hundreds of 1000 signing a petition for her release. valerie, but cool, admit she shot dead, her husband and buried his body in the woods. in her defense, she claims that he was abusive and she feared for the safety of their children. in
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a book she wrote about her relationship with daniel to let. she described the mistreatment. i did what he said. i didn't have much choice. what he thought i was doing something i shouldn't do. he was violent at 1st was slabs. then he started kicking me and strangling me over time there came threats with a firearm. but valerie but cause he had been gone much earlier. paulette was originally in a relationship with her mother. he then started sexually abusing valerie becca when she was just 12, a crying he was late to sent to jail for on his release to return to the family home. and the abuse resumes at 17. she was pregnant with paulette child. she alleges that he later foster into prostitution watching a she had sex with client when the client asked the price, daniel told me to repeat it so that he could hear better. and he told me to answer
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yes or no. on the same valerie but co shot her husband, she told the court the paulette had asked about by 14 year old daughter and how she was sexually when prob, she said that she had been afraid that he would also sell her body for sex. it's valerie buck who is trial which is currently underway. her lawyer will argue that she was a desperate woman, pushed to kill the survive. these women who are victims of violence have no protection, deduce, or a still too slow, not very active enough into lenient towards the perpetrators who could continue to exercise their violent power. the prosecution, why le ledger valerie back or killed her husband? we're going to break into that report from it is a life news event going to michelle. let's go to the international security conference in the way of moscow annual event that brings together defense. went to the heads of international reservations, experts around the globe over 600 gas expected their president, putin speaking in the national arena. we have more and more problems in our hands.
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yes, there are positive signals yet. you know, the law is eroding. we see countless attempts to use force in order to push one's interest forward. reinforce one security of the cost expand. so over the world, the secuity of other regions across the world was the number of conflicts, weapons of mass destructions. and group over are live rate and, and up in the wrong hands. cyber crime, direct traffic is just, you know, some of the problems that we face, especially fat, by international terrorism apartments have a number of global challenges. we need to unite our efforts to unite the efforts of all the nations in the face of the dangerous got active work should be done based on international law. guided by the goals and principles of the un charter. since
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the creation of the un, these had been the only noise ation, which has been underpinnings all international relations that they seize the universe along is ation respected. by all its main goal is to prevent another global conflict in other world war. we believe that each and every new rule of the game should be based on the un decisions and principles. otherwise, we'll end up in k. and if i did yesterday, we mark is sad that day, the 18th and diversity of the new attack of the soviet union, perpetrated by the lashes we have. we will do our best to guarantee peace and security for the russian. people will continue developing our people on my team and we will use diplomacy as much as we can try to maintain meaningful dialect with all stakeholders. one will never dictate our will to other we are ready to work
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as equals 3. diplomacy and politics. trying to solve many conflict that we have across the world. we're ready to engage in positive. i only put them so creative corporation with others. our defense is based on the principles of having enough force and power to respond to doing that in an economical way. kimberly, we are doing our best to be as advanced as possible. you get those security there are other sensitive areas of misleading. we maintain the balance and we will not anyone, at least under my, the power with the how asked directed at reducing the risk is increasing predictability and solving the problems that we have for dialogue and agreements, including in the area of arms control that conflicts no, like to remind you that russia before was an initiative to come up with
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a new security formula which has taken out all the factors, but in fact, strategic stability. what do you mean in all its cra, he don't come, i'm confident that political wheels on badness to reach. compromise can good through. we have a number of good results with one such example is how the u. s. in russia extended the can you start t t up to 2026. maybe spoke with this too that we are very much concerned because of the grow and you may return. but of now, you know, to expanding infrastructure prior to now borders. the lines, national refuses to work constructively, does not accept our initiative to discuss these collation and discuss how we can redeem the risk of unintended and incidents. and we want constructive relations and i hope that was in the night. it will also be more in favor of constructively
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talking original. com. it's just one of the problems that we have and we often taking the words, the sole is complex. that was the best of our ability. thanks to me to help you. most of syria has been liberated from international terrorism. police country has not been used to ruin not into disrepair next to the ass, in the form of which brought together by russia. duke, in iran, we will, you will be able to jumpstart the political pros. his inferior regarded by the united nation to russia's critical contribution didn't occur. both carpet had been stopped in its tracks. our peacekeepers guarantee peace and security on the ground . they do a lot to alleviate the unitary employees that people complete the day money and helps to rebuild the social structure in that region. we'll never forget the responsibility that we bad when it comes to prosperity and growth,
