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tv   News  RT  June 17, 2021 2:00pm-2:31pm EDT

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ah, ah ah ah, the u. s. media lashes all joe biden, following the geneva summit thing. he gave me the mirror, put in what he wanted. made america look week a little bit russian liter dixon, very different viewed by a professional. and you've got to be very careful with him in order not to miss anything. he doesn't miss anything. i can assure you the 1st us russia so much that biden presidency delivered, mixed results with both sides, pointing to deep on resolve issues, but also agreeing to reinstate or passengers ultimately off a region of central italy greenlighted tourists who have received brushes. sputnik
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t v show us this by the luck of approval so far from the european medicines agency, regional chrysler spoke to our team will knows who works and therefore just probably be a consideration of the european union policy towards russia. iteration ah, one minutes after 9 at night in bay roots in bucharest, and here in moscow this thursday, june the 17th. welcome to the news our on our team that has described his summit in geneva with joe biden as constructive and with hostility mall as us counterpart called it positive. it was their 1st face to face meeting as presidents . the talks lasted 3 and a half hours. the
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who's well, despite the generally positive tone from both presidents, the american media, they're not happy. in the past 24 hours, there has been an ide pouring of negative coverage, accusing joe biden of not being tough enough or t killed open more in the while. in the lead up to the summit, we saw how american media was basically playing up the question, would joe biden be tough enough on russian president vladimir putin? it was all about how tough he would be. they didn't seem really concerned about the arms treaties, about the diplomatic deadlock being broken. it was about, well joe biden beach half enough on vladimir putin. and now in the aftermath of this meeting i, it appears that they are not satisfied with jo biden's performance. they consider
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him to have not done a very good job. at this point though, we've got headlines and we've got articles and press reactions saying that basically was given the world stage that he craved. he's accused at one point joe biden is accused of saying they, they say that he quote, gave a gift to a killer. and at one point, he's been accused of being tougher on cnn journalist than he was on the russian president. now at this point we have the hill that has been particularly hard on joe biden saying that that basically he lost a putin simply by showing up. now there was another article on the hill that marked joe biden's, inability to speak before the press without a teleprompter. and said that it was embarrassing for him to look down at his notes every so often. and this is something that it appears fox news, which tends to link conservative cnn that tends to be more liberal. they seem to both agree on this. they're both harshly critical of joe biden, in the aftermath of the summit. take a listen. it's obviously
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a test and president might fail. this is a guy who prides himself on president putin's on wrestling bears riding tigers. last sewing the moon. i mean he's, he's got this image that's bigger than now and he wants that and that, and present fun help perpetuate some of that today. it was bad. i don't see the bite and got anything from putting so they just gave great advantage to mr. newton calling him a great power, a worthy adversary, bright and tough, all of those flattery words to get him to respect. those were all this summer really in terms of whether it gets resolved as a gamble for joe biden. he doesn't know if his gamble of actually inviting people to the summit is going to pay off. it's important to note that while we can't really tell what happened at the face to face meeting between biden and tutoring as that was in the villa behind closed doors in the press years afterwards, it was pretty clear that the biden was not afraid to bring up some rather prickly
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issues that were discussed stan afterwards. it became very clear that while the tone was respectful, it was a tense conversation. at some point now, russian president vladimir putin himself has warned against the notion that somehow biden is weak or incapable russian president vladimir putin just doesn't see it that, that way. this is what he said. if it's just, you know, i'd like to say that the image of president biden, which the press in russia and even in america is drawing, has nothing to do with reality. he's been on a long journey flying across the atlantic. so we're talking about jet like here. you know, even when i fly, it throws me off balance a little. and yet he looked alert. i told him face to face for 2 hours or maybe a little more than that. he's completely in the loop. he did look into his notes from time to time, but we'll do that. and that image has being drawn by the media kind of low view into a full sense of security. but there's no reason for that whatsoever, because it is a professional. and you've got to be very careful with him in order to miss
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anything. he doesn't miss anything. i can assure you, susan. so it's long been said that american media thrives on controversy and conflict. and what we seem to be looking at an american media is widespread disappointment that they did not get the conflict and controversy that they were looking for. the white, how it sounds, rejected those criticism of by the national security advisor jim sullivan has been speaking to the media saying the u. s. liter challenged written on a range of issues at his home conference in use conference in geneva, the russian president was also challenged by international journalist. let's take a look. did you commit to stopping your crank down against the opposition groups inside russia? led by election of electing of on him why, why are young people not allowed to protest in russia? what the but way press core does as i pointed out, they never challenge
