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was a super star cities, like case studies does make it to the transformations over the past decade, advanced mega project most go been for him to and he's doing. he won the largest international congress on make it said he development this is t, that's one hour left until joe biden arrives in geneva for his summit with redeem it posted on this account down stuffs. we looked through the big ticket issues on the agenda. head of the meeting, the us president, called nadine, they posted a worthy adversary, but avoid giving a direct answer as to whether or not he still thinks the russian leader is a killer. is that still your beliefs are that he is a killer? especially the 1st question i'm laughing to also in the run up president putin points to the anti russian rhetoric from washington, and he's grilled on american tv about jailed opposition leader, alexia valley cyber attacks and moscow's military build up. i'm surprised that
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we've been accused of provoking the black live matter movement. that would have been a good line of attack, but we didn't do that. ah . hello, that live and worldwide online and on your tv. this is archie international. it's 4 o'clock in moscow. i'm calling bry welcome to the program. now wednesdays us russia summits is leading the agenda around the globe today. will it bring a reset of relations or could it in fact spoil the years ahead or will become a parents in geneva tomorrow? and our special coverage team is that live the who's
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well, hello from connie to niga and more importantly from mutual switzerland, the perfect and no man's land for of course the what's looking to be the biggest political event of the. yeah, it certainly seems that way, hopefully anticipated this meeting between russian president vladimir putin and the u. s. president joe biden. we're all really waiting for them to arrive right now and get ready for what should be. well, as i said hotly anticipated, but certainly is an awful lot to talk about that it's an absolutely an awful lot to talk about. and i'll tell you every single person on the plane flying over from most good geneva was pressed. i don't think the city remembers the last time. it seems so much me just so many cameras. a lot of people from all over the world. i also have been walking a little bit. i haven't been so king in the beautiful make atmosphere or the sun.
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i'm not she, i decided to take a little while toward the geneva, the festival, some of the top site, but also top of the 20th issues. that definitely will be on the agenda. so let's take a peek. it is a bit tongue in cheek on morning. you find this son who 10 am by to and will meet face to face. and if you'll last in the see of what to expect, i've made it easy because there are a few of that favorite thing. just weeks before the summit, americans were in crisis. no gas, no groth fed beef, ransomware tax left people queueing for hours to refuel that tanks. anything beacon vargas for days on you'd never guess who's to blame. i'm going to be meeting with president clinton. and so far, there is no evidence based on from our intelligence people that russia is involved . although there's evidence that of actors ransomware is in russia. what the
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president totally looked a little like someone starring the pre summit part. he is a veteran of russia gate off to rule the yes america, the favorite foreign policy tool. just perfect will be mega, solo and pack. not all who did it, but let's just function a few russians of russian tech, but i'm throw in a few russian fine up. so group q, the applause joe biden is sending a truly message to russia. theories of tough news, sanctioned new tough sanctions on moscow. president biden is signaling that a new sheriff is in town on the campaign trail. president biden said, who were common for you, and now he is sanction so much more fun than dealing with one's own domestic problems. i'm all right, joe. most good and expelled. some americans and blacklisted some us groups, apparently up to meddling, the stabilizing. no good. the,
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a slippery topic over which the u. s. has been sanctioning. everyone stamping its feet and even pulling its allies. but then, you know, it's got tired in what way, where we were going to be able to stop a project in another country that had been rebuilt, 95 wide. and of course, was praised for being reasonable, so much more reasonable than you know. the one for nato has been waiting, rouses 1949. i pacific union or russia to thought a war. and you will really mind and want to be waiting. it's been building miss all bases. i'm doing massive wardrobe, but not aggressively. you know, nato is there to defend all our allies. and this exercise sends a message about our ability to transport a large number of troops, equipment across the atlantic, across europe, and also to protect maritime power attorney, a total coincidental. but it's all just happening, you know,
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near ross's borders. and while the criminal does believe in coincidence, it's an so not a fool. so knowing that there is now a need to rocket just 15 minutes away from moscow. it's formed a few new military units, but not aggressively. you know, america take on that. that's why i keep people in painters at the border and dozens of indefinitely entertained guantanamo bay with hundreds of others, having been tortured, meeting with president putin. in a couple weeks in geneva, megan declare that we will not. we will not stand by, let him abuse those rights, which some could say has a distinct width of double standards interior from him. but we are following with interest the persecution of those who are accused of the rises on january the 6th this year. a lot of really interesting things are happening there from the point of