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all our neighboring countries. these countries will have long lusting ties which go deep into history. people to be for relations and culture, something we never forget and will continue working towards solving the regional conflicts that reinforce and stability on the continent that we all leave on. the work that i would like to wish you the best of success today and store which is best for you. i'm sure that we are involved in the a interesting day of discussions. and i hope that the outcomes for the initiatives and the decisions that will be reached by the end of the conference will help to improve international peace and stability. thank you. but i, we thought we'd bring you the live just to recap. if you're joining us, what we looked at, there's international security conference on the way of moscow. it's an annual event over $600.00 guests expected. just recapping what putin had to say that he said the world needed to work together around the globe to show security and to
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prevent global conflicts and another potential global war. always come a course a day after it was the 18 year anniversary of the start of the great patrick war here in russia known as the 2nd world war. of course, in the west, a very timely time to be talking about these things. he said everything should be based on you and rules. they would not well develop in chaos. and rushes said playing its part to, to maintain the balance, to reduce risks of a global war and to ensure arms control. he said, russia put for the new security formula as well. he also talked about the new start trade. he will the south tracy that was extended earlier on this year and her, please. he was about that. he also talked about concerns of nato coming in, as we said, time and time again. he is despite promises over the years that made it wouldn't do it. it's come right up to russia's board is expand degrees, voicing concerns as well. that nato is not engaging in the talking effectively enough from wine things but can try and lay rushes fears about what's happening
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right on its border. and they also said the talk about russia soldiers, non force, is helping to show peace in many regions and all the hard work they do. well, that's a snapshot of what they're talking about. 600 people are going there today. it's the 9th time this is happened. the international security conference underway in moscow is a taste of it. right. what are we talking about? no, i don't know. let's say we're going to talk about this. the u. s. has blog $36.00 radian news websites for what he calls violating us sanction. washington insist around was behind news organizations and media outlets that targeted the united states. that this information campaigns and align influence operations. in october, last year, them, some radian outlets were blacklisted after allegations they aimed to influence the outcome of the u. s. selections. some services were blocked and that included the use of internet sites without obtaining a license to do so. one. yeah, many media outlets been banned as well, that websites owned by the who sees
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a ship muslim movement in yemen. the u. s. is accused of being proxies of to run. the move has been brand censorship across the board. well, washington's a pirate move comes just a day after the newly elected arabian precedence abraham racy urged the u. s. to lift all sanctions on to ran into rejoined the 2015 nuclear deal. racy recently won the countries presidential election. of course, with the resenting 62 percent of the vote, he's on hill officially take office in august and there's no pledge to earn people's trust habit. massage. we talked about this with this. he's a professor of political science at the university of to run. he told us, washington is blatantly violating freedom of expression. we know that the u. s. government is constantly talking about human rights, freedom of expression, democracy, etc. if perhaps this was done under the trumpet administration, maybe it wasn't, it wouldn't be a surprise. but under the current administration, i think would be very controversial. we have to remember that these are us internal
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laws. and what you would be ridiculous to see is an international new size based on domestic us thought. it like to make their situation would be, i pathetically, if iran would come and see the c n n news website, based on internal uranium laws, it doesn't really make sense. and i think it's a clear violation of hugh freedom of expression. controversial brain chip technology. my son likes science fiction, but he gained increasing attention over the years with countries developing programs to explore, implanting microchips and the human brains, and the recent reports in russian media. but the technology that will love humans to remotely control, for instance, nuclear power plants and vehicles through the tech. there's only added field to the rumor mill to be true. polk reports and themes that whenever someone merely mentions micro chip implants,
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a lot of people freak out. everyone search rushing to doomsday prophecies and can spear theories suggesting that people will be forcibly implanted with micro chips by an overbearing government. while some russian media and now suspect that brain sharp research might have existed or could even still exist in the russian government. and this all started when the education ministry unexpectedly released a statement saying that a brain sharp research project was abandoned last year after being deemed impractical and everybody out because everyone was shocked and surprised to learn that such a thing existed in the 1st place. while r t reached out for comment to the ministry, and here's what they said. the ministry of education and science has no programs dedicated to brain chipping. there is no financing planned. the research group working under the ministry is currently study matters related to life on duty and the process of aging. additionally,