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a u. s. leader from the left. so they'll never ask him about julian his sons. they will only ask about nevada me and a this bloomberg white house reporter jennifer jacobs. both on twitter about she heckling putin and fantasizes about bite and smiling at her, which says everything you need to know about these dinar golfers. they're not holding power to account in their own capital. their heckling the designated enemies of america and hoping to get the approval of their president. well, the mentality of these journalists is the mentality of the east coast establishment . they operate from a place of american exceptionalism and american innocence. they cannot fathom that the u. s. could possibly be literally paying opposition, figures, managing opposition, figures. and so when these reporters were badgering, recruiting about no volunteer. they were unable to accept his response, which was that we don't want to see something like what you saw on january 6 with
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the movement of insurrection is. well, in contrast to landmark putin's conference, no russian reporters were load into joe biden, post summit lo, the u. s leader felt the heat at one point from american reporter before later, apologizing for losing me. you know, probably get through the past behavior has not changed in that press conference after sitting down for several hours denied any cyber attack. so how did that help a construction meeting at hanging behavior, mister president, the rep
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minish is not competent. well, let's take a look at the main takeaway from the summit biden putting agreed to whole consultations on strategic stability and nuclear arms control. they also discuss the possible prisoner exchange, had agreed to return their respective passers to their posts. there was no breakthrough on cyber security though. they agreed to start regular consultations on the issue for stumbling blocks. the 2 presidents raised concerns about human rights in the others country. the also failed to come up with any concrete action plan for ukraine ortiz rock as he was at the russian leaders, media conference after among the difficult questions that vladimir putin faced, that which joe barton had the good fortune to escape. what questions about the opposition? so that we have pointed out the protest to the rest of following the events and the
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hill, but they taste as much as 25 years in jail. you 5 years in jail, a political protest of the year, the 2 bodies said that there is no comparison to the criminal but elected the bodily who was convicted in serving a 2 year sentence for the violation of his early release. so he was convicted by russian court, and vladimir putin here says the american, the all comparing. what happens on capitol hill to the treatment of election, yvonne and saying there's nothing in common but the nation. you just, you know, by recording on non systemic opposition. and the citizen you've mentioned, this person knew full well that he was violating russian law. and he knew full well that there was a warrant for his arrest. nevertheless, he came back to russia and he deliberately wanted to be arrested. so he did what he
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wanted to do. what else can we say hill? one of the things both leaders agreed on is to barger buttons, was they need to be rules of the road. so that as a rule to how booth countries should behave in case they come into this agreement over sub disputes outside conflict. ab resolve them as a civilized part. i would say fred, the thought earlier, but they need a framework of how to behave. and so that to happen, both countries need to be held equally accounts, but it wouldn't do a one country gets away with doing something and the other doesn't go bob sets of raise the, who's the slightest on live. and he said, how would the united states feel if it was she'd by the rest of the world as meddling for an election? which much of the world she's the united states as do it. but in this way that met with us. russia is accused of being predictable by the what. how is russia
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planning to j. vladimir smudgin was going to know that when she heard, he's given us near valley to get the whisky leaves that russian foreign policy is unpredictable. we'll let you send the park back to you, the u. s. leaving the abm treaty in 2002 with absolutely unpredictable. what were they doing it for that type of mind? the bases of international stability in the area of strategic security then withdrew from the i n f treaty in 2019. there's nothing to label about that. the open sky treaty withdrawal, there's nothing that they will about and almost nothing. let me thank god in the field, a strategic ability, mr. by taking a completely adequate to prolong the new start for 5 years. if you take the situation with crane with crimea, and that's where the song writer was stable about in the day when the ex president could be agreed to the demand of the opposition,
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he was basically ready to abandon power and declare new elections in about 3 months . no blood filled the crew with needed that led to no consequence, southeast of the country than crimea. and you think it's also predictably 9 or i don't think we do it. at the end of the day. what happened here in geneva? decent summit was basically a trust building exercise. very few specifics was agreed upon, if any they agreed to talk about many things to work on many things. but ultimately, it is a trust exercise is about laying a foundation on which russia the united states can rebuild relations. i wouldn't say build on relations because there aren't much left to speak off there, there in taxes. whether it worked. joe biden says, we'll find out within the year whether it looks he results from the, from all the tools for move the agreements and all the criticism that both sides had for each other. but the message is the preliminary. it was successful. well
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ahead of the summit, us politicians and media outlets urged biden to take a tough line on russia, but they were apparently left underwhelmed by the american president's performance in geneva. the you believe, you know, when the country meeting was very constructive, there wasn't any, any strident action taken our views before or many issues or we disagreed. i disagree, stated where it was, where he disagreed, he stated, but i believe both sides have shown a willingness to understand each other, but it was not done and hyperbolic atmosphere. i have no illusions following the meeting,