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view of the rights of the opposition and protecting those rights. washington shopped at its own reflection. the mirror replied that it doesn't need any tips from russia. oh, from international law. thank you very much. will it be smooth as mint chocolate? more well, they be reaching for those famous swiss army knife you have to watch and see well, as we're speaking to joe biden, the u. s. president is making his way from brussels, where he's been meeting with you. leaders on tuesday, heading here to geneva for the summer. russian president vladimir putin will be arriving here on eden's david to talk more about this summit, i'm joined by luke river, independent french journalist. not too bad old setting for, for some of that. it's all good stuff. exactly. both. there's an awful lot for them to sort out what they tied while it's highly unlikely they're going to fix all of
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the issues that sounds currently between moscow and washington. what would be a good result? not just for russia and the united states, but for the world at large. well 1st state, they must meet again in 2011. they met and it was not enough. they don't know each other's very well. and it's very good that they meet now that mr. by them then will avoid in the future of the expressions that he used to speak about. president putin, i'm sure will, but the agenda is a sub to big. it's there is 2 notch. if you look, for example, at the meeting between now i got about tristan reagan and 86. they had one thing in mind, nuclear disarmament and they worked on it. they worked on a thing here in geneva and another fella and right cubic a few months later, they organized new sessions in the afternoon to go deeper into the matter and it was only one issue. so i hope that the nuclear issue start negotiations and things
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are decided upon that date fix and agenda back would be already contacted. the disco be a stepping stone future meetings because he of course, he can't have diplomatic relations if you don't have diplomatic relations and we really don't see that between the united states and russia at the moment. one thing and just your opinion on this when it comes to the open skies treaty, that could be something that they could take away potentially as a something hard and fast. do you think that it would be a success if they came away with a piece of paper with both names on the they, they probably have fault about that and look into the elements that they could pop up as being be important point that they sold. then at the meeting, so they will have a few problems like that, but they consult what's really important, expect based off really talking and that the atmosphere gets better between one particular issue that affects everybody, not just russia on be an ice state,
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is of course cove it now joe biden comes to they so most having being the 7 having been at night. so having been with you and during those meetings, particularly the g 7 i'm thinking about there was a lot of what can we do with cove it as a g 7 group cover? doesn't just affect the g 7. russia very much not mentioned at all when it comes to things like scrutiny. vaccine comes things like what russia can do to help as this is a pressing concern. can you see them coming to some kind of agreement when it comes to code it? that's what i thought about. i mean, on coffee everybody. i mean, america comes up with of 500000000 vaccine doses. and europe is that 300000000. so there will be a 1000000000 doses from the western countries. russia is on the lot already with many countries with its faxing, which is recognized as being excellent and using several comfortable well, so reading, everybody agrees on back on that and to abide and carried it. you know,
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trump was reluctant to do it, but 5 and candidate as being one of the most important being in the law here. so i think they can find that on that and that that would be a good point to start. but i do in our little bit about some few from you european perspective that obviously there is this idea that we're american needs. everyone follows we know cool set fight and is in europe. he's trying to say, as he said in self riley to the global to what chris's around himself around against the soft players as well. but how willing is europe to follow? why washington leave? because if we're talking, for example, the market, especially talking about gasoline, 40 percent of back are, comes from russia. they don't want to cut off the pipeline, they need to my, for on the 15th. so how willing all day should have been to america as well. ok, that's very good question because there is no human at amity except on the southern side and come. so it would be multilateralism idea as the good old
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can may to id but everybody knows the american mean. everybody behind me and they are looking at their own in europe in some digest, especially germany, been by just reading while the fact that the americans and it was the republicans as well as democrats, came up with sanctions against our regions of germany, against cities, against companies, just like for iran because you actually alter as well. yeah. but because they were finishing string true and they want l. n g terminals instead. so germany was, you know, this is michael is elected in that region of reagan where the terminal come. so she 40 before effect, she was very quite in the debate, but wanted to, to finalize. and i think in talks with 5 and she said, come on and make sure that and we will have one haven't each on the brain and hop.