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they weren't even able to find any specialist who could have potentially said something like this to the media, let alone a person even knowing anything about such a project. although the ministry did say that a proposal for this kind of research was introduced to the government, but it received no support and no funds and nobody's working on it. but that comment also raised quite a few eyebrows because for proposal to be introduced to the government, it has to overcome quite a few hurdles. and that requires quite a bit of support. but nobody at this point knows who was behind the initial proposal. so no projects, no funds, not a single person who has heard or knows anything about this research. so how did this issue come up in the 1st place? well, a popular theory is that this is merely a common taken out of context by the publication that initially started this rumor, a rumor that at this point has taken on
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a life of its own on the internet with people freaking out, creating means horror stories. all there is only further exacerbated by news like you on mosque developing is neural link technology, which is brain machine interface brain implants. and people constantly worrying about vaccines being used to secretly inject the population with micro chips all in all themes. that as long as there's, there's much panic surrounding anything to do with brain ship research. this is an area in which science won't be making any progress anytime soon. or if it does, it'll probably have to be confined to some deep, dark underground research facility. until the time when a bit more, people are more open to it. well, me to what we're talking about high tech. the advance is a theory would told a good for his soul, but it's got a lot of us worried case in point in the ease privacy watchdogs now have teamed up to call for a ban on all use of facial recognition or other automated methods of distinguishing
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human features in public take into account the extremely high risk supposed by remote biometric identification of individuals and public leg sensible spaces. the european data protection board and the european data protection supervisor goal for general band and any use of a i for automated recognition of human features and publicly accessible spaces, such as recognition of faces, gate fingerprints, dna voice keystrokes, and other biometric or behavioral signals in any context lay claim, these kind of technologies violate fundamental rights and freedoms. the statement joins growing a grassroots based a block hitler, including a reclaimed face petition that's already received more than $55000.00 signatures. the information commission is recently voice her warnings over it to i am deeply concerned about the potential for life facial recognition technology to be used
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inappropriately, excessively, or even recklessly when sensitive personnel data is collected on moscow without people's knowledge choice or control. the impacts could be significant. early of a colleague under farmer discuss the pros and cons of facial recognition technologies with an incident law expert and a former senior military intelligence office, 7 caption all because there's been a shoplifter, has run out of a shop that you could argue is disproportionate. if you're capturing all for a period of time, because the terrorist that's running on that saying he's got a bomb and is going to blow it up and kill hundreds of people. then for that period of time it's, it could be proportionate for you to capture that information, run it through databases that you've got. i'm trying to identify the individual because you're, you're saving lives. so it's a very careful balance that has to be looked out. and you have to have a flexibility in the way law enforcement uses it. the real concern of cause is whether right me or only above the, the used by private companies of the,
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of the way to private companies will be using technology rather than governments. and then the possible abuse of those of the data gathered, sometimes in real time to, to do to trace people to track them down to their ops, embarrass them at one point in the lives so. so the proposals are fairly, being introduced to protect us from government surveillance, but perhaps from, from, from having being intruded by commercial organizations. but the definition of publicly accessible locations doesn't cover most private companies in the u. k. inside some of the big shopping center areas, it doesn't come to the publicly accessible space or inside shops amounts, where some of this enabled facial recognition technology is potentially being used . have artificial intelligence, assessing you all the time. you know,
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you'll get with you because the machine says you will get a fake. the expression you look guilty is now starting to, to, to become real a because because it is going to go by what people look like, you know, what their facial expressions are like rather than even even the behavior or the directions. i disagree with that completely because the machine never makes a decision that always points a human being to it. whether that be a security professional or please professional. there are areas where it is adding real value. for example, looking at behavioral analysis, where the computers just monitoring the movement of people around it's been able to identify and a lot of railway stations, individuals who from examining hall people commit suicide and from trends. it's a alarm to people to say you need to have a look at this individual because they're exhibiting those traits. i'm up saving lives. so it's, it's looking about necessity, not proportionality. the whole way through in every single use case. and the rules,
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unfortunately haven't caught up with what the technology can do. and therefore it's making sure that those that make the decisions are applying. the ensuring that they're looking after people's freedoms as they're making the decisions as to whether something should be used. thanks for watching his nice this morning. exactly. 21. when he passed the let me tell you what's ahead. what was 7 years into an ongoing investigation into the image, 17 plane crash reason, ukraine. this still much frustration that some of the findings a lot of confusion about what actually happened there will bring you the latest after the short break. ah, we're witnessing a very disturbing media trend serving an ideology and scoring political points.