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neither old nor new. there can be any illusions at all. you can define what time you're going to, where are your advisors can tell you where a time that's going to be a message. but if you can't hide v a grimace, you can't hide an expression on your face. you can try sometime back when, when putin and donald trump met, that was very interesting in that donald trump, with the unseasoned politician. so he was much more fun to read because at that stage it was early on in his presidency. he wasn't, will not that he became very refined, but he was a lot less refined in that he even became. and you could see a lot more going on there. and the contrast between the 2 pizza, who's, who's been around a long time and very sees. and in this regard, you could see the contrast here. both are very, very well trained in this regard. biden's been around from before. god probably add that you know, and he knows the stuff he might not be doing very well. i think on the
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international stage, but he does know it is harder to read and we've got to look at those keys a lot a lot more closely. and what our team in switzerland talked to a journalist who back in 1985 covered the geneva summit between mikhail gorbachev on ronald reagan. he explained the significance of the meeting and i things have changed. it was the day off. my, i'm sorry, knowing and i 29th, an event. sorry. so i remember right where, you know, the expectations at the time was much bigger than nowadays because it was the 1st meeting in the mid eighty's between to the president of the to so pop our door like reagan and mr. go back. and there was a lot of expectation intruding in the people with the population who participated to the summit. was curious to know this is go by serve off. and how is mister,
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go by chance, because nobody knew about much about you saw today that was much lower expectations. but i think not the bad result, because this period of the meeting was as good as it was in a defiant relation, a continuation of agreeing to speak further in the future. in my opinion, because there are very good spirit between reagan and god by geoffrey. now it's historical fact, but as far we can see about the meeting today, there was also some good spirit present put in as well. so recognize it. and she said that it's a constructive meeting. and president by then don't say the opposite, which is a good. we can say from his side was a good flight. so i am pretty optimistic. it's no big bright tool. but something
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oh, when i would show the wrong one, i'll just don't rule out the thing because the after an engagement equals the trail, when so many find themselves will depart. we choose to look for common ground in the moon. ah, just coming up to 20 minutes into the program. welcome back. the murder of moscow has voiced his alarm over a dramatic spike in coven infections here in the russian capital. so it gets to be
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on, in the daily cases, have risen threefold, in just a few days. these urging people to get vaccinated, or correspondent dmitri poke, takes up the story. russian authorities are indeed in a tough spot right now. corona virus cases in russia and moscow specifically are once again rising and reaching levels, recorded back in february. now, among the reasons behind the spike, according to authorities, might be new strains of corona virus. and specifically, the new delta variant which originated in india being singled out as one of the most dangerous and the last 2 weeks. but however, thus booting vaccine wishes, one of the more popular vaccines distributed in russia has been shown to be quite effective against this delta strain. but despite that cases are rapidly growing. and in response to this growth, moscow mayers produce a bad and announce last week that this whole week would be an extended holiday
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under the condition that stores restaurants, other public venues would close after 11 pm. and that employers in the service industry would ensure that 60 percent of their workers were vaccinated. however, despite these measures, cases continued to grow. and according to sergei, civilian is expected to get worse. most of the coven situation in moscow is steadily worsening. in the matter of days, the could be 19 infection rate among moscow residence has risen from 3000 new cases a day to 7000. and according to preliminary data, that big will exceed 9000 tomorrow. this of course, is a steep increase that we did not see even during the previous outbreaks. governments officials are now considering reactive measures to try and quell the spike in cases one of those being that companies in the service industry. taxis, restaurants could now be allowed to have their workers who refuse vaccination,
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be suspended, and left without pay. and the restaurants themselves are now considering creating separate zones for bull who have received vaccination. but obviously these measures are nowhere as strict as the ones we saw last here. however, people are still concerned, especially with the rise in cases and the new colored strain that there might be another lockdown in the capital. however, city officials have neither confirmed nor denied another lockdown, but have suggested that new stricter measures would be introduced for a limited time. speaking of vaccinations or region of central, it's really wants to allow tourists to receive the russian sputnik v covert shot to visit the mark k provinces urging the government to open up the entire country to such travelers. we heard from a local counselor who came up with the initiative commercial most everyone knows the effectiveness of scrutiny on neighbor san marino was vaccinated with nick,