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and so that was one problem out of the way, but there are many office. so i don't think that if you're not in the front with in, they told, told, well, it's actually very interesting that you mentioned no, i want to keep you head because we want to pick your brain about bought as well. this is obviously the pipeline project that has really, while washington has tried to put pressure on its allies to try to stop it clean against the very beginning send the sanctions were waved partially and put the european company. so it seems like a compromise for washington correspondent based in moscow equals out of his be doping into all the ins and outs of that particular fornia shoot. sanctions the go to knee jerk reaction of america's punitive machine to pretty much everything. it doesn't like. but this time with no stream to me, some parts got loose cause got jammed on the whole thing fell apart prior to what it only has,
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it's almost completely microsoft is now good idea to sound if we got to round up the round of us sanctions now waived the company building, the pipeline is no longer under restrictions, and neither is the executive leading the firm sanctions were meant to stop the $11000000000.00 project in its tracks. washington was working the levers for ukraine here keeps terrified of losing the huge fees. moscow pays it to transit the blue fuel to europe and being bypassed by node stream to russia can easily use nor stream to as a political weapon against other countries. we say it is undermining the irs overall energy security instability. it's a clear wanting to companies aiding and abetting rushes, malign influence projects will not be tolerated,
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get out now or risk and the consequences. someone unprecedented. the us didn't shy away from publicly intimidating one of its biggest allies, germany all for being the destination of the pipeline. the log of the up and no one wants to be union, laterally dependent on russia. but we receive russian gas not only the ddr where i live with, but also in west germany during the cold war. and i don't see why that comes today should be so much 1st that we can no longer say russia remains a pop, not ultimately, it's in contradiction to the use own energy security goals. i'm sure i'll have an opportunity to reiterate that including the on the united states, which requires us to sanction companies participating in the efforts to complete the pipeline. the problem is us producers simply can't compete. russia gas is both far cheaper and green. well, certainly we know that russian, russian gas is,
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is extremely competitive. and it's, it's, it's very difficult for us to be competitive with europe as customer and to have to deliver in europe. so it's a difficult task, and i think it's clear that russia will win this competition. some of the, the, the us fossil fuel output is subject to control the sea because of practices. and, you know, a process is like fracking. whereas with russian gas, it's much more straightforward nor stream to use to vex the u. s. a lot. but now the waiver of opposition isn't washington's interest. apparently, i think that the us expected to have an easier time controlling their europeans and getting them to agree with the american policies against their
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own economic interest. if we look back to the sanction, said, america, europe to impose on russia, it really hurt europe economically. very much, while it turned out the us firms were not really suffering from those sanctions and they took the basis of beans and i think of europe teams have realized this. and so they now think that maybe it's not just about politics. and he also us economic interests, a trying to suppress this relationship between europe and russia, and maybe the, for the resistance in europe has come stronger. and i suspect that's the reason why the buy ministration took the slender, surprising step of allowing it to happen and not punishing and too many come to parties with sanctioned the well, let me have food and joe biden, of vastly experience figures on the world political stage it isn't the 1st time
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they will. busy of met but both have had plenty to say about one another heading into the summit in geneva. me you know, let him or you think he's a killer. i do so what price must he pay? the price is going to pay. well, you'll see shortly due to me when, when i was a child and we had arguments in the courtyard, we were thing found of me and sticks to you. and it's not just the children thing. the meaning is very deep in the present by regret calling part of our killer. nope, the president gave a direct answer to a direct question which i want to avoid prison by then to continue discussion. but on the condition that it's going to be live online. we want to stable predictable relationship. ah,