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trump's informing citizens, we had the russia gate hoax, the impeachment hoax, and the suppression of any debates on the origin of coven now front and center is the capitol hill, ryan? what goes the f b? i know doing this breathing technique and then take a pool in the hill. and we knew it goes out to break down and they were just diamond fields rector, mark the judge in green, a vision she me ah ah
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ah. and i apologize who pictures you may have seen flushing up on the screen earlier and we went into a break there that contained some upsetting images. so they go through that won't happen again. now next, the netherlands says is dissatisfied with the results of an ongoing investigation into the m. a 17 plane crash and 2014 se more external probes need to be done to establish why ukraine's s face was opened during a conflict in the country. to do so, i find it resolved disappointing. what is particularly this point in is that there was no prop investigation of the evidence which clearly indicated that sammy green in authorities had for says the information and realize that there was a threat of the plane crash on the gas is at the safety. it is good that the report is already there, but this is not enough. the investigation doesn't have an effect to establish
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whether the authorities, if he crane and the russian federation, you about the threat to civil aviation. so there is a question, what information can we extract from the support, the foreign minister of the netherlands, herself as acknowledged complaints about the report. but ultimately, she said, chances of a new investigation are slim. the issue that the dutch and not just the trash would this report is the they say it isn't very good. right? is superficial. relied almost entirely on open source reports. to perform this inquiry, the foundation analyze information available primarily in online media where it was determined that certain articles or social media posts were duplicated or published by multiple outlets. efforts were made to access the article or post via the original media in which they were published. information that was not available in english was translated using google translate. the conclusion that investigators arrived that despite cross regularly being shot down to the east ukraine,
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at the dawn as the no one saw it coming, neither moscow nor as they say here. the key of this inquiry did not find sufficient facts. the ukrainian authorities is responsible for analyzing security risk levels in civil aviation airspace. and those establish and restriction of airspace in the concert zone could have had a broker awareness of the high altitude thread. they arrived at this conclusion by admittedly feeding google translate a lot of news articles and by cooling up ukrainian authorities, asking them if they had any idea that mh 17 could be shot down. they said they didn't land walla official report done. the gradient side is satisfied with the report, the families of the victims, not so much, is important for the general public. and but even more, for my clients to be dependent on knowing
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what happened, what really happened to us and governments. they don't want to close to shut down their relationship to the claim. they want to keep the door for any further development. maybe to take you created as a member of the you are included into the rest and system, whatever that is. and of course, giving this face, it would be of course, not literally supporters. if the rest, the government would blame the cranial government, that they had simply going to declare that the government could have close the fist . it not knowing that there was a risk for international aviation, and they took the risk, and this was the crime, get to know as soon as they confess the illegally, the, they have to pay the compensation. neither is russia particularly happy about this
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report. it says, what it represents is the white washing of ukraine's role and the downing of the 17 ukraine. lack of responsibility, clearly convenient for the dutch government, and the matter the way the hague wanted it to. as it turns a blind eye to the wrong doings of its subordinates in key if instead of consistently studying ukraine's actions while considering i c a o standards, the experts limited themselves to a brief historic summary. and once again, analyzing political statements linked to social media. 3 days before the downing of m h, 17 ukrainian military and 20 transport aircraft was shot down at 6500 meters. which is one more reason by dutch m. p. 's. find it strange reading that ukraine didn't know that there was a danger to civilian aircraft,
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spain, his paws and 9 jailed, cadillac laid his launched, failed independence. but in 2017 providence to petro sanchez, explain the reasons behind the move hilary phone. as you can probably cock into reasons of public utility that motivate this decision, this new measure of grace has to do with the need to reestablish coexistence and harmony within capital and society. and within spanish society of the whole. the imprisoned people will never punished for their ideas, but for the act contrary to democratic legality. in 2019 spain supreme court contend the 9 capital letters for their part in an authorized independence referendum on a short lived declaration of independence. the dread responded by imposing direct control over the region for 7 months. you may recall 90 percent of those who voted in the referendum were in favor of secession from spain. that madrid declared it illegitimate. the head of the council and government colors put him on then fled
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the country. people in spain remain devoted to this day over the parties. it will be when the government is under pressure from the european powers to make a decision in this regard and it has, which is the active degree and it, pardon me, them. i think it's very good because i think the benefits are sold me, but however, it seems perfect to me. it was a total injustice. yes, they did not deserve such a strong punishment. if however, they are not going to deny, i think they should serve the entire sentence given by the supreme court. it seems to me that they are a bunch of coop, plotters, and above all, they pretend to be victims, and there is no regret by them. but on the other hand, i think that something must be done to try to build bridges and solve the problem. with that, all independence will make us completely free. that is small solution for 9 people. but we have 3000 people being repressed for
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political reasons with lots of legal problems with the spain and the problem is not solved and wish the problem will only be solved within the panels. so one thing this is not, this is not the n we, we will continue to 5. and finally we will get the bands got on people as a nation and we are fighting for our freedom. and finally, they will need to upset this despite the little ones. but then finally, they will need to build any conversations that aren't dot com or a social media. but for now, your moscow kevin know in the teams sunning often of a good wednesday. ah.


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