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but we are not the place to allow citizens of san really no end to italy. now, our region intends to open up to continually welcoming russians and we want to maintain relations with russia. we are friends with russia, and we want to continue business in the tourism sector. russian citizens on tourists, even if the vaccinated cannot come to italy. and this is cause tremendous economic loss because it's really attract the loss of rushing towards each year. and what comes a week after the european parliament gave final approval to the new digital certificate scheme for a covert 19. include data on p. c. r. test anti bodies. and vaccination, but only which shots approved by the european medicines agency. so far the regulator has approved for vaccines. those don't include russian chinese or indian jobs. market counseling g como rossi again sees it's become a highly politicized issue. much he show no day, in my opinion,
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the decision is cost like political reasons and these are not medical reasons because the way it works and therefore it is probably a continuation of european union's policy towards the russian federation. i have absolutely no sir, that we are protecting the interests of mar, k, e to often protect interest in the conflict with the interest in europe in citizen european citizens. but we are primarily residents as market. so we serve our interest, especially in such absurd situations, like the one we're talking about online for you right now. if a titian has been launched this stuff, amazon ceo jeffries us from returning to earth, 12000 people have signed. this may mean that basis is in fact, lex luther, the villain from the 6 months or it's know that he's going on a test flight space in july. they don't want him back. you can read about plenty more besides their website, r t 30 german soldiers being recalled from
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duty in lithuania, over allegations of anti semitic disorderly behavior. the german defense minister has said they will be severely punished. the misconduct of from soldiers in which, when he is a slip in the face to all his serv, from the german armed forces and uphold the security of our country. this ags damage the reputation of the armed forces and of the nation. they will be punished with force severity. back in april, the trips were reportedly caught making racist remarks and singing happy birthday to hitler. according to german media, one soldier was also filmed attempting to sexually assault and other cases of misconduct by nato soldiers are not unusual. earlier this month, 6 british service men were kicked off a train in the stony for drunken behavior. under april a u. s. army officer in poland went missing for a day after his unit, too much to drink in an off limits strip club. okay,
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let's get this now from the glove. let's be john silva solid. joining us from hamburg, good to see you. beach and as a german, do you find it hard to believe the people serving in your countries armed forces could be singing anti semitic chance and happy birthday to hitler. daddy, i do not find the time to leave it all because the throat is off the time. we are seeing this happening over the year. and every time i call outrage and drove media and the people are all great for the fact that this is happening, trying to get and match the ministry try plain fighting it and my minister did it come about that she wants to anyone with a gate via they happen a lot car,
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but no actually go far. it's in the specially sensitive issue given where they were serving as well, let you in the country worst effected by the holocaust. why do you think lithuania itself seems to be on concerned by this feature? i believe that this is resolved of a brainwashed by enabled part. and nature media is incredible to have a german soldier whose grandparent mind has been involved. massacre and rain. yeah . grandparent might have till the people are off the country and now they go that channel. great. passion, this is something that should not tolerated by any free, and i think the government should immediately throw out there.
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and the job really gave them as to any new statement from the community on this as yet. we mention cases of misconduct and poland, alice stoney as well. does this raise a broader point about what all these nato trips are doing near russia's borders? does that military build up actually make europe safer? quite the opposite. i think it has too deep antipathy within the european population to to, to really allow people who have an interest dominating the nation to really live and the best to be the actual, a terrifying. i mean, how can we allow these people to go? how that are free eventually rate that and actually it's all people in other
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countries just got thing and it does not help in germany. a few weeks ago, rushes defense minister and 9 to 20 new units will be formed near the western borders. to counter that nato build up. so you've got both sides are bolstering their forces. what needs to happen to reverse this trend? low in germany? have we are clear because in the seventy's we had a policy actually talking about the iron curtain and talking to the soviet union. and so nowadays is much easier because we have good relations with the russian federation. and i think the tax of the not true to project and the economics that, that could be a corner for talk that focused on even tension and actually increasing the potential for development across europe across the russian
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federation and germany. just finally be, there's countless other cases of nato troops being disciplined for drunk and disorderly behavior. we mentioned just a few of them. do you get the sense that when they're stationed in allied nations, they've just got too much time in their hands? absolutely, and the need to reach the media to take up the i for this particular case video, but you can leave me a more cases similar time that i'm not reaching the media. so i think those thought it should not be handled, but i think they should be in the, in my life and the gainfully be, john, thanks very much for your time. all is good to have you be john, tell us solely political all of this life from hamburg. thank you. just before we go in berlin protesters through projectiles.


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