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well, look, i want to bring you back in here because, you know, i did, i read this article that was very interesting is that this is one type of relationship. what personal contact, what improved things can only make things. what they, of course do have a history. you mentioned, of course, that 2011 meeting and biden himself wrote in an, in his book that they will quite outwardly hostile. it's according to him. he said he was so last and he said we understand one another. i mean, possible relationships on everything. but do they help help norm, enormously look again at reagan. gorbachev. look at reagan fetch, you look at things, relations all over the world that can improve or not. i mean with the chinese for example, there is great difficulty in getting over the barrier while with flooding or putting a job. i don't think it's very that's where they come out of best friends possible to appoint. but i think it will be much,
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much better than what has been settled now that on the side of your bite on, i mean, it's incredible. that was so bad. well, you can hear well joe biden, not to say just now. okay, good. i have met with him. he's bright. he's tough. and i have found that he is a, as they say, when used to play mall, a worthy adversary. worthy. not everybody has to get along know that has been relationships in history. if we look at kennedy and i know they apparently hated one another, john f kennedy was in berlin, giving his name berlin a speech him. and now i tried to avoid one another throughout the whole thing. there is possibilities. they don't have to like one another. personally, they have to be able to get on professionally, right? right. and thinks has changed since the time of kennedy in an hour. now,
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there is no privacy in politics anymore, is that when you're talking about no privacy, one of the big things that is going to be talked about, we almost can save to certain is hacking. how is that going to play out when it comes to these talks? but i think president bush is hinted that he would say ok, so we can exchange be individuals who are the wrong guys in cyber attacks and everything. and all you must have some to mr. president, that's what he will say to buy them probably. so why don't we'll, we'll have difficulties in keeping being a good guy on the speaking to the man. and also probably that will come with the sort of glossary on the issue. but i do want to pick up and as i don't know if you managed to catch that was a really big interview with an embassy john left with reading materials and came out just today's good thoughts of course creek. so much pause to thoughts time that piece and spoken to an american news channel and 3, and actually he did talk about the whole, all the hacks as you know, a lot of russians like to say. and he said that it was become
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a bit comical. i do want to listen quickly to what exactly he said, not a he can because given shania and i see the recently relationship is always been a victim of the vicious political infighting within the us. we see it's, we're well aware that we've been accused of all kinds of things. nixon interference cyber attacks and so on, so forth. not once, not one time did they bother to produce any kind of evidence or proof, just unfounded accusation. i'm surprised that we've been accused of provoking the black live matter movement. that would have been a good line of attack, but we didn't do that. now, course, very often we do have from the russian side, they said, you know, all this sort of deflection. all this is on occupations towards russia to try it towards all the hostile so called international because there are very nifty way of turning the mirror in the opposite direction. do you think the thought is a fine assessment of what america's trying to do with things like the alarm,
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which obviously, you know, quite difficult for them to deal with. ferris has been on the side of me putting you said something funny about black lives matter. say i'm astonished at the we are not accused yet of having created like lives matter of all the issue about the computer of nancy pelosi that was stolen by one of the family straight. because and said that he was the russian intelligence behind it. i mean have to stop somewhere else. well, interview did turn quite combative between the nbc journalist and let me, if we can, we can listen to a little clip where they, where they really well we're talking over one of the 1st president eventually jumping in and making sure he put forward his own side let me ask you about human rights, an issue that a president biden will raise. mr. president, you raised the issue of targeting for us a nation now in a russian jail. mister president, why are you so threatened by your position?
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who says that i feel threatened by a position or will threaten by opposition? who told you that i'm scared by opposition? just lawful in the united states law on foreign agents with adopted a long time ago. it's in operation and sanctions under that law. a much harsher than here, up to and including imprison you got talking about, you know, better than you there. if you must the patients and let me finish saying what i mean to say everything will be clear to you what you don't like my answer. when you said you don't want my own to be heard by your view as if the problem you're shutting me up is that freedom of speech? is that freedom of expression, the american way? what can i ask you to make? just ask you a direct question. did you order, alexia volunteers, assassination? of course not. we don't have this kind of habit of assassinating anybody. that's the 1st thing that or 2nd that i want to you did you do the estimation of the woman
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who walked in the congress and was shot and killed by police of the policies. now we, you have rates a couple of times in $1000.00 each 5 meeting between gorbachev and reagan. what was interesting was that reagan did actually bring in 3 names of prisoners. and he said gorbachev. i really, who are arrested and detained in russia and said, i want you to look at my cases, specifically, all 3, what detain, released within a year that have been discussions about a potential prisoner swap, being held. this would probably fall onto the broad umbrella of human rights. do you think that the thought is something that's the kind of negotiable? quite an easy compromise that the 2 sides can make it easy to archive because the elements in question are not incredibly important for both. and so get 2 people, sign off out collaboration and reduction of tension. that's not more than that for
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the moment here. while it's taught me will be a very, very interesting day. i there is so much to discuss that there are just so many topics and you think was a challenge for these 2 people to try and sit down with all of that team. feeling that over to the fate of not only the country, but also the rest of the world is waiting and watching. we definitely appreciate you coming on and sharing your insight with us. very good to have you and all that much appreciated security is a big issue as you would imagine it one of these summit. so you may be able to see you probably well right now, but they are being helicopters flying overhead, the actual villa where the summit will be taking place in just a couple kilometers over to my left along the the lake front in geneva. we've had some exclusive footage from inside of the, the place where there's some that will be taking place pretty salubrious backdrop that it is as well. we've also heard from those who are in charge of the security, say exactly what they're looking for and what they put in place.
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seminar is a terrorist threat obviously exists, but practically it's impossible, but we are ready for that possibility. and we received information from the geneva security apparatus that coordinates its activities with other parties on our troops are ready to ensure the success of the person by in summit fit. and this is a big challenge for switzerland given the importance of the sexual event for geneva and for the country itself. the last such meeting in geneva was held in 1985. as in every luxury obviously, that has been a lot of security. that's exactly what we were talking about. i noticed i was walking around to the city yesterday, the barbed wire everywhere you couldn't get into thought 18th century villa meeting . i do know more at gods gift is here. one of our hardest watching correspondence. he has on the ground,
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he will be following all the probably the separate press conferences and everything is going and he will say decide to see how far he could get past those gates. he talked about all the security matches that are in place. leave is the villa where joe biden to put in are going to meet. obviously, security here is nothing to laugh at thousands of troops as well as police officers patrolling the area of the leg press release area of the city would be locked out to everyone jarring the media, the pedestrians, the cause even to the aircraft. the boom, obviously to provide the 2 leaders with a common safe environment to discuss the many differences that both had to have to try and salvage what is left of relations. but that of the reason and to establish at least the semblance of trust that i'm standing between russia and the united states, a lot of paddles being drawn between the 985 meeting between gorbachev's and reagan,
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also here in geneva. except then saw to give you an idea of how far relations have fallen back, then reagan and gold, which were they were all smiles and as difficult to imagine biting them to be ruled, smiled the sob around the differences between russia and the united states. now they are tremendous. the 2 leaders will discuss all all manner of subjects from the miss crossed the they both have for each other to the global arms control to regional conflicts, financial and economic subjects. as well as sabra tax, the climate change the pandemic. what both countries can do to work together. there isn't much of an expectation for a breakthrough. during this meeting is short, a very official summit and the sub is tend to be coordinated. they tend to be scripted, both sides have already agreed. what they'll say at the end, they both even be a mutual press conference. joe biden said that he's go,
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that host is no relations off. and then incredibly stories losses will be up to both of them all the set. but what the summit will also be an opportunity for the senior officials in both administration to me then to mingle on the sod rod. perhaps that will be even more important than the meeting between button and put in that pre scripted as it will be. so suddenly that the, the hope these, the, these summit will establish a foundation foundation in which russia and the united states will be able to build that relations doing into the future. of the relationship between moscow and washington may be frosty, but these talks will be conducted in sweltering condition. we'll be back with more form geneva in an hour where we can expect joe biden, the u. s. president to have at least put down in the city. he may well have even arrived in the center by then.


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